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70 - 80% Of Women Do Not Wear The Right Size Bra!

Every woman knows the difficulty involved in finding the right bra. Questions like What cup Size are you now? What style do you require? Seem to never end!

Well...First and foremost it is essential that you know your correct size. A badly fitting bra can lead to back problems, muscle tension, and even headaches. If you are in your teen years, the strain caused by a badly fitting bra can lead to permanent problems with posture and even back pain. So that?s why teens should be fit by a bra expert at least twice a year or even after every noticeable growth pattern.

Your first consideration should be the reason you need the bra; is it for athletics, coverage, comfort or support? There are different types and styles of bras made for specific types of bodies and physical activities. Although it would be nice, no one bra can do it all; you have different bras for different jobs. A Sexy bra for those intimate private moments or a Sports Bra for when you want to perform arduous exercise.

First Bras

Training bras are for younger girls who have just started to develop breasts and are not able to fit into standard size bras. Age is not the concern, rather its getting the right fit and support for your breast size.

Wireless Bras

Light support or wireless bras usually have no underwire and are sometimes the preferred choice for those with smaller breasts. They are less constricting and more comfortable than full support bras. As they are wireless they offer less shaping and more freedom than other bras. You can find the padded and unpadded variety; what you choose is a matter of personal preference.

Underwire Bras

Full support or underwire bras usually have an underwire or plastic boning holding them up. It doesn't matter what breast size you are, however it is a must for those with larger cup sizes. They also are available in padded or unpadded varieties.

Push Up Bras

Sometimes referred to as padded bras and more famously attributed to the Wonderbra. They lift the breasts and add more shape to them with extra padding. There are some more innovative versions around that use silicone inserts or water sacks to enhance your look even further. They are known to "lift and separate" the breasts, creating a full cleavage and most importantly offer lots of support.

Plus Size Bras

Plus size bras have finally found a home away from the unsightly bras of yesteryear to the sleek and sexy bras of today. From sports to sexy to your everyday bra, plus size bras are know available in many styles and brands. You can get extremely feminine lacy plus size bras, or bras finished in satin, silk, lace and cotton, under wire and strapless bras.

Sports Bras

Probably the least flattering and sexy in the bra family but ironically the most important one for growing teens to have. As well as offering full support, they also stop the breasts from moving during strenuous activity. The tissue in your breasts is very delicate and growing tissue especially needs to be protected during high impact exercise.

Nursing Bras

Your breasts start changing shape from the fourth month of pregnancy. As a result, most women find their previous bra too small. Purchase a nursing bras close to your due date or shortly after your baby arrives, because your breasts will grow larger toward the end of your pregnancy and when milk comes in. Consider buying a bra that has flaps and can be opened and refastened easily. Since milk leakage is inevitable, it also makes sense to buy nursing pads to protect both your bra and clothes. It is always better to buy 100% cotton bras, as cotton is a breathable fabric. Synthetic fabrics trap moisture and encourage bacterial growth and soreness.

Mastectomy Bras

These types of bras are designed with pockets in the cup area to hold a breast prosthesis. There is a wide range of styles and colors available. The silicone breast prosthesis simulates the natural breast with regards to its shape and weight. The prosthesis's main advantage of is that it provides symmetry and balance to a persons body, who has survived from breast cancer. Wearing the right prosthesis is primarily important to your ultimate comfort level. With a superior fitting prosthesis, and a well-made and fitted mastectomy bra, you in turn will help to balance your posture and provide fortification for your chest and breast cancer scars.

Now you know the importance of the bra and the many types available, you should know firstly what size you need and how to determine that size. The following article gives you an insight into how to measure your self and the importance of a well fitted bra.

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Cosmetic Tips And Tricks - With A Little History

Women have been wearing cosmetics for thousands of years. Archaeologists have evidence of men and women using cosmetics in Egypt over 6000 years ago! Wealthy Egyptian women would paint their nails, massage their faces with creams and oils, apply lipstick and eyeliner, and even color their hair. Obviously, things haven’t changed that much over the last few millennia!

How Do You Put Cosmetics On?

