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Tall Women's Fashion

Women who were blessed with grace & stature once had to travel far to find the fashions best suited to them. Most had to settle for shopping the big & tall men's stores - simply in order to find jeans and weekend wear for lounging around the house!

No more.

Thanks to a growing number of shops specializing in tall women's fashion, today's elegant formal and casual dresses, stylish business suits, and even tall women's shoes and swimwear are increasingly available

Take the tour of top sites offering the best value-for-the-money in tall women's fashions offering excellent customer service and return policies, along with consumer guides and online communities addressing the special needs of tall women of style ...

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Fabulous frocks

Designer Carmen Marc Valvo zips into Austin from Dallas, where he spent part of the previous evening riding a mechanical bull at Neiman Marcus' 100th anniversary event.

Valvo, dressed in black jeans, a white button-down and short boots, might not be a familiar face in women's wear in the same way that other New York designers such as Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan are recognizable. But since he started his label in 1989, Valvo, who turns 54 next week, has become known as the go-to guy for women's evening wear.

His designer frocks from his couture and ready-to-wear collections have been worn by A-listers such as actress and singer Queen Latifah (he simply calls her "Queen"), "Ugly Betty" co-star Vanessa Williams and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson.

He's about to expand his line, which includes swimwear, coats and furs, with lingerie and women's and men's eyewear.

He's a favorite of Austin women, and if you go to any of the many galas scheduled to happen over the next few months, you're sure to see his creations. As we talked, I asked him to share some style tips for a holiday gala, wedding or other big event. What follows are some of the highlights:

How to stand out, Part One

"The best way to do it is with color," Valvo says. "Here in Texas it's probably more color. In New York and San Francisco and really any urban setting, people find wearing black is a safer kind of color or a dark brown or midnight. If you really want to make an entrance, wear something that's bright red or hot pink."

How to stand out, Part Two

"One color that I think is amazing for balls is winter white," he says. "It's so unexpected in that sea of black or dark jewel tones. That white will make it go whhhhaaaa. I suggest that the chairwoman (of an event or ball) should wear ivory for that very reason."

Go beyond the mirror

"Take a camera and take a picture of yourself in the gown you're thinking of probably purchasing or take a picture of the three options that you have" in your closet, he says. "A photograph never lies."

Trust your judgment

"Don't go shopping with friends," he says. "Sometimes they say, 'Oh, that looks terrible on you' because they think it looks too good. Sometimes they are not as honest as you think they are."

Why the empire rules

"Usually the goal of every designer is to make someone look taller and thinner," he says. "An empire silhouette gives a really nice appearance of tallness. You're changing the proportions so it's just under the bust. It looks like you have incredibly long legs even if your legs are really short. It works if you're petite and it works if you're a bigger girl."

Behold the halter dress

"The other silhouette that I think is always flawless and elongating for a woman is a halter, a deep plunging halter," he says. "You elongate the neck. A halter empire — that's a home-run. It's an amazing dress. I put that dress on Claire Danes, on Vanessa Williams. I'm doing a version of it for Jennifer Hudson."

Battle of the bulge

"Layering with a little fur shrug to cover yourself, a chiffon stole or a wrap would be nice," he says. "I always suggest a woman not to wear it over the shoulders but to double wrap and drop. If you wear it over the shoulders, you're adding girth and width. If you drape it on one side and let it hang on the other, it makes the woman's appearance smaller."

Mother of the bride, Part One

"I always say it has to be youthful," Valvo says. "Gowns are easy and you can have a shawl for some comfort. A lot of times because it's a mom, they feel like they want a little more coverage. If that's the case, a little chic jacket or a soft jacket and a long skirt. We offer a lot of options actually for those occasions. With evening separates that we do within the collection, we can get anything for any body shape or type."

Mother of the bride, Part Two

"You can be feminine and sensual," Valvo says. "But not overtly sexy. These days with the changing family dynamic — sometimes there are three and four mothers involved in a wedding — I always say err on the side of conservative. Don't get too overtly sexual. It's not their day. It's their daughter's day or their son's day."

Mother of the bride, Part Three

"Pick a color that looks good on you," he says. "In the photograph that's going on the piano, it's you and your child, not the other mother and not the bridal party. Make yourself look gorgeous for yourself and your child and don't worry about the color. Even midnight in the summer is fine. It's a year-round color like black, and gold's a year-round color."

Evening separates

"You can get a lot of looks out of them and really maximize your options," Valvo says. "For someone who is very social it gives them a way to mix and match their pieces so it looks like they are wearing something new and different."

Bedazzle, bejeweled

"I always think the attention should be brought to the face," Valvo says. "If you wanted something, I would do bracelets, and a bag and ears as opposed to a necklace. I know a lot of women love their necklaces and they have beautiful, beautiful pieces, but sometimes in a photograph it becomes too, too much."

Jewelry,night and day

"You can never go too wrong with adding another layer with a scarf or adding another five or six bangles," Valvo says. "That always works. For evening you should pare it down more. It's 'less is better' for evening."

Evening wear splurge

"Women usually spend a lot of money on their day attire but not for evening for some strange reason," he says. "They probably only will wear it once or twice. If you're buying a gown and you wear it once, put it in the back of the closet and, like an old friend, bring it out in five or six years."

The must-haves

"The little black dress is what they should have," Valvo says. "It should be special enough that it can go black tie but classic enough to go cocktail, especially if you're traveling and you're not too sure what the attire requires. And the black strapless evening gown would be a big evening staple."

Yoga clothes need to move with you, your favorite jeans will not do it!

A pair of jeans and a button up shirt and the full lotus position is not a pretty picture and worse still, if you do get there, getting back to your start position could be worse. Your normal street clothes are not what you want when practicing the art of yoga. Your body builds up in flexibility while you are doing yoga and so must your clothes. They must be able to move with your body and the more advanced you get with your yoga positions, the more movement you need in your clothes. To start, you don't need to go out and buy yoga specific clothes, you could even have suitable pieces in your wardrobe already. It is so important that you practice your yoga in something that you are comfortable in when performing the various positions. Your yoga clothes need to support, move with the body, not ride up leaving bare skin exposed to the elements.

You will probably find there are clothes in your wardrobe that will suffice for the first few weeks and then when you decide you are going to continue with the yoga lessons, with some guidance from your instructor, you should seek the yoga clothes that will be suitable.

What To Look For When Shopping For Yoga Clothes.

When you are looking for yoga clothes, keep in mind the primary purpose of what you will need the yoga clothes to achieve for you. You will need the clothes to move with you in a myriad of positions and poses so the fabric will need to have a softness and flow to it, with body.

There are many fabrics on the market today that would be suitable, there is French terry, which is like a soft knit and not at all like terry toweling, many of the knits are suitable as long as they are not too heavy and some of the micro fibers would be excellent too.

You also want a fabric that doesn't crease and is low maintenance. Hand washing is a big no-no, you need to be able to wash your yoga clothes in your washing machine. Make sure they can be tumbled dried too. That way if you are practicing yoga every day, you will not need so many yoga clothes to get you through the week.

We are really spoilt for choice these days. With the specialist sporting stores and so many wonderful brands available for all types of sport, finding suitable yoga clothing will not be a problem, finding what you are happy with, should also be easier. You don't need to just look at the clothes made especially for yoga practicing, the gym clothing can be excellent. The sports back tee shirts are excellent for yoga clothes, as they don't restrict your arm movements. These are the things to look for and don't be shy about doing some stretches and bends when trying on the various styles, you won't know if they will work for you if you don't.

With the new technologies today, fabrics will keep the body cooler while exercising, there are fabrics actually keeps the body dry by absorbing the perspiration and keeping it away from the body. You may not think yoga will bring up a sweat, maybe not as much as an aerobic workout, but yoga still works the body.

There is another consideration for your yoga clothing. If you are handy with the sewing machine, you could make your own. Try on a few yoga outfits, find the style of yoga clothes that suit you then source out your fabric, pattern and a few hours later you will have a new wardrobe of yoga clothes.

There is also the Internet to check out. Online yoga stores will give you a good guide as to what to look for and if you are not near a suitable local store, then the online stores are a great option. They are also a good place to find what is available and what to look for when you do go shopping.

As nothing is cast in stone, you basically need yoga clothes that, move with you to the yoga poses, postures and positions when practicing your yoga.

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Paul Smith Fashion - Including Paul Smith Women And Paul Smith Jeans

There are only a handful of household names in the fashion world and Paul Smith is one of them, having built up his company on an international stage. He was born in 1946 in Nottingham, England and opened his first shop there in 1970, later opening others in London. The shops gave him the opportunity to showcase his designs and his label became much sought after.

Currently, the company retails twelve different collections, including Paul Smith Women and Paul Smith Jeans. The R.Newbold line is exclusive to Japan, where the designer is very popular. Other collections are for shoes, watches, pens, furniture and perfume. The company is firmly rooted in Europe with manufacturing operating in the UK and Italy. Fabrics are of the highest standard and are mostly sourced from suppliers in Britain, France and Italy.

