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Julie Ann Apparel To Exhibit Wholesale Women's Fashions At Off-price Specialist Show
(ContentDesk) August 23, 2005 -- Julie Ann Apparel, a market leader in women's wholesale apparel fashions, will exhibit over 2,000 samples of in-stock merchandise at the Off-Price Specialist Show, Aug. 26-30, 2005, at the Sands Expo, Las Vegas. Julie Ann Apparel's 1,000 sq. ft. salon exhibit booth will display current, major label merchandise that distinguishes Julie Ann as a leading women's wholesale apparel fashion company."Julie Ann Apparel is known for the quality of its merchandise.

We're in style and in-stock, with no minimums per style," said Jonathan Gordon, Vice President of Julie Ann Apparel. With over 12,000 buyers shopping the Off-Price Specialist Show, Julie Ann Apparel has a great opportunity to showcase some of its most popular fashions."One of the highlights of the Julie Ann exhibit will be our own Julie Gordon private label blouses. We also will offer Redd Jeans, a popular brand, as a distributor," Jonathan Gordon said. Julie Ann

Tips for Christian Ladies New to Plain and Simple Dressing

Many of you will be coming to this Web site as a “newbie” (someone new to plain and simple dressing.) It is very helpful to have a starting point as throwing out everything you own and buying all new clothes can be a bit overwhelming! What you may want to do is start with just a few pieces and add on bit by bit as you discover what works for you.

As a kind of “head to toe” makeover, I will give you a few tips on dressing simply.

Head Coverings: Many ladies tend to buy a bunch of different styles to try out and waste a great deal of money on coverings that they will never wear. If you are new to covering, it is best to start with something simple that you will not feel too conspicuous in, such as a kerchief or scarf. You may find that you like this style enough to stay with it. After you have been covering for a while and begin to feel more comfortable, you may want to try some of the other styles.

Be prepared though—certain styles are going to generate more questions and comments from friends, family, and the general public. I’ve been asked if
I was a nun, why I was wearing “that thing” on my head, and if I was Amish. Although these questions can be a great opportunity to share your faith, it can be traumatic for the shy sister. Many a sister has stopped dressing the way they wanted due to unwanted social interactions. For those that are maybe a bit bolder, there are many different styles available, from a very Amish type prayer capp to a cute little fabric cap reminiscent of the early pilgrims.

Summer Head Coverings: Head coverings should be made of a light fabric that “breathes,” such as batiste or cotton. The new sister may find at first that covering one’s head makes you feel much hotter. However, once you get used to it, you won’t notice the covering and will feel “naked” without it. Many coverings are available in lace, but, depending upon your beliefs, that may or may not be an alternative.

Winter Head Coverings: Many ladies like bonnets in flannel or wool and wool or fleece shawls for keeping warm. Most coverings can be worn under a bonnet so that you don’t have to keep changing headgear when going in or out. Fleece hoods or mantles are wonderful for winter as well, and many will go over your covering with ease.

Dresses and Undergarments: You will find that most stores don’t carry anything that you can wear. Most of the clothing in stores is too worldly for the simply dressing sister. While it is certainly your own choice to buy from a store, most women prefer to have fewer garments that are made to their specifications by a seamstress. I have several very plain cotton dresses that were custom-made, and I’ve worn them until they’re so faded so you can’t tell the original color anymore! With custom-sewn clothing, you can have your hemlines done long, the dresses done looser, and you can choose what you do or don’t want on your clothes. The Web, and this Web site in particular, is a wonderful resource for finding seamstresses that specialize in simple clothing.

Summer Dressing: For summer, you may want to start out with just a few cotton dresses. Blends work best, as they are less apt to need ironing and are cool. Many women prefer knits, but one has to be cautious that they’re not too clingy revealing too much of the figure! A cotton or muslin slip and a few pairs of muslin bloomers are good to have as well. Broomstick skirts are an excellent choice for summer and go well with T-shirts, polos, and more formal blouses. Cape dresses and vest dresses are very modest and comfortable as well, but they are not available in stores. Jumpers are a great alternative for either summer or winter (or both) as the style and warmth can be changed just by changing tops. There are a good many seamstresses listed on the Web that sew cape and vest dresses and jumpers to your specifications.

With the warmer weather, many women prefer to go without stockings, while others prefer to wear knee-high nylons. With the longer hemlines of plain dresses, knee-highs are a cool and comfortable alternative to full hosiery.

