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Bridal Lingerie: There’s So Much To Choose From

Congratulations are in order! You or someone you love is about to get married! Your wedding night is very special, and you’ll always cherish the memories. That’s why many brides-to-be purchase wedding lingerie in the UK or abroad. It can be soft and romantic or sexy and erotic. It’s all up to you. You might even want to get one of each. After all, you’ve got a whole honeymoon to think of!

Sexy bridal lingerie isn’t just sexy; it’s also a lot of fun. This type of sexy lingerie draws inspiration from elements of traditional wedding attire. Sexy bridal lingerie is white and lacey, evocative of wedding dresses, yet anything but prim and proper.

You can find thongs that feature a gathered, sheer train down the back. Short or long, it comes in both styles. And there’s a wide assortment of sassy veils to choose from.

You can opt for a bridal lingerie set of a matching bra and panties, which, of course, come in thong and g-string styles as well. There are also short little dresses, corsets, and teddies to choose from. Select the style that’s right for the look you want to achieve. Are you going for erotic lingerie with a bridal touch? Or do you want to indulge in fantasy-type lingerie?

It’s tradition to throw your garter to the bachelors during your reception. But you’ll want an extra garter for the honeymoon! You’ll have no trouble finding a sexy garter to match your wedding lingerie.

Erotic lingerie is a perfect gift for ‘hen’ parties. It’s a night for the bride-to-be, and her closest girlfriends, to walk on the wild side. So save the sexy lingerie gifts for your girls-night out. It’s probably not something mom wants to see her daughter open at the bridal shower!

Bridal underwear is particularly fun. How about a pair of panties that says “just married” or “The Mrs.” on the back? Maybe you could get the hubby to wear a matching pair! You can often find a matching tank top. These sets make cute and comfy pajamas. Of course, for something less kitschy, you can buy bridal underwear embellished with diamonds and lace.

Perhaps you’re searching for bridal lingerie uk because you want elegant bridal lingerie, something enchanting and graceful. One popular type of elegant bridal lingerie is a long, flowing nightgown. They tend to be white, cream, or a pale pastel. These bridal nightgowns are made from very feminine fabrics, such as satin and chiffon. They’re simple yet lovely. You’ll feel like you’re floating across the room.

For winter weddings, you can find elegant bridal lingerie with long sleeves. These sleeved-gowns are stunningly beautiful and provide a little extra warmth. You can also purchase a bridal lingerie set that comes with a matching robe.

Even your jammies should be especially pretty on your wedding night. A bridal lingerie set of a satin camisole and shorts will be just right. Short satin nightgowns are also pretty yet cool and comfortable.

Don’t forget, the romance of wedding lingerie is just right for anniversaries. You can relive the excitement of your first night as husband and wife.

Prom Dresses Guide: Find the Prom Dress that Flatters Your Silhouette

Prom time is almost here and choosing from so many styles and shapes of prom dresses isn't easy. It takes time and patience to try on all those prom dresses, hoping to find just the right dress for your special evening. You should first find a prom dress that flatters your body type, or silhouette. Use the guide below to find out what type of body shape you have and which prom dress will best complement your shape.

Determining Your Body Shape

It's important to determine your body shape before you start shopping for prom gowns. Once you know which types of prom dresses will best suit you, you won't waist time trying on those that won't.

Are you Thin and Tall?

Here's a way to tell: Your body is straight and slender, has few or no curves, and your bust is average in size. Your height is 5' 6" or taller. If you meet these criteria, you'll want to buy a prom dress style that adds curves, shows off your long legs, flows gracefully to reveal your slim silhouette, and adds fullness to your chest.

Try on dresses with several different neckline styles including v-neck or an open neckline to see which looks best. Also, dare to try a dress with a cutout back. Some prom dress styles to consider are empire, sheath, ball gown, and a-line.

Are you Petite?

If you are 5' 3" or shorter with a small build and an average sized bust, you'll want a dress to complement the petite such as an empire, sheath or a-line prom gown. With a slit, you can make your legs appear longer. Or, you can look much taller by wearing a dress with a short hemline. The hemline might be ruffled, handkerchief, hi/low, or asymmetrical - whichever best suits you. There are also a-line and empire styles to take emphasis off your waistline if you are short-waisted. Your neckline could be sweetheart, halter, or v-shape.

Do you have an Hourglass, Pear, or Apple Shape?

