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Breaking into Women's Golf Apparel with Style

When novice golfer Jennifer Glaspie was kicked off the green at a Florida golf club for wearing a sleeveless, collarless sweater, she didn't know then that women's golf apparel would become her life's passion.

From the runway to the fairway

In 2000, Glaspie, a successful corporate business consultant at the prestigious Chicago-based firm of Baine & Co, started learning golf at the request of her boyfriend (now husband). But as her golf swing improved, this petite and style-savvy urbanite found her clothing options didn't.

"Golf apparel is so far behind the curve fashion-wise and the options for the fashion-conscious golfer are limited," she says. But it took a cool October morning with a tee time looming and "nothing to wear" that finally pressed Glaspie to action.

Convinced that there was great potential in a high-end line of women's golf clothing that was trendy and comfortable yet sophisticated, Glaspie put her career on hold, and put her Kellogg MBA to use developing a business plan to launch a chic line of women's golf apparel.

"I've always had a love of fashion, but I thought entering the competitive apparel industry would be just crazy," recalls the 32-year-old Michigan native. However, research showed that, although the apparel industry is cut-throat, high-end niches such as resort ware and specialized sports apparel, have their own, more accessible and less competitive market. "I found some fashion-forward lines that were doing well, but the market certainly wasn't saturated, so everything pointed to 'go,' " she says.

Glaspie and her tradition-bucking designer, Cassy Clark, set out to create golf apparel that was fun to wear, hip, and a little bit sexy, hoping against hope that they would have a hit. And they did.

Aphira debuted at the 2005 PGA Merchandise show in Florida. "There we were walking practically three miles back to our little booth past these huge corporate booths," recalls Glaspie. "We felt totally overwhelmed, but from the beginning, people started saying great things. One women said 'I love this line, this is my favorite line here out of 1,000 exhibitors. It felt promising. We felt really, really good."

The duo wrote dozens of orders at the show for their first line. And when their initial customers received their shipment and loved it, they began to think that they might just have something. "One client said people where buying it right out of the box before she could get it on the rack," says Glaspie.

Now in it's third year, Aphira is established in nearly 150 golf shops in the United States, Europe, and Asia. But success didn't come without some missteps.

"I thought we had to be really different when we first launched," recalls Glaspie. The debut line was sexy and edgy with closefitting tops and tennis-length skorts. "But we've toned that down a bit as we've gone on." The shift in style reflects the company's research into just who's buying their stylish line, which in many markets is actually retirees in there 50s and 60s.

"Nike and Addidas design sportswear for the athletic golfer," says Glaspie. "Our customer is more socialite than athlete. She doesn't play four-times a week, she plays with her girlfriends on the weekends, and she's someone who's always put together."

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Glaspie is owner, marketer, sales rep and even model. "One time at a meeting with the proshop owner at the Ravinia Green Country Club I ran and put on a pair of shorts to show the client how they fit," says Glaspie. Every piece in the line is made in her size for product testing. "I need to try it all on. I swing a club and I walk around it in. I'm a golfer and I know the functionality that the garment needs to have."

The Aphira line is made entirely in America. The fabric is custom dyed and shipped to a factory on Chicago's north side for assembly.

For now, Aphira apparel is only available in golf stores, and that's just fine with Glaspie. "We need to stay focused on the golf market. We know every dollar invested will be a few dollars return in the golf market but it would take too much capitol to break into the larger apparel retail market."

Although you won't see Aphira in department stores, you can get a glimpse of it on the popular Golf Channel reality show The Big Break: Ladies Only, which will feature Aphira apparel on golfer Valeria Ochoa this spring. And the new Hollywood film "Who's Your Caddy?," billed as "an urban take on the comedy golf movie" features a sexy character wearing Aphira throughout the film.

The chancy career hop from guiding the strategic growth of Fortune-500 companies to making golf skorts has definitely paid off, says Glaspie. "It has just been a whirlwind but I'm definitely having fun. In consulting I had peeks and valley and good weeks and bad weeks, but when it's your own company your highs are really high and lows are really low. Everything takes on so much more importance when it's your own."


Callout or boxed item: Aphira: a-fear-ah. A word invented by golfwear entrepreneur Jennifer Glaspie taken from the Latin word ephiro, meaning to exult.

Sidebar: Can fashion attract more women to golf? Although it may sound shallow to say more fashionable golfware will get more women to play golf, Jennifer Glaspie, owner of Aphira women's golf apparel in Chicago, says it's absolutely true. "I have a friend who I asked to take some golf lessons with me but she said 'I play tennis because the cloths are cuter.' Having more fashion in this sport does change its image."

Just take a look at internationally televised women's golf tournaments like the Lexus Cup where teams lead by Annika Sorenstam and Grace Park ditched the masculine polo top for trendy designer golfwear to project a fun and fashionable image for women's golf.

And younger players, such as tank-top sporting Michelle Wie, are bringing their young attitudes and free spirit with them to the green -- and this includes their fashion statements.

"There's a lot more younger people playing the sport," says Glaspie. And with youth, she says, comes new ideas that buck the traditions and set a new style.

