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Mountain Biking Clothes - Riding In Style

Clothes make the man, and the woman, and the mountain biker. Looking good on the trails is almost as great a concern among mountain biking enthusiasts as having the best biking and safety equipment they can possibly afford. Mountain biking clothing, in fact, can take a significant chunk out of a biker’s budget; having new designer biking togs to show off at the next big group trail ride is almost as much fun as being on the ride itself.

The mountain biking clothes which correlate to Ralph Lauren Weekend in mainstream fashion are those of Zoic. Zoic combines color, innovative design, and unparalleled craftsmanship in mountain biking clothing lines for men, women, and children of every level of mountain biking skill. They have comfortable shirts and shorts to appeal to all.

Zoic Mountain Biking Apparel

The Zoic Libertee Shirt for Men is extremely popular both for its comfort and the quality of its construction. The design of the Libertee sends a clear signal that its wearer knows great mountain biking clothing when he sees it.

Zoic’s El Diablo Jersey is a men’s shirt constructed of fabric ideal for long distance tiding. Its cutting-edge design separates it from traditional mountain biking shirts, with an easy zipping mechanism to provide extra comfort while maintaining the high fashion look which has made Zoic mountain biking clothes the leaders among the sport’s enthusiasts.

The Zoic Epoch Short is a men’s short with a twin zipper to supply comfort with extra support and ventilation.

The Zoic Ether Short for Men, a highest quality nylon short, allows its wearers maximum freedom to move and, therefore, maximum comfort. It offers the convenience of side pockets in which the biker can stow all his biking accessories

The Zoic Crosswind Sleeveless Shirt is a piece of mountain biking clothing that allows women mountain bikers to emphasize their femininity and remain cool by going sleeveless as they ride.

Finally, the Zoic Bellis for Women is the perfect mountain clothing for women who are competitive mountain bikers. It’s constructed of a jersey fabric which offers both the comfortable functionality and good looks that make its wearers feel good init and good about themselves for wearing it!

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Most Influential Group of Consumers

Recent marketing studies reveal that most marketing strategies directed toward women fail to live up to potential due to lack of appropriate market segmentation.

Businesses that are the most successful and consistently reach women with targeted marketing efforts take advantage of the different ways in which women collect information and make consumer decisions. As a business owner you can capture the female buying power through specifically targeted marketing strategies toward women versus the traditional marketing strategy.

A recent Vanguard study found women trust:

• Female family members
• Financial Institutions
• Newspapers

Interesting market facts:

• Women perceive and behave differently to consumer marketing. Women are generally more demanding in making the initial purchase, however, once they make the decision they are more brand/product loyal. For a business this means selling to women yields greater retention rates, more repeat customers and better word-of-mouth advertising. For the advertiser it means marketing in a new way.

• Women spend 14% more on electronics than men.

• Women own 49% of American businesses operating in the U.S.

• Women are the fastest growing group of business owners (2 times as many women, than men, are starting their own business.

• Women purchase 74% of all NBA and NFL apparel.

• Women, who are single bought 2 times as many homes as single men (57% of single women own their own home.)

• Women make up 50% of computer sales.

• Women purchase 65% of new cars and influence 80% of all car sales.

• Women buy or influence 85% of consumer goods and services.

• Women in the U.S. represent the 3rd largest economy on the globe.

• Women take the lead in suggesting the purchase and begin doing the initial research for big-ticket items.

• Women are 3 times more likely to recommend a brand or service.

• Women make decisions on most big-ticket purchases in the family household.

Marketers have only scratched the surface of the growing purchasing power of women. The outlook for the female consumer market is remarkable. Businesses are just beginning to recognize the women’s market for its own merit.

The outlook is exciting! You can impact your bottom line by understanding the growing purchasing power of women.

The Women's Magazine
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Designer T-shirts are up for grabs at tonight's green gala

Word in fashion is that "green is the new black," referring to the trend of heightened environmental awareness among socialites — and the companies that market to them.

Green thinking is rapidly infiltrating the consumer-driven fashion world, with the help of a few high-profile pioneers.

Luxury retailers like Barney's of New York are embracing green-leaning brands, and a growing legion of celebrities, models and fashion-conscious hipsters are extolling the virtues of reusable shopping bags and organic cotton, while shunning their chemical and waste-intensive counterparts.

It's fitting, then, that ADASA, a progressive designer boutique and e-tailer that recently opened Hawai'i's first "E-Concept Boutique" should lead the local fashion pack in adopting a green mentality.

ADASA owner Donna Loren, a modern flower child with a keen business and fashion sense, exudes earnestness as she discusses the subject. "We really want to promote and raise awareness for environmental and social causes through fashion," she said. "ADASA is committed to reducing the impact of its business, and supporting designers and organizations that help the planet."

Most recently, Loren scooped up a collection of 12 T-shirt designs (10 women's and 2 men's) from eco-fashion organization Limited Edition New York.

The L.E.N.Y. shirts are designed by style icons such as Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Diane von Furstenberg and produced by British label Buddhist Punk. The lion's share of the $198 sticker price benefits Al Gore's Climate Project, an organization dedicated to educating the public on global warming. They have been snapped up by chic boutiques the world over, from Harvey Nichols in London to New York's Intermix and Colette in Paris.

Today, the limited-edition shirts will be up for grabs at a special edition of Honolulu Green Drinks, and two will be given away as door prizes.

Held monthly at E&O Trading Co., Green Drinks provides an informal atmosphere for eco-minded people from all sectors of business and the community to socialize and network.

ADASA is sponsoring this month's event to convey the message that retailers and consumers can effect change through conscious fashion choices. If the concept takes, ADASA plans to pursue other cause-based fashion initiatives; Loren hinted that she's already scoping lines whose proceeds tackle poverty and violence.