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Women’s Hosiery

Women’s hosiery comes in an attractive range of products, colors and styles. From sheer pantyhose to tights and stockings, hosiery is a subject of individual taste and preference. Well fitting hosiery can do wonders – it can camouflage minor blemishes, emphasize your contours and lend an even skin tone. Be it thick knit hosiery or sheer silk or lycra, women’s hosiery needs to be carefully selected. Find out tips on selecting women’s hosiery. Compression hosiery or support hosiery provides relief to those suffering from leg fatigue.

Women’s Hosiery
Women’s hosiery is designed to fit snug to a woman’s foot, thighs and abdomen. While sheer hosiery is ideal for those who want to show their legs to best advantage, opaque hosiery completely covers your legs. Pantyhose offers body covering from the toes to the waist. It can hold in the stomach, buttocks and upper thighs. Select your pantyhose with care. Opt for toeless sheer hose to wear with your strap sandals. You can go in for shimmering sheer hose for special occasions. Subtle or bright, demure or adventurous, elegant or casual – your hosiery can add to your style statement. Sheer pantyhose in light colors can make your legs appear smoother and longer.

Hosiery is available in many shades ranging from pillar-box red to lime green, black and white. The popular ones are natural skin tone, browns, grays and dark blues and blacks. Choose the pantyhose color to coordinate with your entire outfit. Nude or skin tone pantyhose are all-time favorites. Dark and opaque tights will lend a monochromatic look and minimize the leg size. Fashionable hose in fishnet, crotchet, stripes, plaids and other motifs are a rage with teenagers while neutral shades are chosen for business wear. The sheerness and durability of women’s hosiery depends on the fabric. Ultra sheer stockings and hosiery is made of fine nylon while lycra has a more silken feel to it.

Sheer hosiery is flattering to your legs and allows the natural skin tone to be seen through. Sheer hose come in different combinations of nylon and spandex. Semi-sheer pantyhose is suited for day wear. Heavier opaque tights are better suited for dance lessons, exercise classes and winter wear. Tights are usually made of cotton or wool. Spandex hosiery is highly elastic and conforms to body contours sans creases. The sheerness of the hosiery is defined as Denier and is represented on a Denier scale – 10 denier is ultra sheer while 45 is opaque. Ladders are the bane of any stocking and hosiery wearer. The more sheer the fabric, the more likely it is to develop a ladder. Car doors, cupboards, long nails, jewelry, pins or even pet cats can cause your favorite hosiery to develop ladders. A drop of clear nail polish can temporarily keep the ladder run in check.

# Choose the hosiery of the right size. Look up size charts to get the right fit. Err on the larger size if you fall in the borderline size range. A well-fitting hosiery will keep you comfortable and last longer.

# Choose a suitable suspender belt for your stockings to prevent wrinkling and creases. Pregnant women can opt for thigh high hose.

# Handmade hosiery is more expensive than machine-made ones. Look for reinforced seams and wider waistbands for comfort.

# Wear pantyhose on dry legs. Don’t pull on it when you are wearing the hose. Ensure that your skin and nails are smooth before handling sheer hosiery.

# Clean your pantyhose gently with mild detergent. Do not hang up hosiery on the line to dry, as it will stretch. Place it on thick towels.

# Dark hosiery helps to create a slender silhouette.

# Roll hosiery into a loose ball when packing it for travel.

Compression hosiery
Compression hosiery is said to relieve those suffering from swelling in the legs. Support hosiery is designed to cling to the legs thereby reducing problems of varicose veins, swollen legs and water retention. It is used extensively for those suffering from chronic venous disease. Compression hosiery controls the size of the veins beneath thereby preventing them expanding with blood. Support hosiery is designed to lend graduated support to the legs. The pressure is greatest at the ankle and it gradually decreases up the leg.

Women who suffer from tired and aching legs or varicose veins can benefit from compression hosiery. It is also recommended for those who spend considerable time in standing or sitting positions. If you suffer from skin infections or Ischemia of the leg, use of compressed hosiery is not advised. Wearing compression hosiery from the start of the day prevents swelling that normally occurs during the course of the day. It is best to consult a physician before using compression hosiery to determine the number of hours it can be worn. Do not use bleach or strong detergents on your support hosiery. Hand wash or machine-wash them in a mesh bag.

