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Leather Apparel - Leather Fashions

Leather is one of nature’s most practical yet sensuous materials. Leather apparel can be made of stingray, crocodile, alligator, ostrich or snakeskins. Leather is known for its aesthetic appeal and durability. Varied textures and wide range of colors enhance the appeal of the leather apparel. New techniques have led to lighter skins that can be used round the year. The snake apparel could act as a gift on many occasions. The leather apparel could be made with the customer’s logo or the customer’s favorite brand. The personal leather goods include small articles carried by a person in his handbag.

Leather Apparel
Leather apparel does not easily wrinkle and is comfortable for extended wear. The structure of leather apparel fibers makes it wind -resistant and is ideal as motorcycle apparel. Leather apparel is ideal for layering. Choosing good leather apparel requires good understanding of its various features. Leather apparel is a hot fashion trend as man apparel as well as women's apparel. Man leather apparel extends to lambskin leather pants and leather jackets. Motorcycle apparel like motorcycle leather chaps and biker jackets are available too.

Leather is a luxurious material and its value is dependent on its softness and texture. The appearance of the leather apparel is influenced by raw materials, the skin of the animals and environmental conditions. The surface of the leather garments depends on the uniqueness of each animal. The genetic make-up of the animal has a bearing on the final quality of any leather apparel. Experienced craftsmen select the leather hides that are then tanned, dyed and finished. The process of leather making is nearly 5000 years old and dates back to 12th century England. The curing process involves adding a protective treatment to the hide or pelt. At the tannery, chemical processes render the leather soft and pliable and also adjust the thickness of the skin. Then, the leather hides are cut to patterns that represent the sleeves, collar and the other portions of the garment. Leather apparel has a large and distinguished clientele.
Guidelines For Purchasing Leather Apparel

* Feel the softness and the texture of the leather apparel before buying a garment. A softer garment with a richer feel is generally more expensive.
* The cut, quality of stitching along with the line and style distinguishes a classic leather garment from the rest.
* The price of the leather apparel is determined by the quality of the leather and the labor involved in creating the apparel.

Leather apparel stretches to provide comfort to the individual yet retains its’ shape. The leather is also breathable.

Increasing the Life of the Leather Apparel
* The apparel should be stored on a broad hanger to maintain its’ shape.
* The dust and dirt should be wiped with a soft sponge or cloth.
* The leather apparel should not be stored in a plastic bag or a heated area.
* The wet leather garment should be allowed to dry naturally and it should not be exposed to humidity.
* Perfumes and hairspray should not be applied while wearing the garment.
* Tapes and pins should not be applied to the leather garment.
* Water and strain repellants should be used to preserve the leather apparel.
* The leather apparel should be covered with a heavy paper before ironing it. It should be ensured that the leather garment is dry before ironing it.

Professional methods should be used for the cleaning of leather apparel and the traditional dry cleaning method should not be used. The traditional cleaning method destroys the leather apparel as it removes the natural oil from the leather. So, harmful chemicals should not be used to clean leather apparel. The hides are transformed into leather by pre-tanning, tanning and finishing.

Leather Apparel Fashion
Leather never goes out of style. Black leather apparel and leather apparel in rich colors can make you stand out in a crowd. Rich colors such as burgundy, plum or cordovan or warm neutral shades such as caramel, russet or chocolate brown are all time favorites. Teflon coating makes the leather apparel water-resistant. Sandblasting adds a vintage feel or glazed look to the leather garments. Suede is a popular leather fabric – an enzyme washed and softer version of leather. The suede is made from a piece of cowhide and is considered very popular. Suede has now been making its’ presence felt in all kinds of clothing and it could be used in every season. Suede can also be tailored as sports wear. Suede is also expensive and soft leather apparel. Suede could also be used with jeans, pants or skirts.

Leather Fashions
* Vintage: The antiqued leathers and shearlings reflect the growing attraction towards vintage. Its’ antique finish; notch collar and self-belt increases its appeal.
* Matrix: This leather apparel is made for the fall season. It has bold colorations and a notch collar adds to its’ appeal.
* Utility: These leather jackets are multi-pocketed and multi-zippered. It is a biker-inspired jacket.
* Retro: It is modeled after the 50’s styling and is comparatively less flashy. The old jacket shapes are updated with colorations and fabrications.
* Fine Tuned: It has welt pockets and sleek zipper closure. This design has a new appeal and a slimming vertical quilting.

PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) is an organization, which is opposed to the killing of animals for leather. PETA feels that the animals should not be abused in the name of fashion. Zebras, boars, elephants, alligators, walruses, turtles and snakes are sometimes hunted for their skins alone. Exotic animals are even factory-farmed for their skin.

Kid Apparel - Girl Apparel

The Kid apparel market has undergone a revolution, with the kids increasingly choosing their apparel and clothing. Kid apparel is big business these days, what with the child-clothing segment becoming such an important niche in the market. Little girls have a wide variety of clothes to choose from – the varied range of girl apparel available is mind-boggling.

Kid apparel
The kid apparel market has undergone several changes over the ages. Gone are the days when parents used to make choices for their kids – The child of today dictates what he or she wears. Kids like things bright and beautiful, the fancier the better. So the kid apparel market has to now keep in mind the tastes of the kids and their changing whims and fancies. Doting parents too want their kids to be smartly turned out so they don’t grudge the colossal amounts they spend on their kid’s apparel.

A kid’s apparel can include a wide range of clothing for both young boys and girls; including unisex apparel. Since kids like bright and beautiful colors, kid apparel market caters to this need when designing and manufacturing kid’s apparel. Little dresses, toddler T-shirts, toddler sweatshirts cater to the tiny infants. Kid apparel caters to a range spanning from newborn infants to pre-teens. Though unisex clothing dominates this apparel section, you can also find kid apparel for specialized categories:

* The newborn-18 month girls summer and winter
* The newborn-18 month boys summer and winter
* 2-4 years girls summer and winter
* 2-4 years boys summer and winter
* 5-8 years girls summer and winter
* 5-8 years boys summer and winter
* Summer accessories
* Winter accessories
* Swimwear
* Shoes
* Sleepwear
* Undergarments

Kids imitate their elders and want to dress up like them. The casual section includes T-shirts, shorts, knickers, hats and caps. The athletics section includes sport wear, shower caps, swimsuits and other sports apparel for the sporting whiz kid in the making. Not to forget the attires of the fictitious hero characters like Superman and Spiderman, which are a big hit with young boys.

Winter is the time when the children get to swathe themselves in beautiful fur coats, leather jackets, socks, gloves, goggles, ski pants, mittens, shirts and winter boots and other woolen apparels. Undergarment section is a very important section, which includes various ranges of comfortable underwear and innerwear. These include nappies for the newborn, the top of the shopping list of young mothers.

Girl apparel
The girl apparel market is a versatile and popular one. It offers the trendiest and latest designs in the apparel market. It’s an ever-growing market, with a lot of scope for creativity and expansion. Skirts to jeans, pants to spaghettis, classical gowns to midis and graceful frocks, shorts to demins, wraparounds to sarong, swimsuits and bikinis to warm woolen and leather, there so many varieties a girl can choose from. Each of these sections has its own variety and variation of fabric and styling. Some fancy top section includes the baby doll T-shirts, the camisoles, and the spaghetti straps tank tops. Jeans and cargos - favorites with teenagers, come in various style and fashion. There are also gab pants, stretch jeans, buckled pants and pinstripe side strings to choose from.

Designers specifically cater to this important girl apparel sports section. There are many stores, which stock women sporting attire. Female athletes of all ages can choose from a wide range of different quality accessories, t-shirts and sports apparels. If you are choosing a dress for your little baby girl, you can choose from printed sleepers, chambray sun suit, woven pants, belted shorts, top tanks and the like. You can dress up your baby girl in bodysuit, smocked top and Capri, a stretchie, tiny tee or even a cardigan.

The girl apparel section for little girls includes girl’s accessories, activewear, outerwear, pants and jean variety, shirts and tops, shorts, sleepovers and swimwear. For the teenaged girls, you can find a range of innerwear for their transit years from girlhood to womanhood. Girls in their teens fancy a lot of accessories and makeup to go along with their dresses. They can choose from a whole range of assorted accessories like hats, scarves, fancy belts, gloves, mittens, earrings and other jewelry to complement their beautiful apparel.

Greek Apparel - Sorority Apparel

There are many shops that specialize in formal Greek apparel. Formal Greek apparel is characterized by a banded collar with covered buttons. It also has Greek letters on the collar and cuff. Greek apparel is popular and many shops offer Greek letter sweatshirts, jerseys and tee shirts. You can also find many online stores offering a variety of Greek apparel. Sorority apparel is a personal statement of fraternity on the campus.