Carolyn Schwaar is a Chicago-based freelance writer and editor specializing in business, technology, and communications. For more, visit

How To Choose Flattering Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy is a very exciting as well as a stressful period in a woman's life. Choosing comfortable, but elegant clothes for your wear during pregnancy is equally important as shopping for the baby. The following guidelines will help you in this regard.

1. Always wear clothes which suit your figure. Instead of wearing an oversize T-Shirt, put on a tighter shirt that fits you properly, to look less frumpy.

2. Low riding pants that fits under your belly will be very comfortable and look more stylish.

3. You can also try free flowing dresses of light weight which will give you a flattering look.

4. If you can spend a little more money, go for a pair of maternity jeans, which will give you feeling of comfort.

5. A nice maternity formal dress for special occasions made of chiffon and lace in beautiful design will make you look elegant.


Do not begin wearing maternity clothes too early. The styles are made for later stages of pregnancy and may not fit properly for women in the early stages.

It is better to buy a few basic items; a couple of pairs of pants, dresses, top & jeans.


For those who cannot afford to buy new clothes, second hand clothes are low cost option.

Your relatives and friend might have kept lots of used maternity clothes which they would be happy to offer to you. You can avoid spending money on clothes during pregnancy, by utilizing their offer.

In this context, it is a good idea to organise clothing swap or exchange banking, to help current and future moms-to-be.

There are online auction houses for used maternity wear at cheaper prices.

Visit your local vintage and thrift stores to shop for slips that could work as lingerie. In addition to the above, maternity basic needs like leggings and buttoned downed shirts are also available.

There are consignments stores for professional and formal wear, in different sizes. You may choose them according to your requirements.

How to Narrow Down your Choices and Find the Perfect Women’s Apparel for you

Pregnancy is a very exciting as well as a stressful period in a woman's life. Choosing comfortable, but elegant clothes for your wear during pregnancy is equally important as shopping for the baby. The following guidelines will help you in this regard.

1. Always wear clothes which suit your figure. Instead of wearing an oversize T-Shirt, put on a tighter shirt that fits you properly, to look less frumpy.

2. Low riding pants that fits under your belly will be very comfortable and look more stylish.

3. You can also try free flowing dresses of light weight which will give you a flattering look.

4. If you can spend a little more money, go for a pair of maternity jeans, which will give you feeling of comfort.

5. A nice maternity formal dress for special occasions made of chiffon and lace in beautiful design will make you look elegant.


Do not begin wearing maternity clothes too early. The styles are made for later stages of pregnancy and may not fit properly for women in the early stages.

It is better to buy a few basic items; a couple of pairs of pants, dresses, top & jeans.


For those who cannot afford to buy new clothes, second hand clothes are low cost option.

Your relatives and friend might have kept lots of used maternity clothes which they would be happy to offer to you. You can avoid spending money on clothes during pregnancy, by utilizing their offer.

In this context, it is a good idea to organise clothing swap or exchange banking, to help current and future moms-to-be.

There are online auction houses for used maternity wear at cheaper prices.

Visit your local vintage and thrift stores to shop for slips that could work as lingerie. In addition to the above, maternity basic needs like leggings and buttoned downed shirts are also available.

There are consignments stores for professional and formal wear, in different sizes. You may choose them according to your requirements.

Fashionable Wear: Women's Lingerie and Undergarments

Sexy lingerie is no longer a fantasy for men; women are letting go of all their shyness and inhibitions and becoming more receptive towards sexy lingeries. Every woman aware of her sexuality loves to put on sexy, erotic lingerie and get the mood of the bedroom hot and happening!

Lingerie is nothing else but an erotic, sexy form of an undergarment. It has become a secret weapon used by millions of women to add frenzy to their sex life. Lingerie has gone through a huge metamorphosis from the huge, bulky and ugly it used to be. The latest lingerie is available in wide array of colours and styles and is frilly and light as a feather.

From perky purple to bold black, from rosy red to pretty pink – you will find lingeries perfectly matching every mood and every occasion. If the mood is light and calm, white lingerie is what will get your partner in a calm sense of serenity, marking your sexual activity just as pure and simple.

But if the mood is all wild and there are no boundaries and inhibitions, get your lover/partner wild and crazy with black or red lingerie. And if you are fun-loving and playful, go for pretty-pink or perky-purple sexy lingerie.

There are so many different styles of sexy lingeries online that after searching from the vast collection of erotic lingerie for some time, you will be left wondering if you should buy one particular pair of lingerie or buy all of them!

The latest lingerie collection includes Chemise Sets, Baby-Doll Sets, Camisole Sets, Bustier Sets and much more. You will be completely mesmerised just by looking at these erotic lingerie, what will happen when you wear it is unthinkable.

Plus size lingerie

Earlier, sexy lingeries came only in thin and slender fits. Plus size lingeries were always almost impossible to find. Women who were a size more would often have to return empty handed. But today the scenario is not the same and plus size lingeries are easier to find.
If a women is proud of her body and loves to show off her stuff, plus size lingeries can be a great help. Sexy plus size lingeries can set the mood and ambience for a wonderful, out of the world lovemaking experience.

