Monday, June 18, 2007

Novelty Buttons

We express ourselves through our attire. It is really amazing how buttons, the smallest element of our clothing can say so much. The most expressive of all kinds of buttons are novelty buttons. These are buttons based on certain themes; they are either shaped like certain objects or have certain images depicted on them.

Throughout the history of buttons, novelty buttons has represented a variety of themes. The themes are as varied as the human imagination itself; the makers use their ingenuity and create button magic! Most of the novelty buttons are inspired by nature – buttons shaped as animals, insects, leaves, flowers and sea-life – can really animate apparel. Another popular theme is holiday. Nothing puts you in the holiday mood more than clothes that remind you of the season. Novelty buttons fashioned after Santa Claus, Christmas trees, bells, stars and angels perfectly complement one’s new Christmas wear. Similarly buttons shaped as pumpkins bring out the Halloween chills. Professionals also have their share of button fun. Novelty buttons based on different professions are quite popular. Musicians can wear their guitars everywhere and doctors can wear little stethoscopes on their shirts. There are several instances where novelty buttons have been used to voice opinions; novelty buttons with catchy slogans can say it like nothing else can.

Children more than anyone else love to wear cute buttons on their clothing. They are almost little toys for them. Be it cute pink bunnies or little red apples, novelty buttons are a must for children’s clothes.

Novelty buttons not only make clothing livelier but also help you articulate your likes and dislikes. You can wear your attitude by wearing novelty buttons.

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