Saturday, August 4, 2007

Finding great golf gear for older women can be easy

As women are getting older, they also are playing more and more golf. So it’s time to invest in some quality, customized golf gear for older women that will help you have an even better time on the golf course, whether you are looking to improve your game or simply spend several quality hours with some close friends.

Update your look with the latest styles in golf wear for older women. Trade in your long golf slacks for a pair of shorts in a classic cut. You don’t have to be twenty to wear the newer, shorter styles of golf shorts, skirts and skorts. Also look for shorter sleeves and tops in fabrics that absorb moisture so you will feel even more comfortable and have less to worry about while you play.

If you are really looking to improve your game and maybe even break 100, invest in some great golf training aids, including videos, books and more. A golf ball retriever is a handy tool to tuck inside your golf bag; it will help reduce some of your back pain and keep you from bending down so often to pick up your golf ball. Also check out golf ball and golf club cleaning and repair kits, along with personalized accessories such as ball markers and score card holders.

It’s also important to find golf clubs designed for women, especially for older women. The wrong golf clubs can cause a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort, distracting from the enjoyment of your golf game. Look for custom fit golf clubs in lighter weight materials that still provide maximum performance.