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Understanding Bulimia

Bulimia is not exclusively caused by the changes of puberty, nor is it exclusive to women. Although 90 percent of bulimia cases occur in women, and most of these women begin to eat and vomit in their ...

When a girl enters puberty, her body changes. It begins to look like a woman’s body, rather than a girl’s. Fat begins to appear. Breasts develop and hips widen as the girl grows. For some young woman, these changes are greeted with excitement. For other young women, these changes may cause sadness and spark self-doubt. A young woman feeling uncomfortable in her body may wish for a girl’s body without curves. She may project her fear onto food. Now, when she eats, she eats too much food. She binges. This may fill her with guilt and shame and vomit up the food. She purges. This is the story of a young woman has bulimia.

Bulimia is not exclusively caused by the changes of puberty, nor is it exclusive to women. Although 90 percent of bulimia cases occur in women, and most of these women begin to eat and vomit in their mid- to late-teens, bulimia nervosa can stem from diverse causes. Some people with bulimia are perfectionists. Some feel their weight reflects their self-worth. Being too heavy is a sign of failure. Some may be depressed, or unable to cope with the world. Vomiting may represent the person’s desire to purge his or her being of the qualities they most despise. A person with bulimia may be unhappy inside and feel lost, and comforted by controlling his or her food intake and weight. But there is no single known cause of bulimia.

The disorder is not limited to teens. Roughly 10 percent of college women are bulimic, four percent of the population is estimated to have bulimia. Most people with bulimia start with a normal weight, but as they attempt to lose weight, they lose adequate nutrition. When people with bulimia binge, they tend to eat comfort foods like potato chips, ice cream, or cookies—foods with little nutritional value. The purging removes any food in the body, nutritionally sound or not. Some people suffering from bulimia abuse diuretics or laxatives instead of (or in addition to) vomiting.

Repeated vomiting often erodes the enamel of a person with bulimia’s teeth and causes cavities. Stomach ulcers, constipation, bloating, and heartburn are other symptoms of bulimia. People with bulimia often go to the bathroom after meals, are preoccupied with weight, and are sensitive to temperature changes. Women with bulimia may have irregular periods from the nutritionally sparse diet.

Bulimia nervosa became an officially diagnosed eating disorder in the 1980s. Ten percent of people with bulimia will die from its complications. Though people with bulimia may deny their eating disorder, they should see a doctor immediatelyFree Articles, with support from those who love them. Bulimia is completely treatable.


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Adult Dating for Women - a New Sexuality in a Post-Feminist World?

Whether you agree or not that a lap-dancer is the one with the power, or believe that porn for women is not simply white-washing the bigger issue, one thing is for sure, women are shaking off the shame attached to female sexuality.

21st century media debates on feminist issues are currently concentrating on denouncing so-called ‘have-it-all’ women. Having reaped the rewards of their mothers’ campaigns in the sexual revolution of the 60’s, it seems that women are now being trounced and divided into one of two categories: the good mother/non-careerist or the bad mother/high-flyer. It’s no small matter that women are still being judged on their reproductive capabilities and how well it fits into the pro-social model of nurturer. But, while few women would deny the stress that ‘having it all’ can bring, they also acknowledge the inequality of labour division within and outside of the home that is the root of such stress. The fundamental right to equal opportunities remains regardless and is a battle still being fought.

So what of female sexuality in our mothers’ daughter’s generation? It’s old news that the contraceptive pill allowed women unprecedented sexual freedom. But, as with the workplace/homelife polemic, women have been denigrated and castigated over the choices they make under the banner of sexual liberation, if those choices haven’t sat neatly within the traditional view of female sexuality. “Nice women don’t” might be a cliché but its implicit negative judgement is still active in the world nonetheless.

However, despite this, some women are choosing to assert their sexuality in traditionally male arena’s, challenging 20th century feminist arguments that women are simply being exploited if they work in the sex industry, for example.

So what of this new post-feminist stance that the sex industry can provide the opportunity for women to assert sexual power and control? Instead of victim-hood and exploitation, many are arguing that it is a reclamation of the feminine, a ground-breaking triumph against the stigma attached to female sexuality in the male dominated sphere. Whether you agree or not that a lap-dancer is the one with the power, or believe that porn for women is not simply white-washing the bigger issue, one thing is for sure, women are shaking off the shame attached to female sexuality.

