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Cashmere Sweater

Amongst the varied knitted fabrics, the cashmere wool is considered to be the softest and of course, the most expensive. The name cashmere comes from the place of its origin, Kashmir, a state situated in the northern regions of India. The cashmere wool is obtained from the goats of the Kashmir region. Other than Kashmir, the goats are also raised in Mongolia, Iran, Tibet and China. In the recent past, American herders have also joined the cashmere production market. A luxuriant cashmere sweater can make quite a style statement. Check out how to care for your cashmere sweater. Pick up fashion tips on wearing your cashmere with panache!

Cashmere wool
The main reason for the yarn being so expensive is that, these goats survive in one of the coldest regions of the world and sweaters made from the wool keeps us warm, without requiring additional woolen clothing. The cashmere sweater protects and keeps you warmer than probably any other form of wool. The yarn created from the raw wool is very fine and the knots used to create the sweaters are tiny and very close knit. This calls for many hours of hard labor, which in turn makes cashmere wool very expensive.

Cashmere is harvested from the goats during their annual molting season through shredding or shearing of their down. The finest cashmere comes from the underbelly and throats of the goats and the long fibers taken from these areas make the wool especially soft thereby causing less pilling. In fact, it takes four years for a goat to grow enough wool for a single sweater. Cashmere comes in natural colors of white, grey and brown. Though the wool can be dyed in various colors, it is preferred to retain the original colors as the wool undergoes minimal chemical treatment and thus remains gentle and soft.

Buying Cashmere sweater
Cashmere is synonymous with softness and luxury. Due to its silken feel and light weight, cashmere sweaters are a must- have for many a fashion conscious woman. The quality and feel of cashmere will leave one longing for more. You have to be ready to pay a sizeable amount to own pure cashmere. When buying one, pull and release the sides of the cashmere sweater. A high quality garment must return to its proper shape.
Also, feel the fabric. If it is rough or coarse, it is a sign of inferior quality. The softer the garment, the better it is. Do check if the sweater is two-ply knit, which is comparatively sturdier than one-ply, but still light weight. Beware of bargains as it has been noticed that sheep wool blends are often passed on as pure cashmere.

Care of cashmere sweater
Most cashmere items can be safely hand washed. In fact, washing actually makes the cashmere softer by allowing the yarns to bloom. Be sure to use only detergents specifically intended for fine garments. Fill your sink with lukewarm or cool water, depending on the garment’s washing instructions and add the recommended amount of the detergent. Soak the cashmere sweater in the water for 20 minutes and gently squeeze the suds through it. Drain the sink and rinse the sweater till the water runs clear.

Gently press the water out of the sweater and place it on a clean, dry bath towel. Roll up the towel and press with your palms to squeeze out excess water. Remove the sweater from the towel and smooth it out so that it regains its original shape. Lay the cashmere sweater flat on a dry towel and let it air dry. If taken care of well, your cashmere sweater will last a lifetime.
# You can dry clean your cashmere. But as it is made up of delicate fibers, excessive chemical treatments may wear out the garment and shorten its life.
# Ensure that you do not wring your cashmere sweater, as this may pull it out of shape. Take care not to use harsh detergents, or wash it in very hot or cold water.
# Do not dry your cashmere in the sun or by using any other electrical appliances as this may wear the fibers prematurely.
# Use a lint brush to remove pills.

Cashmere sweaters – A fashion statement Designers love cashmere for its pure luxury and classic elegance. Cashmere sweaters have been woven into timeless styles and have remained an eternal favorite among women. A versatile item for every wardrobe is the super chic cashmere turtleneck which can be paired with everything, from a menswear print trousers to denim.

Another classic item is the cabled cashmere V-neck, which also offers more layering opportunities. You can match a tight fitting tee underneath and teem it up with pants or denims. You can also try the cashmere jersey camisole which has a slim fitting camisole and an interior cashmere shelf bra for comfort. Ribbed v-neckline with skinny rib knit straps offers a sleek silhouette.

You can also try the cashmere cable cardigan designed with double collars that is long enough to wear folded over as a plush turtleneck. An exposed gold finished zip and pull complete the luxurious look. Alternatively, you can buy the cashmere polo sweater, which is ideal for wearing under a cardigan but can be worn solo also. You can choose from various options like the sleeveless one or a long-sleeved tee or a short-sleeved contrast polo sweater and can teem it up with jeans or capris.

Cashmere scuba sweaters match well with cotton sail pants and jackets. The finely ribbed cashmere jersey crewneck can be worn on its own or can be layered under a slim jacket. It can be teamed with linen or jersey pants. Whether you prefer a crewneck or a V-neck, a cardigan or a crossover top, cashmere adds an additional touch of glamour. It lends an aura of haute-couture which every woman aspires for.


Women Designer Jeans

Jeans are an all-time favorite - with women of all shapes and ages. From energetic kids to trendy teenagers, fashion aficionados to busy moms, jeans make for a comfortable and stylish yet classic look. Look up our women's jeans guide to selecting your next pair of jeans. There is always room for another pair of jeans in a woman's wardrobe. Pick up a good pair of women's jeans at promos and discounts at leading stores. You can get your designer women's jeans customized to fit your personal style.

Women's jeans styles
Since women's jeans come in a range of styles, it is essential that you acquaint yourself with possible options before you plump in for one. Look for a cut and style that flatters your body type. Be it for party wear or lounging around, work wear or style statement ? there is a pair of jeans that is just right for you.

Low rise jeans - As the name suggests, these types of women's jeans sit low on the waist. The ultra low-rise women?s jeans is flirty and naughty, sitting way below the navel.

Boot cut jeans - This style is characterized by loose legs and flared leg openings. Worn with boots or heels, they suit nearly all body types. Boot cut jeans help create the impression of longer legs. Flared jeans have wider flares as compared to boot cut jeans. This style is ideal to hide bulky thighs.

Classic fit women's jeans - This style never goes out of fashion. Such jeans are also referred to as regular fit and come with straight leg opening or mildly tapered leg opening.

High rise jeans - These jeans sit above the natural waist and can suit those with slim yet curved waistlines.

You can go in for the buckled look with loose-fitting jeans if you are planning to potter around the house and garden. Relaxed jeans styles also come with large utility pockets. Women?s jeans in skinny leg or drainpipe cut are best for girls with boyish figures. Just like styles, women?s jeans also come in a range of color and wash options.

Denim jeans come in different color ranges, from deep indigo to regular blue to faded blue. Denim jeans also come in different colors like cranberry, hunter green, turquoise, gray, brown or black. Sandblasted fabric jeans are soft and faded. This fabric is washed with sand or any abrasive materials. Stone washed women?s jeans have a broken-in appearance.

Corduroy and crosshatch are other interesting options for women?s jeans. For a stylish, vintage look, why not try oven-baked jeans with a creased look. Other styles that can be added to women?s jeans are seams, tints, frayed and distressed look. Tinted jeans have whisker-like prints near the front pockets. Distressed jeans sport a shredded look, holes and all. Stretch denim jeans are stylish and comfortable and can make you look sleek and sexy. They fit snugly to flatter your figure. Women?s jeans come with zippered or buttoned look. Jeans can be embellished with patches, crystals, painting or studs.