Greek Apparel Industry
The apparel industry in Greece aims at:
* The advancement of the apparel industry in Greece.
* The apparel industry also seeks to contribute to the economic development of the country.
* It also works to facilitate contacts between the members and foreign buyers.

The apparel industry organizes fairs and shows in Greece and the other countries. They also develop integrated marketing plans. The Greek apparel industry also organizes training and seminars for its’ members. Many retailing, manufacturing and wholesale companies offer a variety of apparel at competitive prices. Many apparel companies in Greece offer money-back guarantee. The Greek apparel stores specialize in offering the following kinds of apparel:

* Junior Fleece Shorts: These fleece shorts are short and snug. They are also very comfortable.
* Men’s Sleeveless Tee shirts: These Tee Shirts are perfect for the summer. They are made of cotton and are pre-shrunk.
* Women’s tank top: It is made of 100% combed ring spun cotton and is trendy.
* Women’s Ringer Tee Shirt: It is made of cotton jersey. It features cuff trim and contrast stitching.
* Value Tee Shirt: It is said to be pre-shrunk, durable and guaranteed. It is densely knit and is shaped shoulder to shoulder. It does not fade easily.
* BBQ apron with Greek Flag: This is a different kind of apron, which has the country’s flag on it.
* Junior Raglan: This tee shirt also carries an elegant flag of Greece.
* Infant Creeper: It is a type of tee shirt for children. It has double-needled hemmed sleeves and bottom and is made of cotton.
* Toddler Tee Shirt: It is a tee shirt made of a soft material. It has shoulder-to-shoulder taping and a ribbed crew neck.
* Sweatshirts with Greek flag design are popular in Greece.
* Golf Shirt: They are popular and are sported while playing golf. They are made of pre-shrunk, heavy weight cotton. They have a soft fashion-knit collar.
* Greek Hooded Pullover: It is available in most of the fraternities. These jackets are available in red, white, navy, forest green, purple and maroon.

Sorority Apparel

Sorority apparel is worn by students during formal events, community events and sports. Sorority clothes are uniform in color and style and the girls wearing sorority clothes are called sorority sisters. Sorority apparel distinguishes the sorority sisters from the others. Students who are sporting sorority apparel are easily spotted in a crowd. Sorority apparel allows personal expression. Sorority apparel enables a person to feel that he belongs to a group.

Sorority is a social organization for female students in some U.S. colleges. Sorority apparel is popular in the U.S. Sorority apparel includes the clothing and personal care items like general clothing, sports apparel, specialty clothing, uniforms, costumes, lingerie, shoes as well as foot wear, accessories, beauty and personal care items and jewellery. Many websites offer fraternity and sorority tee shirts. Sorority apparel can be either printed hooded Sweatshirts or embroidered Hooded Sweat shirts.

Have a look at various types of hooded shirts and other apparel:
* Hooded ‘State’: It is very popular and helps in keeping a person warm. It could be printed in a person’s favorite color. It has an extra heavy low-shrink fleece.
* 2 Color Printed Letterman: It costs $10 or slightly more. It could be printed in any color as per order.
* Printed Tail Hoodie: The printed Hoodie provides warmth and is stylish. A person could also get a matching shirt for his Hoodie.
* Hooded Established: Here, the person ordering the Hoodie should specify the fraternity or sorority letters. He should specify the established year and the imprint color.
* Printed Letter Hooded Sweat shirt: This is a heavy weight hooded sweatshirt and the customer could get it printed with his own fraternity or sorority letters.
* Established Retro Hoodie: A person could save more if he orders for more of this Hoodie.
* Hooded Zipper Seat shirt: This is the new shirt in the market. The customer’s group name could be printed on the left side of the sweatshirt.

The following are different types of embroidered hooded sweatshirts:
* Lettered Hoodie: It is considered to be a classic and a must-have on campus.
* Vintage Letterman Hoodie: Here, the letters are sewn on the shirt with new colors. But, it offers only a maximum of 12 letters for optimum size.
* Vintage Tail Hoodie: Here, the sorority name of the customer is sewn on these heavy weight hooded sweatshirts.
* Chenil Lettered Hoodie: The Chenil lettered Hoodie has been recently introduced. The Greek letters sewn on this Hoodie give it a stylish appearance. But, it takes 4 weeks to produce a Chenil lettered Hoodie.