One area where this is evident, perhaps more so than any other, is the internet. It would be fair to acknowledge that the proliferation of porn on the worldwide web caters in the main to men, and the long-running discussions on whether it is exploitative are absolutely valid. But, it would be absurd to believe that the female of the species only harbours a desire for procreational, matrimonial, mission-position sex; with increasing openness to a once-secret underworld of sexual desire, women are asserting their sexual needs and getting them satisfied online.

Able to enjoy explicit material if they choose, women are also opting to step outside of voyeuristic surfing and get active: there are growing numbers of online dating sites that cater specifically to the ‘adult’ market. As the booming business of online dating flourishes, pockets of niche sites are appearing that aid the acceptance of a new sexual culture for women. The usual etiquette of dating is set aside with a liberating honesty of what women might be seeking. If you want to explore your desire to dominate, you can. If you want to meet someone who loves your super-size body, there are dedicated sites. In fact, whatever the preference or particular sexual practice, both men and women are openly advertising to meet like-minded individuals without any stigma attached.

Take the fetish scene for example. Women are meeting partners through specialist sites such as and forming friendships with other women in the fetish scene to the extent that lunches are organised under a ‘vanilla’ dress-code; everyday wear in everyday places.

No-one is saying that the sexual revolution has stopped revolving. There remains a need to debate and challenge issues that adversely affect women, as evidenced by the current media attention on women who work and have families. Some might even say that the old cause of feminism has gone astray. But, in this post-feminist world, women are without doubt asserting their sexuality in unprecedented waysPsychology Articles, coming out of the closet and unashamedly doing it for themselves.


Claire Gaskin is a social researcher who previously worked in the counselling field and now runs a dating website for people interested in the fetish scene. Website address:
Email address:

21st Century Business Women

When the first generation of women entered the workforce in earnest in the 1970s, they succeeded in the only way they could – by imitating men. Authoritarian leadership and tight control was the hallmark of that day’s businessman, and women were not exactly welcomed into the ranks of management. Well ladies, that was yesterday, and today is today

Forget what your mama or your boss told you, because following the rules can be bad for your career. Today's CEO/entrepreneur can no longer tap his/her company's full potential using a "command-and-control" style. The 21st century business woman needs to be able to build a vision based on the awareness of economic transformation, then help her partners and staff fulfill that vision. She must draw on a wide range of skills to get to the top and stay there. Following are 7 Key Characteristics that are essential:

1. Sell the Vision: A leader with a fresh, independent plan for her company's growth and future has a distinct advantage in luring and keeping great talent and investors. Vision is not some lofty ideal, but an obtainable concept that is easy to understand and will make the company grow to another level.

2. Reinvent the Rules: While women have traditionally been socialized to please others, the 21st century leader knows that good girls rarely post great returns. The strong managers/owners today not only anticipate change, they create entirely new organizations that respond to shifts and search for innovation.

3. Achieve With A Laser Focus: Go where others fear to tread! Being aggressive and ambitious has long been considered male traits, but they are key qualities for new leaders. Today's business woman has the ability to home in on opportunities that others may simply not see, and then excel in that uncharted territory.

4. Use High-Touch in a High-Tech Era: When a number of leaders are conducting business by e-mail, voice mail, passwords, and PINs, the female entrepreneur succeeds because she guides with a strong, personal, bed-side manner. Today's business woman is just as technologically savvy as her peers, but her skill with staff and customers is "high-touch" which gives her a critical edge and separation from the "pack".

5. Challenge or Opportunity? – Women are great at turning a challenge into an opportunity instead of using the "slash-and-burn" approach. They are able to make bold strokes, but they also win the cooperation of others in the organization in making any transformation a success.

6. A Customer Preference Obsession: In this information age which makes it easier to shop around for the best "whatever", businesses must work harder to give people what they want before their competitors do. There is no substitute for spending time with clients to become expert at their businesses and learn their demands. Female leaders are almost intuitively adept in doing just that, and without the client even suspecting.

