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Golf Apparel Buying Tips for Women

Here are some buying tips for wet season golf gears:

1. Waterproof trousers and jackets. When heavy rain comes, waterproof gears will protect your body from being wet, making sure that you remain totally dry under your trousers and jacket.

Goretex is the material commonly used for such waterproof gears and the most effective and efficient waterproofing material available. It uses an absorbent film either in between textile layers or sealed to a layer. The film openings are tiny enough to keep out water, but big enough to permit air and water vapor to flow and circulate. This is an advantage when one is playing in lengthy rain periods.

When purchasing a waterproof jacket or pair of trousers you must look for an outerwear that comes with a guarantee. The top manufacturers of waterproof gears offer a guarantee of three years and this can be worth the investment.

2. Rainproof golf gears. These gears are not made with Goretex but are usually made from Teflon treated fabric, which has the tendency to hold water from passing through for only a certain period, and will permit air to pass through and may draw liquid through the fabric on long rain exposures.

Lightweight and not so expensive compared to waterproof gears, this is perfect when one plays in short rain showers.

3. Windproof. It is constructed to stop the wind. This is an effective option when one is playing in windy climates. Certain types of windproof gears are likewise Teflon treated offering a minor level of resistance to water, but are not intended to be used in rainy weather. Cheaper than rainproof or water proof gears, they can be a warm alternative to use for cold climates.

Types of golf clothing

1. Jacket. This is very important to keep the golfers upper body warm, dry and still preserve the space so as to swing with flexibility. This is essential when choosing a jacket that is comfortable to wear, looks good and most importantly that allows you to swing well while wearing it.

Choose a jacket that is comfortable, and practice your swings with the jacket on, to insure playability.

2. Trousers. Always put on the trousers and practice it for swings, making sure that you are comfortable with it, as well as able to move about freely. Make sure that it is made of a fiber that is easy to wash and care for.

3. Shirts. Like any type of clothing, be sure to try it on before buying. Make sure that you are comfortable with the material, that it is breathable and the fit allows you to move easily.

Choosing your golf apparel can be a lot of fun. Be careful though, and make sure that all your outfits do match. Choose earth tone colors to play safe. Enjoy shopping!

Wholesale Apparel

From the beginning, when thinking about the purchase or sale of wholesale apparel, consider that there are many, many categories to work with. You may want to work only with nationwide wholesale apparel liquidators or those who act as middlemen for closeout items from major brands. Some suppliers work with new stores, offering package deals with volume discounts. Other suppliers sell at wholesale prices, but most of their clients are individuals who are seeking the best price on closeout or year-end items.

Beyond the type of wholesale activity, there are categories galore in types of clothing. For example, you may be interested in wholesale apparel in general, but did you know that you can specialize? You may want to buy men's clothing – go directly to a designer brand and get that clothing at a significant discount. Perhaps women's clothing is the area of interest. There are numerous suppliers for just that type of wholesale apparel.

Even in the women's apparel industry, there are subsets. For instance, women's pants suits generate a lot of activity in the wholesale apparel trade (as do skirts and women's hats). But there is more! You can even find wholesale apparel directed at city dwellers. Yes, there are sources for urban wear at wholesale prices!

Look at just one of the areas mentioned earlier. Wholesale designer clothing for women is a huge industry, with liquidators and closeout specialists dealing in exclusive name brands on a daily basis. If you are interested in urban wear, casual wear, formal clothing or items for the young woman, never fear. Contact one reputable supplier and you will find jackets, skirts, dresses, pants, jeans and more, all from some of the most recognized names in the business. One supplier offers packages with up to 500 pieces, at an average price of $7 to $9 per piece. Not sure which area of women's clothing to start with? Try using this list to keep you occupied: halter tops, Capri and Bermuda, pajamas, swimsuits, jeans, jackets, dresses and lingerie.

Another wholesale apparel supplier offers only children's clothing, again from top name brands. These can be overstocked items from retail outlets, closeouts that make room for the new year's designs or salvage items from some unusual situation. As an example, one merchandiser offers a package of 500 pieces for as little as $4 per piece – name brand closeouts for both boys and girls. There are even merchandisers and liquidators who focus on designer maternity clothing – on a wholesale scale. These are all new clothing, usually pre-sorted, with an average cost of $8 per piece for items that may have retailed for up to $40.

If you are searching for wholesale apparel, you need to find wholesale apparel merchants offering top name brands at discount prices. Not a problem. There are even directory companies that specialize in listing contact information for wholesale apparel merchants who offer only name brand, new items. Often these directories and information sources can help you contact the type of wholesale apparel merchandiser you are interested in, whether it is the large-lot supplier for stores or the company that sells individual pieces to one household.

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Finding great golf gear for older women can be easy

As women are getting older, they also are playing more and more golf. So it’s time to invest in some quality, customized golf gear for older women that will help you have an even better time on the golf course, whether you are looking to improve your game or simply spend several quality hours with some close friends.

Update your look with the latest styles in golf wear for older women. Trade in your long golf slacks for a pair of shorts in a classic cut. You don’t have to be twenty to wear the newer, shorter styles of golf shorts, skirts and skorts. Also look for shorter sleeves and tops in fabrics that absorb moisture so you will feel even more comfortable and have less to worry about while you play.

