Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Women's Basketball Buzz

Five, four, three, two, one Women’s Basketball is at its highest level worldwide. After years of struggle with audiences and respect of doubters now the sport can look back and laugh. Starting in the USA women’s basketball started just as the sport of baseball. Women played basketball in dresses and skirts to cover up their body. Women back many years ago were subsided to be a mother and work at home while the husband provided for the family. Basketball was not

Basketball leaders who helped open the doors for women’s basketball in the USA such as Teresa Edwards, Cheryl Miller, Cynthia Cooper and Jennifer Azzi. There are many reasons why women’s basketball has grown in the last decade. Exposure such as the summer Olympics, professional basketball leagues like ABL, NWBL, WNBA, semi professional leagues and women’s college basketball. The audiences have grown for women’s basketball and even being broadcasted on televisions worldwide. The fan base is tremendous, from NBA player’s support, worldwide women’s support, young girls and men in general.

Women basketball players from the USA are heading to Europe more and more each year to play in European Championships and competitions. In the past, this was open to only a few standout players who had previous professional experience or had been to the Olympics. Now, young players from Europe have more opportunities than ever to play basketball in US universities and colleges. Most competitions in European countries are not as big as top leagues such as the French, Spanish, Italian and Russian like leagues. Therefore, young players have the chance to receive a high quality education and have more exposure in the USA.

It is proven that Women’s Basketball is at its highest ever and only will go up. Many leagues have come and gone but hopefully the Nationals Women’s Basketball Association (WNBA) basketball league will prevail due to the support of the National Basketball Association (NBA). With the respect of basketball leagues there are many women’s basketball resources online and apparel for the support of the game. Top websites such as Women’s Basketball Online, Women’s Basketball Buzz (, basketball blogs and more.

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