The most important thing you can do when applying makeup is to start with a clean face. A clean face gives you the perfect palate for applying the rest of your cosmetics. A dirty face, on the other hand, will make it much more difficult. A clean face will also help keep your skin look clear and healthy.

After you have thoroughly cleaned your face, apply foundation smoothly and evenly. When applied correctly, it should not look like you’re wearing foundation. The purpose of foundation is to smooth out your skin colors to cover up any blemishes and to help you put your cosmetics on better. Your face should feel light and natural. If it is obvious that you’re wearing foundation, or if your face feels like it’s covered with guck, then you’ve put too much on. Also consider if you have the right type of foundation. To work properly, the foundation has to match your skin tone as closely as possible. If you are having trouble picking the right color of foundation, talk to a cosmetics consultant at one of the cosmetics counters at your local department store. If you’ve only put a bit too much foundation on, you can blot at your skin with some toilet paper to remove the excess foundation without having to start from scratch.

If required, you can then apply some concealer to your face with your fingers. Concealer can be particularly useful around your eyes so any dark circles don’t have you confused for a racoon! No matter where you use concealer, always remember to blend, blend, blend. If the concealer is not blended into the rest of your face, it will only draw attention to the spots your are attempting to cover up.

It is only after you’ve washed your face and applied foundation and concealer that you’re ready to move on to the more noticeable cosmetics such as eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, blush and lipstick.

What are Cosmetics Made Of?

The ancient Egyptians mainly made their cosmetics from clay and oils (with the occasional dash of mercury). Modern cosmetics are made from an unbelievable array of products. Lipstick often contains fish by-products and blush can contain mica, a translucent mineral! While the Food and Drug Administration controls what can be used in cosmetics, the precise ingredients are often protected as trade secrets.

If you really want to know what’s going on your face, you can chose to buy organic cosmetics that will make their makeup from simple, natural materials. This can also be a useful strategy if you are concerns about animal testing. If you only want to buy cosmetics that have not been tested on animals, make sure to inquire whether the cosmetics you are purchasing were tested on animals or not.

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Mary Amos is a cosmetologist who likes to experiment with the latest in cosmetics. Find out the latest and greatest at http://www.feicosmetics.com

Sleepwear Doesn’t Always Have to be Worn Only in the Bedroom

There was a time that pajamas were only worn in the bedroom. The individual will have to change into something else when a visitor will drop by the house or put it over a robe before going downstairs.

Those days are gone now since sleepwear these days are now considered to be a fashion statement. How? By mixing the top or bottom of the pajamas with jeans or a jacket especially if the individual has to drive out into the middle of the night or early evening to buy some medicine at the drugstore.

An example is a camisole that is known as a sleeveless top. Since the weather may too warm outside, some women wear this with trousers or jeans then slip on a blazer and use this to go to work.

Outside the office, women can take it off then show those toned arms while partying the night away.

Some people think that every American has a nice set of breasts. This is not true since there are those who are flat chested and need to wear a chic bustier for better cleavage. THis can be worn under a denim shirt and jeans when going out into the mall to do a little shopping.

Not all the pajama tops are sleeveless. There is the novelty versions that come in sets. This can also be patterned with jeans or jogging pants that will look great when going out for a morning stroll near the house or by the beach.

Men on the other hand may use this to play basketball with friends or while working out in the gym. Some even this as an undershirt to work or wear it just the way it is when doing some chores in the house or going around the mall.

Most of the bottoms for sleepwear use garter to hold it at the waist so it will not fall off. Since this isn’t that secure anymore after some time, fashion designers have made drawstring ones. Consumer reports have shown that women and men use this quite often.

The males can wear a casual shirt or a polo on top and this can be used not only on the beach. Females on the other hand look great with the drawstring pants with some casual loungewear at the store.

There are two kinds of drawstring pants. The first is made using thin fabric like linen that is very light and cool when it is worn. When the weather is cold and the person needs to keep warm underneath, this is the time that something thicker is needed such as flannel.

Men are known to wear boxers at home. Some have replaced the briefs with this since it is more comfortable to wear even when going out. Fashion designers have also come up with a similar collection for women that can be used in the bedroom and for those who want to take it outdoors.