Choosing women's jeans
If you are slim and have a boyish figure, you would look great in nearly any jeans style. You can carry off a pair of low-rise jeans or go for a snug fitting stretch denim jeans. To emphasize the feminine curves, what better way than to opt for fitted jeans with flares at the leg openings. For the fuller figured woman, it is essential that the jeans are not too tight and uncomfortable. Women?s jeans with denim and lycra can do wonders for you ? give you a slimmer appearance and keep you comfortable too. Don?t go in for extremely light colored jeans if you want to keep the larger rear or bulky thighs under wraps.

Women's designer jeans
Designer jeans for women are a fashion statement that come in alluring styles. Often worn by status symbol conscious women, designer jeans came in a big way in the 1980s. Prominent fashion labels such as Guess, Calvin Klein, Bonjour and Jordache were the trendsetters. A pair of designer jeans can set you back by a minimum of $200. The hot designer labels for women?s jeans today are True Religion, MR Jeans, Seven for All Mankind, Joe's Jeans and old favorites like Jordache and Sergio Valente. Sport a designer tag on your back pocket for the world to see!


Nylon Stockings

Nylon stockings have come a long way from the time there were first introduced in the 1940s by Du Pont Corporation. They became an instant rage and were highly sought after by women. With the invention of the circular knitting machine, seamless nylon stockings became a reality. Till then nylon stockings were woven on a flat knitting machine and sewn at the seams. Seamless nylon stockings are smoother and more aesthetic. The advantages that nylon stockings offered over silk stockings were reduced cost and ease of use. Nylon stockings dry much faster and are easier to care for.

Over the years nylon stockings came in an array of colors, prints, knits and yarns. From bold animal prints to delicate florals and sedate stripes, nylon stockings add to your overall style statement. Fishnet, lace, ruffles – choose your own personal style. Nylon stockings can be selected in various styles – knee high or thigh high.

Textured or micromesh stockings can be combined with the right outfit for a great look. You can use a garter belt to keep your nylon stockings in place. With the introduction of pantyhose, tummy to toes stockings became a popular lingerie item. It offers comfortable and smooth body shaping. Nylon stockings with lycra ensure perfect fit and shape. The sheer allure of nylon stockings is irresistible.

Spray on stockings
You can use a stocking that comes out of a can. Surprised? Well, spray on stockings do just that! You can spray on a pair of stockings on your legs and cover blemishes, spider veins and scars. If nylon stockings are uncomfortable on a hot summer day, spray on stockings may be the best alternative. This spray dries in a few seconds and lasts the whole day. You can pick up water-resistant spray on stockings for a comfortable day’s wear. Wash off the stockings at the end of the day with soap and water and scrubbing well.


Women’s Hosiery

Women’s hosiery comes in an attractive range of products, colors and styles. From sheer pantyhose to tights and stockings, hosiery is a subject of individual taste and preference. Well fitting hosiery can do wonders – it can camouflage minor blemishes, emphasize your contours and lend an even skin tone. Be it thick knit hosiery or sheer silk or lycra, women’s hosiery needs to be carefully selected. Find out tips on selecting women’s hosiery. Compression hosiery or support hosiery provides relief to those suffering from leg fatigue.

Women’s Hosiery
Women’s hosiery is designed to fit snug to a woman’s foot, thighs and abdomen. While sheer hosiery is ideal for those who want to show their legs to best advantage, opaque hosiery completely covers your legs. Pantyhose offers body covering from the toes to the waist. It can hold in the stomach, buttocks and upper thighs. Select your pantyhose with care. Opt for toeless sheer hose to wear with your strap sandals. You can go in for shimmering sheer hose for special occasions. Subtle or bright, demure or adventurous, elegant or casual – your hosiery can add to your style statement. Sheer pantyhose in light colors can make your legs appear smoother and longer.

Hosiery is available in many shades ranging from pillar-box red to lime green, black and white. The popular ones are natural skin tone, browns, grays and dark blues and blacks. Choose the pantyhose color to coordinate with your entire outfit. Nude or skin tone pantyhose are all-time favorites. Dark and opaque tights will lend a monochromatic look and minimize the leg size. Fashionable hose in fishnet, crotchet, stripes, plaids and other motifs are a rage with teenagers while neutral shades are chosen for business wear. The sheerness and durability of women’s hosiery depends on the fabric. Ultra sheer stockings and hosiery is made of fine nylon while lycra has a more silken feel to it.

Sheer hosiery is flattering to your legs and allows the natural skin tone to be seen through. Sheer hose come in different combinations of nylon and spandex. Semi-sheer pantyhose is suited for day wear. Heavier opaque tights are better suited for dance lessons, exercise classes and winter wear. Tights are usually made of cotton or wool. Spandex hosiery is highly elastic and conforms to body contours sans creases. The sheerness of the hosiery is defined as Denier and is represented on a Denier scale – 10 denier is ultra sheer while 45 is opaque. Ladders are the bane of any stocking and hosiery wearer. The more sheer the fabric, the more likely it is to develop a ladder. Car doors, cupboards, long nails, jewelry, pins or even pet cats can cause your favorite hosiery to develop ladders. A drop of clear nail polish can temporarily keep the ladder run in check.

# Choose the hosiery of the right size. Look up size charts to get the right fit. Err on the larger size if you fall in the borderline size range. A well-fitting hosiery will keep you comfortable and last longer.

# Choose a suitable suspender belt for your stockings to prevent wrinkling and creases. Pregnant women can opt for thigh high hose.

# Handmade hosiery is more expensive than machine-made ones. Look for reinforced seams and wider waistbands for comfort.

# Wear pantyhose on dry legs. Don’t pull on it when you are wearing the hose. Ensure that your skin and nails are smooth before handling sheer hosiery.

# Clean your pantyhose gently with mild detergent. Do not hang up hosiery on the line to dry, as it will stretch. Place it on thick towels.

# Dark hosiery helps to create a slender silhouette.

# Roll hosiery into a loose ball when packing it for travel.

Compression hosiery
Compression hosiery is said to relieve those suffering from swelling in the legs. Support hosiery is designed to cling to the legs thereby reducing problems of varicose veins, swollen legs and water retention. It is used extensively for those suffering from chronic venous disease. Compression hosiery controls the size of the veins beneath thereby preventing them expanding with blood. Support hosiery is designed to lend graduated support to the legs. The pressure is greatest at the ankle and it gradually decreases up the leg.

Women who suffer from tired and aching legs or varicose veins can benefit from compression hosiery. It is also recommended for those who spend considerable time in standing or sitting positions. If you suffer from skin infections or Ischemia of the leg, use of compressed hosiery is not advised. Wearing compression hosiery from the start of the day prevents swelling that normally occurs during the course of the day. It is best to consult a physician before using compression hosiery to determine the number of hours it can be worn. Do not use bleach or strong detergents on your support hosiery. Hand wash or machine-wash them in a mesh bag.



Corsets are not only about tightly pinched waists and uncomfortable clothing. Modern corsets are built for comfort and fashion, a blend of design and aesthetics as well as comfort. What started out as a personal garment worn by women in early times has now become a fashion statement. Team up corset tops with skirts or wear corset dresses. Select bridal corsets to complement your gown.

Corsets, an essential element of most women's clothing date back to Greek and Minoan times. Talk corsets and what comes to mind are tight Victorian corsets or Scarlett O'Hara in 'Gone with the wind' with the 18" waist. Corsets were mainly worn to train the waist into an hourglass shape. The waist was reduced to exagerrate the body's curves and provide a feminine silhoutte. This personal garment worn by women was made of cotton or linen and had stiff wooden or ivory busks for support. Corsets, also known as 'stays', were opened in the center of the back and worn over the bust. This garment was worn by women from their younger years in the quest for figure training. Corsets were ill fitting unless they had been made to measure and were regarded as painful clothing in the quest for beauty.