Winter Dressing: In the winter, warmth is a big consideration, especially if you live in a cold climate. Flannel bloomers or pantalettes are great, but be sure to wear a nylon slip over them as you will find that the fabric from your skirt or dress will tend to creep up. Tights are very warm, as are long underwear bottoms. Generally, microfiber is the warmest and most comfortable, and again, you will need a nylon slip to keep your skirt from riding up.

Plus Size Ladies - Dress to Impress

Do you want some advice and tips that will give you a great confidence boost? Of course you do!!

Well here are a few tips to ensure you know that you are looking your best that will give you that confidence boost! The following tips show how we larger ladies can make the most of our fantastic and sexy figures as we dress to impress.

It really sounds so obvious, but it is really important to make sure that you are wearing the right size bra, so that you get excellent support and a impressive flattering shape.

Firstly, you need to think about which bra is appropriate for what you are wearing, as remember that your underwear provides the foundations for your outerwear. Try to stick to smooth bras for wearing underneath fitted or sheer tops. If you are wearing a white or sheer top choose a flesh tone bra as these are best for not showing through these coloured tops.

Loose, baggy clothes can often give the impression that you are big all over, as opposed to simply big busted. The key to flattering big boobs is to wear fitted or streamline shapes, as these are much more flattering than shapless, baggy clothes. Look for fitted tops with darts or seams under the bust as these will make you look instantly slimmer as they will define your waist.

Stretch fabrics like knits and cotton Lycra are great if you want to emphasise your shape, but remember to wear a plain or smooth bra underneath tighter tops to obtain the smooth finish.

It is important to choose round, scooped and V-necklines as they tend to be more flattering for bigger boobs than high necklines.

Also, beware of shapes that cut you in half as these can make you look like you have no waistline, unless you have a long waistline. Be careful with box jackets and wide belts – look for jackets that follow the contours of your body (whether short or long). If you are short waisted, do not tuck tops in with a belt – wearing tops on the outside of your trousers or skirt, level with your hipbone, will lengthen your torso.

As a rule, it is much better to keep it simple from the neck to the waist by avoiding too much detail and choosing plain colours. Be careful with large prints, busy designs, and patch pockets over the bust as these patterns can draw a lot of attention to the bust area,.

Generally light coloured tops and dark bottoms will emphasise your boobs and dark tops and light bottoms will draw attention away from your bust area dark bottoms. Us larger girls should stick to the latter.

Most ladies love to wear jewellery and if chosen correctly can add the perfect finishing touches to any outfit. Necklaces - it is much more flattering to wear them above your bust. Beware – stay clear of necklaces that hang over your boobs.

If you follow the tips above you will look and feel gorgeous and boost your confidence. Come on you sexy ladies - it is time to dress to impress!!

Ladies Pageant Dresses - Different Rules Apply!

Choosing the right pageant dress for the many various kinds of pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Miss World and Miss Universe, is not only fun for these young ladies, they have to be very creative in choosing a dress which would complement their personalities. In some instances like the Miss Universe for instance, their dress would determine whether they were eligible to compete to the next level of the competition or be eliminated.

Some of these competitions require the contestants to wear a dress designed in a certain style and this form of competition is even harder, because it depends on how the individual wears the dress, the manner in which she carries herself and of course her posture. Just imagine a room full of around say forty women all wearing the same dress and you have to choose whom it looks best on.

There are many pageants that allow you to choose your own dress design, so this is much easier than having to wear the same style dress as all the other contestants, you get to choose a dress that gives you personality and complements all your natural inner beauty. Make sure to choose a color that would complement your complexion and would accentuate the color of your eyes. You want to look like you have already won the competition. Be sure to choose a material that is comfortable to the touch because it is very important that you and the dress you are wearing must look as though they are designed for each other.

When choosing a pageant dress, another rule that is important is to choose a dress to suit your particular figure and since we can assume that most of these contestants will have very petite figures, they should select a fitted dress that would show off their figure. Choose a dress with plain dark colors which will give you a streamlined effect. Some helpful guidelines that you should consider are when wearing prints be sure to keep them in proportion if they are too big it will make you look lopsided, if you decided to go with a layered dress make sure that the material is lightweight like silk, linen or cotton, if you choose a two piece skirt and top, try to avoid using contrasting colors such as light blue top with dark skirt, choose an all in one color. Remember the more fitted the dress the more flattering it will look.

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