With an hourglass shape, you are curvy with a medium-to-large sized bust. Your bottom is rounded and you have curvy hips. You can show off the curves with a sheath dress or de-emphasize them somewhat with a ball gown or a-line dress. To place more emphasis on the upper portion of your body, choose a dress with an embellished neckline.

With a pear shape, you are probably bottom-heavy, meaning your hips, thighs, and bottom are larger than the upper portion of your body. Choose prom dresses that flatter the upper half of your body such as a-line, empire, or ball gown dresses with a circular halter neckline. Or, a strapless dress might do the trick.

If your body is apple-shaped, your mid-section is probably heavier or thicker than other parts of your body. Maybe your tummy is larger than you would like. Choose dresses that take the emphasis away from your mid-section. An empire gown might work best with this type of figure. An a-line dress can work well too if you have a bodice with boning to give it a slimming effect.

Are you Athletic? Do you have a Large Build?

If you are muscular, have broad shoulders, or a large bust, choose a prom dress that will give you a feminine shape such as a ball gown or empire style dress. The full skirt will immediately add shape at your waistline. With broad shoulders, you might find that trying to cover them with wide straps or sleeves will make them look even wider. Try on a few strapless prom gowns first. You might be pleasantly surprised!

If you have a large bust, be sure your prom dress offers proper support. Choose v-necks or halters and either an a-line or ball gown. To draw attention away from your chest, wear a prom dress that has eye-catching details at its hemline.

With a full figure, there are more styles today than ever in plus size prom dresses. Don't feel uncomfortable on your prom night by trying to squeeze into a smaller gown. Find a dress that fits your body size and flatters your figure.

More "Accentuating" Prom Dress Ideas

There are even more ways you can accentuate certain areas of your body. Prom dresses can also come with stylish features such as beaded panels, a fully beaded bodice, accordion pleating, a jeweled beltline, embroidery designs, sheer overlays, trains, and removable skirts.

Use these tips to get an idea of what style will work best for your body type before you start shopping. Check online to look at various styles and colors. Most online stores carry a variety of dresses including prom dresses, evening dresses, and bridesmaid dresses, so you'll have no problem finding just the right dress.

How to Get a Proper Fitting in Women's Indian Apparel

Many a times while surfing through a web store, particular Indian apparel catches your attention and would like to have it but with few changes. In the fashion parlance it is called customized especially proper fitted for you.

A proper fitting is very important in any apparel. An apparel fitting actually very important for any person to look perfect. Most of the Indian apparels are custom made and its must that the measurements taken should be exact. But there are some doubts about taking measurements so as to get a proper fitting women’s Indian apparel.

But if the dimensions are noted correctly you can get a proper fitting women’s Indian apparel. Unlike western wear, Indian apparels beauty lies in its fitting to a great extent, you may possess the finest women Indian apparel but the fitting is not proper it will loose all its uniqueness. Hence How to get a proper fitting women’s Indian apparel the secret lies in taking right measurement.

It is advisable to have some measure you for getting proper fitting women’s Indian. Here are the tips and tricks on how to get the measurements for proper fitting.

How To Measure

Don’t take measurements yourself! It is recommended that you have someone help you.

While measuring pay attention to these tips: Wear your normal under garments a good fitting brassier, your bare feet, with your normal posture. Put on a necklace to find the base of your neck at the back.

Locating the correct waistline is the main problem area of measuring problems. The waistline should be located where your body creases when you bend over slightly forward or where you like to wear your waistbands. Comfortably some like it high some wear it low


Measure the head tape around the brows


Measure around the fullest part of the breast and ensure that you are wearing brassier of good fit Also lean forward and let your friend fasten the brassier this way the breast falls in proper shape enhancing the fit Keep the measuring parallel to the floor


Measure around the natural waistline bend on to one side to check your natural waistline


Measure around the buttocks 8” below the waist legs slightly apart


Measure from the nape of the neck (for back)

Measure from center of shoulder (for front)


Measure from waistline to required length. Here it is important to keep allowance incase you wear high heeled footwear

Points to keep in mind while taking Fitting:

1. Measure bust waist hips in correct way and keep noting the dimensions

2. Choose the Indian Apparel to be fitted wear it sit on a chair and check the areas where fitting is required

3. Wear the Indian Apparel and move you arms up to se if there is any pull and also hug yourself to check the armhole fitting

4. If in family way go in for a slightly looser fit so that the Indian Apparel can be used in future Months as well

5. Try and have measurements taken by someone else and measure on a body with undergarments only

6. Incase of trousers measure the inseam of a trouser that fits u best measure from crotch seam to the hemline

This is the way to Perfect fitting Indian Apparel.