Since then the corset has undergone a metamorphosis and has emerged as a fashion statement. Gone are the times when corsets were uncomfortably tight and painful. Corsets have come to become an intimate and erotic lingerie item. It has also been reinvented to be worn as corset top over skirts and pants Corsets are designed to tuck in the waist and tighten the tummy. You can pick up functional smooth corsets for a slimming effect or opt for erotic leather and lace creations that are designed to set the senses on fire. The corsets of today are lighter and made of elastic material to hold up stockings as well. A simple corset sans trimmings can be worn under your dress for a trimmer figure.

You can pick a corset off the shelf or have one custom-made. This undergarment is often hooked and laced to attach garters. You can lift up the breasts and tuck in the tummy with the right corset. Correct measurement is the key to a well-fitting corset. Relax and breathe comfortably when measuring for a corset. Measure your ribs, waist and hips. An off-the-shelf corset cannot give you tightlacing. It is more likely to chafe and pinch in your flesh. Do not go in for a corset that is too small as it will give you a larger cleavage than you bargained for. Ensure that your stomach does not bulge out from the bottom. The corset must be comfortable and you must be able to lace it tighter if you so desire.

Allow for a week for a new corset to take the strain evenly and adjust to your body shape. A lycra tube tob worn under the corset cna provide comfort from any irritation and discomfort. Good care must be taken of the corsets. Wearing them next to the skin can cause irritation on account of trapped moisture. Alternate between two corsets so that the other one is given time to wear well again. Linen corsets are functional and breathe well and were a popular option for corsets in early times. Silk, satin and leather corsets are more expensive. Clean leather corsets by a leather specialist. Do not roll corsets when you take them off but instead let them hand over a chair.

Corset Dress
Corsets have made a huge comeback as a fashionable garment. Corset dresses and corset tops are not corsets in the real sense of the term. They are worn out as a fashion statement. Corsets can be worn over a dress as a bodice or teamed with a formal skirt for a curvy look. Corset dresses will whittle down the waist and lift your breasts. You can pick up a dress that has a built-in corset - this works well with slender and full figures. Corset tops are available in denim, brocade, embroidered lace, chambray, leather and vinyl. Loose and flowing gowns are held together by a Raphaelite-like corsets embellished with fur or jewels. Sheer and silky corsets are very alluring and are worn as tops or lingerie.

Plus Size Corset
Plus size corsets can help larger women camouflage a thickening waistline and sagging bustline. A well designed plus size corset can support a full figure. Choose a tight lacing fit or a fashionable fit - one that you are most comfortable in. A well-fitting corset in the right shade can work wonders on a plus sized figure. Plus size corsets are available in different szes from 34 inches up. It is recommended to choose a corset 2 -6 inches under the actual waist measurement.

Bridal Corset
Brides can pick up corsets that offset their wedding dress to best effect. A corset can help you achieve the dream waist that sets off a traditional wedding dress. Bridal corsets come trimmed with beautiful lace patterns and shades of white, ivory, baby pink and pastel blue. Choose the bridal corset depending on the cut of the gown, low cut or wide necked. A bride with a more generous bust can play it down with a right underbust corset. A bride can also go in for exotic lingerie corsets that come in a wide range of styles, from simply sexy to extremely erotic. You can pick up exotic bridal corsets with asian brocade work or lacy patterning and trimmings. Lingerie corsets come in vivid shades of red, turquoise, cranberry, black and pink.



Through the ages, tights have never lost their charm. Even superman wore his trademark tights to show off his powered muscles. For women, the options are many - opaque, hip to tip toe, skin-colored tights, black tights, opaque tights, fishnet tights and more. The wide array of colors, patterns, varying lengths and range of materials allow for more choices in womens tights. There are exciting varieites of ballet tights and running tights.

You can opt to wear tights while exercising, while travelling, for dance or just to lounge around. Tights provide the extra soothing feel to your legs on those cool mornings of fall. Even otherwise, tights do keep you simply cool and comfortable.

Denier tights

A common term that denotes the sheerness of the tight. While shopping for tights, look for lower denier tights for it will lend a sheer allure to your legs. Tights less than 10 are the perfect choice for warmer weather as well as formal occassions. Tights with counts 10-20 are much in demand. These are durable, and gives a slight tinch of covering to the legs.

Fishnet tights

Fishnet dance tights are specially targeted to meet comfort requirement of professional dancers. Padded with a nylon sole, fishnet tights in black, brown or flesh-tones can be used for everyday wear. Not just for the dancers, fishnet dance tights are a viable option for skaters too. Combine fishnet tights with a skirt no shorter than knee length. If you prefer fishnet tights for everyday, formal wear, look for a mesh not greater than 1/16th inch wide when worn. The ones with large mesh can be reserved for funky club wear.

Classic opaque, spandex tights

With tights, your legs feel softer and bright colored tights go a long way in making your legs feel and look good.Classic opaque tights with select patterns can make your legs look longer. You can select from sleek striped tights, thigh-high tights, convertible tights, tights that massage and cradle your legs while dancing or exercising. Feel completely fit in Lycra spandex tights with 90% cotton and 10% Lycra. The unique four way stretch fabric is light and casual. Your skin breathes comfortably without hindrance and cools your body, also regulating body temperature.

Womens tights

Check for tights that have cotton-lined crotch and avoid fabrics that chafe against your inner thighs. Some brands of tights come with antibacterial agents in the fiber to prevent odor. Look for a fit that is comfortable without laying excessive pressure on the legs. Compression design tights are built to offer varying layers of support to those suffeing from circulatory problems. Maternity tights are ideal for moms-to-be who have to be on their feet all day long.



Fashion come and go. Care to keep pace with the latest fashion trend? If so, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe with trendy leggings. The most sought-after leggings of 1980’s have made a re-entry. But not the same way, this time it is minus leather jackets and big hair. This time of the year sees the re-emergence of full-length or capri length leggings that are fast scorching the ramps and creating distinct waves.

Leggings offers flexibility and versatility. Black colored leggings are arguably the must-have fall item. Or go for other mute colors like gray or navy blue. Teenagers can confidently go for trendy choices. Get set to explore unique combinations that suit you best. Find ways for a dressier look with leggings.

Skin-tight leggings

Because they are versatile, leggings continue to serve different purpose for different people. For instance, the Russians liked to wear as an under layer to keep them warm during extremely cold conditions. It is still considered the most comfortable wear amongst fitness freaks. And then they made an entry into the fashion land in the 1960s and 1980s. It is now the resurrection of leggings in 2006.

Unfooted tights or leggings are undoubtedly affordable and comfortable too. You sure can stretch your legs comfortably. Leggings go well with any outfit. Escape from waxing, sugaring, depilatories or lasers for a while as leggings can still lend your legs a sleek and sexy look. Leggings can be accezzorized with practically anything. Blend of lycra, rayon, nylon, jersey, cotton or cotton-polyester blend, wool, silk and even synthetic fabric leggings are available. Most of these materials give leggings a structured and polished look.

Select by type

Capri length leggings: Other than full-length leggings, hosiery malls are flooded with capri length leggings that come in different patterns and colors. Capri length leggings with mini skirts are the hottest trend of the season. Also, take advantage of well-fitting capri length leggings that make the legs appear slimmer and longer. These cropped leggings should typically be long enough, 5 inches below the knee or at mid-calf.