By wearing luxurious and erotic lingerie a woman feels good and sexy about herself, instilling the much needed confidence in her. Glamorous lingerie adds to your sex appeal and makes your man lose his senses and calm and gets his adrenaline rushing! Surprise your lover with our latest lingerie and give him the time of his life!

Dressing Tips for Women

What to wear? Will I be able to carry of this dress properly? Is the dress making me look fater? Will my clothes compliment my complexion? God, are there any tips to help women dress better?

Phew! Exhausting questions aren’t they. But these are certain basic queries which often prop up in all women’s minds at one point or another.Often conscious of the fact of not knowing how to dress up according to their respective body types, women end up being dressed up incorrectly, as if their style sense has been murdered.

An hour glass figure is not every women’s pride, many women who do not have a good figure brood over it. But hey! Do not get disheartened as there is a solution for every problem. All women want to look their best, so it is imperative to understand and wear what suits your body.

Distinctive body structure or an enviable body, what ever you have, accept it and create a perfect look for yourself every time you step out, by following these basic dressing tips:-

Dressing tips for short heighten: Remember, good things always come in small packages, so it does not matter if you are short. The key is to make yourself appear taller by wearing the right kind of clothes.
If you wish to wear skirts their length can be till the knee or above the knee length. Kurtas should end at or slightly above the knee. Tops with three-fourth sleeves can be worn. If you are wearing a saree, than better go for high heels. They will make you look tall.

Dressing tips for tall heighten women: If your being tall bothers you, just revamp your wardrobe by investing in clothes which do not make you look taller.
Skirts length should be balanced, neither too short nor too long. Skirts which end at your calves are fine. Stay away from vertical lined kurtas and they should not be high collared too. Big prints or overall printed outfits would look good. Long tops with bottoms with mixture of light and dark colors will look good.

Dressing tips for women who are larger on top and narrow at bottom: If being larger on top due to a large bust or wide shoulders and having a narrow bottom is giving you sleepless nights, do not worry as there are numerous dressing options. Try to wear clothes like long skirts or pants, kurtis or jackets which draw attention downwards. If you like saris wear one with big borders. Accessories like big chunky belts should not be worn.

Dressing tips for women who are wide on hips with narrow top: If you have hips and a narrow top do not get conscious of your body, instead dress accordingly. Do not wear anything which lays emphasis on your hip area. Try to increase the length of your top. Long narrow trousers can also be worn. Saris with big prints in the middle should not be worn. With accessories draw the attention upwards.

Dressing tips for women with an ideal figure: If blessed with an ideal figure go ahead and flaunt it. You can wear just about anything. But if either your top or bottom is overly blessed do not add bulk to either of them. You can wear tailored jackets, shirt-waist dresses. If you do not want your shapely body to be a cause for distraction wear loose clothes like kurtas. With saris wear modest blouses.

Dressing tips for women who are round in shape: Are you throwing up your hands in angst! if you are round in shape? Well the solution is to wear clothes with gathers or pleats. Gauzy saris should be avoided as far as possible and fitted salwar kameez are not meant for you. Wear vests, maxi length blouses and avoid wearing prints.

Dressing tips for women who are thin: Well if you are lean and thin all over you need to look fuller by adding dimension to your body. Wear fabrics like cotton, organza velvet which are fluffy in nature. Wear clothes which are neither too loose nor too clingy, they should have a proper fit. Unstructured tops can be worn but should not be sleeveless.
Horizontal patterns can be worn. Fitted salwar kameez as well as saris can be worn.

If you are conscious of your complexion don’t worry checkout some tips below:

Dressing tips for women who blessed with fair complexion: If you have a fair complexion, brighter colors will look good, like hues of lime green, blue or any other vibrant color can be worn but also keep in mind the occasion like at night time you can wear black.

Dressing tips for women with dusky complexion: Light shades like pastels with minimum embellishments and sober embroidery will be good. Contrasting a light colored top with a dark toned trouser will be a good idea. Vibrant colors like mustard, orange, yellow should be avoided.

So try to incorporate these tips by wearing the appropriate clothes that will not only suit your body structure but will also enhance your personality. Do not follow fashion trends blindly as every outfit is not meant for every one.

Find perfect designer collection at which will compliment your personality.

Get the Best Indian Wear for Generation Next!

Clothes have fascinated mankind since time immemorial. Traditional Indian wear like salwar kameez, kurta churidar, saris were mostly popular amongst the elderly section of the society. The young crowd if even attempted to wear it, were considered low grade or outdated by the younger sections. Times change and so does the trends.

The changing trends have led to the evolution of Indian wear, due to which it is now being increasingly worn by the youth and gaining popularity among this section of society.

The combination of comfort with latest fashion trends along with an increase in demand for clothes for different occasions, has led to a lot of design changes. Indian designers are working hard to cater to the increasing demand of these mix matches of designs and styles. The traditional embroideries are combined with the ultra mod cuts to give a sensational look to these Indian wear clothes

Adapting to the needs of the fashion conscious youth, traditional Indian wear have been given a western look. This indo-western fusion resulted in indo-western salwar kameez set. This salwar kameez set can be a combination of sleeveless top and a salwar and also instead of a regular sleeve it can have spaghetti straps which give the outfit an identity of its own.