Knowing the importance of measurements, lots of online apparel stores are coming up with tailor made apparels and providing lot of information on how to exactly take the measurements. is also one of such online store which also offers the custom made Indian apparel. The site also helps u in taking proper measurements and perfect fitting. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Utsav Sarees, the most dedicated and professional company into retail, wholesale, manufacture and export of appealing and exemplary Indian Sarees, Salwar kameez and lehenga cholis.

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A Quick Guide to Australian Ladies Fashion and Tips For Buying Aussie Fashion Online

Australia is moving up the ladder quickly in the world of fashion. With export totals in the millions of dollars, ladies fashion in Australia is now getting exposure around the world. A country once known for simple fashion based on comfort is now releasing designer fashion clothing that is being featured in some of the top fashion shows around the globe.

A Few Top Australian Fashion Designers

Here are some of the top Australian fashion designers. Those who want unusual, but beautiful, designer fashion apparel will find exactly that when searching for these Australian ladies fashion brands.

*Wheels & Dollbaby is a leading ladies fashion producer in Australia offering unique apparel, from "high society" ladies wear to "rock & roll" wear. These classy Australian designer fashions are available in Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States.

*Billion Dollar Babes is one of Australia's top designers in ladies fashion offering colorful apparel such as cocktail dresses, chiffon gowns, cruise day dresses and more.

*Billabong is a leading Australian fashion brand for surf apparel. They provide surf fashions for men, women and children throughout Australia, North America, Europe, Brazil, Japan and New Zealand.

*Grab denim is one of the leading denim-wear brands in Australia. Grab offers jeans, jackets and mini-skirts. Designer fashion jeans with all sorts of washes and styles are available.

*Mooks Clothing Company offers streetwear denim with comfortable ladies fashion apparel such as jackets, jeans and t-shirts. Mooks serves the Australian fashion market as well as the international market.

*Bonds has grown to become the largest clothing and underwear manufacturer in Australia and serves a vast international market as well.

Shopping for Australian Ladies Fashion Clothing

Shopping for Australian ladies fashion products from top designers such as Wheels & Dollbaby or Billion Dollar Babes has never been easier. Thanks to online technology, designer fashion consumers can buy their favorite Australian fashions while sitting at their own personal computer.

The search engines are useful in finding the latest fashions and websites that sell specific Australian apparel. For example, someone searching for a cocktail dress by Billion Dollar Babes might type the keyword phrase "billion dollar babes cocktail dress." Or, the keyword phrase "Wheels & Dollbaby high society" might be used to find the High Society clothing line by Wheels & Dollbaby.

Save Money on Australian Fashions

With the recent increase in exports of Australian fashions, there are many retailers who are located outside of Australia but still ship the items to consumers around the world. This is beneficial for those who do not live in Australia and do not use Australian currency to make online purchases. The converted dollar amounts can be unpredictable and extremely high at times. Consumers can shop and compare at different websites and discover savings on pricing, shipping and currency conversion.

Those who are always on the lookout for unique apparel will adore the look and feel of Australian ladies fashion. It's a whole new look - with attitude!

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web. Learn more about Guide to Australian Ladies Fashion or Majon's Clothing for Women directory.

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Golf Shorts - Selecting Style, Material and Price

When you go shopping for golfing apparel you will want to make sure that you browse through your options before selecting a pair of golf shorts. Some of the things that you will want to take into consideration when shopping for a pair of golf shorts include: who the shorts are for, what style you are interested in, the feel of the material, the price of the shorts, and the give in the fabric. With these things in mind you can start your golf short search.

If you are shopping for childrens golf shorts then you will first need to find a style that the child likes, and a style that fits their body properly. If your child is in the middle of a growth spurt then you may want to either buy a larger size so that they can grow into the shorts, or buy a pair of golf shorts that are adjustable. Color choices should match the child’s preferences, or the golf team’s colors, and they should be colors that won’t bleed or fade easily. You should be able to find children’s golf shorts in the youth section of sporting goods stores, department store, and sports clothing stores.

