Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Perfect Clothing Size Matters

Remember, the few days back there was a zero size in clothing, but you may get shocked if you find size smaller than zero. It’s true – now fashion designers are coming up with collections sizing minus zero.

Don’t have an idea of a minus-zero size women? Well, a good example is the soccer star’s wife Victoria Beckham, who has ideal body to easily fit into a minus-zero size. According to one newspaper, her waist is nearly 23 ½ inches. However, the fact is that the population of sliver in America is getting lesser day by day, while the rest are growing in girth and clothing size. American women are certainly growing bigger as a mass. According to leading industry research group, the average woman weighs nearly 155 pounds and is 5 foot 4 inch tall, which is nearly 20 pounds heavier than the woman of 40 years back.

But don't consider that a modern woman is wearing a larger size than her grandmother’s size. As per the survey, standard size for a woman of 155 pound woman would be size 16, but thanks to vanity-sizing, she's likely to be wearing size 10 or 12. Today, many companies does not comply standard sizes declared by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), any more. Actually, sizes have been move stealthily a half-inch at a time to that make women feel good by fitting into smaller sizes.

Consider the vanity-sizing as self-illusion factor on a huge group. Women over the 40 finds something wrong if she wears a smaller size at present than she could wear 20 years back. However, many can wear a size 6 pair of Old Navy jeans, even they know that they would not be able to fit into their size 10 Calvin Klein from circa 1980. In fact, it is simply a faith based sizing. People want to believe that they can still slip into a size 6 or 8, no matter if the standard measurement disagrees.

Although, it is very difficult to consider that anyone wishes to be reputed for minus size, as there is concern that the minus zero sizes will become a status symbol for young girls with eating anarchy. Recently, bony models were banned from a runway show in Madrid for being skinny and underweight. The step was taken by the local regulatory, which found that the young girls imitates the models dietary habits and do not take enough food - just become razor thin. However, regardless of the ban, it's difficult to abolish the affect and preference for skinny models – who are still very much in fashion industry.

For any women, this confusing measurement means – “Simply, no answer to the question - what is your size?” Many of them reply - "it depends..." as sizes varies hugely between brands as well time to time. Even, the single sizes vary in a same brand. For e.g. size 8 in Gap is available in four different cuts from curved style to boyish, which is near to the next size. There are also crushingly European small sizes ranging from 34 to 44, that are not possibly fit an average woman in America.

The population of Hispanics and Asians is growing; moreover the aging mass has requirements of new fashion looks. Americans usually get bigger as they pass ages, on the other hand the ethnic mass have completely different proportions. Garment producers are aiming to market their product to a specific mass to make the fits to be different from brand to brand. The concern is that the apparel manufacturers have to match their steps with changing demographics and body sizes found in the U.S.

The solution is, return to reality utilizing standard measurements. However, even that many would love to stick to current sizing charts just to have single-digit sizes rather than returning to double digits. Imagine, the misery of the retailer who would have to tell a 16 size woman that now she has to buy a 22 size. Companies, such as Gap Inc., are targeting to lure both, the smallest and the biggest size buyers, who together make a substantial market portion. In 1990, Gap Inc. unveiled clothing range of size 0 along with introducing a plus-size range for their Old Navy stores at the same time.

Whatever the girth – even the women who fall in between extreme bony and thin should also take heart. If a vanity measurement sustains its movement to downwards at this speed, most of the people would be wearing a minus zero by 2020. Certainly, people will have to rip-out the brands of that size about 10 from this year.

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Wearing the Right Golf Apparel

Golf is a great sport. It is very challenging. A golf enthusiast will constantly strive to do better in his or her game. Improving on golf will of course require the aid of the essential golf equipment and the comforts brought by the right golf apparel.

Never underestimate the role of correct golf apparel in a good game. There will be lots of walking involved in playing golf and you will do this under the sun. As such, it is important that you stay comfortable throughout. Finding the right golf apparel therefore is very crucial.

It is easy to find golf apparels in the market. You can find such golf apparels in almost every sports shop. There are also specialty stores for sports gear. Some retail shops and department stores even have their own sports sections where you can easily access golf apparels.

