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Athletic Apparel

Athletic apparel

Athletic apparel for women allows the woman of today to exercise and carry out her fitness regimen in clothes that have been specially tailored for various activities. From womens lycra and spandex bra tops and mini shorts to muscle tanks, baggies, tag tops and lycra bike shorts - the range is vast. There is sports specific apparel that keeps you comfortable and safe. You can choose from an alluring range that can keep you chic and trendy while you keep yourself fit.

Athletic apparel

Athletic apparel is chosen keeping the weather zone and fitness regimen in mind. Athletic apparel includes short tops, over-the-head bras, shorts, jackets and sports underwear. Walk into any of the athletic apparel stores and you will be amazed to see the varieties that flood the market today. The most popular athletic apparel is the running pant with drawstring waist and ankle zippers. Athletic apparel also includes proper shoes and tracksuits. You can choose from a variety of materials when buying athletic apparel. Improper athletic apparel made of unsuitable materials can cause injuries and chafing. Athletic clothes must be lightweight and non-restricting. Women must choose their sports apparel with care. Sports bras come in all sizes and facilitate movement without compromising on support.

Riding Apparel

Women's riding apparel is designed for specific sports activities such as motorcycling, car racing and horse-riding. Basic riding apparel includes jackets, pants and gloves. Riding clothes are often chosen keeping the weather zone in mind. While buying riding jackets, look for lighter ones. Earlier, women's riding apparel was limited to a selection of either lightweight leather or textile jackets or pants, which typically have very poor ventilation. However with the advent of mesh fabrics, manufacturers have started designing mesh jacket and pants which are well suited for hot weather. . Make sure your riding apparel is neither loose nor tight. If the clothing is too loose, it may flap around in the breeze thus causing discomfort during the ride. If the clothing is too tight, it can make it more difficult to move freely or lean forward especially when riding a sport bike. Riding apparel needs to be comfortable and flexible for better performance. For horse riding, breeches, jodhpurs, riding jackets and riding boots offer ease and comfort.

Women Sporting Apparel

Sporting apparel are clothes designed for specific sport activities. You will be amazed to find a wide variety of specially designed sporting apparel ranging from golf apparel and fitness apparel to running and tennis apparel. Women's sporting apparel also includes hoodies/jackets, capris, pants, sport tops, shoes and sport bras. Accessories such as caps, gloves and vests designed for specific sports activities are also part of sporting apparel.

Tennis Apparel

Gone are the days of drab white shirts and skirts on tennis courts - Its now time for designer wear ranging from polo tops and tank tops to cap sleeves and long sleeves. Polo necked shirts make for comfortable tennis apparel. Tennis clothes come in vibrant colors. Most polo tops are made of polyster though you can find some cool cotton sleeveless ones with piped necks. Tank tops lend a sexy, sporty and practical look. Most tank tops have an internal self-bra for additional support. Want to show off your sexy and well-toned athletic legs? Take inspiration from tennis star Anna Kournikova. Tennis skirts are made of polyster and come with built-in compression shorts. You can also find pleated tennis skirts, which takes you back to the days of traditional tennis fashion in an exciting yet contemporary way. Tennis apparel also includes caps, bands and socks. Adidas and Nike dominate the women's tennis apparel market with their branded Anna skorts and T-shirts. The other leading brands in the women's tennis apparel include Fila, Lejay, and Lily to name a few.

Women's golf apparel

Today, the market is flooded with specialized women's golf apparel and products targeting female golf enthusiasts. Women's golf apparel includes colored sleeveless tops, capri pants and micro fiber tops. Golf hats and golf shoes can also be found in comfortable styles. Lija (pronounced LEE-zha) leads the Women's golf apparel market with its spring 2005 collections. The collection ranges from stylish retro and hip collections in four colors dubbed Water, Earth, Fire and Wind.

Running apparel

Basic running apparel includes chic shorts, tights and socks. Running apparel should not be made of cotton as it retains moisture that can cause friction and lead to chafing. So be careful while choosing running apparel. Select a good base layer top that will keep you dry on a long run. Make sure your running shoes are teamed with the running apparel so as to ensure a comfortable and safe run. Women's running apparel also includes sports bras, tops and jacket and vests.

Choose a sports bra that is suitable to your body structure. Synthetic, fleece-lined sport bras offer elastic-bandage like support as well as a moisture-wicking layer under winter togs. But they are too warm for highly aerobic and running activities. Running and climbing-specific bras are worn without a shirt providing support for miles on the road. However, generously endowed women need extra support and should buy sport bras with wide straps and underwires. Look for a design with an inner bra shelf rather than just a stretchy outer shell. Over-the-head bras are the best suited for running though they are not usually adjustable. However, those with front closures have fasteners in the back that can be adjusted to allow for stretch or increased activity.