Lace-trim leggings: Considered a comfortable summer outfit, lace-trim leggings are usually paired with flip-flops and can be worn as casual dinner wear or for a weekend barbecue. Get smart and mix match your leggings with last summer’s dress.

Combining leggings: Leggings can be combined with a big sweater, shorts, shift dresses, tunic top and miniskirts of different styles. Get ready to sport the dancer look with black leggings under a dress or city shorts. Not without a reason, professional dancers are fond of wearing leggings as it keeps their legs warm in between dances. Capri length leggings are great with a skirt or a dress.


Jogging Clothes

Gone are the days when you had to depend only on an old tracksuit for your jogging session. Today jogging clothes come in an amazing range of fabrics, colors and styles. Look for garments that are comfortable and geared to meet your jogging needs. Choice of fabric for jogging suits would depend on the weather conditions too. Ensure that you are adequately attired to meet the climatic needs.

Jogging Clothes
Jogging clothes can be worn as separates or coordinates. Mix and match your jogging tops with pants or even team them up with shorts for a sultry summer afternoon. In fact jogging clothes often double up as clothes to lounge around in . You can layer up exciting combinations of jogging clothes and come up with coordinated ensembles. While plain colors are a classic style with jogging clothes, you can opt for colorful prints, appliques, screen printing or even detailing. Some of the popular styles for jogging clothes are full-zip front, partial zip pullover, hooded cardigan or covertible collars. You can opt for short or long sleeves depending on your comfort levels. Generally jogging pants have elastic waists and leg openings. An additional drawstring can help in adjusting the waistline. Jogging shorts come in similar options.

Do not ignore weather conditions when selecting your jogging clothes. For cold weather, ensure that the jogging clothes have the appropriate design features and fabric. You can go in for double layered hood or convertible collars that double up as turtlnecks. Thicker fibers or compact knit structures ensure better warmth. Look for features such as hand warmers and zip pockets. If you indulge in nighttime jogging, go in for jogging clothes in white trims or florescent colors to relect headlights. Double knit fabrics are popular for jogging clothes since they are firm and resist wrinkling. Look for knit fabrics that have firm structure and high yarn count. You can choose from jogging suits in acrylic or nylon or blends of cotton and acrylic or polyester. Cotton garments tend to get soggy with sweat but are most absorbent. This is ideally suited for warm locations. Opt for acrylic if you are looking for good insulating properties and easy care. Jogging clothes in nylon tend to have heavy static buildup. You can consider going in for blended fabrics, ones that offer comfortable feel against the skin and absorb moisture.

Jogging Suit
The jogging suit made an appearance in the 1980s when fitness awareness took off in a big way. The track suit was modified and the jogging suit was born! A lightweight zippered top matched along with loose bottom trousers that are gathered at the cuff - this was the design for the popular jogging suit. Jogging suits came in bright colors, purple and pink, peach and sea green, black and white. Jogging suits must be selected for their fabric, construction and care requirements. Knitted fleece is a popular fabric for jogging clothes and other athletic wear. You can also choose from stretch valour, knit pique and stretch terry. It is essential to take proper care of your jogging suit. Follow instructions for washing and laundering. Tumble machine drying can ruin the size and shape of some jogging suits. This would depend largely on the fabric that is used. Look for quality stitching when it comes to jogging suits. Stitches should be of even length, straight, and fastened securely. Stitching should permit ample stretch without breaking. A well-stitched jogging suit will translate to a durable and comfortable jogging apparel. Choose jogging suits in the size that is right for you - small, medium, large or XL. You can also pick up jogging clothes by actual size numbers too. Check for arm length, pant length and comfortable roominess. Do not compromise on style while you are jogging and running. There is no dearth of fashionable jogging suits that can have you set the roads ablaze.


Tank Tops

Come summer and its time to get into your favorite tank top. Not only is it light and comfortable but it can be picked up in different designs suitable for men, women, teens and kids. Tank tops are also available in various sizes, thus, making it a favorite for everybody irrespective of their age or size. Tank tops are usually made from hosiery material. Knits, terrycloth, cotton blends or nylon are also used in making tank tops. Look up this guide to tank tops and you too can add the cool casual look to your wardrobe.

Tank tops
Tank top derives its name from 'tank suit', a one piece swimsuit with shoulder straps, worn by women. The term 'tank' refers to a swimming tank, as swimming pools were referred to, a few decades earlier. While tank tops were originally designed to be worn as an undershirt, the colorful and well designed ones are worn as a top by itself. Tank top is primarily an American term; it is referred to as 'singlet' in Australia and 'vest' in England.

The tank top is said to be the creation of George Masson and has been popular as casual wear in the United States since the 1980's. Tank tops were initially worn by popular rock icons at their music shows. In fact, music stars and sportsmen used the tank tops to show off their biceps. And the craze caught on. The older version of the tank tops was made from cotton and had slogans or decals on them. Now, the tank top and its various versions have been accepted as a casual dress that can be worn in public. In fact, women now have another option, the 'tankini' which can be worn for the pool or beach. etc.

Tank top styles
Tanks do not have sleeves, instead of which they have straps that are about an inch or two in width. Tanks may be either plain, ribbed, waffle knit or even netted and sport different styles of necklines and arm holes. The most popular of the lot still remains the solid white tank top with a round neck. Women's tanks usually have thin straps (spaghetti straps) and some even feature a built in shelf bra.

Wearing tank tops is a great option on hot sultry days. They can also be worn while working outdoors or while working out at the gym. Tanks are also sported by athletes. But tanks are not just for summer; they can be worn under other clothing items, as an inner layer, for warmth as well as style.

Tank tops come in various designs and shades and they practically match with everything, right from jeans to skorts. It entirely depends on how you are able to mix and match to get the right look. While buying tanks, go for ones with a fitted silhouette, which will manage to give you a sleek look. And don't forget to check with the manufacturer as to whether your tank will shrink. Most of the tanks do shrink an average of one size in the wash and hence it is better to buy one size up for a better fit.

You can buy a traditional tank top in 100% cotton, combed for softness and comfort, with baby rib binding at the neck and straps for reinforced shape. Check for double stitched bottom hem for durability. You can opt for tanks in contrasting two-tone colors - black with white borders or white with grey borders.

Tank tops are also available in scoop neck and binded scoop neck. Tank tops with rhinestone embellishments are also a good option. In fact, you can team it up with a colorful skirt, get a new hairstyle and wear semi-formal jewelry and you are ready for the party. Tank tops with logos, designs and funky messages are a must-have for most teenagers.

Tank top guide
# Tank top with lace work in the neck area or a mesh tank top is a stylish option that can be paired with running shorts and a fleece zip hoody. In fact, tanks are so versatile that they can be paired with anything from a pair of jeans to leggings, from shorts to sweat pants.

# If you want a formal look go for a black tank top and wear a pair of ivory trousers and a matching jacket and you are ready to attend any official meeting.

# One of the most popular buys is the sheer jersey spaghetti tank with a sporty racerback. They can be easily teamed up with a pair of capris to give you that casual sporty yet sophisticated look.

# You can create your own outfit by layering one tank on top of another in contrasting colors. Alternatively, wear a fuchsia or cranberry colored bra beneath a white tank top, and you are sure to make heads turn. Try wearing sheer blouses over your tanks or a summery white blouse over a black tank top.