1. Find the Right Fit

People who are fortunate enough to be born with nice bodies can easily get golf apparels in the right fit. More often than not, they can wear the ones displayed with the mannequin models. However, if you do not have the same case, then it is crucial that you be cautious of the sizes and styles of the golf apparel you buy.

Be sure that the clothes you get are in your size. Fit them first before purchasing them. If you can freely move with the apparel then it is a right fit to you. If you did not find a golf apparel that fits your measurement, then it is best to buy the one that is one size larger than your measurement and have it altered.

2. Choose according to Your Taste

There are many choices when it comes to golf apparels. Many stores for sporting goods can give you wide selection for your golf apparel. Thus, it is best to browse through the different stores and pick the item that best suits your taste and sense of fashion. You must be comfortable enough to the item that you will wear. For men, the basic golf apparel is a combination of a nice golf shirt with comfortable golf pants. Women can choose to wear golf skirts or pants with their golf shirts.

3. The Right Golf Shirt

The best top to wear when you play your game is the golf shirt. This shirt is usually made of cotton to ensure comfort in the course, although some can be made of different materials. The golf shirt is collared, T-shaped and has slits on the bottom sides. Some golf shirts provide an extra pocket. You can pick among the different brand names for your golf shirt. There are also all sorts of color to choose from.

Men and women need to find the right golf tee for playing. Get the measurement of your chest and shoulder area to ensure that you get the right size. Make sure that the shoulder seams of the shirt falls squarely to the shoulder joints. Be sure to fit the golf shirts too. Try moving your arms around as you do the fitting. You need room for mobility. However, buying a loose shirt will also have its disadvantages. A proper fit should be aimed for.

4. The Right Golf Pants

You must know your waist and hip measurements when buying your golf pants or skirts. Keep in mind that the fit is a crucial factor. The length of the pants should also fit right. It should be made of materials that will allow easy bending for the legs. It must not be tight-fitting.

5. The Right Golf Shoes

There is a lot of walking involved in the golf game. Thus you need the right golf shoes to provide the support needed by the feet. It is very crucial that you know the right size that fits your feet. Be sure also that your choice of golf shoe support the type of arch in your feet. This way the golf shoes can give you the maximum comfort as you walk.

Women's Basketball Buzz

Five, four, three, two, one Women’s Basketball is at its highest level worldwide. After years of struggle with audiences and respect of doubters now the sport can look back and laugh. Starting in the USA women’s basketball started just as the sport of baseball. Women played basketball in dresses and skirts to cover up their body. Women back many years ago were subsided to be a mother and work at home while the husband provided for the family. Basketball was not

Basketball leaders who helped open the doors for women’s basketball in the USA such as Teresa Edwards, Cheryl Miller, Cynthia Cooper and Jennifer Azzi. There are many reasons why women’s basketball has grown in the last decade. Exposure such as the summer Olympics, professional basketball leagues like ABL, NWBL, WNBA, semi professional leagues and women’s college basketball. The audiences have grown for women’s basketball and even being broadcasted on televisions worldwide. The fan base is tremendous, from NBA player’s support, worldwide women’s support, young girls and men in general.

Women basketball players from the USA are heading to Europe more and more each year to play in European Championships and competitions. In the past, this was open to only a few standout players who had previous professional experience or had been to the Olympics. Now, young players from Europe have more opportunities than ever to play basketball in US universities and colleges. Most competitions in European countries are not as big as top leagues such as the French, Spanish, Italian and Russian like leagues. Therefore, young players have the chance to receive a high quality education and have more exposure in the USA.

It is proven that Women’s Basketball is at its highest ever and only will go up. Many leagues have come and gone but hopefully the Nationals Women’s Basketball Association (WNBA) basketball league will prevail due to the support of the National Basketball Association (NBA). With the respect of basketball leagues there are many women’s basketball resources online and apparel for the support of the game. Top websites such as Women’s Basketball Online, Women’s Basketball Buzz (, basketball blogs and more.

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