If you are shopping for women’s golf shorts then you have a lot more options then when you go shopping for men’s or children’s golf wear. First of all you will have a great store selection to choose from when shopping for women’s golf shorts. Some of the stores that carry golf wear for women include: general women’s apparel stores, department stores, sporting goods stores, and online stores. Next the selection of shorts will be greater in women’s styles then in men’s styles and youth styles. When you select a pair of shorts make sure that they meet the three F’s of sports fashion, fit, feel, and function. Also remember that if you are self conscious about your body shape, or if you would like to camouflage your bottom, then you may want to consider buying a golf skort or skirt instead of wearing shorts. The cut of these lower body clothing items are much more flattering on the female form then golf shorts are.

If you are shopping for men’s golf shorts then you will generally have two or three main styles to choose from. Generally men’s golf shorts are knee length, flat front, with deep side pockets. Your color choices will usually be very conservative and include black, olive, khaki, white, tan, or brown. If you don’t know what brand of golf shorts to buy then you may want to start your search for a quality pair of golf shorts by trying on Nike brand shorts. Nike typically have a good selection of sizes and styles for athletic men.

Are you in the market for womens golf shorts? Fore Her Golf carries clothing and accessories with a feminine appeal including polo shirts, skirts, golf footwear, hats and outerwear from top brands - also a great selection of unique golf gifts and memorabilia for the lady golfer in your life. Fore Her Golf is your source for women's golf supplies and gifts, products reviews and recommendations as well as game tips and training techniques. For more information on golfing and other recreational activities visit the golf directory.

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Sexy and Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Now Christmas is over - that time of year when we spend our time and money on our family and friends. Valentine's Day is quickly approaching - the time of year to spend time and money on yourself and your lover.

Sexy lingerie is a Valentine's Day gift that pleases both of you. What makes lingerie such a sought after and much-given Valentine's Day gift - more treasured than chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals and even jewelry? Lingerie says, "I love you and I want you." It says, "You are beautiful and deserve to wear beautiful things. I think you are desireable."

Sexy clothing is not THE only Valentines Day gift you should give her. If your lover is a chocolate fiend then you better get her some fancy chocolates too - and flowers are never a waste, but opt for two or three smaller boquets around the room instead of one big overbearing grouping. Choose different types of flowers - daisies, wild flowers, carnations - with maybe one rose tied with a ribbon. The rose will be romantic and the hardier flowers will last longer. Think about adding a slim book of erotic stories, some massage oil, adult toys or a special piece of jewelry with an encrypted romantic inscription.

Take the time to write a note to tell her or him exactly what it is about your relationship that turns you on. Don't be afraid to get a little naughty - it will be remembered for many years to come.

From a practical standpoint, it can be hard for guys to know what kind of lingerie to choose or what size to buy. If you make a purchase at a lingerie store the clerks can often help by showing you what is popular or suggesting lines in your price range. They may even have size guides to help, but try to sneak into your gal's dresser beforehand and check out the size on something similar to what you want to buy.

A short internet search for "Lingerie Shopping Tips" can also give you many pointers and ideas. If all else fails, a gift certificate for a shopping trip date to Victoria Secret can help you make your own decision for her birthday - or anniversary - or Christmas. You get the idea.

Many lingerie stores on the web have people qualified to help too. Try using the customer service or "contact us" buttons on a lingerie website. Usually an honest description of your gal with size ranges or measurements can help the sales person narrow down the selection for you. Most people in the lingerie business are very accustomed to helping men and women pick just the right sexy lingerie outfit from the hundreds of thousands available.

Whatever you decide to do, make it personal. Take time to think about your girl or guy and what romantic times you have had in the past or have discussed as fantasies. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make the day unforgettable. The thought that you put into doing something unique and loving is much more important than the price tag.

Copyright 2006 Katie Rose Intimates Sexy Costumes and Lingerie

Katie Rose is the owner of Katie Rose Intimates Sexy Costumes and Lingerie - A fine lingerie shop featuring romantic Valentine's Day gifts, fantasy clothing, leather and lace and intimate apparel in sexy, erotic, romantic and unique styles - with special attention for the plus size woman.

She also owns Katie Rose Kids An online boutique for clothing, toys and unique gifts for preemies, infants, toddlers, preschoolers and moms too. We have baby shower gifts as well as bath accessories, baby slings, books, decor, educational toys and personalized clothes, blankets and keepsake gifts. Perfect for birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentines or just because.