The range of men and women's fashion is noted for its blend of traditional and modern design. One of his most popular designs is a pinstripe accompanied by colored stripes. In fact, stripes are a common sight on Smith's clothes and his line of multi-colored socks are a favorite item with his customers. His other, more controversial, feature is the use of an image of a nude woman concealed on cuff links etc. The menswear is marketed at the men who are fortunate enough to be tall and of slender build.

The shops bearing the Smith name include locations in Moscow, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and New York City. There are also stores in the Middle East and Asia, including numerous sites in Japan. The label is made available to over thirty countries.

The designer likes to bring his individual vision to many things and he has produced a range of items for the home. His China Collection includes two full dinner services named White and Stripe. There is also a tea set called Tartan. The rug collection is typically bold with brightly colored patterns. The Paul Smith soft furnishings borrow from the clothing line in the use of the multi colored, mixed with white, pinstripe motif. This range is called Bespoke Stripe and the fabric is 100% wool with six color ways available.

All the hard work and innovative design was recognized by the country when Paul Smith was knighted by the Queen in 2001. He has flown the flag for British fashion for many years and contributed to the economy. His fans like the irreverent style wrapped up in tradition and quality.

Indian women clothing - The epitome of elegance!

Perhaps the most endearing quality of an Indian woman is the range of comely apparels that she adorns. Indian clothing, especially Indian women clothing, is famous the world over for its elegant, ostentatious and exquisite styles. Not only that, Indian clothing has also become popular for its elegant cuts and comfort. Moreover, with the popularity of Indian clothing gaining strength in western countries, various Indian designers have now launched ranges of westernized Indian clothing lines to suit the western palette. This has led to Indian clothing gaining wider popularity throughout the world.

Even though women living in different regions of India adorn different styles of clothing, there are certain styles of women apparels that are more popular than the others. The more popular Indian women apparels are saris, salwar kameez and kurtis. These apparels have wide appeal both among working women and housewives. Considering the tropical climate of India, these apparels have wider appeal in lighter fabrics such as cotton. However, there is no dearth of the variety of fabrics in which these apparels are available. For the western reader, a 'salwar kameez' can be described as a long shirt worn with loose pants, with or without a scarf and the 'kurti' can be described as a top that can be worn over jeans or formal trousers.

Indian women clothing for everyday wear-the combination of unmatched comfort and unequaled style! With more and more styles of Indian salwar kameez and kurtis invading the market, this apparel is now available in very comfortable designs that can be worn to work, to parties or even as casual wear at home. So, you can choose from a wide variety of these dresses made out of cotton, crepe, silk and various other materials. Depending on the occasion for which you wish to pick this dress, you may choose a salwar kameez or kurti with embroidery, stone work, sequins and so on. The range, truly, is mind boggling.

Truly a comfort wear, most women love to wear a comfortable Indian dress or an elegant kurti with western trousers to work. The dress looks classy, stylish and very contemporary, especially the Indian dresses that are now available in western cuts.

Shopping for this comfort wear is now easier than ever For those of you who don't live in India, buying Indian clothing is now easier than ever. No longer do Indian clothing enthusiasts have to make a trip to India to buy Indian clothes. They can now buy the Indian clothes of their choice over the net. There are numerous websites who now cater to the huge western demand for Indian clothes. So, you can now sit in the comfort of your home and order an exquisite Indian salwar kameez of your choice to impress your friends at a get together.

For hottest Indian & Ethnic clothes around visit, where you can get the latest Salwar-Kameez, Kurtis and other accessories sent straight to your door. To keep up with the latest Indian fashion trends, visit

History of the ladies polo shirt

For many women, where their clothing comes from is not nearly as important as what it looks like when they put it on. But knowing where your favorite t-shirt or polo shirt first originated can give a better sense of how this piece of clothing might fit into your wardrobe. The ladies polo shirt, for example, actually has its roots in sports and athletic activities played by men - and of course, this tradition has continued to endure over the centuries, finally assimilating into women's style and fashion.

What you might not realize is that the polo shirt can be called by many names - a tennis shirt or a golf shirt is commonly used in everyday conversations, for example. Though the names might change, all refer to the idea of a lightly constructed shirt that has a collar, a few buttons (no more than three) in front of the neck with the ability to be buttoned up or left open as well as two narrow slits in the sides of the shirt at the bottom for better movement. While the material may change depending on your use for the polo shirt, many can be found in a wide range of colors and patterns in cotton, though the texture is created by using knitted cloth and not a woven material. Dressier versions of the polo shirt design can also be found, often in materials like wool, silk, or other manmade materials.

Most fashion history will point out that the ladies polo shirt originated as a piece in the tennis attire of men. Dating back to the 1800s and early 1900s, male tennis players would wear polo shirts to give them better ease of movement without sacrificing good looks during their matches. Instead of their traditional long sleeve shirts and ties, the players were able to move about the court more quickly when they added this more casual shirt to their wardrobe.

So, the development of the ladies polo shirt came from a need for comfort, rather than for a new style or statement. By realizing this, Rene Lacoste became the first person to design what we now know as the polo shirt. Having been a tennis player and champion himself, he knew the common problems with the stuffier outfits and realized that changes were necessary.

Of course the name 'polo' shirt seems to indicate that there was some relevance to the sport of polo as well - and this is an accurate assessment. As the popularity of the polo shirt increased in the sport of tennis, polo players saw the new design as advantageous to their sport as well and began to adopt this shirt for their playtime.

It's also interesting to note that while the shirt is worn in a number of settings and activities, the name 'polo shirt' is the one that has stuck around to generally apply to all of these types of shirts. There are some companies that will label these shirts according to their purpose (tennis or golf, for example), but asking for a polo shirt will also lead you to the right style.

The popularity of this style began to extend to women as a general trend of more casual wear began to come into vogue. Women were able to still look attractive in a polo shirt and dressier trousers instead of having to wear a traditional dress or skirt. Women also adopted this look for the sheer ruggedness of the design and its ability to keep up with their busy lives - even outside of the tennis court or golf course.

Ladies polo shirts may have their origins in men's history, but their appeal for women is remarkable. You can find polo shirts in every women's department from infants to misses.

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| Shalwar Kameez

What is Salwar / Shalwar & what is Kameez?

Following definitions will explain you all about salwar kameez and embroidery, workmanship used in shalwar kameez.

Kameez - A three-quarter-length tunic for women, usually knee-length or longer. Plural is also "kameez

Salwar or Shalwar - Loose pants, broad at the top and narrower at the ankles

Sharara - A very full, flowing pants which look like a long skirt, worn under a short tunic and with a dupatta.

Churidar - Closely fitted pants, with bunches of folds at the ankles looking like a stack of bangles

Dupatta - An unstitched length of material for the upper body traditionally worn by both sexes, but now mainly worn by women as part of a salwar kameez (paijama and tunic) ensemble.

Kurti or Tunic - A short kurta usually worn by women a type of grass fiber)

Zari or Jari - metal wrapped yarn used for zardozi embroidery

Badla - Flattened gold or silver wire

A question of culture

The sari is, without argument, the most graceful form of attire invented by homo sapiens. That is why the Begums Jinnah and Bhutto wore it on formal occasions. They were also wearing Salwar Kameez in other occassions. Over time, however, the salwar came to replace the sari even in public. Was there a larger significance in this? The respected Pakistani columnist M.B. Naqvi thought so. Fascinating piece by him on how Pakistani society was torn between identifying with West Asia or South Asia. Naqvi suggested that a woman's choice of Pakistani dress intimately embodied this dilemma; thus to wear a sari was to see oneself as part of a wider subcontinental culture, while to don a salwar was to place oneself in an Islamic world alone.

The sari was once viewed as something that could be owned by all Indian women, Hindu or Muslim, Christian or Parsi. The salwar kameez , on the other hand, was viewed by some as a dress worn exclusively by Muslims. Hindu and Sikh women knew often wore the salwar kameez. Salwar Kameez is also called Shalwar Kameez in countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.

Salwar Kameez Islamic, Sari Hindu?

After Jemima Goldsmith married Imran Khan and went to live in Lahore, she was visited by her close friend, Diana, Princess of Wales. Soon afterwards, Jemima and Diana were photographed wearing the shalwar kameez. Surely it must be a hard job teaching Lady Diana how to get into shalwar kameez.

Earlier in 60s & 70s Salwar Kameez or Salwar were seen as Pakistani dress or Punjabi dress (also known as Punjabi suit), the sari as an Indian dress or Hindu dress. But in recent decades the salwar kameez has spread to parts of India. Same is the case with saree, it has become very famous fashion attire around the world. Shalwar kameez fashion has not only taken India by storm but it's becoming famous around the world. Salwar has now become very famount Indian Fashion.