Women's fitness apparel refers to all kinds of sport apparel, including apparel used for gymnastics and aerobics. Fitness and gymnastic apparel are made of high quality Lycra velvet, nylon spandex, metallic, hologram prints and custom-fabrics. Long sleeved tops protect the skin from harmful UV rays and are available in mesh fabric and knits thus providing plenty of ventilation. Avoid cottons when you buy fitness apparel. Stick to knitted or meshed ones, as cotton tops may become heavy when you sweat, causing annoying chafing and discomfort. Choose fitness apparel with your fitness activity in mind and make sure it keeps you comfortable, cool and dry. Fitness apparel should offer comfort and flexibility and should feel like second skin.


Maternity Apparel

Fashion industry has started addressing the voluptuous and pregnant woman with a variety of plus size and maternity apparel. Being pregnant is a special occasion and you need not compromise on your style but rather enjoy these moments by wearing stylish and chic clothes that enhance the maternal glow. Read up our useful tips on selecting maternity clothes.

Maternity Apparel

You are awaiting your little bundle of joy and have temporarily lost your waistline. Worry not - You can still look chic and stylish with maternity apparel that has been designed with comfort in mind. Pregnant women deserve a line of clothes that will make them feel stylish and attractive throughout their pregnancy. Maternity apparel is designed to keep the mom-to-be comfortable. Maternity apparel is designed to address the areas of a woman's body, which get larger during pregnancy - the breast and belly. although other areas may slightly increase during pregnancy, the breasts and belly seem to grow most.

Traditional style flowing dresses are no longer the only option for moms-to-be. You can opt for stretchy fabrics such as Lycra, which allow for comfortable figure hugging styles. Today, maternity clothes range from business suits to formal wear to intimate wear. You can choose from hemlines that end slightly above the knee and mid-calf to slightly above the ankle and at the ankle. Pant styles come in flair and bootleg, as well as the traditional straight leg, falling either at the ankle. Another comfortable option is the new-cropped length - slightly above the ankle. Waistbands are held by limitless drawstrings. Front panels have zippers and series of buttons for expanding and restricting as needed. Though cotton continues to be the popular choice for maternity apparel due to its breathability, cotton blends are also forging their way onto the scene. Cotton/ Lycra blend is extensively used for maternity apparel for its body sculpting properties, which offers youthful and natural-looking support. Layered maternity apparel is particularly useful for the mother-to-be as it can help you regulate your body temperature, especially during hot summer days.

Tips on Maternity Apparel Sizing

Maternity clothes are required from the second or third month of your pregnancy. By this time your clothes will begin to feel too tight in the waistline as the baby and the uterus gets bigger. Most women experience an increase in their breast size also. Additional fluids in the body can change the way regular clothes fit in the chest, arms, hips and thighs. Maternity clothes are made with the same proportions as non-maternity clothes but with additional ease to allow for your changing shape. When you buy maternity apparel, shop for maternity clothes labeled in your pre-pregnancy size. All maternity clothes have room for an expanding belly and allow for the additional weight gain. If you are between sizes, buy the next larger size. In case of intimate maternity apparel, loose is the key. You can buy your favorite thongs or bikinis in a size or two larger but let the waistband rest under your tummy. Cotton and cotton blends, are the best fabric options for maternity panties especially for women, who are prone to yeast fungus infection.

Plus size apparel

Apart from mother-to-be, plus size apparel are also targeted for over-sized women and kids, who are too large to fit into the mainstream youth apparel. Once upon a time, not too long ago, plus size women clothing choices were limited to cheap looking, baggy and unattractive clothes that made you look old before your time. Times have changed and how! There has been a cultural shift in the acceptance of plus size apparel for women, particularly in the fashion industry. Nowadays it's easy to find trendy plus size clothes such in formal wear, casual wear, workout clothes, eveningwear, dinner and swimwear.

Thanks to the celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Camryn Manheim and Star Jones who take pride in looking fashionable no matter how much their weight fluctuates - plus size clothes are here to stay. However, sizing is a tough decision in plus size apparel. Here is a small sizing tip to help you buy your perfect fit.

Guide to choosing plus size apparel

For a weight of 210-230 lbs with a height of 5'6", 2X is the probable size. For a weight between 280-310 lbs., 4X or plus size apparel might fit you better. Size and weight are guiding tools in finding the perfect fit. Plus size designer wear is flooding the market -. You can find attractive plus size swimsuits in vibrant colors. If you are a few sizes too big and are planning the dress for your wedding, it is no longer an ordeal. You'll be delighted at the selection of plus size wedding dresses available in the market, all in chic styles and patterns. Plus size apparel also extends to plus size bras, thongs, gowns and robes and wedding lingerie.