Design Your Own Perfume

Research shows that you can quite easily make a hundred bottles of perfume for under $300. Then you sell each bottle for up to $50 each, and you have $15000. Minus your costs and you have made an easy $14700, and that’s just the beginning.

Perfume costs next to nothing to make and sells with unbelievable markups. Is it any surprise that so many celebrities have cottoned on to the idea and are trying to retire on a fragrance?

Some of the most profitable perfumes on the market are ones which were the cheapest to produce, and when you start small it doesn’t work out any dearer for you to make than if you were investing thousands.

In the past it was difficult to source your ingredients, packaging or bottles and spray nozzles. Even designing and producing the label seemed like a year long job. It has all changed with the internet boom, and online ordering means you can scope out the cheapest but still quality ingredients etc. You can order and pay by credit card, and as quickly as it arrives you will be on your way to success. Not only is this great for the novice scent inventor, but will hopefully have the effect of bringing the cost of perfume down in the near future.

There are some things you will need to remember when you begin your project of perfume making. First come up with a catchy name for it, but make sure it is also sensible. Design a label with some simple artwork and research the requirements for ingredients and listing them as well. Next you need to scope out the best priced bottles, lids and/or pumps. Don’t buy cheap and nasty ones, but don’t spend a fortune either. You want it to look professional without costing more than the contents.

Spend a couple of days choosing your fragrances, and research what other ingredients you should use. Make sure you are in a sterile environment when preparing, then pour it into your bottles. Work out how you want to present the finished product, whether you can afford boxes or maybe you can come up with another creative way to make it look appealing and professional.

It really is really a simple process, not rocket science. If it is something you have always wanted to do, don’t waste another moment. Seize the day and the opportunities we have and put your nose and your personal taste to the test.

Hot Flashes Remedy - Is There One That Really Works?

Looking for a much needed hot flashes remedy? Then you are obviously experiencing "the change." Hot flashes are the first sign of approaching menopause and the one symptom that most women would like to conquer. Before you run to your doctor and begin hormone therapy, try employing a few simple tips that can work as your hot flashes remedy.

One little known hot flashes remedy is apple cider vinegar. Taking a little of this vinegar has given many women relief from migraines, sinus headaches and even allergy symptoms. More importantly, women report fewer hot flashes! If apple cider vinegar works as your hot flashes remedy it may even increase your energy, alleviate dry skin and aid in weight loss. For no known side effects, I say bottoms up!

Another more prevalently known hot flashes remedy is exercise. Women who reported hot flashes so severe that they plagued them day and night sing the praises of exercise as the ultimate hot flash cure. The amount of exercise required to diminish your symptoms and act as your hot flashes remedy will vary. Reportedly, moderate exercise for 1-2 hours a day, 4-6 times a week has squelched hot flashes completely. On a side note, when the regular exercise stopped, the hot flashes immediately came roaring back. Talk about an incentive to keep exercising!

An increasingly popular hot flashes remedy is to drink soy milk or take soy products. In some women a glass of soy milk has almost a miracle effect. One woman reported that a glass of daily soy milk kept her hot flash free during the day, but she was continuing to experience night sweats. After warming up a good old cup of soy and enjoying it before bed, her night sweats disappeared and she finally got that elusive good night’s sleep. As long as you’re not allergic to soy, there’s a great possibility it may be your long sought after hot flashes remedy.

Soy not doing it for you? How about trying a little Tumeric? Women in India use this powder to help ease their menopause symptoms. This spice is said to not only ease hot flashes, but also soothe irritated skin. Taken in a small dose Tumeric has no known side effects, but they have the potential to help your fight in finding your hot flashes remedy.

A more common hot flashes remedy is cutting out the sugar in your diet. Cutting your sugar intake is known to help with many physical and emotional ailments, but also may decrease the frequency and intensity of your hot flashes.

If the above suggestions don’t help, never give up! There’s no need to live in misery for years and years to come. There are many other natural remedies that relieve hot flashes. It is simply a matter of systematically finding what your triggers are and eliminating them, then trying some of the many remedies that are readily available to you. Keep at it and you will eventually develop your own hot flashes remedy.

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