# For that special evening, wear a plain white tank top embellished with silver metallic corsage and complement it with a flowing skirt.

# You can also buy splatter dyed tanks and combine them with summer pants in the same color family, throw in a funky bracelet and you would have created a designer look.

Irrespective of which tank top you wear or what you team it up with, you can be assured of a cool stylish look. Tank tops are here to stay.


Women's Skirt

Women's skirts come in many a style, from the simple A-line to the peasant skirt to pleated skirts and mini skirts. Skirt styles are forever changing. Hemlines rise and drop, pleats come and go and fabrics are mixed and matched to arrive at outfits that range from casual chic to the bizarre. Don't fall prey to fleeting fashion trends. Instead opt for skirt styles that work for you. Take a look at the many avatars of skirts, from the ever-popular denim skirt to gypsy skirts and more!

Women's Skirt
Skirts made of sheer fabrics are flattering to a full figure. Choose pleated skirts in fabrics and styles that flatter your figure. A flounce skirt can create a slimmer look for a woman with full hips. Do not go in for a gathered skirt if you want to camouflage a thick waist. The pleated knee skirt is a classic favorite with many women. Go in for an A-line skirt if you are heavier on the stomach and hips. A straight skirt style hides big thighs. Monochromatic skirts and dresses can lend a slimming effect. If you must go in for a pleated skirt, opt for pleats that begin below the hips. The hemlines of women's skirts have risen and fallen over the decades. From ankle length peasant skirts to mid-calf pleated skirts, short skirts or even mini skirts, skirts have seen them all. Never go for a skirt that is wider than long. For ease of movement, you can go in for side slits or back slits. Skirts this season range from mini to knee length to mid-calf or even ankle length gypsy skirts. Asymmetrical hemlines are also hot on the fashion scene. Women's skirts in colors such as charcoal gray, navy or deep green or deep wine and raisin can help you look thinner. Play around with style and texture too. Mix and match skirts with cashmere turtlenecks, scarves and jackets. Skirts can be selected in knits or jacquards, chiffon or plaid or denim or light cotton voile. There are interesting options with lacework skirts and satin and silk skirts. What better way to lounge around in the house than to go in for casual cotton blend or denim skirts!

Peasant Skirt

Peasant skirts are easy flowing and comfortable chic Ankle-length peasant skirts are usually made of cotton voile or fabrics that fall well. Slip into a carefree peasant skirt for a breezy fashion style. Match it with a tank top and complete the look with wrap sandals or espadrilles. Long skirts such as the peasant skirt tend to flatter slim and tall women.

Gypsy Skirt

A gypsy skirt worn with boots is ideal for daywear. Wear a slinky top with the gypsy skirt and slip into a shimmering strapped sandal…and you are ready to party away. Opt for a crumpled fabric or go in for multi-layered multi-tiered style. Contrast the materials - wear a chunky knit top over a flimsy gypsy skirt. If your gypsy skirt has colors and bold prints, wear a subtler top to tone it down. A gypsy skirt is much like the circle skirt that hangs smoothly from the waist sans darts, pleats or gathers but is full nevertheless.

Denim Skirt

Denim is a versatile and popular fabric that never goes out of style. Little wonder that denim skirts are a must-have on any woman's wardrobe, be it a short mini skirt or a pleated skirt or even one that is funky and bohemian. Team up a denim skirt with a tank top or a ladylike shirt. Embellish your denim skirt with metallic or colored decorative patches.


Silk Scarf

A scarf is a versatile fashion accessory – tie a cashmere scarf round your neck to keep out the chill, add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with a silk scarf or use a bright crochet scarf for a touch of color. Wear it round your neck or fasten it round your girdle. Scarves have been in vogue for decades. A Hermes scarf is a must-have on the wish list of those seeking designer brands.

Scarves can don many an avatar. While you can add the timeless look of sophistication to your attire with a silk scarf, a Burberry wool scarf can keep you warm on a cold and dreary day. Choose from a multitude of brightly colored scarves. They are available in bold animal prints, tie and dye patterns, delicate florals, paisleys, embroidered and more! Scarves come in different sizes and shapes. You can pick a scarf that is square, rectangular or even triangular. Scarves come in a range of fabrics, from silk and cashmere to georgette, pashmina or velvet. Look for soft wool scarves to cozy up on a cold winter evening. You can go in for long scarves with fringed ends.

With this versatile piece of apparel, all you need is your imagination. Tie a gaily-colored silk scarf to hide bad hair. This works well for summer and lends a different look. Sport a scarf as a bandana. Use a scarf as a sarong or even as a veil. In fact you can create a totally new look with a bright scarf. Coordinate it with different colored outfits. In fact a simple silk scarf can brighten a tee shirt or sweater. You can tie the scarf in many ways too.

For a formal look, you can go for a Rose Knot or classic twist. Get flirtatious with a scarf round your waist. Pin it up with a stylish brooch. Some designer scarves come ready to wear; pre-pleated and pre-knotted. For the designer conscious women, here is a new scarf from Hermes – the scented one. You can pick up a Hermes scarf made with a fabric that is designed to leave a scent on the skin. Hermes scarves have graced Hollywood divas, celebrities and designer label-struck women.

Silk scarf
Pick up a silk scarf with elegant dyed prints. It is a fashion accessory that will lend a rich and elegant touch to your ensemble. You can pick up prints such as delicate floral tendrils or geometric designs or blooms of flowers. Look for unique silk scarf prints such as those resembling the intricate marble work of the Taj Mahal. Crepe de chine silk scarves come in exquisite prints and make for an ideal gift. Silk scarves have an elegance and beauty that is unmatched. Handcrafted silk scarves come with hand rolled and sewn edges. Are you looking for an exotic silk scarf? Why not try one that is studded with precious stones such as amethyst, coral and lapis lazuli.

Cashmere scarf
Jazz up an outfit with a fashionable cashmere scarf. Keep warm with fine cashmere scarves from Fendi or Burberry. Fine knit scarves made of fine merino wool find no match. What else for warmth and style other than a wonderful cashmere and wool combination scarf during the cold winter months? Cashmere scarves come in myriad shades and styles. You can select them in chocolate brown, navy blue, chestnut or ivory. Some also come with leather trimmings at the neck. You can also get a monogrammed cashmere scarf. Look for embroidered cashmere scarves with your initials in script or modern font.

Pashmina scarf
Pashmina scarves are made from the fiber of the Capra Hircus goat found on the Himalayan slopes. Skilled Nepali craftsmen weave wonders and come up with exquisite Pashmina scarves. A Pashmina scarf has always been popular with Indian royalty and the aristocracy of the Western world. You may often find pashmina scarves with a blend of silk for added softness and shimmer. The ply of the scarf is indicative of its fineness and luxuriousness.


Baby Christening Gown

Christening, the first special occasion in a baby’s life, is a tender and poignant moment in the parent’s life too. You want the very best for your baby in all aspects of her life and why not start by giving her a wonderful christening gown. Some families have christening gowns handed down from generations, indeed they are heirlooms. Nothing better for your baby than to wear the same gown worn by her mother or grand mother and in turn pass it on to her daughter! But, not to worry if you do not have any heirloom gowns. You can buy a new one and create an heirloom of your own, to be treasured by generations to come. Check out our guide to baby christening gowns.