Changes in cuts, length and hemlines has led to the emergence of different styles like short kurta pant sets. These kurtas have become shorter in length and can be worn over pants, capris, parallels. Plethora of colors, textures, prints and styles make them even more appealing.

Keeping pace with the latest trends, the most popular traditional Indian wear, the sari has also evolved as now saris are stitched in the customized skirt form for the ease of wearing. Saris now come in a wide range of fabrics and colors with different types of embroideries, embellishments etc.

The young crowd love to go sexy in different kinds of sizzling designs of blouses like spaghetti strap blouses, backless cholis, off shoulder blouses, halter blouses, boat neck, asymmetrical blouses and u neck blouses to name a few. Now a lot of emphasis is laid on the detailing of the back of the blouses with key holes, strings. These blouses also come in different types of fabrics like handloom cotton, chiffon and georgette and for the winters it is velvet, silk.

The emergence of the new fashion trends is a blessing in disguise for today’s youth as they have a lot of options to choose from. One could easily buy these ethnic Indian wear available online at

How to Care your Cotton Clothes?

Markets are stocked with the latest cotton clothes. Cupboards are filled with different shades of cotton suits. And summer is when people flaunt their cotton clothes.

It is an undeniable fact that cotton clothes seem to have taken the place of “essentials”. Printed cotton clothes both indian and western have flooded wardrobes. There is something in this fabric that seems to have addicted the masses.

One vital reason for increasing popularity of cotton clothes is that in this fabric one does not feel that hot. It is especially designed keeping in mind the temperature of the country. Secondly, indian cotton clothes like cotton saree or a suit looks very classy and appealing.

Young girls going to college adore wearing a cotton clothes like kurta with a pair of jeans or a salwar. Many ladies going to their work stations enjoy wearing a cotton saree. Apart from looking great, it is easy to handle this fabric. Of late it is seen that the concept of mix and match is very popular. Ladies buy a good combination of a cotton chudidar or a patiala salwar with a cotton kurta. Even men have not been left behind in this race of fashion. They equally compete with women when it comes to wearing stylish cotton kurtas. Especially on weekends, most men can be traced wearing cotton kurtas with denims or pajama.

But then cotton clothes require some extra care. This would mean that these cotton clothes need to get starched. This starch makes the cloth stiff and fluffy. And in addition to some cotton suits or sarees need to get dry-cleaned. At the time of dry cleaning, “charak” is applied on the clothes in order to make them crisp. These are just a few things that need to be kept in mind as far as the usage of cotton clothes is concerned. Cotton clothes gives a most graceful effect when properly starched.

Cotton clothes look very ethnic at formal business occasions or formal meetings. Most of the skinny people go for cotton clothes which gives them a fuller look. It is strong even when wet. Cotton clothes are absorbent and draws heat from the body. It proves to be be a good affinity for dyes and shrinks unless treated well. The fabric is weakend by sunlight. Most cotton clothes can be laundered. It is advisable to wash color fast ones in hot water and others in cold water. Always iron while damp. Cottons can be washed at home or at a laundary depending on how often they are worn. It is advisable to get your fancy cottons drycleaned. Some of the colors like turquoise blue, shocking pink and black always bleed and require special precautions when washed at home. Though starch kills longevity of cotton clothes but the beauty of cotton lies in crisp look! Cotton is one of the world's major textile fibres. It is obtained from bushy plants. There are four main types of cotton-American Upland, Egyptian, Sea Island and Asiatic. The flowers from which these different types of cotton are obtained vary in color and texture, thus providing each type of cotton with varying characterstics. Cotton, in general, is very elastic. It can withstand high temperatures, has high washability and is very susceptile to dyes. is one of such online store with wide range of cotton clothes like cotton sarees and salwar suits.

Keep buying and wearing cotton clothes suits, sarees, kuris in order to look stylish and debonair. For all occasions, your outfit will stand out. And you would surely feel that you belong to an elite class

Indian Fashion Dress Code: Essential Wardrobe Tips

There are different clothing styles. Some people prefer clothes in bulk while others to have selected outfits. In other words, there is a growing debate on quantity of clothes v/s quality of clothes.

There are many differences between quantity of clothes and quality of clothes, but there is one feature that both these school of thought agree on. This feature being that when it comes to fashion, there are a few colors and styles which are regarded as wardrobe essentials. Whether one goes in for quantity of clothes or quality of clothes, in both these cases one has some basic colors.

Indian fashion dress has always known for its attractive textures, embroideries, fabrics, cuts and styles. In present context, there is a wide variety of clothes and colors. However it may seem difficult to come down to a few basic colors. But this is the truth. Everybody may have an endless color sequence fashion dreses in their wardrobe. But a few colors and cuts are common to all beings. These colors are black, white, navy blue, brown and a few more. They are regarded as wardrobe essentials.