Plus size apparel tips

Find some handy tips and tricks to use the right plus size apparel that will hide your figure flaws:

  • Any color worn head to toe (monochromatic) in a clean, unbroken line will produce a dynamically slimming effect. Mix textures like knits with leather to make an interesting combination.
  • Select dark print backgrounds, as it will help in creating a slimmer image.
  • Select flat knit, fine rib and jersey tops.
  • Choose pants with flapless pockets, flat fronts with just enough stretch for added comfort.
  • If your legs are fuller inside, try a side slit. If your legs are fuller outside, a mid-front or back slit is a better choice.
  • A slim v-neck makes the neck appear longer and is usually very flattering.
  • Boatnecks are great for minimizing waists and hips, while maximizing sexy shoulders. But they are a fashion no-no if you have broad shoulders.
  • Make sure that each time you buy a new bra; you are properly fitted with the help of a sales associate at the lingerie or department store. Wearing a properly fitted bra can help in creating a slimmer image.


Wedding Veil

Wedding Veil

The wedding veil, an important part of the bridal attire, is worn as a symbol of purity and joy. The veil transforms you from an ordinary woman to a blushing bride. The wedding veil frames your face, creates an aura of mystery and imparts a touch of formality to the wedding. Embroidered, beaded, lace trimmed, scalloped edge and satin edge – wedding veils come in many styles. From custom made veils to off-the-shelf veils, ensure that your veil complements your gown and your entire bridal ensemble. Check out our guide to wedding veils.

Wedding veil styles

While choosing the right veil, the material of the veil and its length has to be considered. Ensure that the wedding veil complements your height, dress style and length as well as the dress detailing. A blusher is a shoulder-length layer of the veil that covers the face. This style can be combined with different lengths of veils. A blusher lends a feminine touch that is soft and appealing.

Cathedral length veil imparts a very formal and traditional look. Here, the veil should fall at least a foot onto the train of the gown. This veil should only be chosen for very formal weddings. Chapel length veil reaches the floor. It is worn by combining with other shorter layers. You can go in for the elbow length veil if you are planning to wear floor length gown with no train. Chapel veils go well with long sleeved formal gowns.

Elbow length veils are ideal for formal weddings. Fingertip veils are usually worn with longer gowns. Alternatively you can also opt for the shoulder length veil, which just about reaches your shoulder. This veil is particularly worn with wedding gowns with very elaborately designed backs.

Whatever the material or size, there are few important tips to be remembered when choosing a veil.

  • The veil should emphasize the dress and should in no way overpower it.

  • The blushers should not be too long, as they may tangle with the flowers. Do remember that very long blushers may be difficult to lift during the marriage ceremony.

  • Two-tiered veils tend to suit nearly all brides as they give a fuller appearance and have the capacity to frame your face on both the sides.

Wedding veil guide

With natural fiber gowns of silk or lace you can opt for a tulle veil, which tends to drape more naturally. Organza and chiffon are popular materials for wedding veils. Ensure that the raw edges are trimmed and scalloped or hemmed. Chiffon veils drape beautifully. The finger tip veil with extra width imparts a full look. A single tiered veil will provide you minimum fullness at the top yet give you plenty of swing. You can also add any other decorations to your veil. You can embellish your wedding veil with rhinestones, sequins and pearls for subtle sparkle and sheen.

There are also veils which do not reflect flash from your cameras, creating a soft matte look. Take care that the shimmer in your veil is elegant, not overpowering. The veil should not only accent your gown but also frame your face giving you that elegant, bridal touch. Pick up the veil in the right color, be it ivory, white or diamond white. You can even opt for a warm pink or coral.


Beach Wedding Dress

Long flowing gowns may not be suitable for a wedding on the beach. Choose your beach wedding dress with care. We bring you a guide to choosing a hip and comfortable wedding dress that will fit just right for the romantic casual wedding held with the sun setting on the distant horizon, golden sands and waves dancing on the shores.

Choosing beach wedding dress
Look up catalogs to select your beach wedding dress well in advance so that you can plan a dress that will fit in right with the surf and sand. Since a beach wedding is more likely to be more informal than a traditional church wedding, choose a style that matches the ambience. You need not compromise on glamour when selecting a beach wedding dress, keep it sleek and stylish!

You can choose a beach wedding dress with a halter neck, spaghetti straps or strapless top - ideal to show off tanned shoulders. Else you can opt for flowing sleeves to shelter you from the heat. A simple sundress in linen or soft chiffon embellished with embroidery or classic beads is yet another option for a beach wedding. Keeping your wedding gown simple and elegant will work wonders at your beach wedding. Look for low waist style or a-line pattern.