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Discover Your Individuality - Women 40 yrs Plus

Women 40 yrs Plus must discover how to break free and become an individual.

Your most precious possession in this life is your individuality. Know that your life will be based on mediocrity if you simply use others as a model and go along with the flow. You must learn to break free from the ‘usual and everyday’ mold and not allow the negative attitudes of lesser people to stand in your way of developing and promoting your own individuality.

Success in life is a result of being unique - no great person in this world ever set out to be a replica of anyone else.

You were born an individual and not a clone of another. Your life was initially molded by your parents, family and the environment around you. However, as you age and mature, the opportunity arises for you to break free and develop your own true individuality. This is your chance so reach out and grasp it now.

Along the pathway to discovering your own individuality, you will be hampered by obstacles and pressures to conform to the standards of others, meet people who will be jealous of your achievements and also endure pain and losses. However you must continue on the journey for the satisfaction and rewards of your success as an individual will be well worth the ride.

Your individuality will be a lifelong quest; however, there will be regular triumphs.

• Create relationships with others who seek individuality – there will be friction, but the bonds will hold

• Respect those who respect your individuality, regardless of their own personal growth or success goals

• Earn the respect of others

• Avoid those who seek to profit from your individuality

• Accept support and encouragement where it is offered

• Reciprocate with those who respect your quest for individuality and have helped you along the way

• Do not confuse individuality with ego

Use your individuality to enhance your own life and the lives of others and realize that positive individuality makes the world a better place.

Do not hesitate, procrastinate or make excuses. The sooner you move forward along the path of individuality, the sooner your life will be fulfilled.

Women - break free and discover your individuality. Your triumphs and success in life depends on it.

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Where to Get Inexpensive Women's Clothing

If you've ever gone out to purchase many items of clothing or even a whole wardrobe at once, you've probably seen how expensive women's clothing can be. Ladies' clothing is a booming industry, with millions of dollars each year being spent on designer labels, and even more being spent on casual clothing. Not everyone can afford to purchase a lot of clothing at once, however, so if you change sizes quickly or need to buy a different type of wardrobe (career versus casual, for example) you may be facing a large bill.

One way to cut down on your women's clothing bill is to have a clothing swap. Get together a group of your friends (preferably a group who wear similar sizes) and have everyone bring some gently used, in good condition, clothing. Separate the clothing by type (pants, shirts, etc) and size and let everyone choose among the clothing items. In this way, you can get a few new outfits (well, at least new to you!) without having to spend any additional money.

Another way to find inexpensive women's clothing is to shop on line retailers. Many Internet stores are able to offer ladies' clothing at reduced rates, because they can save on the costs of running a physical store. They also tend to offer many different styles by different clothing makers, so that comparison shopping can be easier than in a mall or store. If you don't mind wearing items that may be previously worn, sites such as Ebay offer even bigger bargains, with regular women posting unwanted items (sometimes even designer) at low prices.

Women's clothing is not only about fashion or brand names – it's also about practicality and frugality. If you're facing buying many articles of clothing in the near future, using tips such as a clothing trade or hunting for bargains on the Internet can be a great way to save money.

Get quality Ladies clothing and Womens Clothes on our site.

Plus Size Lingerie Is In Fashion!

Big, beautiful women are finally claiming their place in the world as attractive women in spite of the fact that everyone pushes thin women to the forefront. It’s sad that we live in a world that thinks you have to be thin to be pretty. Plus size women actually have history on their side. In past centuries, women with hips and curves were considered the ideal woman. In the fifties, Marilyn Monroe was the sexy icon and she was certainly not thin. Why don’t we have models like that today instead of these stick thin creatures that make normal women miserable to look at?

Sexy lingerie for the plus size woman is now more prolific than ever. Isn’t it wonderful that society has looked further than the idea that only skinny women are sexually attractive? Because of this, plus size lingerie now has the same quality and styles that were once only available in size four. If you are a pleasingly plump lady and you haven’t discovered the new styles for your size get out there and shop! There are so many styles and colors to choose from.

Now you can be a size 22 and still go shopping with your size 2 friend if you want to. Many stores are beginning to cater to all types of women which is the way life should be. Plus-size apparel sales last year rose 13.2 percent, and teen plus-size rose 14.2 percent, compared with 5.6 percent for all women's clothes, according to one survey. The only problem is that many plus-size women say they are belittled in stores and are relegated to buying online. While I agree that plus size women shouldn’t be treated any different than stick figure shoppers, online shopping is the best thing that has ever happened to America! No long lines at stores, no fighting for a parking place, you can even shop in your undies if you are shopping online. And it’s delivered right to your door! What a life!

