Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Clothes Shopping Tips

Some tips from my experience on when to shop for clothes to help make your shopping trip relaxed and more enjoyable.

Being a seasoned shopper (like many women!), I have found the best time to shop is first thing in the morning when there is more parking available, the shops are less crowded and shop assistants are generally friendlier, more helpful and in better moods.

Rather than trying to cram in a whole range of items which can turn a shopping spree into a shopping circus, focus on one or two things only. That way you can remain focussed on the task at hand, find exactly what you are after, and return home feeling positive and happy with your successful purchases.

Be aware that although shopping can be great fun, a whole day of shopping can be quite exhausting. This state of mind is definitely not conducive to clear, rational thought and you will buy things you will later regret if you attempt to shop in this way. Believe me, it is very easy and tempting to continue a shopping trip despite your body (and feet) protesting!

Not a good idea to shop when you are short of money - this will only encourage poor decision making and create additional stress which is easily avoided. Best to save up for purchases in advance and then go out shopping knowing you can afford to do so without a guilty conscience. Maxing out your credit card soon destroys the shopping high, and everything else if you are not careful.

The chaos of the lunch break - avoid it like the plague. Not only will you be fighting for a place amongst every other person who has whipped out during their lunch break, you also have to contend with stressed out, grumpy, famished, over worked shop assistants who have been on their feet all morning without a break.

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Corporate Apparel - Corporate Casuals

The corporate apparel market is one of the fastest growing markets in the apparel industry. Corporate apparel helps to foster team spirit among the employees. The manufacturers of corporate apparel also offer custom embroidery services and logos for the clothes selected by their customers. The corporate executives could also select from a variety of products to create business outfits for any event.

Corporate Apparel
The corporate apparel manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes along with custom hemming and designing. The corporate executives could also personalize their garments with high-quality embroidery, screen-printings or express cut vinyls. Smart and trendy corporate wear can go a long way in building a good professional image of an organization. The corporate clothes could be designed for different types of roles and environment.

It is now possible to get customized corporate apparel. A firm can get corporate man apparel as well as a coordinating one for women. Innovative styling can give you corporate apparel that is versatile for business use. Exclusively corporate apparel manufacturers also create golf hats, T-shirts and beach towels with the company logo. Corporate apparel and corporate gifts are perfect for trade shows and company outings.

Corporate garments need more technical specialization than ordinary garments. The corporate garments should be created with the latest fabric technology so that they suit the working environment. The garments should be able to sustain regular wear and tear.
The fabrics chosen for the corporate apparel are tested to see if they match the requirements of the corporate identity. Only then are they used for the entire corporate range of apparel. Then, the corporate apparel company’s staff evaluates the corporate apparel to see if they suit the demands and the environment of the customer. The apparel company is then expected to conform to the stipulated standards and maintain the same quality.
Popular variations on corporate apparel:

* Business Suits: These include wide range of modern clothing for the male and the female staff.
* Outwear Manufacture: It includes jackets, vests, body warmers and over trousers. These clothes are made to the order of the customers.
* High Visibility Clothing: It includes jackets, vests, and body warmers and over trousers in high visibility colors.
* Work Wear: It includes sweatshirts, leisure shirts, drivers’ jackets and drivers’ trousers.

The following are the corporate casuals found in various shops:
* Sport and Golf Polo: The Polo shirts or sports shirts are found in over 25 styles. The jersey knit polo shirts are very popular with the customers.
* Denim and Twill Shirts: These shirts are designed for corporate casual wear and more than 20 styles are available with the manufacturers.
* Outer Wear and Fleece Wear: This category includes full-zip jackets, fleece jackets, fleece-lined and nylon jackets. The jackets could be customized with the customer’s corporate logo.

Embroidery enhances the appeal of the corporate apparel. The corporate apparel buyers appreciate durability and attractively designed embroidery. High tech equipment that is capable of quick and good quality work is used to mass manufacture corporate apparel. Screen Painting could also be used on corporate apparel. Here, the printer presses the ink through a framed screen. The printer creates a separate screen for each color. Screen-printing technology is being increasingly used for transferring corporate logos onto uniforms and corporate wear.

Many organizations opt for a corporate uniform with the company logo on it. This brings about a feeling of oneness and fosters team spirit among the employees. The corporate uniforms play an important part in building the corporate brand image. An employee is easily identified by his corporate uniform. It is necessary to select a corporate uniform that is in keeping with the requirements of the office staff. Corporate uniforms form a large segment of the corporate apparel business. Nearly a quarter of the working Americans wear uniforms to work. The upsurge in the service industry has further fuelled the corporate uniform market and there are more apparel manufacturers who are supplying them.

Safety Apparel at offices and factories
Selecting the right protective fabrics for the high-risk working environments zones like the nuclear power plant or a manufacturing company is a must, so as to avoid damages due to unseen accidents and mishaps. Now safety apparel is available for all-round protection -- safety apparel shoes, jackets, radiation masks, protective glasses and shoes and even foot and leg protection apparel.

The Personal Protection equipment at work regulations 1992 enforces certain guidelines, which monitors the dress code of the offices and factories. High stress is laid on the safety concerns and no compromise is granted when it comes to safety of the personnel Head protection is a must with standard helmets prescribed, at all building and civil engineering sites, and eye and hearing protection with appropriate lens and ear plugs is highly warranted. Work wear is to be designed keeping in mind the nature of hazard anticipated, protection required, climatic conditions, fabric, style, fit to wearer, cost and the emergency clothing concerns. Life jackets and survival suits, safety belts and multi-purpose harness systems and gloves for hand protection are few of the important apparel accessories commonly found useful in an emergency situations.


Embroidered Apparel - Intimate Apparel

Embroidered Apparel
Embroidered apparel goes a long way back into the earlier century. But even today, embroidered apparel has not lost its appeal. You can get custom embroidered apparel with patches of your choice. Many fashion houses have an art and design studio where you can get custom-made embroidered apparel. It is possible to even get patterns of your own choice embroidered on your apparel. You can download designs from web sites to create embroidered apparel with a variety of motifs and patterns.

Intimate Apparel
Intimate apparel refers to the whole range of inner garments, sleepwear and lingerie that a woman would look for. Camisoles, slips and girdles form an important part of a woman's intimate apparel. Sleepwear like chemises and pajama sets and peignoirs are also a popular range of intimate apparel. Romantic lingerie is a must have in a bridal intimate apparel set.