Silk, satin, organza and chiffon are excellent choices of material for your tropical wedding dress. The beach wedding dress must be teamed with the right accessories. Choose footwear that is informal - strappy sandals or open-toed shoes. Let your hairstyle and makeup blend with the overall ambience. Go in for more informal hairstyles, either long and flowing or tied back with flowers or barrettes.

It is likely to be windy near the sea, so ensure that your gown and hat are properly secured. Avoid trains with the beach wedding dress. White is the traditional bridal attire and it goes well with the sand and surf. Use head wreaths or floral garlands instead of conventional tiaras.

If your style is very much informal, you can go in for simpler wedding dresses in floral or tropical prints. If you are more adventurous, you can even opt for a bikini and team it with a dressy sarong


Summer Dress

Summer Dress

Warm days and balmy nights are here and it is time once again to slip into your favorite summer sundress. One of the main reasons for the enduring popularity of the sun dress is that, in addition to being simple and easy to wear, it is very feminine. A summer dress need not burn a hole in your pocket. Casual summer dress is ideal for an evening out with friends. Take a look at various styles for summer wedding dresses.

Summer dress
Summer dresses come in an exciting range of styles - spaghetti straps, daring necklines, baring backs, cap sleeves and of course, the strapless version. There is something for everyone, and anyone can make a style statement by wearing the right summer dress. The sun dress is the right wear for women who prefer to wear a single garment for various occasions.

Outfits which cover the shoulder can be easily worn in a casual work environment and off the shoulder ones can be teamed up with a wrap for a night out. It is this versatility of the summer dress which makes it an eternal favorite. The summer dress needs very little adornment. Probably it is one of the reasons why women wear them to barbeques, picnics and even summer weddings. Cardigans, jackets, wraps, sandals, heels, flats, hats or clutch bags work as good accessories for a simple summer dress.

In addition to crisp whites, pinks, yellows and greens are the most in-season look this summer. The prints range from fresh florals to cool stripes as well as ethnic batik prints. Cottons and poplins are popular for sundresses as they are weather friendly, easy to maintain and are free-flowing fabrics.

Fashion experts claim that the retro look of the fifties is back this season. The dresses are romantic - cinched waists, thick straps, and figure flattering skirt with a resurgence of smocking.

Summer Wedding Dress

Summer is the time when many couples take their nuptial vows. Wedding parties are held out in the great opens, basking in the warmth and glory of the sunshine. Beach, garden, the farmhouse or exotic locales like the Caribbean or Puerto Rico are popular venues for summer weddings. These informal settings greatly influence the bridal wear.

Brides prefer a more casual look rather than a traditional one. Strapless and backless dresses, halter tops, as well as skinny straps are in. More over, as the weddings are held outside, the length of the dresses are also becoming shorter. The overall look spells style, chic and casual comfort.

Fashion experts place importance on the fabrics used for summer wedding dresses. Dresses should be lightweight and sheer. Cotton eyelet, chiffon, voile, cotton organdy and crepe are the in-fabrics. Dresses in these materials are light, airy; breathe well and lend a feminine and flowing effect. Big straw hats set off a chic summer wedding dress at a garden wedding.

Brightly colored dresses are a great option for the bridesmaids. Alternatively they can opt for short cocktail dresses, dresses with cowl-neck tops or A-line skirts. Heavy make-up and chunky jewelry are a definite no-no as you have to watch out for the heat and humidity. Soft hair updos with a couple of flowers tucked in would add the Hawaiian touch and complete the look of simplicity and style.

Casual Summer Wear

What better way to hit the beach or the boardwalk than with casual summer wear! Capris, skirts, shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops, tank tops – the list is endless. You can select casual summer wear in quick drying varieties made of cottons, nylon and micro fiber. Some even offer the comfort of cotton with the performance of nylon, the cotton-nylon combo.

Do not forget the all-important sun protection. With SPF rating of 40+, the shorts and capris protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The current casual wear trend veers towards patterned waistband, contrast stitching, hook and loop closures, contrasting inner waistband and 4-eyelet detail. Capris with drawstring waist and cargo pockets also make for a cool look. You can buy a whole range of board shorts and board skirts available in spunky colors. Casual summer wear is available in fresh summer colors like lime, ginger, begonia, pink, skylight, lapis blue, wheat as well as the classic black and white.

They feature surf style details like eyelet closure, curved hem and contour piping in the back and front slash pockets. Some of them made with quick-drying SPF micro fiber impart a casually feminine yet sporty look. The skort is also a great buy as it combines the charm of the skirt with the comfort and coverage of the shorts. All these can be teemed up with tank tops, short sleeved shirts, organic tanks, cotton wraps, cotton tanks with shelf bra or cotton knit shirts.

You can mix and match casual summer wear and come up with great looking outfits. Wear a sexy sundress or a sporty board shorts and get all set to beat the heat in style!