The victory of the salwar kameez (shalwar kameez)

Salwar Kameez has now become so famous as Indian dress that in the smallest town of Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Hariyana, Andhra Pradesh, etc. school going girls wear salwar. Earlier in 60s they wore the pavade, a kind of long skirt sometimes called the half-sari. Yet within one generation they had so easily, and comprehensively, shed an older, so-to-say traditional, form of dress for a previously alien one.

Is it better to see the salwar kameez as a peasant dress, worn by women in the Punjab countryside because it made their work easier, rather than as a specifically Islamic dress? What is the significance of the Bengali term dhoti-panjabi? When did the shalwar kameez first come to rural South India? What has been the role of television and film in facilitating its spread? And how and why has it become so popular among young girls, regardless of caste or religion?

These questions call for serious investigation. Why has the salwar become so ubiquitous in a region where it was unknown only a generation before? The answer must be that this is a dress not seen as "Western" or immodest, and yet a dress that allows one to go to school or college, and to participate in the work force. Jeans and tops can be worn in cosmopolitan cities like Bombay, Delhi, Banglore, Madras. The salwar kameez is suitably "decent", yet it allows far more mobility than either the pavade or the sari. One can walk in it, one can bicycle in it, one can even run a 100-metre race in it.

Lehenga Choli

It has many different names. Call it Lehnga or Lehenga or Lehngha. It's also known as Lehnga Choli.

As most of the modern world seems to be severing its link with the natural and organic processes of textile production, the Indian subcontinent still retains a hold on many of its ancient clothing traditions -- and choli / Lehenga is just one part of that.

The classicism of Indian textile lies not only in the sophisticated craftsmanship and quiet and simple elegance, but also in the emphasis on the drape of the garment, which is ready to wear straight from the loom, further enhanced by the personality of the wearer. Majority of Indian fashion designers are still continuing with the ancient tradition of ethnic Indian lehenga, presenting it with the new age look, embellished with embroidery and other works by highly skilled artisans of India. But not to forget that Lehenga choli originally came from Muslim empire. In muslik community, specially in Pakistan lehnga choli is a Indian wedding dress.

Indians have been very fashionable from the very ancient times. The sculptural evidences found so far depict that choli has always been worn in India by the women.

In different parts of India, brides wear different kinds of clothes, ornaments, and adornments. The bride's clothes are usually typical of the area. A Punjabi bride would wear a salwar-kameez, and a Maharashtrian bride would wear a nine-yard saree and a Rajasthani bride would wear a lehenga.

The lehnga-choli is representative of the traditional Rajasthan/Gujarat style of dressing. The rich colors which they use are symbolic of festivity/fertility. Metallic yarn is traditionally used on these garments. During the actual wedding ceremony, conducted in front of the fire, the motifs and the colors of the ensemble glow.

In Gujarat they call it ghagra choli. During navaratri festival, women wear gagra choli for navaratri dandia raas.

The lehenga-cholis with their glittering mirror-work look most attractive. The blouses have elaborate mirror-work and patch-work on them and are very colorful. It is designed to leave the back and midrib bare. These type of dresses are mainly worn by women in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat.

Saree is also interesting Indian costume.

Bollywood Lehenga All Embellished with Handcrafted Gold and Silver Zardosi, Dabka and Salma with Multi-Color Beadwork. Diya Mirza wore a Exquisite Golden Zardosi Onto Peach Pure Crepe Ghagra, Choli and Odhni in the movie 'Rehna hai tere Dil mein'

Bridal Lehenga Wearing of bridal lehenga chole is a fashion with lasting values and rich craftsmanship. Bridal lehengas are so much in fashion that in addition to wedding, they are worn even at beauty pageant contests at national as well as international level

Chaniya Choli The home of the chaniya-choli is no doubt Kutch, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The outfit is popular in the west and north of India. In the south, another more streamlined version known as the pavade is popular. Fabrics that are used for chaniya-cholis normally range from cotton, silk to khadi and at times chiffon

Designer Lehenga Designer lehenga with rich traditional chikan embroidery in colored thread all over and an equally enamoring dupatta to match makes for the most auspicious ceremony of your life. Designer Lehenga - choli sets are stitched in different types of fabric: Silk, raw silk, cotton prints, georgettes and so on

Embroidered Lehenga A embroidered lehenga or heavy lehenga have Embroidery, like every other art form, needs to be understood to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. Insight of the principles not only creates the urge to "paint" with needle and thread but gives one the knowledge that enables a more keen perception of the old masterpieces as well as modern day pieces Embroidered bridal lehengas are hot this wedding season

Ghagra Choli The Indian ghagra Cholis with their glittering mirror work is the most attractive. This comprises of long pleated skirts, known as Ghaghra or Lehenga, and is worn with twin blouses. The blouses have elaborate mirror work and patch work on them and are very colorful. It is designed to leave the back and midriff bare

Indian Cholis The Choli : It is the tightly fitted, short blouse that ends just below the bust worn under a sari. It is either long sleeved, short sleeved or sleeveless. Indian cholis as a form of garment are getting more famous and daring as dandiya festive garments

Indian Lehenga Choli The Indian lenghas with their glittering mirror work is the most attractive. This comprises of long pleated skirts, known as Lehenga, and is worn with twin blouses

Sharara Sharara is a short/ long blouse worn with matching pants fitted till the knee, with a big flare from the knee onwards. Sharara cholis are usually heavily embellished and worn with a matching long Chunnri

Traditional Lehenga or Trendy Lehenga Traditional lehengas include embroidered lehengas, traditional ghagra cholis, tremendous lehenga. Embroidered traditional Indian lehenga-choli is quite famous round the globe. The traditional lehanga-choli in soft pastel shades with light embroidery is an ideal outfit for the Sangeet ceremony

Indian Wedding Lenghas A wedding is an auspicious occasion when the attire demands keen attention, careful planning, elegant display because it is specially meant to make an individual look her /his best. During a modern wedding, appearance means almost everything. Today, the brides have a wide variety of bridal dresses to pick and choose from. Wedding lehengas is one of them

Zardosi Lehenga Zardosi lehenga is the traditional wear of Indian women since mughal time. Popular among royal family of olden days, Zardosi lehngas come in many different styles. The Zardosi lehnga-chole made up of a comfortable fabric, can be worn on festivals or other celebrations. Zardosi lehangas are glamorous and elaborate

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Dance Apparel - Dance Wear

Dance apparel has undergone a great change since the 1890’s, as the male dancers started wearing kilts or long pants which was a refreshing change from their traditional costume. The women wore embroidered dresses whereas the men wore kilts, jackets, ties and knee socks. Dance apparel can be wide ranging - theatre, opera and ballet. Dance apparel must be designed with comfort and elegance in mind.

Dance Apparel

Dance apparel made with 90% cotton content and 10% Lycra content stretches at all levels and offers comfort to the dancers. The dance wear made of cotton and Lycra is also durable, thick and opaque. It has a flat finish and absorbs perspiration. The cotton/lycra apparel can also be custom-dyed. Some dance apparel is also made of recycled products. Dance apparel in fabrics such as stretch velvets and spandex in solids, print and textures with glitter or holographic finish offer variety and choice. Colored and textured stones can be used to embellish dance wear.

The dancers are advised to opt for authentic looking, comfortable tights which fit them perfectly. Choose dance apparel made of material that is long lasting and durable. The dancers should see to it that dance apparel is cut larger in the feet and longer in the inseam so that the costume does not pinch the toe or the heel. Dance apparel that places more strain on the seams wont last for long.

Many shops stock dance apparel for recitals and performances. Some dance designers specialize in custom design ballroom and Latin dance wear whereas others specialize in opaque dance tights with a variety of colors and sizes. The tailor-made ballroom gowns look attractive with swarovski crystals. Dance apparel made of rhinestone and rhinestone accessories looks attractive.

  • Metallics: It gives a shiny metallic look. It can be stretched well and provides a great deal of comfort.
  • Nylon/lycra: It is moderately shiny and can be stretched in all directions.
  • Stretch Vinyl: It is extremely shiny and stretches moderately. It is heavy and tight fitting.
  • Micromesh: It is made of nylon and it is stretchable but not opaque. This fabric is used for stage costumes.
  • Luxury Velvet: It looks like rayon velvet. It has a limited stretch but is soft and beautiful to the touch.

The manufacturers of the dance apparel charge an extra price if they have to apply custom dyes for the costumes. They also charge an additional amount for cutting the horizontal and the vertical panels in the apparel. If the customers require extensive revisions in their dance apparel, then they are charged accordingly. The following dresses and tights are available to the ballet dancers:

  • Double Empire Camisole Dress: These dresses come in a variety of colors. The different colors help in enhancing the mood of the dance. Double-cascade chiffon skirt and small chiffon wings to the shoulders exude elegance and style to the dancer.
  • Long Sleeve Single Empire Dress: These costumes are painted on polyester chiffon and are washable.
  • Seamed Convertible Tights: These tights are made of soft, absorbent material and are also stretchable. Professional ballet dancers use them.
  • Long Skirt Dance Dress: Such a dress is made of crepe or any such dreamy fabric that lends an ethereal look to the dancer.
  • Footed Tights: These tights are ultra-soft and could be stretched. These tights are used by ballet dancers on stage.