Our Indian Fashion is incomplete without these basic colors. Any apparel comprising of any of these colors is indeed important. One may have more variety in terms of colors but some shades never seem to take a back seat.

Though these colors are basic yet they play a significant role. The advantage of these essentials shades is that they look good for any and every occasion. And secondly, they are always in fashion.

Thus, unconsciously though we have kind of created a dress code for ourselves and we label it as Indian Fashion dress code. It comprises of some essentials that are very important to us. And some colors seem to have created a permanent place in our heart.

Indian fashion dress is not just about the colors. A perfect wardrobe comprise of the dresses which can be worn any time. A perfect wardrobe consist of all type of dreses i.e from most sexy to most traditional ones. Indian fashion dress can be equally sexy and traditional. That’s what most special in indian fashion dress.

For example, Indian fashion sarees can be most traditional once worn with the long heavily embellished blouses, normal style blouses and on other side could be given equal sexy look with those noodle strap, backless choli blouses.

Thus a perfect wardrobe comprise of everything for every occasion. Many online women clothing stores are now coming up with exclusive options. is among some online indian websites offering indian fashion clothes for all occasions like festival, office wear, weddings, parties, casual meets etc for the customers worldwide.

Online Indian Clothes With Cash on Delivery (cod) Options in India

Today every organization aims to keep its customers happy and satisfied. In this sense, no stone has been left unturned for the customers. Many leading production houses keep abreast with the latest choices of the people. And at times they conduct frequent surveys in this regard. All ecommerce websites are trying to give better options to the customers and making online shopping more convenient and easy for them. And in that case our Indian clothing field is equally active and participating

By far these small and large-scale production houses have been able to live up to the expectations and demands of the people. In India, there has been a conscious endeavour to keep one’s customers happy. Consequently, more and more user-friendly options are being available to the masses at large. One of the popular options is the facility of “cash on delivery” popularly known as COD. This facility aims at making payments only at the time when the goods are delivered.

Undoubtedly, such options have indeed made life comfortable. Usually, when we order something and we ask for door-to-door delivery, one’s imagination is ruled by very negative thoughts. A person thinks about the possibility of goods not reaching on time and that amount paid in advance would go down the drain. Such thoughts take place as a result of lack of trust. But thanks to this facility of cash on delivery (COD), at least people are not sceptical while selecting a commodity.

Usually when one places an order online for a bulk commodity like clothes, jewelry, foot wear online, this cash on delivery (COD) reduces their fear of loosing their money. The biggest advantage is for the people who are living abroad but wants to get the items delivered in India. They can easily go for online shopping without making any payments.

Apart from the above mentioned merits, the biggest advantage of cash on delivery (COD) is that more and more people are availing this benefit. And one can conveniently sit at home or any place for that matter and get the commodity at the doorstep. While shopping online, one can place the order and then and can receive any item in the time allotted by particular ecommerce website.

Slowly and gradually the facility of cash on delivery (COD) is getting wide spread popularity among the masses in India. It seems our nation is finding this option immensely useful and beneficial.

Many websites are coming up these cash on delivery (COD) options in India thus making the online shopping very easy and convenient for the shoppers. is one of such online shopping website offering cash on delivery (COD) options. One could easily order online women Indian clothes from this site and get them delivered anywhere in India with this facility.

Pink India Fashion for Spring 2007

We had heard that the world is being constantly dominated by advancements. We even heard that people have become victims of this technology. But this is the first time that we are hearing that a particular color has created a tehelka in the entire market. And that color is nothing better than Pink. This color has been regarded as the most “in” color. Really India fashion goes pink this spring 2007.

Since, Pink is the trendiest colour, it seems that our eyes are constantly watching everything Pink. Girls have started all sorts of pink things like jewelry, mobile accessories, bags, glasses and shades, shoes, clothes and even beauty products.

Pink is the most feminine colour. Women of all ages have always loved this color what’s better if they are in fashion this spring.

Just like other colours, pink is not a single color. It is present in different tones. From darkest pink tone to lightest tone, pink is always popular. All tones of pink are equally popular among Baby pink indian fashion sarees look best in spring and are usually used by the young lass but also hot pink indian fashion sarees or dresses with a well-fitted blouse looks absolutely gorgeous. Not only pink is popular among clothes but these days fancy footwear in all possible colors is readily available in the market. Though pink colored shoes and sandals are topped the priority list of the customers.

“Pink” has been selected as the best color for the Spring Season 2007. Also, the indian fashion industry has made apt use of this color for designing various types of outfits. The sole advantage of this color is that it gives a very feminine and a confident look. Also, any item of this color looks pleasing to the eyes. This is why the color pink has topped the popularity chart among the girls of different age and profession.

Pink clothes are really in these days and that’s the reason why most of the indian online shops are coming up with pink is one among such website offering wide variety of Indian spring wear for the women of style.

Gear up to see the world around you as pink. The present standing girls will capture your hearts with more pinky pinky stuff. And this color will surely appeal you in this season and for many more seasons to come. Everything in your imagination can turn Pink. So Beware!