7. Courage Under Fire: Show me any career woman or female entrepreneur today that isn't able to "stand-the-heat" in any tough-call situation. Their decision-making skills are rooted in a high level of confidenceComputer Technology Articles, because they've had to weather and surpass any and all "corporate" storms they've encountered over time


Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D. is the Chief Enlightenment Officer of the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho based The Leadership Success Institute. His Doctoral dissertation in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga Univ. included interviews with prominent US leaders in business, politics, and higher education. Dr. Haller has over 35 years of proven successful business leadership experience, including over 20 years as a Senior Vice President, President, or CEO in major public companies. He will be turning is leadership Doctoral dissertation into a book titled: “Leadership: View From the Shoulders of Giants”To find out more go to today!

Putting a Face on Max Factor Mascara

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and we all know this lesson. Men enjoy their cars (and their women), women enjoy their makeup, and that’s the way it is. On the market, billions of beauty products and makeup accessories are available.

Someone may feel lost in the world of beauty products. However, there is one product, which is the most important for every woman the mascara. I will be more precise the Max Factor mascara.

If you are a rookie in the makeup world, first you have to understand that there are products for all eyelash needs. The first Max Factor mascara you will need is the Lash Lift mascara. The Lash Lift mascara gives your lashes a vivid look. This Max Factor mascara provides you with open look of your eyes by lifting the lashes. Your lashes will not pull down because this Max Factor mascara is lightweight and so it wont make your lashes heavy. This Max Factor mascara is also flake free. The Max Factor mascara will not make your eyes suffer never again.

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The Lash Perfection mascara is an additional but very helpful Max Factor mascara. You can use it to get to those nearly impossible areas of your lashes. This Max Factor mascara has a wand with special bristles that are very flexible. You may use it to add makeup from the root of your lashes, to the very tip.

If you are lucky to have wonderful thick lashes, you may need just mascara without the color. The No Color Mascara is the best Max Factor mascara for your case. This Max Factor mascara works as good as your other mascara does, without coloring your lashes. Only in this way, you will be able to demonstrate the natural beauty of you lashes. This Max Factor mascara will make every woman envy you. This Max Factor mascara is the best choice if you do not want to be noticeable.

Max Factor mascara is the best choice for all events and people. If you need mascara, take Max Factor mascara. Self-confidence is everything you need to succeed in life. Beauty is the best source of confidence. Max Factor mascara will make you look great whether you do the shoppingFeature Articles, whether you are out on a date or whatever you want.


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At Last How Women Can Immediately Overcome Their Fear Of Camping Alone

The thought of camping alone can be very intimidating, especially if you’re a woman. Ideally, it is not something recommended to women new to camping. In this day and age women must be armed with both commonsense and experience when camping.

The thought of camping alone can be very intimidating, especially if you’re a woman. Ideally, it is not something recommended to women new to camping. In this day and age women must be armed with both commonsense and experience when camping but in most places campers are a friendly neighbourly bunch of people who are out to become one with nature, just like you.

There are, however, some basic steps that you can follow to ensure your camping trip alone is a safe and happy time.

Many campgrounds have hosts who reside in campgrounds. If you camp near a host you will have access to a person with radio contact with park personnel.

If you camp in a location where there are no camp hosts then camp near a large family.
Let the ranger know that you are alone but don’t broadcast it to everyone else around you.
Visit camping forums and see if there are other women in your area that love camping who may want to camp nearby to you.

If you experience any problem remember that the National Park Service and State Park campgrounds are usually very well-patrolled and in most cases will take action if called upon.

Instead of going up to other campers and saying, “Hi, I’m Kerry and I’m here by myself” ask questions like “How can I contact you if I experience a problem” or “is this campground regularly patrolled?”Don’t advertise you are by yourself by finding campsites away from walking trails.

Make sure you have your cell phone with you at all times and it is fully charged.

As soon as you get to the campground ask for the phone number of whoever is on call after hours. Save that number immediately into your cell phone so that all you need to do is push a button rather than search for a piece of paper.

If you’ve got a dog bring it camping with you as a little extra security.
Avoid camping in isolated areas.
Avoid walking alone at night.

Make sure your vehicle is not parked in by another vehicle in case of an emergency.
There are also a number of security measures that you can put in place before leaving for your camping trip alone. This involves telling your friends and family important information. Here are some ideas below:

Tell others of your specific plans.
Tell others the places exactly where you are going.
Tell others what day and what time you expect to return.
Tell others the directions you plan to follow and possible alternative routes.
Tell others your mobile phone number.
Tell others of your vehicle description.
Tell others of your licence plate numbers.