So if you are endowed with sexy, feminine curves, celebrate that fact in your choice of lingerie styles and colors. Even if you don’t have a perfect body (and who does?), it’s simple to disguise what you don’t like and play up what you do.

Womens Tennis Apparel

At just fourteen years of age, Jessica was a very skilled and accomplished tennis player. She had been playing since the age of five, and throughout the years her love of tennis continued to grow.

She had been invited to take part in an International Junior Tournament, and was looking forward to playing with some of the toughest and most skilled competitors from all over the world.

She had been practising for this tournament for months and couldn't wait for the day to arrive. The only thing left to decide was what sort of women's tennis apparel she should choose for the event.

With the tournament only two weeks away, Jessica and her Mom were going to purchase her new tennis clothes online from the hottest boutique that offered the newest styles in women's tennis dresses and tennis bags. Tennis Skirt Stella McCartney They had all the latest and most chic fashions for women in tennis with pieces from the Stella McCartney line and other famous brands.

Jessica's Mom couldn't help but remark that the evolution of style in women's tennis apparel was very obvious as she compared the current styles and trends to the ones offered to women when tennis was first introduced. She had studied women's apparel in sport as part of her college course in fashion design. And she decided to take this opportunity to tell Jessica all the details.
From The Beginning…..

Although tennis has been played for hundreds of years, the kind of tennis that we know today has been around for about 130 years. Earlier versions of it were called "Sticky" and "Lawn Tennis" but as Jessica's Mom explained, "The rules and play for those versions were varied and different from the way tennis is played now."

And it wasn't until 1884 that women began to play competitively in the sport. A women's singles event was played at Wimbledon and there were just 13 women in the competition. In 1899, women's doubles championship started and in 1887, the United States Tennis Association began the women's championship and it evolved into what it is today. Jessica had no idea that tennis was around for that long and she was even more surprised when her Mom told her what kind of women's tennis apparel was acceptable back then.
And For The Women
In the early days of tennis, women wore full length dresses as their tennis apparel. Jessica looked at some pictures online and couldn’t believe how difficult it must have been to move around and compete in such attire. Compared to the svelte, breathable, and body fitting styles of tennis dresses worn today, the old styles looked very uncomfortable.

The most common and acceptable color was white. The material in the first women's tennis dresses was often very heavy and thick as well. The tennis dresses often included a bustle and even a fur! Jessica was actually quite glad that her choices for women’s tennis apparel were so different and that so many colors and materials were acceptable and available today.

Ultra short one or two piece sets in a bright array of colors were definitely more interesting to Jessica. She loved modern tennis dresses and tennis skirts because she could essentially create her own fashion statement while on the tennis court.

To think, it wasn't until the early 1900's that tennis clothing for women began to change. The styles changed from the elimination of the bustles and furs, to calf length and in the 1930's, the more modern short, lightweight tennis dress from which today’s styles have evolved. As ladies tennis apparel changed from reserved and restricted to comfortable and fashionable, it created a huge market for new designers and a much larger interest in women's tennis clothing.

Today's Styles Make A Solid Fashion Statement

Stella McCartney, Steffi Graf and even Venus and Serena Williams have joined the growing number of designers creating the most functional yet fashionable women's tennis apparel available today. Designed to meet the needs and expectations of today's female tennis players, women's tennis clothing is made to please.

And marketed through Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss and Fila, there is definitely a design that will appeal to any woman who plays tennis.

While browsing online, Jessica found tons of amazing tennis dresses, bags and skirts that she knew would be absolutely perfect for the tournament. a gorgeous Stella McCartney tennis dress that she just had to have and a lovely Adidas tennis top and skirt that would suit her to a tee. There were even tennis shoes that would match her outfits! There was so much to choose from, Jessica knew that she would be back online to shop for women's tennis apparel again and again.

Actually, Jessica was very pleased that her Mom told her all about the kind of tennis apparel worn in the early days of women's tennis. After she learned how the styles had evolved over the years, she was even more into tennis than she had ever been. She loved playing tennis and being able to incorporate her own sense of fashion into it made it even more fun and exciting.