Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fitness Apparel - Running Apparel - Womens Athletic Apparel

The need to appear well groomed and fashionable has even swept the world of fitness and sports. A fashion statement is made at every tournament be it a tennis championship, a baseball match or basketball season. With increasing emphasis on fitness, people are seen sporting the latest fitness and running apparel.

Fitness Apparel
Fitness apparel refers to all kinds of sport apparel as well as apparel for gymnastics and aerobics. Leotards and tights are comfortable as fitness apparel during an aerobic workout. Fitness apparel should be chosen taking the sport or fitness activity into consideration. Choose the right material and fit when selecting fitness apparel.

Mushrooming health clubs have become a place of social interaction, a networking hub where everyone wants to look their best. Thus, fitness apparel has gained in significance and it has become a niche segment of the fashion industry. Fitness apparel market has opened up new vistas in fitness clothing for men, women and children.

Good quality tops, shorts, undergarments and footwear ensure a comfortable workout session. Long lasting and flattering, the right fitness apparel will keep you relaxed throughout your workouts without chafing, binding or pinching. Fitness apparel made of mesh fabric that gives you plenty of ventilation and long sleeves to protect you from UV rays is ideal for cold weather. A hot day can see you in knit tee shirts, which absorb the moisture from your body and keep you comfortable, cool and dry. They are made of soft fabric and are ideal for any kind of workout, be it biking, running, walking or gym workouts. The micro nylon running shorts are wind and water resistance and keep you dry as you work your way to fitness. There are a whole range of exercising pants like supplex ankle pants, plus cotton ankle pants, 9-inch power liner shorts, body balance low rise flood pants, double dry shorts and fitness ankle tights.

An important accessory during your workouts is your shoe and socks, which come with extra padding at the heels to reduce the impact and at the same time, give your feet a comfortable and dry feeling. Lightweight cross- trainer shoes are great when you are switching from cardio to weight training to stretching. These use GRID technology, which cushions your feet during impact. They are multipurpose shoes and can be used both inside and outside a gym. Air winter running shoes are breathable, fashionable and smooth and can be used on any surface; concrete, asphalt, grass or sand.

There are many kinds of fitness apparel, tailor made for different fitness activities. These days, fitness manufacturers understand the importance of wearing comfortable exercise apparel and looking good at the same time.

Athletic Apparel
Athletic apparel should be chosen keeping the weather zone in mind. Most popular athletic apparel is the running pant with drawstring waist and ankle zippers. Athletic apparel for an entire team can be bought at discount rates. All weather athletic apparel is geared to keep the elements out. The athlete depends on his athletic apparel to be able to perform at his best.

T-shirts, jerseys, nylon pants, shorts, tank tops, sweatshirts and sweatpants are all-time favorites among the men’s athlete apparel. Men’s racing or training suits offer them comfort and ease to move about. The women’s athletic apparel includes T-shirts, shorts, tank tops and golf or sport shirts. A women’s 2 piece racing or training suit is one of the most important track field apparel used by most women athletes. These tracksuits give them full motion and support while running. Most athlete apparel is accompanied by fancy accessories like duffel or gym bags, sunglasses, caps and hats.

Trendy athletic apparel is a healthy advertisement for any sports team by giving it a complete and wholesome look. This apparel can be customized with the team’s name and logo. Junior’s athletes need not feel left out for they too can choose from an extensive line of junior athletic wear.