Those who want to try something new can visit the favorite retail outlet and try something new. If the store doesn’t have it, perhaps the right sleepwear can be found there.

People should remember that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to making a fashion statement. After all, this is an expression of one’s individuality and if others like it, then that person started a trend.

Capri Rose is a freelance fashion writer and former fashion editor based in New York and London and now designs chic, sophisticated pajamas and sleepwear in modern and retro prints. Check them out at http://www.caprirose.com


A Hot New Hairstyle for 2007

If you’re looking for a hot new hairstyle with which you can ring in the new year, we’ve got a few that might be of interest to you.

A ‘bob’ haircut with bangs is very reminiscent of Catherine Zeta Jones in “Chicago”. A bob is traditionally a cut that is about chin length along the sides and cut a little shorter in the back in order to add a little bounce. You can go with really short bangs, very much like Betty Paige or leave them longer to resemble Diane Keaton’s hair in Manhattan. If your hair has a natural tendency for curls, bobs aren’t a good idea as your hair will take on a triangular shape.

Long straight hair with a side part is also a great look for the New Year and the new you. This particular style looks best if your hair is shoulder length or longer and straight. The bangs are cut on an angle allowing a deep side part. You should consider Ann Margaret during the height of her popularity and style. Paris Hilton is another celebrity that wears this style well.

You could also opt for an asymmetrical 80’s style cut with one side shorter than the other. This was all the rage in the height of its day and seems to be making a comeback of sorts. Precisions cuts such as this work best with hair that is a solid color.

Another great hairstyle to start the coming year off right is the zig zag part. This particular hairstyle is particularly flattering to women who have low foreheads. While this look seemed to be at its height of fashion a couple of years back, it is still quite popular and can be spotted on celebrities such as Heather Locklear.

The Pixie cut is one that seems to continue making the rounds in and out of fashion news. For 2007 it seems this cut will definitely be in. First made popular in Rosemary’s Baby when worn by Mia Farrow, this cut has remained somewhat popular ever since. While it experiences times where it is more popular than others. It has become a recent hit, as it is a popular hairstyle worn by contestants on a popular model search show called “America’s Next Top Model”.

When it comes to color, there are many shades from which to choose and platinum seems to be a favorite among celebrities. Of course, this is an extremely difficult color to maintain for any length of time and is very hard on your hair as a result.

Another popular trend among certain crowds are the rather ostentatious purples and burgundy red colors of the early 90’s. The color of a glass of red wine is a good indication of this particular color.

If you have dyed your hair black you should consider the fact that the bluish shades of black are not quite the height of fashion they once may have been and softening those tones with gold or red highlights adds warmth which is a popular trend for the upcoming year.

Rob Buenaventura invites you to check out HairstyleAccess.com. He provides a website on hairstyle ideas and the latest hair trends. Find out why medium hairstyles will be the popular hairstyle in 2007.


High Heels Give Low Hope For Foot Health

Are you addicted to heels? Do you love the way your legs look when you wear them? Could you not live without them?

Ok, would you like to spend one quarter of your life in your glamorous heels and one half of it in agony with really ugly feet? That’s what you could potentially cause to happen if you rely on your high heels on a daily basis during your most active, on-your-feet years.

High heels displace the weight of your body onto the ball of your foot. Over time, feet can develop calluses, unsightly bunions and corns. With those kinds of feet, you’d better hope that Manolo Blahnik starts designing slippers!

High heels also direct the centre mass of your body forward and your spine has to bend backwards to compensate. “Oh my aching back” will be your daily mantra.

Calf muscles shorten and tighten when you wear high heels and if you wear them constantly for a long time, say more than six months, your calf muscles can remain permanently shortened. Your body will naturally try to compensate by lowering the arches of your feet or your knees, hips or back will be painfully affected.

How to enjoy your high heels but not do long-term damage

1. Wear shoes with heels no higher than 4cm for day-to-day wear.

2. Save your sexy high heels for special occasions.

3. Avoid wearing backless shoes too frequently as they make you claw your toes when you walk.

4. Stretch your calf muscles at regular intervals.

5. Alternate your shoes over a long day of standing. Keep a second pair at work so that you can switch heights during the day and give your calf muscles a chance to adapt.