Maintaining Dance Apparel

  • Deep jewel tone colored dance apparel looks good if black or the silver color is incorporated in it.
  • The trim could enhance the costume, so care should be taken while selecting the trim. But care should be taken to see that the end result is pleasing and aesthetic not chaotic and haphazard.
  • The dancer should also avoid mixing metallic shades, as it tends to create chaos.
  • The dancers are asked to avoid the ’all-black’ costumes, as such black costumes tend to hide the movements of the dancers.
  • The circle skirt of the dancer should be hemmed in an appropriate manner. The hem in the circle skirt should be marked weeks before the performance.
  • The dancers should ensure that their harem pants are neither too long nor too short. A long harem pant makes a person trip while the short harem pant makes him look strange.
  • The edges of the dance fabric should be neatly hemmed and trimmed.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Women?s Plus Size Clothing Revolution

Once upon a time, not too long ago, if you were a woman who wore clothes over a size 14 your clothing choices were limited to cheap looking, baggy and unattractive clothes that made you look old before your time.

My how times have changed! There has been a cultural shift in the acceptance of plussize women, particularly in the fashion industry. Women?s plus size clothing is no longer relegated to the back of the isle racks. Now days, it?s easy to find trendy plus size clothes such as: dresses, workout clothes, evening wear and swimwear.

Plus size celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Camryn Manheim, and Star Jones have also helped to usher in the era of plus size fashions. These women take pride in looking fashionable no matter how much their weight fluctuates. You can even see a once thin actress, Kirstie Alley, strut her stuff in her new cable show ?Fat Actress?. This would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

Even the high fashion industry has taken notice. Models such as Emme have become famous for modeling large size fashions for women. Agencies are also looking for aspiring plus size models. Women looking for designer plus size clothes online will not be disappointed.

In the past, clothing for large size women 22w to 44w was extremely difficult to find ? and forget about being fashionable. Now, companies are springing up like Making It Big, who cater exclusively to this fashion hungry niche of clothing for big women. If you are looking for big women clothing, you now have more choice than ever when it comes to large size clothes for women.

Another old taboo in full figured clothing was that plus size women didn?t look good in ladies intimate apparel. Oh, I?m not talking about women wearing a large size bra (which it?s now easier to find comfortable large size bras). Plus size bras have been available for a long time. No, I mean really sensual full figure intimate apparel.

Designers have discovered that any woman will look good in intimate apparel if it?s made right for her body. Now, even in this fashion segment, plus sized women?s clothing has grown leaps and bounds. Plus size intimate apparel comes in all colors, styles and sizes, so that you can show off your sensual side too, ladies!

Need nice clothes for work? You can find an array of plus size suits, including: plus size pants suits, and plus size women?s suits.

Going to the beach or pool? It?s now possible to find a wide selection of plus size swimming suits. Where plus size swim suits used to be mostly black and unattractive, they are now very colorful and figure flattering.

Getting married? Obtaining a wedding dress plus size is no longer a huge ordeal. If you are looking for a large size wedding dress, with all the frills, or a plus size informal wedding dress, you?ll be delighted at the selection you?ll find online and offline. No bride should have an ill-fitting wedding dress, or be denied beautiful style that their thinner sisters enjoy. Many wedding boutiques and some online outlets offer beautiful plus size wedding dresses, and be assured that your plus size wedding dress will fit and look beautiful.

Yes, my friends. The plus size women?s clothing revolution has arrived. Our plus size sisters can now have a closet full of great looking clothes and keep pace with the best fashionistas. Not only is this great for plus size women, it?s great for society as well. Everyone can now see that a woman?s inner and outer beauty has nothing to do with size.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Businesswomen's Fashion Professional Style That Speaks for You - Without the Power Suit

When it comes to dressing for the office, we live in confusing times. Casual Friday has migrated to fill much of the workweek. And women are faced with a myriad of choices: pants, pantsuits, skirts, dresses or the 80s power suit.

"Women have it hard," says style expert Rachel Weingarten, president of GTK Marketing Group in New York and author of the newly-released book "Career and Corporate Cool." "There's no one way to dress. Every industry is different."

Never fear, help is here.

What Not to Wear
Where do women look for an example of appropriate business attire? Professional women on television seem to wear suit jackets over lingerie, which might not go over well at the typical accounting office. "For anybody who looks at television as their guide on what to wear career-wise, I will ask: Do these women look like anybody you know? No. These are actresses," Weingarten says. She lists the plastic surgery, hair extensions, sexy clothes and professional makeup that are a part of the make-believe television world. "That's not reality," she says.

Magazines are not much better. "When you pick up a fashion magazine, it's insane-looking. You would never wear your hair like that. When you look at the runway and see people wearing an $80,000 gold couture dress, you would never wear that," Weingarten says.

But television and magazines can serve a purpose in your wardrobe planning, Weingarten says. Look for overall style trends: the length of the jacket, the height of the heels. Add a metallic gold accent to your outfit with jewelry or shoes. "Use it to update your style a little bit," she says.

Finding What Fits
So what should you wear to the office? "You can never go wrong with wardrobe basics," Weingarten says. In "Career and Corporate Cool," Weingarten recommends beginning your wardrobe with knee-length pencil skirts and flat-front, boot-cut trousers. Pair these with classic button-front shirts and fitted blazers. Black shoes and classic jewelry will complete any outfit.

With every choice, consider color, fabric and cut. If you wear a sweater, go with cashmere. Select basic pieces in black, charcoal, navy, white and camel; complement the basics with colors that look great with your hair and skin tones.

Most importantly, choose what fits your shape and style. "I always choose what looks good on me, what suits my shape," Weingarten says. "I am never going to put something on, ever, that doesn't look good on me. I cannot do my job if I'm too self-conscious."

Roberta Hughes, founder and president of Avidere, a Salt Lake City-based image and fashion consulting group for men and women, agrees with Weingarten on the importance of a great fit. "Wear garments that fit and flatter your shape," says Hughes. "The right fit can make all the difference in feeling self-conscious or self-confident. Impeccable style is always an intelligent choice."

Suiting Up
Twenty years ago, professional women often wore power suits with big shoulder pads and a small neck scarf mimicking a man's tie. Fortunately, the era of the power suit is just about over. "The reason people like suits is it gives them one thing less to worry about: I'm wearing a suit, I look fine," Weingarten says. "I don't think that women in business have to stick to suits at all."

In some business environments, only a suit will do. But even if you're a corporate lawyer, you can still be feminine. "You can taper the waist a little bit, or have an interesting neckline, or add little accents," Weingarten says. "It's good to wear the basics. But you should integrate your own style into that."

Be sure to choose shoes to match the message of your clothing, Weingarten says. "I do think it's ludicrous to see stiletto heels with a power suit," she says. "I'm not saying wear sensible shoes or ugly shoes - I'm saying take into account the message you're giving people when you meet them. You don't want an air of frivolity about you."

Style and Comfort
If that designer jacket is too snug across the shoulders, you'll never be comfortable in it, no matter how beautiful the fabric. Ditto if the shirt is too low, the skirt is too short, or the pants too tight.

But comfort goes beyond fit. "Comfort doesn't just mean that your feet don't hurt," Weingarten says. "Comfort means that you're wearing something that suits you. Women want comfort and style. You don't want to look inappropriate but you also want to have your own style."

Choose a signature color to brighten your basics. Find a little black dress for business dinners. Buy some great boots to dress up your weekend wear. Be professional, but have some fun with your fashion.

Five Professional Image Tips
Source: Avidere (

Your image is always speaking even when you're not. Increase your personal presence and power by following these image tips:

Choose the Right Color
Dark or neutral colors such as brown or navy are considered "power" colors, appear more professional and are slimming on all figure types. Bright or light pastel colors are perceived as more playful. For a professional look, wear dark or neutral colors predominantly and bright or light colors sparingly. Wear your personal colors (those that mirror your eyes, hair and skin coloring) near your face for an attractive and powerful image.

Find a Good Fit
Wear garments that fit and flatter your shape. Clothing worn too tight or loose visually adds pounds to any figure and looks unkempt and unprofessional. Invest in styles that fit correctly or have them altered to do so. Avoid wearing revealing clothing at the office. If you want to be taken seriously, the mind, not the body should be on point.