If you are really looking to improve your game and maybe even break 100, invest in some great golf training aids, including videos, books and more. A golf ball retriever is a handy tool to tuck inside your golf bag; it will help reduce some of your back pain and keep you from bending down so often to pick up your golf ball. Also check out golf ball and golf club cleaning and repair kits, along with personalized accessories such as ball markers and score card holders.

It’s also important to find golf clubs designed for women, especially for older women. The wrong golf clubs can cause a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort, distracting from the enjoyment of your golf game. Look for custom fit golf clubs in lighter weight materials that still provide maximum performance.

Find stylish golf wear for women

Fore Her Golf has a large selection of golf wear for women. Whether you are looking for clothing and apparel or gloves and other accessories, we have everything you need to feel great out on the golf course. Having the right golf apparel and golf gear can make a difference in your game by increasing your mobility and comfort so you can relax and concentrate on the game.

Find the latest trends in golf wear for women, including shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, shoes and more from top name brand companies like Nike and Adidas. Also look for golf hats and clothes that will keep you comfortable throughout an 18-hole day, no matter what mother nature has planned for the day.

We know the most avid female golfers will hit the course, rain or shine. That’s why we have women’s golf accessories for all types of weather. You will find sunglasses and sun visors that are both stylish and functional, durable umbrellas that will hold up under the worst conditions, and gloves that provide warmth without affecting your swing.

Golf wear for women is gradually becoming more fashionable as top designers are creating golf clothing that is functional and affordable while also being tailored for women. Shop here to find a variety of women’s golf wear that is stylish enough to wear on and off the golf course. You’ll also find golf shoes, golf socks, and other golf wear from top manufacturers such as Foot Joy that will give your game and you even more confidence so you can play your best.

Women's golf apparel

The style of women’s golf apparel helps to add to the overall feel for their game. By recognizing the need for clothes that are versatile, a wide selection of clothes is offered, which is guaranteed to help you find the perfect gift for yourself and your other girlfriend golfers. All things that you would love to wear on the green.

rom golf skirts to skorts and shorts, slacks and capris, women’s golf apparel is an ever-changing industry becoming increasingly customized for women golfers. The styles that are introduced along with the color choice and cuts have gradually become marketed especially for the women golf buyer.

Women’s golf apparel’s industry has changed within the year. Verdina, a new women’s golf apparel company created by top executives within the fashion world, has melded the importance of fashion with a functional feel for those wearing the apparel.

This increasingly growing trend within women’s golf apparel allows women to play the game in style. The increasingly use of feminity within the line helps to make each piece more detail-oriented. Women’s golf apparel is becoming more fashionable and flattering for every woman golfer.

Finding women's plus size golf apparel that fits

Fore Her Golf has all of the latest styles and trends in women’s plus size golf apparel. We make it easy for active women of all sizes who love to play golf to find high-quality, attractive golf clothes that fit. Plus size women who enjoy being active have more options than ever when it comes to finding the right golf apparel and accessories.

Search for a wide variety of sizes and styles that fit and flatter your curves. Tailored golf shirts with extra length stay tucked in, and short-sleeved tops or tank tops allow for more movement and don’t interfere with your swing. Golf shirts in plus sizes also come in various fabrics, including stretch, cotton or moisture-reducing to help keep you confident and comfortable while you golf and any other time.

Also look for golf skirts, shorts, pants and skorts in plus sizes that are pretty, in fashion, and offer just the right fit. Find these golf shorts, skirts and more in great styles and fabrics that are made just for active, plus-size women. Special detailing or the logos of top golf clothing brands add just the right touch to keep your golf wardrobe updated and increase the femininity of your golf clothes.

Be sure to stock up on cold and warm weather golf clothing and accessories, so you’ll be prepared to play no matter what the weather holds in store. Water-repellant jackets, ponchos, warm sweaters and sweatshirts, long-sleeved shirts and more come in a wide range of sizes to fit every woman. And remember the gloves, hats, and sun visors to help you keep your cool on every hot, summer day.

Pretty golf skirts for every woman

Though you may be more used to seeing them on a tennis court, skirts have made a big impact on the golf course as well. Golf skirts are becoming more popular than ever as some of the top designers are branching out to create their own lines of golf clothing. One of the many great things about the golf skirt is that it has made it clear golf is no longer only a man’s game. More women are playing golf, and want to look like women when they do.

Golf skirts are designed in varying lengths, from knee-length to mini, so you can choose the one that you are comfortable with. Many golf skirts are manufactured using materials such as cotton, nylon, polyester, and cotton-polyester blends. For even more options, you should look for Dri-fit, from Nike, and other revolutionary fabrics that were created to help eliminate moisture.

As the length of golf skirts gets flirtier and more fashionable, so do the styles designs. For an up-to date look, find a golf skirt in a bright, floral print that has a flat front. The classic black and white look is always in fashion, as are solid, bold colors.

Creative detailing on your golf skirt will make it go-to item in your closet that will take you from the grocery store to the gym or golf course. Look for buttons, pockets, embroidery, logos, contrasting trim or other details. With a great, new golf skirt, you will feel confident and look stylish, whether you’re on the course or in the clubhouse.