Indian Women Clothing – Choosing the Right Dress for the Right Occasion

In this rat race, one hardly has any time to sit and chit chat with the people around us. Yet we form opinions about somebody based on his/her clothing. Thus, clothing seems to be the first criterion of judging a stranger.

From time immemorial, a woman plays many roles like that of a wife, manager, mother, a social animal, a relative etc. And all of us have to agree that it is not acceptable to have a uniform dress code for all the roles undertaken by her. One should try and choose the dress according to the occasion. Indian women clothing gives a person wide variety to choose from. Thus its very important for everyone to choose the right dress for right occasion.

Wearing wrong dress at wrong time can really ruin your personality and impression.

Every second hour we need a dress and its very important to have all type of indian clothing in our wardrobes.While going to the office, a women is preferred wearing either formal Indian trousers with a shirt or a formal Indian business clothing. However, one can even wear Indian salwar clothing to office. For all those working women, clothing should be ensured that the colors are not very bright, but pastel colors seem to be a better alternative. A flashy outfit with a heavy make up is like defying the purpose of coming to the office.

Then comes indian women clothing for occasion like wedding. Usually a lady takes a lot of time to get ready for such a grand social gathering. Therefore, on such occasions, heavy indian women clothing sarees with a heavy make up is well accepted by all. And even those who are decked up with jewelry look apt for a function as grand as a marriage. However, in many religions like Punjabi’s and Muslims, colors such as black and white though trendy are not given high regard. Black and white indian women clothing are not considered quite inauspicious on the wedding occasions.

As far as occasions like festivals are concerned, a women can afford to wear indian women clothing include bright and radiant colors like red, blue, green etc. But no loud make up is required for such kind of an occasion. Also at the time of going to a friend’s place or a birthday party, casual Indian women clothing seems to be the best alternative.

Thus, it is hereby important that one should try and choose the clothes according to the occasion. In other words, you should realize the vitality and the simplicity of the place you are visiting.

Many online shops like offers wide variety of Indian women clothing for right occasions. From casual printed Indian woman clothing to heavily embellished Indian clothing, one can easily find right clothes for right occasions.

Online Indian Dress Materials for Size Plus Women

The biggest advantage of technology savvy need is that more & more people have started using the option of online shopping. This feature has made things available even from a workstation. Shopping for items no longer remains a tedious task As for as purchasing dress material is concerned, even this issue has been well catered through online shopping.

With constant desk job, along with men, even women have become over weight. The busy hours leaves no time for any physical exercise. Consequently, one ends up putting on kilos of weight. The most depressing time in plus size women’s life is when she goes out for shopping and never gets her desired outfits in her size. And for this comes Indian dress materials as a rescue.

Size plus women constantly thinks about what size apparels to buy. And it is only at the time of shopping that women get conscious about the many they look. For such size plus women, fitting into ready made garments is a tough assignment often they do not find the right size as per their physique. Indian dress materials are available in all sizes. One can get Indian dress materials online regardless of any size issues.

Size plus women can now be equally fashionable and stylish in all these Indian dress materials. Flowy Indian dress materials like crepe, chiffon, georgette are more appropriate for size plus women. There were times when designs and styles were very limited for size plus women but now there’s no such situation. For trendy women of today, size hardly matters. While designing, the Indian designers always keep in their mind the need of the size plus women.

Indian dress materials are very exclusive and are well liked by the people. Both Indian and international foreigners like the fancy designs of the Indian garments. But foreigners are comparatively better built than Indians. But when it comes to buy ready made Indian garments they face a difficulty in terms of the selecting the most appropriate size. Thus, through online shopping, one can buy the Indian dress material for any size women. And one can get that dress material stitched as per one’s body structure. This gives women a better look and one gets the garment as per one’s choice.

Due to increasing demand of Indian dress materials for size plus women, many Indian websites are coming up with designer Indian dress materials. is also one the online shopping store offering variety of Indian dress materials for size plus women.

Find Quality Indian Apparels Online for Stylish Women

Women’s Indian apparel industry is vast and far reaching. Women are very choosy about what they wear and this has led to different segments of Indian apparel for women. From the haute couture houses offering designer garments online trading there is something for each one. Stylish quality Indian women have there apparel according to place and occasion. She wants to be perfect styled wherever she is.

Are you a victim of Indian fashion? Do you blindly pick up the trendiest outfits? Indian fashion apparel is available in plenty-you need to be able to pick and choose the right apparels. It would be unwise to merely copy what is claimed to be fashionable or stylish. The quality of the fabric, the color should be the best. With the quantity the manufacturer can’t compromise on quality. No manufacture will like to take the risk of quantity over quality and like to loose his customers.

Generally it does happen that the low quality apparel is sold at a reduced rate. One reason for the low cost may also be that the designers had decided to get themselves noticed by making events, sale etc.

In the 90’s, the last decade of millennium, a move towards the drastic pairing down return with ethnic Indian wear. This led to the decline and the recession, the push to sell at any cost and keep staying in the limelight.

Like the modern wear, the traditional Indian apparel doesn’t carry brand name with it. But while selecting the apparel the quality have to be given a thought. Indian apparel involves sari, lehngas salwar kameez etc.