Christening gown

A christening gown is an infant’s dress which is especially made and worn for the baptism ceremony. These gowns are usually white in color and are very long. They are made of either linen, silk or cotton and have lace trimmings, embroidery and tucks. They also have matching bonnets, bibs and booties. You can select a christening gown either in Cathedral length or long skirt style. Detachable skirt is another christening gown option. A smocked bodice can be comfortably stretched and worn as the baby grows up. Measure the child correctly before ordering for a christening gown online. Wearing a bonnet is optional, though most gowns come with matching bonnet. You can get a simple headband or wreath of flowers.

The baby girls of today are lucky indeed as they can be dressed in a wide range of gowns. All the gowns come with a matching bonnet, but you also have the choice to opt for matching personalized bib and booties. You can also have your child’s name and date of christening embroidered on the gown, to make it personal and unique.

You can opt for original silk gown in pure white with tulle overlay or with embroidered voile panels. Satin gowns in ivory with fragile Austrian embroidery are also another option. Smocked voile dress in white, ivory and cream will also look good on your little angel. You can alternatively opt for antique Edwardian and Victorian christening gowns, which would lend your baby a royal and regal appearance.

Christening gowns made from single edged, scalloped eyelet fabric adorned with embroidery, featuring batiste underlay is yet another choice. You can go in for an A-line skirt with an attached slip. Gowns can be woven with pink ribbons and encrusted with mother-of-pearl buttons.

Hand-crocheted christening outfit in shell stitch pattern, made from bedspread cotton is definitely gorgeous and will become an heirloom for sure. Exquisite satin gowns featured with delicate cutwork lace will definitely make your baby look like an angel. You can opt for flower shaped buttons if you desire.

Gowns in pure white lace designed with puff sleeves and adorned with sequined collar and satin ribbon accents, with matching bonnet will definitely be a good buy. For a truly vintage feel, you can buy the short sleeved gown made of cotton bubble gauze trimmed with appliqué work, ribbons and rosebuds.

Irrespective of what you choose, your baby will look good in every gown and be the center of attraction. Also, taking care of your baby’s christening gown is very important. Wash them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and store them in a preservation bag. Preservation bags are chemical-free cotton bags. With the right choice of gown and the correct method of storage, you have an heirloom christening gown in your hands.


Fall Fashion Trend

Want to check out the Fall Fashion trend for 2006? Check out what’s hot and what’s not! Arm yourself with tips on planning your Fall fashion wardrobe. Don’t let fall colors be murky and dull, don’t let the grays and clays bog you down. Go for funky red, attractive jeweled tones of crimson, burgundy, rust and copper

Fall fashion trend

Knit sweaters are back this Fall - Knit sweaters in large chunky styles, fine knit skirt suits, knit tops over jeans….the possibilities are many. You can team an oversized knit sweater with a skirt for an evening out. You can get a sweater in neutral shades such as black or gray to complement the rest of your wardrobe. An elegant sweater in red or mottled gold can perk up your outfit. Layer it with a scarf or leggings under the skirt for added pizzazz. Slim leggings lend a funky touch. Knit jackets can be used when the weather gets chiller.

Denim jeans never go out of style! Slim jeans are back in Fall 2006. High waisted jeans can flatter your legs by making them appear long and slim. But this style of jeans may not suit all body shapes. A more relaxed style with flared bottoms is better suited for a curvier woman.

Fall fashion 2006

Plaid is hot this Fall of 2006. Add Celtic skirts, paisleys and checks to your wardrobe. Leggings are a must-have this Fall of 2006. Be it under plaid skirts or bubble skirts, arm yourself with a couple of leggings in the colors of the season. Combine plaid skirts with heavy wedge shoes or retro platforms. Use tights or leggings here too. Open toed shoes are also hot this Fall 2006. Boots, be it lace-up boots, cowboy boots or ankle-length boots are a fashion must-have in Fall 2006.

Slim black pants or black tights are another good buy for Fall fashion 2006. Opt for off-shouldered knits or billowy long tops over it. You can team up a large knit sweater with a camisole underneath. Tailored dresses and pantsuits are still popular with most women. Wide belts and relaxed silhouettes were seen in many a designer collection for Fall 2006. You can even pair your jackets with attractive leggings for a fashionable look.

Accessories are subtle yet glamorous this Fall. Charm bracelets and oversized rings are a rage this season. Pick up large oversized bags. Finally it’s all about working with the fashion trend of Fall 2006 but personalizing it to suit your figure. Work carefully with volume – check whether a billowing blouse suits you or it would be better to go in for a fitted one.


Fall Wedding Colors

Fall is that time of the year when nature puts up one of its most spectacular displays. From the golden-yellow hues of the larch, birch and witch hazel to the reddish-purple of the maple, oak and dogwood, Fall colors are a sight to behold! Browns, reds and gold dominate the theme at a Fall wedding - rich bold colors that are indicative of the season’s natural hues. Check out how to incorporate Fall wedding colors – into your decoration, dress and overall theme!

Fall wedding colors

The range of color options for a Fall wedding theme are plenty, from burnt orange and buttery gold to a fiery red and dark brown. Decorations can be matched to the season to include deep lavender, purple and terracotta. Yellows, copper and ivory can be blended with the rich hues of autumn for a wonderful Fall wedding centerpiece. Try and add a hint of sapphire and navy blue. Provide accents with silver and periwinkle. The abundant foliage and bright flowers of the season provide the right inspiration for a Fall wedding.

Rose shades such as golden apricot, tangerine and red-orange can be used for wedding bouquets and floral decorations. Lustrous red gloriosa lilies and brilliant hydrangeas make for a striking statement in bouquets. You can also go in for chrysanthemum and baby’s breath.

Fall wedding decor

Fall weddings can be decorated in keeping with the seasonal colors. The right use of berries, foliage and accessories can add to the overall décor and theme. From the altar and aisle to the stairs outside the entrance, rich colors of autumn make for a wonderful decorating scheme. You can choose the stage décor, table centerpieces and free standing decorations to complement the autumn color palette. Choose flowers in yellow, russet red and orange. Foliage in moss green and brown would work well with the Fall wedding color theme. You can pick up faux autumn colored leaves and vinery to decorate. Large boxes of mums in crimson, yellow, purple and mauve can enliven the wedding décor. Deep burgundy and gold can also lend a rich opulence to your wedding decoration. Make use of grasses and branches or even berries on stalks.

Fall wedding gown

The bridal gown can be chosen in silk or light wool. While classic cuts and wedding gowns never go out of style, you can make slight modifications to suit the seasonal theme. The bridal gown can be chosen in autumn fall colors. Alternatively, the bride can opt for sashes in a rich gold to an ivory colored gown. Fall wedding colors that are popular with brides are pinks, fuchsia, aqua and green.


Semi Formal Dress

You have received an invitation for a party, dinner or an event with recommended dress code explicitly printed as semi-formal dress. You walk towards the closet, trying to narrow down all semi-formal dresses. You aren’t pretty sure about what fits the description of semi-formal dress. Do you have one or should you buy a new semi formal dress? Do you know exactly what semi-formal dress to choose? Could it be a dressy outfit with slacks and long or short jackets or jeans and will your Gap T-shirt suffice? Use this guide to choose suitable semi-formal dresses that makes

Semi formal dress options

Pants or skirts: Long or short sleek velvet dress, pant suits in silk, polyester or cashmere, short dressy afternoon dress, black skirt, tuxedo pants or long dressy skirt.

Top: Sparkly sweater or a dressy blouse, tops of satin, crepe, chiffon, lace or a metallic fabric, dressy nice top, dressy blouse, blouse and vest or jacket.