Be Style Savvy
The clothing styles you wear communicate a great deal about your personality and career goals. For instance, jackets with lapels are considered more serious than those without. A button-down top with a v-neckline displays more authority than a crewneck t-shirt. Just remember, tailored clothing is perceived more professional than untailored clothing. You can combine both styles and maintain a professional image if the tailored look is more dominant. For instance, wear a jacket with a silk crewneck blouse. Above all, wear styles that make you feel more confident and others will treat you accordingly.

All In the Details
Grooming is an essential part of your professional image. Just remember moderation when it comes to the basics. Extreme make-up, hair color weaves, excessive or loud jewelry, strong perfume or bright nail polish is inappropriate for work and should be avoided. Select accessories and hairstyles that enhance your professional image not detract from it.

Be Authentic
Express your individuality; exude intelligence and sophistication by skillfully combing unique clothing colors, textures and styles together. There are endless ways to be creative and still maintain a strong, professional image. Just remember to always lead attention up toward your face to maintain eye contact and creditability.

The History of the Little Black Dress

Every woman looks great wearing it, and every woman has her own. It is the default date ensemble when it is one of those “I have nothing to wear” days. In fact, it is so popular, so necessary, and so much an institution in women’s fashion that we had to ask: “Where did the ‘little black dress’ come from?”

To properly understand the fashion environment necessary to produce such a simplistically fabulous necessity for any wardrobe, we must visit the 1920’s. As women shed their long, layered dresses, cut their hair and enjoyed the fast-paced party life, society slowly became more accepting of women baring slightly more of her shoulders, back, and legs. The coveted silhouette of the era was generally very slender and youthful.

It was during the 20's that the legendary fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel first stitched her name into the history of women’s clothing design. In fact, Chanel’s designs are often considered to be the epitome of the 20’s style because her work was so fresh, modern, and updated.

Chanel encouraged and inspired the style we typically envision when we think of flappers. She was fond of working with neutral colors and soft easy-to-wear jersey fabrics that were simple in shape and cut. Chanel was able to infuse comfort and sophistication into fashion, and this combination was considered revolutionary. It was during her early work, that Chanel designed and introduced the first little black dress to the world.

First introduced in 1926, black was previously considered to be a color reserved for funerals and periods of mourning. Truly simple and sexy, Chanel’s design was a sleeveless sheath cut just above the knee. She could have never predicted the immediate and lasting love women would have with her simple, chic black dress.

As Chanel was quoted, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Whether a woman’s little black dress cost $50 or $2,000 her intention is the same: to look effortlessly classic and appropriately sexy in just seconds. While most of us cannot afford to buy Chanel’s breathtakingly beautiful pieces, we can certainly wear our trusty black dresses with the modern, sophisticated attitude she possessed.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Indian Fashion - Guide to Indian dresses & clothing

Indian fashion varies from one village to another village, from one city to another city. India's fashion heritage is rich in tradition, vibrant in colors and prepossessing. Bold colors created by the inventive drapes of these textiles catches the imagination like no other contemporary clothing.

Indian Fashion - ancient fashion in India

Ancient Indian fashion garments generally used no stitching although Indians knew about sewing. Most clothes were ready to wear as soon as they left the loom. The traditional Indian Dhoti, the Scarf or Uttariya, and the popular Turban are still visible India and continue to be part of Indian fashion. Likewise, for women, the Dhoti or the Sari as the lower garments, combined with a Stanapatta forms the basic ensemble, and once again consists of garments that do not have to be stitched, the stanapatta being simply fastened in a knot at the back. And the Dhoti or the Sari worn covering both legs at the same time or, in the alternative, with one end of it passed between the legs and tucked at the back in the fashion that is still prevalent in large area of India. Indian men and women for these garments in the usually hot Indian climate. - dhoti when he speaks of 'turbans used for trousers', and a kaupina when he is speaking of 'a rag of two fingers' breadth bound over the loins.

Indian sari remains the traditional clothing of Indian women. Worn in varied styles, it is a long piece of flat cotton, silk or other fabric woven in different textures with different patterns. The sari has a lasting charm since it is not cut or tailored for a particular size. This graceful feminine attire can also be worn in several ways and its manner of wearing as well as its color and texture are indicative of the status, age, occupation, region and religion of a woman. The tightly fitted, short blouse worn under a sari is called a choli. The choli evolved as a form of Indian clothing around the tenth century AD and the first cholis were only front covering; the back was always bare.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lingerie looks on the Max Azria runway

A woman's lingerie is not supposed to be seen by the outside world. Apparently, Max Azria thinks that's a waste of often feminine, delicate garments.

Azria turned a slew of lingerie looks into springtime outfits for his runway show held Friday as part of New York Fashion Week, with an emphasis on dainty slip dresses and silky charmeuse fabric.

"For spring 2008, dreamy silhouettes evoke sensual allure with intimate luxury," Azria explained in his "inspiration" notes handed out to an audience that included Nicole Richie, Molly Sims and Carrie Underwood - who already had on her sand-colored dress, one of the leading colors so far for next spring.

Azria and his wife Lubov, who co-designs this collection, more upscale than their BCBG line, also favored the subtle earth-tone palette, with grays, taupes, creams and blacks, adding blush and rose as accents. One particularly lovely dress was in a mauve crepe de chine that caught the lights.

Macy's fashion director Nicole Fischelis appreciated the old-fashioned dressmaking details, such as the pintucks on the front of a pretty sheath dress or the ruffles added to a blazer at the hip.

There were a few outfits, though, that risked looking a little too much like loungewear to be worn outside. Hammered satin blouses and cropped pants with camisoles underneath come to mind.

Many of the garments featured dip-dyed ombre fabrics, which have the same blurred line effect as tie-dye, but the color is spread in more subtle lines instead of a haphazard pattern.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sizing Up Women's Clothing

After nine months of wearing maternity clothes I was anxious to hit the stores and get new clothes. Anyone with a child or two and a baby know how difficult it is to shop for clothes let alone actually try them on. Nevertheless, the maternity clothes were hanging on me but my regular clothes were still too tight. I had to get something to wear.

I loaded up the kids and hit the department stores. With the baby fussing I knew I’d be taking my chances and probably wouldn’t have the luxury of trying on the clothes. I’d play it safe and get large and extra large T-shirts, a skirt or two and some stretchy shorts. In the “misses” section of Kohl’s they had T-shirts on sale for 50% off. I loaded up on several extra large T-shirts without trying them on.

I’m not a big woman, I’m average sized but I like my T-shirts to be nice and roomy. Even with my new and improved boobs (I’m nursing), I’m still a medium sized woman. Imagine my surprise when I got home and the extra large T-shirts were too small!

What happened to the vanity sizing of women’s clothing? Remember when a size 12 would be labeled as a size 8 so the woman would feel flattered? I hated that system but at least there was some consistency, you knew to try on sizes a few sizes smaller than you actually were.

Has the pendulum swung the other way? Do I need to be shopping in the “plus” size section? Instead of trying on size 8s, do I need to try on size 18? Or has my changing body swelled beyond what I’m willing to admit? Or is the “misses” section the new “juniors”?

Standard sizing for women’s clothing is non-existent. Sizing varies from store to store, manufacturer to manufacturer and sometimes even by designer. To make it more confusing, add in the different size categories: juniors, misses, women’s, petites and plus sizes. A junior’s size 8 is different from a women’s size 8.

• Junior’s sizes are designed for teens and younger women with slimmer hips and busts than those found in misses sizes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The T-Shirt Spiel Deal

Super Tees Blueprint

Split the Atom lays out its blueprints for breeding a race of atomic super tees.

We stock T-shirts. Loads of them. They are for men and they are for women, and our tip-top, ground-breaking designs are all exclusive to us.

T-shirts are brill. They're the ultimate piece of clothing to showcase art - they're a blank canvas just waiting to have the latest wunderkid's graphic design masterpiece screen-printed upon them.

Wearing a Split the Atom designer T-shirt gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd. While all your student/office chums are lazily purchasing clone tee-shirt brands from shopping malls, you can shop with us and be safe in the knowledge that you'll look and feel individual - a cut above the rest.

Wearing a Split the Atom tee will lead your friends/relatives/enemies to start seeing you in a different light - they will be compelled to reach a sky-high level of respect for you. They'll no doubt be enthusing about you once you've departed the room:

Acquaintance 1: "Hey, did you see Jack/Janice has started wearing some really bang-on tee shirts?"

Acquaintance 2: "Yeah, I did. They look really boss. Where do you think he/she gets them?"

Acquaintance 1: "I'm not sure, but - I'll tell you one thing - I'd truly consider sleeping with him/her now.