Indian apparels carry heavy embellishment, for which the manufacturers may compromise with quality. Salwar kameez and other apparel do come under a brand name and those brand names carry a quality tag with them which assures the client trading online.

With the end of the 20th century came the end of all hype which has created a more practical and pragmatic environment and has given a more stable picture of Indian fashion business. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, the Indian fashion scenario wasn’t exactly colorless. It was exciting stylish and very graceful. There were no designers, models, star or fashion design labels that the country could show off. The value of a garment was judged by its style and fabric and by not who made it.

Any ways what so ever may be the cases, the fact remains that quality Indian apparels are the need of the hour and every stylish women want to go for it. Online Indian apparels are largely available online for such stylish people. is one of such website offering online fine quality Indian apparels online. One could easily find quality Indian fashion apparels to be stylish and trendy.

Indian Women Dress Suitable for Women of All Ages

Women whether Indian or international unabashedly are amongst the most beneficial class. They have an ample variety from which they can select their dresses. Especially when it comes to buying Indian wear, we see more diversity and rich colors. In addition to this, these Indian women dresses have given a healthy competition to all clothing industries.

It would be unfair to compare the western dreses with our Indian women dresses since both of them play an important role in their respective manner. Most of us think that though western outfits have become highly popular in our country, but mainly the teenage girls or adolescents wear these garments. Some ladies have also started wearing jeans and t-shirts when compared with the younger generation. Though the Indians have progressed in their outlooks, but when it comes to wearing western outfits one doesn’t feel very comfortable.

Indian women dress is indeed suitable for all age groups. An infant as well as an old lady looks good in any form of Indian dress. Unlike western garments these Indian women dresses aren’t body hugging or well fitted. They are semi fit that on the whole looks fabulous.

Through online shopping one can get the desired garments within a defined framework. Also, the craze for Indian women dresses is well liked by people of different age groups.

In Indian weddings we often see toddlers wearing fancy Indian suits or lehengas. Dresses like Sarees have always attracted young women. At times even college going girls wear cotton or printed sarees.

We can conclude by saying that all forms of Indian dress materials look stunning when it comes to Indian apparels. More than anything what counts is the way you carry yourself in those Indian dresses. is also one of the online stores catering to the demand of all women who loves to enjoy online Indian dress from India.

Tips on Choosing Sizzling Indian Summer Vacation Wear

If you are planning your sizzling summer wardrobe for your vacation, look to include brightly colored, hot fashions that mimic the looks and feel of the great outdoors. Since summer time is usually vacation time for many individuals, take this time to plan your Indian vacation wear so that you will be prepared regardless where you spend your holiday.

Indian summer vacation wear, fabrics and colors are fast making inroads to markets at the fag end of protracted chilly winter with elegant floral prints and stunning summer shades. A few people think that this is an ideal time to pick Indian summer vacation clothes because anything sold off-season or at the outset of season is available on reasonable prices than in the mid of the season. The newest styles of summer Indian vacation wear are also available in the markets but mostly summer variety has been retrieved and displayed from last year’s collection, says a cloth merchant in Commercial Market. Indian summer vacation wear are usually made from light material enabling the skin to conveniently breathe. It is obvious that warm woolen clothes of winter cannot be worn in the summers.

Fabrics displayed in markets are of various types including thick or thin in a variety of summer colors with mostly floral and small prints. Choicest shades of the people are usually light in the season such as pastel, white, off-white and creamy colours.

Mostly women go for flowery prints with white, light blues with the amalgamation of lilacs and purples, distancing themselves from darker colours when it comes to summer vacation wear.

Women prefer lawn, cotton, georgette, khaddi materials and other light stuff which gives cool feeling in the sweltering Indian summer and enjoy the vacation wear.

Floral prints include daisies and butterflies in soft colors are the most popular among young fair sex while old women prefer to wear floral prints in light greys, greens and white.

A number of Indian summer vacation wear could be seen in the tailoring shops where people have stopped making winter dresses and started selecting summer collections.

Lace shops are also adorned with colorful laces which are apart of dresses for females in summer, majority of women avoid laces in winter as their dresses remain unexposed in winter.

The whole situation can leave a shopper wondering and worrying about the season's color trends, what matches their complexion and the appropriate color choice for the occasion. Some hints and tips can help a lot in choosing Indian summer vacation wear.

Indian tops are a must have for summer vacation wear, with everything from fluttered sleeved, frothy, feminine creations that are sweet and subtle or spicy colored halter tops.

You will need more tops in your summer wardrobe than in any other season’s wardrobe simply due to the weather.

The first key of super Indian summer vacation wear is a great pair of Capri pants or cropped pants combined with kurtas.

For individuals who are a bit more traditionalist, find khakis in crisp white or khaki that can be worn with almost any color under the sun on their vacation without causing your to overheat in the sun!

Nothing says "Indian Summer" better than brights. But you may think lime, yellow and fuchsia are better suited to plastic dishes for the patio, than for women's fashion.