Placing due importance to etiquette, women are asked to wear semi formal dresses to such events or occasions that are less formal or to places that do not insist on formal attire. For instance, to business meetings, conferences, parties, day weddings, award ceremonies and dinner. Because of its universal use, comfort and ease, semi-formal dress gets the most attention. Semi-formal is colloquially used to refer ‘informal attire’. Unless specifically mentioned, the all time favorite semi formal colors are black and white in a wide range of styles.

Considered to be the trickiest of all dress codes, semi-formal dresses for women can’t be understood as long dresses. It is the length of dress that differentiates a formal and semi-formal dress. Not necessarily reserved for evenings, semi-formal dress for an evening event, say post 6 pm includes a cocktail dress for women. And, during the day, an appropriate short dress, pant suit or dress suit. Specifically for daytime weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies, semi-formal dresses ought to be tea-length or ballet-length dress, with hems falling between the knee and shin.

Selecting semi formal dress

In general, semi-formal dresses can be knee-length, say one inch above the knee to two inches above the ankle or a little lower may be mid-thigh to just below the knee length. Semi-formal pantsuits should be ankle length and dress suits ought to be hem knee length to floor length. Semi-formal dresses do not include heavily sequined attire or the formal ball-gown description. Preferably, pay attention to fabrics to look dressy enough. Choose silk, velvet, rayon, cashmere, high quality polyester brocades, good quality chiffon, velvet, velveteen, sateen or velour. In other words, anything that resembles a silky finish and dressy enough to make your personality shine!

A strict no-no is wool business suits which aren’t dressy enough to be classified as semi-formal. American women have a great deal of flexibility in choosing semi-formal attire. A classic tuxedo jacket with pants or a dressy pantsuit would also fit to the T. With a little imagination, try mixing any type of dressy outfit. Remember to keep away from cotton.


Prom Dress

Prom nights are probably one of the best moments of a student’s life, ones that create memories that will last a life time. Look up tips on selecting the right prom dress. With a few simple guidelines, you should be able to get a prom dress that works wonders on you. Read up on how you can add a personal touch to your prom dress.

Prom night

A prom, short for promenade, is used to describe formal dance held at the end of the high school academic year, especially in United States and Canada. While in UK, a prom or proms widely refer to a season of classical concerts which are typically held between July and September. Common prom activities include dining, dancing, crowning of a prom King and Queen and socializing. The schools may arrange a prom night by renting ballrooms at expensive hotels while some might choose unusual venues such as a pleasure cruise boat.

The Perfect Prom Dress

Going to the prom is one of the most special occasions that you will carry with you. With a variety of prom themes, shopping for prom dresses and deciding from among the prospects can take weeks, if not months. Look for options for your prom dress well in advance. Months ahead of your prom night, review fashion magazines that carry best of the prom dresses. Analyze the latest themes and materials available in prom dresses. However, don’t stick on to the ones in the magazine; try to add something special to the model you prefer. After all, your prom dress speaks volumes about your personality.

Play around with the length of your prom dress. From long and flowing to short or even ragged hem, the choice is wide. From the classic black number to bold striking reds and blues to sizzling pieces with sequins and rhinestones, prom dresses come in an array of styles and fits. Choose a style that flatters your body type. Look for a color and style that flatters you. Do not blindly go in for fashion diktats. After all, the prom dress must work its magic on you. You can go in for online shopping of prom dresses too.

Ensure that you get your measurements right so that the dress fits. Measure your bust, waist and hip and check with the charts. When you get a dress closer to your actual size, there are fewer alterations to make.

Add a personal touch to your store bough prom dress. A few embellishments at the neckline can add pizzazz to the prom dress. Go in for a Vintage dress if you want to appear straight out of a Shakespearean play. Carry a purse that adds to the style statement. Try a silvery rhinestone purse or a chic clutch bag. Team the jewelry to complement the prom dress. Choose earrings based on your dress and hairstyle.

Selecting a prom dress

Want to make your hips look smaller? In such case, find a prom dress with full-skirted ball gown or any gown that draws the focus upward. This style keeps the eyes off your hips and lets everyone focus on your slim waist. If you’ve got gorgeous curves show them off with the help of sheaths or super fitted styles or V-necks.

For those who don’t have those gorgeous curves, find a prom dress with A-line style. This will show off your slender frame while also creating the illusion of curves with a fuller skirt. If your collar bone and shoulders are on the bony side, then don’t opt for strapless or halter style prom dresses. They will make you look even skinnier.

I have a tummy! Never mind, you can always hide or flatten it with the help of a perfect prom dress. Try an empire-waist gown that gives a long, slim look. Alternatively, try corset-style bodice, this will shape your waistline by focusing on the bust line. Don’t ever get a princess-cut gown, basques waists, sheaths, slashes or horizontal stripes; these will draw attention to your midsection.

Want a taller look. Try sheaths and A-line, they will give you a tall look. Ensure that your prom dress is simple so that the A-line silhouettes enable you to add some length. Never choose a big ball gown, if you are small built.

I need to make my butt smaller! Try strapless ball gown or full-skirted style. This will hide your butt. You can also rely on corset style or other type of fitted bodice. While buying your prom dress, do not shop for sheath styles or those with extra-clingy material, it will make your butt appear bigger.

And finally Sleeves! If you have heavy arms try prom dresses with shorter sleeves or off-the shoulder necklines or see-through lace sleeves. They work well for upper arms that aren’t in super shape. Concentrate on the neck-line which would draw attention to your bust instead of arms. Don’t shop for sleeveless, strapless and spaghetti-strap dresses.

Ensure to trial your prom dress, what might look good on a hanger or a model may look little dull on you. On the other hand chances are there that a prom dress which stands dull out on the shelves might work its magic on you. As a thumb rule, try before you finalize. Don’t go for last minute shopping. Instead take enough time to shop for your prom dress. You may need to slightly alter it or add a few personal touches.



Parka is a waist or hip-length cold weather jacket that is popular due to its ease of use and maintenance. Also termed as anorak, a parka is generally lined with fur or fun fur in order to protect the face and body from a combination of freezing temperatures and wind.

Selecting a parka

The word anorak (from the Greenlandic Inuit anorak) is mainly used in Britain. In general, a parka specifically implies a pullover jacket without a zipper or button opening. The word parka is now nearly the universal name in the United States and Canada. In North America, a parka is a waterproof jacket with a hood and drawstrings at the waist and cuffs. A parka is a knee-length cold-weather jacket or coat; typically stuffed with down or very warm synthetic fiber, and having a fur-lined hood. Parkas are often treated with a waterproofing agent on the outside to prevent moisture from seeping in. There are a variety of parkas, from acrylic fiber to fur and fun fur. Be careful while choosing one, as the selection mainly depends on the usage of the parka. Listed below are some basic features to be considered before buying a parka.

  • If you are planning to go trekking or backpacking, look for a parka that suits the climatic conditions.

  • Synthetic fibers are often hypoallergenic and dry quickly. Parkas made of synthetic fibers are more affordable too.

  • Check for a need to apply additional sealant on seams and zippers.