Or something.
Limited edition

We print limited runs of our tees, and once they're gone, they might never be printed again. And even if they are, they'll probably be printed on a different colour T-shirt. So don't end up missing out on a MAKI classic on grass-green, and end up sobbing when we reprint it on gold. ("But gold just so clashes with my complexion, boo hoo.") Save yourself the agony and purchase it when you can.
Quality prints

Our tees are printed using the highest quality spot-colour screen printing process. We treat our designs with the reverence great art deserves, so only the finest prints will do. If the standard ever slips, the tshirts get chucked in the charity bag. It's as simple as that.
God bless American Apparel

We print our exclusive designs on fashion tee-shirts manufactured by American Apparel. They are a modern design, stylishly cut as and 100 per cent cotton. Their range of tee colours is both varied and inspired, and they are manufactured in sunny LA and not some Honduras sweatshop where the 13 year old workers are being paid wages of twenty pence a month.

American Apparel is also a far superior fit. Rival brands tend to produce saggy, shapeless tops, with a touch that is abrasive to the skin. The American Apparel shirts feel silky smooth. When you've got one on, you just know it's a classy piece of clothing - as do those who see you wearing it.

The finishing fashion touch we add to our T-shirts is the application of our custom made sleeve-tag labels (featuring our 'atomic' motif) that will make you stand out in any crowd.
Community spirit

At Split the Atom, we pledge to give you the best designs by the most impressive upcoming designers the world over.

So we're calling for graphic designers and illustrators the globe over to submit there original art into our NeverEnding T-shirt Design Competition™ . We screen-print on to our tees the very finest and most popular designs, and the artists walk away with £250 each in their sky-rockets - which can't be bad.

And how do we determine which designs are most popular? We know because you, in no uncertain terms, tell us which designs are your favourite! We collate ratings and user comments for all our submissions and use them to help us decide which tees to print up. It's your shout. You have the power. Use it wisely. If there is a submitted design that you think would be ideal for a tee-shirt - so good, in fact, that you think it would be criminal for us not to print it - then let your voice be heard, because we're listening.

This democratic approach (a genuine application of the dictum: 'the customer knows best') helps to forge the community spirit on the site. Users know that they have an influence here, so they're more inclined to voice their opinions.

The site also works as an excellent sounding board for ideas. Not every designer who enters the NeverEnding T-shirt Design CompetitionTM will win the cash and see their t shirts printed, but there is a good chance they will receive useful and constructive feedback from their peers in the comments section - a process which will help further young talents.
Style guide

So what kind of submissions are we looking for? What's our style guide? We'll let you into a secret: there isn't one. We have no editorial policy towards the style of tee-shirts that we print. Funny tees, serious, tees, miserable tees, cool tees, arty tees, silly tees, zany tees, pretentious tees, clinically-insane tees - we'll print the Jewson lot. The only criterion is that the work is original, and that you like it and we like it - and that's it.
The power of the blog

Blogs, if written with honesty and integrity, are a fantastic way for retailers and customers to communicate with each other in a way they have never done before. This is why the Atom Blog is an element of the site we really want to make good use of - and we hope you will to.

It's unlikely that you could ever walk into your local Tesco and get to speak to the CEO about the direction the company is taking. ("Oi, Terry. Your strategy of implementing Metro stores on the west coast is U.S. is doomed to failure. Sort it out!") It's not going to happen. But, with the Atom Blog, you can have your say - and we'll be all ears.

Lord knows, Split the Atom is no model of entrepreneurship. It's all a bit fuzzy, messy - a shambles, in fact. But, perhaps, if we're transparent enough about this business of flogging T-shirts, sharper brains will chip in, help steer the ship. In our experience, intelligent people love showing other people just how intelligent they are. Atom Blog is designed to milk that tendency.
Crunch time

So there you are. We've pimped our company as best we can. Frankly, we've talked it up to the observation deck of the Tower of Babel. We're drained. So go and check Split the Atom out for yourself. We're like our tshirts - lots. Maybe you'll like them to. (Was that a bit too Linda Barker?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Corset Dress Prom

A corset dress is a close fitting garment that gives the wearer an appealing hourglass shape. It flatters the figure by emphasizing the curves. This dress is generally made with steel boning that creates the perfect hourglass fit. There are two basic types of corset dresses available generally, one is the dress with a built-in corset for the bodice and another one is a separate corset top with a skirt or pants. Fabrics for this dress are sourced from quality European suppliers to ensure that all the production is of the highest standard. There are many styles one can choose from different materials and colors.

There is a long list of fashion designers who have included corset dresses in their range. One can buy corset dresses in a wide range of fabrics such as satin, silk, velvet, brocade and leather. Corset designers are specialized in a wide variety of sophisticated, fine looking corsets including traditional and modern corsets. These designers also make custom designed corsets that are mainly used as prom dresses, wedding gowns, ballroom dresses, party wear, and for other special occasions.

There are different styles, sizes of corsets available in the market. A steel boned corset is a good option and can give an attractive and aesthetic figure. Bones are also known as stays, these are one of the rigid parts of a corset that forms the frame of the garment. These bones make it strong and help to shape the wearer's body.

Steel boned corsets can be separately handcrafted to suit required measurements. A perfectly made steel boned corset is more durable and lasts much longer than a readymade one. Corsets are boned with steel bones that are pre-curved to give the user a good fit and figure. Steel boned corsets also help to shorten the breaking in time for a corset. When steel stays are given at the back, it renders extra firmness and gives support. It also promotes correct posture preventing undue stress on the spine.

Comparing with other garments, corsets are inexpensive and are a good investment. There are wide ranges of excellent corset dresses at cheap prices. Traditional back lacing, boned corsets are available in a wide variety of styles from Victorian inspired corsets to modern waist clinchers. Usually, corsets for women were made of whalebone because of the flexibility and strength of whalebone. Nowadays designers are creating corsets using plastic or steel bones. So one can buy the same stylish looking corsets at affordable prices.

Corset dresses are made in numerous designs including knee-length, under bust and mini length. Corset dresses support and lift the bust, draw in the waist reducing it maximum four to six inches. One very popular style dress is the leather mini length. Leather corset dresses appears to be great for a women who want to express independence. An elegant brocade corset dress is perfect wear for a formal occasion. It not only makes you feel like the belle of the ball, but also adding curves to your figure so that you will look fantastic.

Corset dress prom is a very good option to wear. You can get more number of corset dresses through online search.

Black Prom Dress

Black Prom Dress is becoming common dress for prom nights specially designed for young boys and girls. Usually black prom dresses denote the symbol of sexy. Every girl or woman wants look sexy and stunning in the crowd. Black lace dress with contrasting rose embroidery is the one of the little black prom dresses.

One can also purchase the branded black prom dress from any famous designer who assists in making the women look stylish. There are many different types of black dress prom that are creation of dress designers. Some such renowned designers are le Gala, Alfred Algeo, Tiffany.

Dresses made up of silk chiffon with studded V neck are the dreams of every teen. Tonal and metallic to encrusted and sprinkled prom dresses with beads will add spark and dazzle to these dresses. Ruffles, drapes, low v-necklines, ruching, tiers, high slits, lace, hi-low hemlines and mermaid silhouettes in great fabrics like silk charmeuse and iridescent are some specialities which can be combined with black prom dress to give a perfect look.

Black Prom Dress is considered as the sexy and versatile prom dress which changes the look of the women from looking average to glamorous. Both long and little black prom dresses are entertaining, sexy, pleasing and perfect for the prom night. There are also various strapless prom dresses in black color which look sexy and elegant when they are worn.

One of the most common black prom dresses has been recognized as Laceup Back designed by Faviana and the price for this prom dress is less than $142. One can also wear long black prom dress, long sleeves black prom dress and a black prom dress having high neckline to look graceful on the prom night. La femme’s black dress prom will make you look great for prom night. Beads and laces are mixed with a high/low skirt.

Homecoming and Prom Dresses

The perfect homecoming and prom dresses will help you celebrate this very special evening in style! There are very few occasions quite like this magical night -- it's a once in a lifetime experience. You'll want to celebrate this special event with the perfect homecoming dresses. Every girl dreams of just the right outfit to reflect her unique personality. Finding the perfect prom gowns will help to reflect the statement every young woman wants to make --
"I am confident, I am spontaneous, and I am beautiful!"

Prom night rocks!

Homecoming and prom night is a chance to attend the ultimate romantic, fairytale event with all of your closest friends! There is no better place for all of you to boast your beautiful new homecoming and prom dresses than "the" big dinner and dance. The excitement, the preparation, the desire to have your perfect Cinderella moment!

Your prom and homecoming dance is a once in a lifetime chance to attend the ultimate romantic, fairytale event with all of your closest friends. There is no better place for all of you to boast your beautiful new and special formal prom dresses than "the" big dinner and dance event of the season. The excitement, the preparation, the desire to have your perfect Cinderella moment is easier than you think.

Buy prom dresses online

Why risk spending your hard earned money on a gown that heaven forbid, could be the exact same as someone else's? Don't waste your time going from store to store at the mall! Let the power of our website resources insure you are getting the best prom dresses online. Every girl wants something unique that no one else will be wearing - period! Shopping online can give you so many more choices and options. Not only can you get a great dress in the exact size, color and design you want - but you can also select fabulous matching accessories to really glamorize your outfit such as:

* Shoes
* Handbag
* Jewelry
* Shawl
* Make-up
* Hair Accessories
* Lingerie

Sexy prom dresses vs: tasteless - know the difference!