6. Never walk long distances or over uneven ground such as pavements when wearing high heels.

7. High heels that feature a strap or lace across the instep are more beneficial than slip-ons as they help to stop your foot from sliding forwards.

8. See your podiatrist or chiropodist once a year for checkups on your foot health.

Take care of your health!
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Whole Entity Of Beauty - Speaks Volumes From The Clothes You Wear

The whole entity of beauty is about what you wear, for example, remove every woman on this earths clothing leaving her naked - and what do you get, millions of replicas of the same thing, okay there will be different shapes and sizes I agree, but the goods are still the same - so the point here is - it is how you package the wares that counts.

The whole entity of beauty does not end with a facial scrub or a makeover - it is a package which denotes your true inner beauty through the clothes you wear. The whole entity of beauty (clothes) can tell a story about your personality just by your own personal choice in style and color.

Bedroom attire for the female entity of beauty may be that of lace frilly knickers (lingerie). Lace is a wonderful way that a woman can inject her femininity to protrude. However not every woman is the same - as we all differ in taste - especially when trying to please the opposite sex in the bedroom. Some women just love to show their whole entity of beauty by wearing suspenders and up the bum thong knickers behind closed doors, and hey what do know ladies - the men love this too. You face no problem in pleasing your partner - if you include lace underwear to be part of any romantic antics that takes place in the room above. So remember ladies when the facial scrub comes off - then on with the frillies.

Ladies underwear i.e. frilly lace knickers and suspenders come in many designs from simple and plain - to knickers and bras that does not leave much to the imagination. Women`s magazines are a fabulous way to find useful tips on what the female species sees as the whole entity of beauty. Beauty data included in most ladies glossy brochures are certainly a fine way to keep up with the latest news in what trendy fashion gear is gracing the catwalk. Magazine advice is another good way to catch up on what is the new brand of cosmetics that women are raving about.

Once the facial is over and those vibrant tresses flow after leaving the hair drier down, then take heed of the transformation in the mirror - when that chiffon dress slips over the shoulders. Remember at this point the finest of exquisite jewelry will always make an outfit even more alluring.

If you are out on a date and are a little shy when it comes to making conversation, then why not let your clothes do the talking. Believe you me when I say that your outfit will speak volumes about you (excuse the pun) so you can either tone it up or tone it down.


Beauty Tips – How To Sparkle At Any Party

If you want to look great at any party and standout from the crowd learn these quick beauty secrets and you will be the belle of the ball.

This year metallic is in as a theme and this allows for a dramatic stand out look.

Metallic and smoky eyes have been a big theme on the catwalks and other dramatic colours such as red and plum and electric blue are also big this year.

If you go for a standout colour or you want to be more conservative, the Beauty tips below will help get you noticed.

Make up

1. A great quick beauty secret is some false lashes. You can use alternate short and medium lashes to get a soft innocent look, or look more feline and vampy by using shorter lashes in the centre and medium ones to the side.

2. Eyes are one of your most important assets so make them the centre of attention.

3. Lips should be sexy! If you have pale skin you can use a blackish red lipstick, that will give you a gothic look or another standout colour such as purple.

4. For classy eye make up go for a silver - gold look with eye makeup. It gives an effervescent look and is the ultimate in sophistication.


Your nails if properly done will always get noticed, so what are the best colours for a party?

1. A French manicure is always classy and a safe choice but if you want to be a bit more daring and metallic crimson reds are a great option.

2. Try and match your lips to your nails. You communicate with both and this will make the upper body frame and make you look chic and sexy.


For a quick great look try the following – A long bob with a straight parting, which is a classic stylish look. It’s extremely easy to do and the parting can be down the side or centre.

You can also tuck one side behind your ear so you can get some glitzy sparkly earrings.


1. Get your face prepared a day or two before.

The reason for this is if you have a facial on the day impurities tend to come to the surface and you don’t want that on the night! Do 48 hours before to ensure your skin looks its best and simply exfoliate on the day.

2. Powdered skin always gives a uniform appearance so use concealer rather than foundation which can make your face look tired and mask like.