Tell others the local authority phone numbers (Sheriff Department, Police, Game & Fish Commission) for the country or area that you will be in.

Arrange to contact members of your family at a certain timeframe on a certain day to keep them posted of your whereabouts and your safety during your camping trip if you are enjoying an extended time away.

Always use a good, reliable map.
Ask local people and travellers for directions and weather and road conditions.
If you become lost stay with your vehicle and wait for another to pass by.
If you are heading off on a remote track make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you should be there or travel with another vehicle.
Calculate how long you should reasonably take to get to your destination each day.

For some added peace of mind, has created a fantastic navigation system that you download to your cellphone which is free of charge. It is very user friendly and extremely handy for all outdoor activities, particularly camping alone. I'd highly recommend you download this free navigitional tool.

By just following a few of these simple suggestions you’ll be able to overcome your fear of camping alone and feel a real sense of achievement tooScience Articles, all the while enjoying all the beauty that nature and camping has to offer.


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The Finest Russian Women Still Want American Men. Why?.

Why do the finest Russian women search for American men?
As the owner of a free Russian women dating site, I have been asked a lot about Russian ladies looking for American men. Here is one of the questions:

“I am a 31 year old American man and tried the personals in the US. I had little luck with local dating and regional dating sites. However, when I started using the Russian personals, the response was overwhelming.
Why are the finest Russian women so much more interested in corresponding with American men than are American women interested in corresponding with American men"?

If you ask Russian ladies looking for American men about their motivations for seeking a husband abroad you may find out some convincing arguments for doing so.

Here are the top 6 reasons why the finest Russian women start searching for a foreign husband.
1) Census, Russia is home to 10 million more women then men. The number of women in their 30s noticeably exceeds the number of men. After the divorce, the woman with a kid (or with no kids) has little chance of getting married again in Russia, according to sociologists. There are no men in Russia to get married to: mortality rate of the working age males is extremely high.

2) Women are overloaded with family responsibilities in Russia: housekeeping, upbringing of children and earning of money. They have to take charge of all everyday problems that are essential for their families. For the sake of truth it should be said, there ARE nice, responsible and sober men in Russia but we don't easily meet them. The unvarnished truth is: most Russian men abuse alcohol and do not provide for their families. Psychologists say, Russian men undervalue the essence of family.

3) Finest Russian women are highly educated and want careers. Depending on where she lives in the FSU, she may find that it is impossible for her to have the career she wants and to realize her full potential there. Most educated women have more ambition than to simply function from 9 to 17 for a tiny salary. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as she seeks a loving relationship with the man and his moral support.

4) Some Russian women are looking to live in an economically more stable environment (and I don't just mean the ones who are obviously looking for a 'sugar daddy', although there are some of those as well as you already know).
In other words, it’s reasonable to say some want to live in a better economy but we can not assume that is what every Russian woman looking abroad desires.
There's nothing wrong with that as well, as long as the woman's feelings toward the man are sincere.

5) A female has an instinct to choose a male of good genes, to support the family, and defend the children of that union. If the finest Russian women see American men for that basic instinct, than she has made a wise choice, not just about money, but thinking about the future.

6) Sometimes people are just lonely. They either have different standards or just haven't met the right person and have expanded their selection. There is nothing wrong with that. There is something even satisfying about looking abroad. It can be a win-win situation.

Marriages between Russian women and American men are very successful and harmonious, O. Makhovskaya, the senior research assistant at the Psychology Institute in Russia's Academy of Sciences says. "Families of this kind where husbands are Americans and women are Russians prove to be long-living, as the roles in the family are clearly distributed and the mechanism operates good, although these are mixed families. In such families each of the couple is ready to make concessions and on the whole, wonderfully performs the role."

My opinion on these relationships is: trust. If you found the right person, if you met a nice woman don't worry about the 'why's. Trust and enjoy.

Perhaps due to our lifestyles we do not easily meet people that we are interested in. Hence, Russian women seek alternative means to meet men. Online dating is an excellent option for women who just haven't found the right man.

For your information, there are just as many dating sites for women looking for men in Russia as there are for those looking abroad.

The notion 'Russian woman' includes women from Ukraine and Belarus as wellFree Web Content, as they have very much in common.


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