Your outfit does not have to be overly revealing to be sexy. The last thing you want is to be forever associated with the phrase - "Did you see the dress she's wearing?!" And if others do utter that phrase about you - you want it to be because you were gorgeous and classy - not tasteless and trashy. This is definitely not the time to try out a dress that is too low cut (front OR back), too short or too tight. Choosing a dress that fits comfortably is key! Don't be tempted to go for something that doesn't fit your body style. If the dress doesn't "feel" right -- you'll be in for a long and uncomfortable evening. Being sexy is largely associated with being confident.

Prom Guidelines and information!

Check it out! Our "Prom Guidelines" checklist is located in our News n' Info section on the right side of this page. Please utilize the information we have put together to insure your evening goes smoothly and you remember all the important details! Not sure what styles dress fits your body type - we can help! Don't know who pays for what - we've got that covered too! Whatever your shape or size, there are many affordable, gorgeous dresses and gowns that will take everyone's breath away and leave you looking and feeling absolutely stunning.

80s Prom Dress Night

Prom night is a tradition in the final days of school years. And students starts their preperation for it months before the prom night. All the teenagers will think of something creative as regards to their prom dress. Students think what should be the best and fantastic for the prom night and one can have retro look for the party. 80s Prom Dress is a best idea for the prom night. Every one wants to look good and it is sure that any women can look good and can feel comfirtable after wearing 80s prom dress. One can do a lot of creative stuff with a 80s prom dress and can look different with others who always wear similar outfits as prom dress.

80s prom dress includes Colorful outfits such as hoop skirts, smart hats and cool accessories and short skirts or skirts of knee length also have with 80s prom dress. Bright colors like gold, silver, electric blue, dark pink are the best colour for 80s prom dress by doing all these thing you can look attractive and different. With 80s prom dress you can make a bold fashion statement and show your uniqueness. With prom dress use chiffons and scarf it will increase your attractiveness and will make you unique in the party. Spike heels will enhance your look in 80s prom dress and dark shade lip- stick and nail polish enhance its beauty.

With 80s prom dress you can make a bold fashion statement and show your uniqueness. Use as much chiffons as possible. Scarf involvement in prom dress also signifies a retro look. Spike heels will enhance your look in 80s prom dress. Do not forget to be accompanied with dark shade lip- stick and nail polish. You can shop these at affordable rates from any thrift shop or special shop for such dresses.

At online shopping, one can buy a designer prom dress, cheap prom dress, size prom dress, discount prom dress and formal prom dress and many more other varieties.Purchasing a prom dress from the shop and at online is one of the simplest and less time consuming methods. It is also a great way of entertainment where one can look for hundreds of varieties and there are more choices for selection.

Therefore, there are various types of prom dresses which a woman can wear at 80s prom nights or any other occasions.

Beautiful Prom Dress - Beautiful You

Beautiful Prom Dress - Beautiful You
Prom is a magical, once-in-a-lifetime event for any teenage girl. It is a time to dress like a celebrity, be treated like royalty, and dance like there is no tomorrow. With all of the importance attached to prom, it is essential that you look your best on the big night. You will want to capture prom night memories in your mind forever with stunning pictures and a beautiful prom dress. Still, finding that glamorous prom dress is only half the battle. Its equally important to have a beautiful body to slide into your dress. To make sure you look as beautiful as your dress on prom night, follow the beauty timeline below. Then, check out the list of last-minute fix-ups for any prom night emergencies that may arise.

One Month Before Prom:

* Begin softening and moisturizing your skin. Exfoliating gradually will result in soft, glowing skin by prom night. You should rub an exfoliating scrub into your skin twice a week for the entire month before prom. Apply the scrub in the shower, but be sure to turn the water off to allow for complete absorption before rinsing.
* Treat any body acne you may have. Strapless prom dresses definitely require blemish-free skin for the right look. Because pimples can take days to form and weeks to clear, this is the perfect time to begin treating your skin. You should begin washing your body with salicylic acid cleanser each day to remove oil. Then, use an alpha-hydroxy scrub to clean off any dead skin cells that can clog pores. Finally, apply salicylic acid cream directly to any pimples for spot treatment.
* v Begin a whitening regimen for a clean, bright smile. While most whitening programs take only two weeks, beginning one month before will allow you to complete a second treatment, if necessary. Plus, a great prom dress really benefits from a bright smile to match. You should wear whitening strips on your top and bottom teeth for at least thirty minutes each day. Be careful to keep the strips off your gums to avoid irritation.

Two Weeks Before Prom:

* Schedule a facial at a salon, or give yourself a facial. The facial will deep-clean your skin but may leave your face temporarily blotchy, so be sure to complete the facial no less than two weeks before prom night. If you are doing the facial yourself, apply a mask with salicylic acid to clean skin. Leave the mask on for five minutes, and then rinse your face with warm water. You may want to apply a moisturizer after the mask to soothe your skin.

One Week Before Prom:

* Apply a repairing mask to your hair. Hair often requires as much damage control as skin, but a repairing mask will leave it looking soft and silky. To apply the mask, rub a generous amount of deep conditioner into your hair after shampooing. Look for a conditioner that has an extra moisturizing ingredient, like avocado. Leave the conditioner on your hair for three minutes, and then rinse it out. If your hair is very dry, wrap it in aluminum foil after applying the mask and blow-dry it for five minutes. The extra heat will allow for deeper penetration.
* Begin using a self-tanner on your skin. The best self-tanners require a little bit of time for a natural glow, so it is important to begin early. Before applying the tanner, exfoliate your skin to avoid streaks. Rub the tanner all over your body in a circular motion, taking care to apply it very lightly to your ankles, elbows, and the backs of your knees. Wash your hands well to avoid staining your clothes and repeat the process three days later.
* Shape and define your eyebrows. You should do this now to avoid any redness or irritation on prom night. If you have never plucked your brows, you may want to have them waxed professionally to establish a flattering shape. If you are an expert, define your natural brow by plucking only the hairs above the bridge of your nose and below your browline. For ease in plucking, do your eyebrow grooming right after you get out of the shower.

The Day of Prom:

* Give your legs a close shave. If you plan on showing any skin in your prom dress, you will definitely want a smooth look. Body hair can grow quickly, so it is important to shave on the day of prom. To get fuzz-free results, use a razor that vibrates to exfoliate dead skin cells while removing hair. Also, be sure to use shaving cream rather than soap to moisturize your legs.
* Slather a bit of shimmery lotion on your collarbone and shoulders. If you are wearing a short prom dress, you may want to apply some shimmer to your shins, as well. The lotion will give you glowing, luminous skin on prom night. For extra glamour, try using a scented lotion to add some alluring fragrance to your ensemble.

Last-Minute Beauty Tips:

* Strapless prom dresses are sexy and beautiful, but they tend to show off tan lines. To cover any lines you may have on your shoulders, apply a cream-to-powder foundation to the un-tanned skin. Allow the foundation to dry for five minutes, and then apply a loose powder to set the color.
* Last-minute blemishes are unfortunately common. If a pimple emerges on your big night, dont try to pop it. Instead, hold an ice cube on it for a few minutes to cool the swelling, and then apply a medicated concealer. Be sure to pat a little pressed powder on the concealer to set it.
* Updos look fantastic, but they have a tendency to fall after several hours. If youre afraid your prom hair style might fall down before the end of the night, be sure to finger-comb a bit of texturizing lotion through your wet hair before blow-drying. Once you style your hair, spritz a layer of hairspray all over to keep your tresses in place.

The above ideas should keep you looking beautiful in your prom dress. For more tips about prom dresses and prom beauty, check out Pretty For Prom.

2007 Prom Dress

Prom nights are probably one of the best moments of a student’s life, ones that create memories that will last a life time. Look up tips on selecting the right prom dress. With a few simple guidelines, you should be able to get a prom dress and gown that works wonders on you. Read up on how you can add a personal touch to your discount prom dress. Get ideas for your 2007 prom dress.

Prom night

A prom, short for promenade, is used to describe formal dance held at the end of the high school academic year, especially in United States and Canada. While in UK, a prom or proms widely refer to a season of classical concerts which are typically held between July and September. Common prom activities include dining, dancing, crowning of a prom King and Queen and socializing. The schools may arrange a prom night by renting ballrooms at expensive hotels while some might choose unusual venues such as a pleasure cruise boat.