Relax in essential oils and let them moisturize and tone your skin on the day. Exfoliate the day before (not on the day) to avoid possible short term irritation. Make sure you moisturize all over afterwards.


Use strong smelling fragrances such as amber or musk, as they will give a pleasant scent in any party atmosphere.

Just a few beauty secrets that are quick and easy to do and of course there are many more - that will help you look your best on your big night.

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Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 - Before You Copy Them, Avoid These 4 Mistakes First!

Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 have set the trend for millions of fahion conscious women around the world. And with good reason! If you're wondering what hairstyle is in fashion, then looking at the various celebrity hairstyles of 2006 is a very cool place to begin.

But, there are some important things to consider before you copy those particular hairstyles:

Copying Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 - Mistake #1 - Too High Maintenance

Do you have a team of hair care professionals on call to tidy up your hair at a moment's notice? If not, don't expect your hairstyle to remain looking fabulous all day. If you like the look of a particular celebrity hairstyle, ask your hairstylist how much work is involved in producing and maintaining the end result! It could be more than you've bargained for!

Then check with yourself if you have the time for the blow-drying, curling, straightening, sculpturing etc. For example, the Jennifer Aniston look requires two sets of conditioning to straighten the hair, then shaping gel and calming serum, finishing by using a flat iron. If you don't have time for this type of routine, go for something that looks great but doesn't need a lot of fuss and bother to get it looking good.

Copying Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 - Mistake #2 - Wrong Style For Your Face Shape

Does your shape face suit the particular celebrity hairstyle you like? It may look absolutely great on Jennifer Lopez but it may do nothing enhancing for you. Check these celebrity face shapes and see how they compare with your own, to come up with a suitable hairstyle. (Keep reading to discover how you can quickly and easily test out for sure, how the different hairstyles would suit your face):

Oval face: Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts have this face shape. You could wear you hair from short to long, which ever suits your life-style.

Round face: Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore have rounder shaped faces. A short hairstyle swept back from the face will give you more height and fullness.

Rectangular/oblong face: Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirstie Alley shaped faces look better with short or medium hair, with bangs to soften the face. With this shaped face, it is recommended to avoid long hair.

Square face: Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock are included in this group. Short and medium length hairstyles are best suited keeping away from long hair.

Heart shaped face: Ashley Judd and Michelle Pfeiffer, with this shaped faces, look good with chin length or long hair. Stay away from short hair.

Triangular face: Kathy Ireland has a more triangular shaped face. This shape suits hair worn either short or tied at the nape.

Diamond face: Examples are Linda Evangelista and Katherine Hepburn. If you have this shaped face, you're one of the lucky ones that can wear any length of hair and look fabulous!

Copying Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 - Mistake #3 - Avoid Trying to Make Your Hair Something It Just Isn't!

Is your hair type suited to the celebrity hairstyle that you'd like? Some styles are created by the use of a flat-iron to get the straight look. If you want a style that is dead straight and you have hair with a natural curl, this is going to take some time!

On the other hand, if you want the romantic, long tresses of curls and your hair hasn't a single wave to it, you're going to need a salon semi-perm or daily curling. Try to find a celebrity hairstyle that fits your hair type for ease of maintenance.

Copying Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 - Mistake #4 - Get A Different Hairstyle Without Being Sure What It Will Really Look Like On You

Nothing is worse than the acute embarrassment of a hairstyle that looks out of place with YOUR face! And let's face it - you're not going to really know, until it's possibly too late!

But the internet has made it possible for you to actually get a very good idea of what different celebrity hairstyles would look like on YOU! Services are available where you can quickly and easily upload a picture of your head and shoulders, and the internet program will display different hairstyles on your photo, so you can make a careful and informed choice, and avoid any painful embarrassment!

See the links below to discover how you can choose from amongst the famous celebrity hairstyles of 2006, and make the best one for you, yours!

You'll enjoy viewing over 60 stunning hairstyle pictures of the top 5 celebrities, with commentaries on each one, PLUS you can view over 5,000 hairstyles and in 53 colours on YOUR uploaded photo at the click of a button! Try On 5,000 Hairstyles! FREE Demo