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Women Who Lift Weights Won't Look Like Men

Women often think they have to train diffently than men in the weight room. In fact, they don't. The workouts I prescribe for women contain many of the same exercises and intensities as men.

Women are often afraid if they lift heavy they will get big muscles. So they pick up those tiny weights which frankly do them any good at all. The fact is they must lift heavy to gain lean muscle mass. Women's low testosterone levels will prevent them from putting on the size that men do so they don't need to worry about getting "big".

It's important to understand that when women pick up a weight it should be challenging. The main goal is to work the muscle until near fatigue. Choose a heavy weight and lift low repetitions for each exercise to build lean body mass.

An important factor is each individual has complete control over how far they progress. Most women only take weight training to that "toning" point but some are more hardcore. When your body looks the way you want switch to a maintenance program. At this point there's no need to stimulate new growth. Rather, continue resistance training to keep what you've worked so hard to get.

In summary, women don't need to perform different weight training routines than men. This a myth that has been perpetuating forever. Ladies, challenge yourself. Pick up a heavy set of weights and build a healthy strong body.

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Sexual Dysfunction in Women - Treatment Overview

Sexual dysfunction is lack interest and lack of sexual satisfaction. Sexual dysfunction in women is very common. It affects up to 40% of women, most commonly young women, and tends to decrease with age

Female Sexual dysfunction could be due to a number of factors as
• Emotional stress.
• Feeling guilt about sex.
• Poor self esteem
• Sexual abuse
• Fear of being pregnant
• Intake of medicines
• Diseases like blood pressure and diabetes.
• Vaginal infections.
• Aging
If you do not want to have sex or do not feel good about sex then you could have sexual disorder. There are four types of sexual disorder
• Arousal disorder- when there is no sexual response in the body.
• Desire disorder-when the woman is not interested in sex and does not want to have sex
• Orgasmic disorder-when a female cannot have an orgasm or feel pain during orgasm. There is delay or no orgasm following a normal sexual excitement phase
• Sexual pain disorder-when the woman has pain during or after sex.

Most of the women after menopause experience sexual dysfunction due to change in hormone production and circulatory conditions. An effective treatment plan set by your medical professional may definitely resolve the problem

To overcome the problem of sexual dysfunction one can have other sexual activities such as oral sex, message or masturbation. You can also visualize sex to increase your desire for sex. Foreplay as it helps in good arousal.

In many cases sexual dysfunction may be treated by exercises and counseling at home. To get out of the problem the females should be open up with their partners if there is any emotional problem. Talking with your partner could help you out of the problem the sexual disorder and if it is due to health problems than your doctor could help you out. You should also avoid too much of alcohol and smoking. Make your lifestyle healthy. It well and exercise well. It can be treated once the cause for the sexual dysfunction determined. There should be comfort between you and your treating specialist and your partner for proper treatment. The doctor should know patient history in order to identify dysfunction, gynecological conditions or psychosocial information. Your treating doctor may give you counseling, suggest medication for any underlying cause or refer to a sex therapist. It should be kept in mind that because sexual dysfunction often has multiple causes, treatments cannot be universally applied.

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