The truth is that many brights can be hard to wear close to the face unless they really set off your coloring. The best way to find out if a color works for you is to simply hold it up to your face. If lime makes your skin look putrid, then switch over to the hotter end of the palette and give hot pink a try. Trial and error is your best method for choosing brights that work for you.

Like it or not, every day people are judged by the way they dress and present themselves. Failing to understand the power of projecting a strong personal image can undermine both individual and corporate credibility. This is the fun part! Shopping can be so much fun. Not so fast. When it comes to finding the right clothing.

Knowing the needs and demands of the Indian summer vacation wear, lot of online shops are coming up with the variety in this category. is also one of the online stores catering to the needs of all customers worldwide with the large variety of sizzling Indian vacation wear for summer.

Suitable Indian Attires for Petite Size Women

Indian apparels are undoubtedly available in all possible sixes. Indian attires like Kurtas are available in small, medium and large sizes. However the problem comes when petite women try to fit in one these sizes. Regardless of this fact we see that women with different body structures can wear Indian attires.

As far as the petite women are concerned, we find that our Indian apparel industry does cater to their requirement also. These tiny lass can easily get Indian apparel stitched as per their body type. This has proved to be beneficial for these women and also they can feel good after wearing these Indian attires.

Thus, one can rightly say that the craze for Indian attires is not restricted to anyone in particular. Every person can fit into these Indian attires while petite women or plus size women. The best part even about these Indian attires is that even if a ready made Indian kurti doesn’t fit you one can surely get it stitched. In other words, no sets of people are deprived from wearing these Indian attires. All women with plus or petite size women can get their apparels stitched according to their size.

Indians have tactfully dealt with this situation of petite size women. Our fashion is not restricted because of any size issues. One is free to wear what one wants to wear. Though western garments have their own charm but they cannot be available in all sizes. A person may feel depressed while not getting desired designs in his or her sizes while he tries some western fits but on the contrary there are no such size issues for the Indian fashion attires.

The craze and craving for Indian attires are well looked after by the Indians. We can afford to get slim and slimmer, yet we shall be able to find clothes for ourselves. So as it is petite women have a well shaped body one can surely top it up by wearing ethnic wear. is one of the online Indian apparel stores providing large variety of indian apparels in all designs, colors and sizes.

Famous Online Rajasthani Chaniya Cholis From India

The term “chania choli” reminds us of some vibrant yet elegant colors. Young children of all age groups are often cladded with such fancy apparels. And Rajasthan is unabashedly famous for its lehengas. The style as well as the fabric of these chaniya cholis is very different. The unique style in which the apparel is formed makes it unique among the masses.

The typical style of Rajasthani chaniya choli boasts about colorful avatars. And then it talks about the shape of these couture’s which is A-line. A noticeable feature of Rajasthani garments is its mirror work. This feature creates all the uniqueness and charm.

Places like Jaipur are often considered one of the best places from where we can purchase chaniya choli. But in order to avoid traveling all the way to Rajasthan, one can even purchase this exclusive garment through online shopping.

Not only in India, but people from far off places are quite aware of the magic these Indian Rajasthani dresses have created over the past few years. Mostly shades of red, maroon, etc. are quite popular among these chaniya cholis. In addition to this sought after style, girls wear some accessories like earrings and matching footwear in order to give it a classy look.

Many fashion fundas have come up with the passage of time. But it’s a matter of astonishment that youngsters of this century have not lost the charm for these Rajasthani chaniya cholis. Its indeed hard to find a replacement for such exclusive wears.

With the increasing demand of traditional Indian Rajasthani chaniya cholis many online Indian stores are coming up with these traditional dresses for both the people in and outside India. is one such largest online stores with thousands of designs for everyone with different style and taste.

Pastel Color Indian Gown With Traditional Heavy Embroidery Looks Gorgeous

Many believe that style is simplicity. Pastel colors are undoubtedly very subtle and subdued shades. Despite this description, these pastel colors in Indian gowns are famous across the boundaries. Pastel colors are simple but look elegant when worn and carried off well.

In an occasion, pastel colors like pink, blue, green etc. with heavy embroidery looks absolutely gorgeous. With dark colors, heavy embroidery looks very flashy and gaudy. It doesn’t really give an elegant look. But with light shades in Indian gowns with traditional heavy embroidery, a girl looks very charming.

In summers, pastel colored Indian gowns look very classy. Double shaded Indian gowns in pastel colors make one look highly elegant. During late evenings, Indian gowns in light colors with heavy stonework or embroidery looks gorgeous and debonair.

The charm for pastel colors is slowly and gradually gaining global fame. The clichéd fashion belief that dark colors are the ultimate style statement is now passé. Designers are coming up with new and trendy fashion tips. In those tips, pastel colors have become everybody’s priority.

The most ethnic and classy clothes in pastel colors looks the best. Heavy traditional Indian embroideries like zari, gotta patti, sequins, kundan, zardozi and lots more for that classy look.

In every season, pastel colors are growing profusely. Girls have become shopping freaks, they are running after all shades of pastel colors. Weather its summers or winters heavily embellished pastel coutures always attract women of all ages.

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