Prom Dress and gown

Going to the prom is one of the most special occasions that you will carry with you. With a variety of prom themes, shopping for discount prom dresses and deciding from among the prospects can take weeks, if not months. Look for options for your cheap prom dress well in advance. Months ahead of your prom night, review fashion magazines that carry best of the 2007 prom dresses. Analyze the latest themes and materials available in prom dresses. However, don’t stick on to the ones in the magazine; try to add something special to the model you prefer. After all, your junior prom dress speaks volumes about your personality.

Play around with the length of your 2007 prom dress. From long and flowing to short or even ragged hem, the choice is wide. From the classic black number to bold striking reds and blues to sizzling pieces with sequins and rhinestones, prom dresses come in an array of styles and fits. Choose a style that flatters your body type. Look for a color and style that flatters you. Do not blindly go in for fashion diktats. After all, the prom dress must work its magic on you. You can go in for online shopping of prom dresses too.

Ensure that you get your measurements right so that the dress fits. Measure your bust, waist and hip and check with the charts. When you get a discount dress closer to your actual size, there are fewer alterations to make.

Add a personal touch to your store-bought discount prom dress. A few embellishments at the neckline can add pizzazz to the prom dress. Go in for a vintage prom dress if you want to appear straight out of a Shakespearean play. Carry a purse that adds to the style statement. Try a silvery rhinestone purse or a chic clutch bag. Team the jewelry to complement the prom dress. Choose earrings based on your dress and hairstyle.

2007 prom dress

Want to make your hips look smaller? In such case, find a prom dress with full-skirted ball gown or any gown that draws the focus upward. This style keeps the eyes off your hips and lets everyone focus on your slim waist. If you’ve got gorgeous curves show them off with the help of sheaths or super fitted styles or V-necks.

For those who don’t have those gorgeous curves, find a prom dress with A-line style. This will show off your slender frame while also creating the illusion of curves with a fuller skirt. If your collar bone and shoulders are on the bony side, then don’t opt for strapless or halter style prom dresses. They will make you look even skinnier.

I have a tummy! Never mind, you can always hide or flatten it with the help of a perfect prom dress. Try an empire-waist gown that gives a long, slim look. Alternatively, try corset-style bodice, this will shape your waistline by focusing on the bust line. Don’t ever get a princess-cut gown, basques waists, sheaths, slashes or horizontal stripes; these will draw attention to your midsection.

Want a taller look. Try sheaths and A-line, they will give you a tall look. Ensure that your prom dress is simple so that the A-line silhouettes enable you to add some length. Never choose a big ball gown, if you are small built.

I need to make my butt smaller! Try strapless ball gown or full-skirted style. This will hide your butt. You can also rely on corset style or other type of fitted bodice. While buying your prom dress, do not shop for sheath styles or those with extra-clingy material, it will make your butt appear bigger.

And finally Sleeves! If you have heavy arms try prom dresses with shorter sleeves or off-the shoulder necklines or see-through lace sleeves. They work well for upper arms that aren’t in super shape. Concentrate on the neck-line which would draw attention to your bust instead of arms. Don’t shop for sleeveless, strapless and spaghetti-strap dresses.

Ensure to trial your prom dress, what might look good on a hanger or a model may look little dull on you. On the other hand chances are there that a cheap prom dress which stands dull out on the shelves might work its magic on you. As a thumb rule, try before you finalize. Take enough time to shop for your prom dress. You may need to slightly alter it or add a few personal touches.

Cheap prom dress

Do not leave your 2007 prom dress shopping for the last minute - you might end up spending more than you bargained for. Check out online prom dress catalogs for a wide range of colors, designs and styles. Go in for the discount prom dress category and you can surely pick up a cheap prom dress that appeals to you. Add a few personal touches to a discount prom dress and you can be sure of a winner of a dress!

Plus size prom dress

Worry not if you are full figured. Opt for a plus size prom dress that will add a slimming effect to the silhoutte. Go in for a plus size prom dress that narrows a bit around the waist and flows gently downwards. Choose a 2007 prom dress that hides your flaws and draws attention to your flattering parts. V and sweetheart necklines are ideal for plus sized 2007 prom dresses.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Online Beach Wear Mini Skirts.

When a woman wants to be a sexy, she should try beach mini skirts.

Beach mini skirts are shortened versions of skirts, tubular garments that women wear around the waist. These mini skirts could be worn as a solo garment or as a garment that covers the bottom bikini. Beach mini skirts could come in peculiar shapes and eye-catching colors.

These are for women who like to be stylish and fashionable.

Beach mini skirts come in a variety of patterns, colors and styles. They could be like batik skirts. They could be like embroidered skirts. They could be like ruffled mini skirts or Hawaiian printed mini skirts. They could be skirts with tie strings that are usually worn by young girls. Young girls find these beach mini skirts cool. Some women wear beach mini skirts since they are shy about wearing a revealing bikini.

Beach mini skirts are made in many fabrics. These fabrics are usually fabrics that are soft and cozy to make the women feel comfortable. Some fabrics that are used for beach mini skirts are cotton, lycra, rayon, silk and nylon.

These are some beach mini skirts that women could wear.

One of the beach mini skirts that a woman could wear is called the Charlotte Solnicki Gauze Beach Mini Skirt in Navy. These beach mini skirts are made of cotton and should be hand-washed in cold water. They are about 12 inches in length. They come in the sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

One of the beach mini skirts that a woman could wear is the beach skirt bikini bottom. They are low-rise mini skirts with short ruffled hems. They could come in the color resort pink.
These beach mini skirts are reversible. They are called the Reversible Mini Skirt. They have double snaps and Velcro flies. They have prints on both sides. The prints could be split leaves that are beige or solid blue or solid red or the sky.

Women’s Beach Wear Skirts Online.

Woman wants to cover your bikini bottom. What could she use? She could use beach skirts.

Beach skirts should go well with a woman’s swim wear. They should look good when you play volleyball. Beach skirts should be easy to match you swim wear since they come in a variety of prints and colors. They are usually very loose and very comfortable. The fabric should be very soft. A woman will find that most beach skirts have a slit to help make them comfortable.

The style that most beach skirts come in is the wrap style. A woman will find that the wrap skirts come in two size: long wrap skirts and short wrap skirts. When a woman goes on a tropical vacation, she should wear soft cotton skirts. The best selling beach skirts have an elastic waist and short fit.
These are some of the beach skirts that a woman has to choose from.

One of the beach skirts that a woman could buy is the junior’s Antille Skirt. It comes form the company called Billabong. It is made of cotton. These beach skirts have elastic paneled voile constructions. There is bead detailing these beach skirts. The length of the out seam is 25 inches.

A woman could buy beach skirts called Woman’s Duway Skirt. They come from the company called Patagonia. You could possibly wear these beach skirts for active, tropical travel. They wear about 4.8 ounces and should be soft and low maintenance. They are made of polyester and have a been treated with a DWR finish. A woman will find that they are cut low to ride on woman’s hips. If the woman feels modest, she can use the built-in shorts to cover up even more. There is a zip pocket on the left size. No mater what your size is, you should find that these beach skirts are roomy enough for a lot of motion and comfort.

Dressing Up In Exotic Dancer Costumes

Ever look in your closet and think, "Bo-ring!" Maybe it's time to update your wardrobe, and your performance, with some lavish erotic dancer costumes. Even if you're not a professional dancer, you can thoroughly enjoy dressing to impress the sexy stud in your life.

The no-nonsense stripper essentials start with a good pair of heels, no less than 3 inches, a ruthless thong and a sparkling mini-dress. Check with the regulations at your club before purchasing any outfit, though, as all clubs have different rules and abide by different laws.

But no one ever said that you had to stick to basics. If you want to stand out from the crowd, an erotic dancer costume is the way to go. First, think cute, innocent and flirty. Try rompers, faux fur or marabou-trimmed pieces. Try a flirtatious school girl costume with plaid skirt, knee-high socks and all. Or, metamorphose into a creature fit for Halloween, like a princess, Tinkerbell, sweet sex kitten or enchanting angel. Costumes that ignite images of innocence really get men going. You know you're cute, so embrace it!

If you want to get a little naughty, try a saucy bustier or corset in blacks or reds. These colors represent danger and evilness. Bewitch him in sexy witch costume, whip him into shape as a bad cop or entice him as a provocative pirate. Or let him seduce you from a prudish, polite librarian in a pencil skirt and button-down blouse into an all-around sex kitten. Be sure to have a sexy ensemble on underneath, like a bustier complete with garter belt. Oh, and don't forget the horn-rimmed glasses!

If you want to take it even a step further, change into a daring head-to-toe cat suit. Hug your curves in black leather. This bold outfit is sure to impress your viewers and help you look your hottest. And since you're so bad, try a deliciously dangerous devil costume complete with horns and pitchfork and get to stealing some souls. Don't be scared to unleash your inner dominatrix!

Putting yourself in someone else's shoes is always exciting, and dressing up in exotic dancer costumes is the perfect way for you to play a role, sans a movie set. No extravagant changes are needed - just a few wild, playful pieces and you're ready to enchant!