Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wholesale Apparel

From the beginning, when thinking about the purchase or sale of wholesale apparel, consider that there are many, many categories to work with. You may want to work only with nationwide wholesale apparel liquidators or those who act as middlemen for closeout items from major brands. Some suppliers work with new stores, offering package deals with volume discounts. Other suppliers sell at wholesale prices, but most of their clients are individuals who are seeking the best price on closeout or year-end items.

Beyond the type of wholesale activity, there are categories galore in types of clothing. For example, you may be interested in wholesale apparel in general, but did you know that you can specialize? You may want to buy men's clothing – go directly to a designer brand and get that clothing at a significant discount. Perhaps women's clothing is the area of interest. There are numerous suppliers for just that type of wholesale apparel.

Even in the women's apparel industry, there are subsets. For instance, women's pants suits generate a lot of activity in the wholesale apparel trade (as do skirts and women's hats). But there is more! You can even find wholesale apparel directed at city dwellers. Yes, there are sources for urban wear at wholesale prices!

Look at just one of the areas mentioned earlier. Wholesale designer clothing for women is a huge industry, with liquidators and closeout specialists dealing in exclusive name brands on a daily basis. If you are interested in urban wear, casual wear, formal clothing or items for the young woman, never fear. Contact one reputable supplier and you will find jackets, skirts, dresses, pants, jeans and more, all from some of the most recognized names in the business. One supplier offers packages with up to 500 pieces, at an average price of $7 to $9 per piece. Not sure which area of women's clothing to start with? Try using this list to keep you occupied: halter tops, Capri and Bermuda, pajamas, swimsuits, jeans, jackets, dresses and lingerie.

Another wholesale apparel supplier offers only children's clothing, again from top name brands. These can be overstocked items from retail outlets, closeouts that make room for the new year's designs or salvage items from some unusual situation. As an example, one merchandiser offers a package of 500 pieces for as little as $4 per piece – name brand closeouts for both boys and girls. There are even merchandisers and liquidators who focus on designer maternity clothing – on a wholesale scale. These are all new clothing, usually pre-sorted, with an average cost of $8 per piece for items that may have retailed for up to $40.

If you are searching for wholesale apparel, you need to find wholesale apparel merchants offering top name brands at discount prices. Not a problem. There are even directory companies that specialize in listing contact information for wholesale apparel merchants who offer only name brand, new items. Often these directories and information sources can help you contact the type of wholesale apparel merchandiser you are interested in, whether it is the large-lot supplier for stores or the company that sells individual pieces to one household.

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