Waterproof and breathable parkas: This could be used in warmer snow areas, such as Australian resorts. These parkas come with a waterproof outer layer as the outer conditions where you use them tend to be wetter because of warmth. You can also find breathable parkas, because as you exercise you sweat and if the sweat cannot escape, it condenses and you get wet from the inside. A waterproof and breathable parka comes generally in fiber and makes you feel comfortable. Fabrics are rated, typically with 2 numbers in thousands. One is for breathability and other for waterproofness. As a thumb rule, higher the number more effective is the fabric. For instance a parka with a rating of 5000 should be waterproof for years and of course, breathability will be high.

Insulated or Shell: A shell parka is generally preferred because it can control temperature by layering, without taking the insulating qualities of the garment into account. Shell parkas are waterproof and windproof without padding for insulation. An insulated parka means one less item of clothing. An insulated parka can be too hot for spring skiing, whereas a shell parka may be just right, since it allows you to add additional layers whenever you get colder. There are shell parkas that come with linings that can be zipped in or out. This may be good, but it doesn’t make any difference to a shell with a separate insulating layer. Shell parkas are of good use when you are away from snow.

Sealed Seams: This is an important factor to be noted in waterproof parkas. In a waterproof garment chances are there that the waterproof layer may get pierced by thousands of tiny holes while stitching the panels of the garments. Water will penetrate through these tiny holes thus making you uncomfortable. Manufacturer’s overcome this by placing a sealant over the seams on the inside of the garment. This sealant could either be a narrow tape glued over the seam, or a line of gunk along the seam that looks like silicon sealant. In a padded parka, the seam sealing may be hidden due to insulation. Though seam sealing are effecting, it might fail at times. While buying a parka, remember to shop for one with minimum number of panels by which you either reduce the number of seams or could avoid failed seam sealing.

Hoods and Collar: A good hood or collar must give you a place to hide in bad weather while at the same time should not impede your visibility. Some parkas have hoods that are attached by zips or press studs. Others have hoods that tuck into a pouch in the collar. The secret to a good collar is that it should be high enough to tuck your nose into. Some collars, and most hoods, have drawstrings to tighten the apertures and stop wind and precipitation penetrating. The collar should be big enough that you can fit a neck gaiter inside it without the collar being uncomfortably tight.

Wrist Closures: While you shop for a parka, look in for the one that has tight but comfortable wrist closures so that cold waves don’t get in. You can tuck your gloves inside your parka; ensure that your parka’s wrist has enough room for this as well. Storm Flaps: These are cloth closures on the main zip. They can be in front of the zip, or one can be behind. One flap will not be enough. Two overlapping flaps are necessary to keep inclement weather out.

Powder Skirts: Most parkas come with an elasticized internal skirt near the bottom. They form a seal around the top of the pants to prevent snow from getting inside the parka. While some parkas don’t have an internal skirt, they have an elasticized drawstring at the waist. Though the drawstrings perform the same function they are not as effective as the internal skirts.

Washing your parka

Be careful while washing your parka. Follow the instruction given inside the flap of your parka. Don’t ever dry clean your parka. Use the gentlest option in your machine and ensure to use a mild detergent or special sports detergent for your fabric.


Cocktail Dress

The advantage of having a cocktail dress is its versatile style, elegant and extravagant appeal. You can consider it appropriate to wear cocktail dress for fancy parties, opera or ballet, weddings and formal dinner parties. Be it sophisticated and chic, classically glamorous or slinky and daring, a well selected cocktail dress is worth having in the wardrobe. Selecting the right cocktail dress appropriate to your body shape can get you the desired effect.

Original cocktail dress

The origin of cocktail parties can be traced back to 1920s. The same year women felt the need to have a special dress in conjunction with the theme of the party and thus cocktail dresses found its way into women’s wardrobe. Since then, the dress has undergone numerous modifications. From the waistless, loose cut, which required women to wear flappers, cocktail dresses today are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths. Originally reserved only for the younger women, the 1930s saw the introduction of waisted, slim skirted dresses designed for older women. Full skirts and décolleté necklines, silk skirts with jewel necklines, body-hugging and curve-enhancing, dress and coat suits and three-piece skirts slowly became highly popular. Some preferred heavily beaded dresses with fringes. The tiny matching bag, shoes and gloves became must-have accessories that made the dress complete.

Choice unlimited

Today, cocktail dresses or cocktail gowns come in an array of shapes, beautiful materials, with silk, satin, and layered or simply chiffon still being the most popular choice. Every season brings a lot of surprise with new additions. The length can vary from a mini length to that which stops above the ankles. The ‘little black dress’ hasn’t lost its charm with the passage of time and continues to remain the universally accepted look for cocktail parties. Colorful cocktail dresses in rich fabrics like velvet, crepe, brocade or silk or stretch satin or even rich tapestries translate well for formal or informal events. Short or long, any color, any style, fabrics in tune with the season, it is your individual preference that should be the deciding factor.

Selecting appropriate accessories for cocktail dresses is also essential. Take special care in choosing shoes if you are sporting a shorter length, as it invariably assumes an important focal point. A beaded cocktail bag made of silk, satin or brocade together with pearls, diamond-looks, gold or even silver, a sparkly vintage brooch, fishnet hosiery are all convenient options.

As with any other dress, the season casts its influence while selecting the fabric. For summer, go for floral prints in light pink, sky blue, pale green and yellow, as well as other pastels. For an event in winter, gray, crimson, black, dark brown and dark blue cocktail dresses can make you look absolutely best.
  • Consider matching wraps to cover your arms. A beautiful wrap, colorful pashima shawl or shrug adds elegance.

  • For a formal yet glamorous appeal, select trousers in a fit that flatters your body type. Give importance to fabric, fit and cut.

  • If you feel more comfortable in pants, choose cocktail pantsuit. Match with a tailored denim jacket and perfectly hemmed trousers. Combine with a sequined camisole.

  • Sleeveless or short-sleeved cocktail dress can be worn year-around with or without shawl, jacket.

Selecting cocktail dress

You can look classic and stylish provided you pay sufficient importance to core principles of dress selection. Appropriate dressing suitable for an event gives you a sense of confidence and self-esteem with which you feel as though you can take on the world.

  • Never try to fit into a cocktail dress with a too low cut or that which is ill fitting.

  • Before selecting a dress evaluate your overall body shape, give importance to looking best, elegant and comfortable.

  • Select dress to your body figure, instead of blindly following the latest trends.

  • Understand your plus and minus points, accentuate or hide accordingly.

  • Black, a universal color may not be right color for all. Find out a color palette that suits you.

  • A body that lacks natural curves can be helped with bright colors and bold patterns that provide an ultimate feminine presence.

  • To balance a top-heavy figure, consider flattering neckline for a full bust like the V-neck.

  • Dark colors can make you look slimmer.

  • Explore different combinations, the dress and the accessories. Cultivate your individual style. Allow your inner beauty to shine through.


Embroidered Apparel - Intimate Apparel

Embroidered Apparel

Embroidered apparel goes a long way back into the earlier century. But even today, embroidered apparel has not lost its appeal. You can get custom embroidered apparel with patches of your choice. Many fashion houses have an art and design studio where you can get custom-made embroidered apparel. It is possible to even get patterns of your own choice embroidered on your apparel. You can download designs from web sites to create embroidered apparel with a variety of motifs and patterns.

Intimate Apparel

Intimate apparel refers to the whole range of inner garments, sleepwear and lingerie that a woman would look for. Camisoles, slips and girdles form an important part of a woman's intimate apparel. Sleepwear like chemises and pajama sets and peignoirs are also a popular range of intimate apparel. Romantic lingerie is a must have in a bridal intimate apparel set.