The jeweled sorority tee shirts are also popular among the girls along with sorority sweatshirts and the sorority fleece shirts. The sorority apparel manufacturers advertise and use various promotional tools to popularize their products. Catalogs, trade show exhibits and industrial publications are also used to promote sorority apparels. The sorority apparel manufacturers compete with the other manufacturers to offer good quality and competitive prices.

Custom Apparel - Designer Apparel

The process of mass customization gained popularity in the late 1990s. It was found that 36% of the customers were ready to pay 12 to 15% more for custom apparel. The manufacturers of jeans were the trendsetters in customization as they extended customization to apparel. Teenagers were their main targets. The jeans were custom-tailored and then delivered to the customers’ homes. Designer apparel is flaunted by those who can afford the high fashion labels and their accompanying price tags.

Custom Apparel
The reputed companies offer catalogs, which provide information about high-quality shirts, jackets, caps and other pieces of apparel. The customers can place a special order for the items not found in the catalog. Custom embroidered apparel is also used to promote group identities in companies and organizations. Some companies also attempt to sell customized apparel through the websites of their customers. The digital tailoring system for customized jackets, trousers and shirts was introduced in November 2001. This system enables recording the measurement of the customers in data points in a short period of time. These data points would then be translated into exact measurements. Then, the customer is allowed to select from a variety of fabrics. The greatest advantage of custom apparel is that it helps in providing individualized services.
Apparel customization comes in three variations:

* Personalization: A shirt, which has the owner’s initials, could be an example of custom personalization.
* Fit: In the customization by fit, the customers could provide the measurements by visiting the customer facility.
* Design: Here, electronic equipments are used in the design process. It helps the customers in deciding the color of their apparel.

Shirt customization includes different types of fabric, colors, cuffs, collar styles and options of a chest pocket. Most major companies offer custom-tailored apparel. The custom-made apparel is priced higher and it yields more profit. Online ordering of custom made clothes helps the customers to avoid inconvenience. Custom apparel caters to all buyers irrespective of their size and shape. The fabric is usually cut by the digital pattern and labels are attached to the product.

If the customer is not satisfied with the apparel, the companies are willing to replace the product for the customer accordingly. The customer has to return the original product to the company along with a note explaining the problem, the date of purchase and the invoice number.

Critics of custom apparel feel that there are many confusing choices and the customers may find it difficult to select one product. Many independent custom apparel stores use software programs to enhance the quality of their product. The software programs include image ware technologies and clothes logic. These stores also use advanced technology in order to combat the stiff competition from the other manufacturers. Digital photographs enable the sales staff to offer a variety of choices of new apparel to their customers.

Custom apparel is fueled by the imagination of the customers, their preferences and tastes. Many manufacturers make note of the various specifics such as colors, labels and trims. Custom clothing is now affordable to customers, due to the advances in the techniques of manufacturing and thereby lowered costs.

Designer Apparel

Designer apparel is innovative and exclusive and is usually created by a recognized apparel designer. Such designer apparel is expensive and it can be purchased online. The designer apparel could include formal wear, casual wear, men’s suits, women’s suits, skirts, trousers, Jeans wear and sports wear. Apparel designers combine practical knowledge with abstract ideas to design clothes. Many apparel designers usually excel in a particular area. These are the various steps involved in apparel designing:

* Determining the needs of the client and checking if the design appeals to the customers.
* Secondly, the sketches are prepared with the help of the computer.
* Thirdly, the designers create the final design with the help of the product development team. CAD (Computer aided design) tools are also used to visualize the final product. These computer models are flexible and they enable an apparel designer to explore the various alternatives.

Some apparel designers are self-employed whereas others design for high-fashion departmental stores. Many apparel designers create designs for the mass market. It is estimated that nearly one-third of the apparel designers are self-employed. Creativity is the most important element in the apparel designer’s job. The following skills are necessary for an apparel designer:

* They should have thorough and in-depth knowledge about the tools and instruments involved in production as well as the various design techniques.
* They should be innovative in adapting to sudden requirements of the market.
* The apparel designer should have originality and creativity.
* The apparel designer should be flexible and be capable of adapting his designs to suit the needs and requirements of his customers.

Apparel designers should possess a flair for the job. They should be able to communicate and present their ideas in an impressive manner. The tastes and needs of the people change constantly. So, it is necessary for the apparel designer to react speedily and be open to new ideas.

Plus Size Apparel - Maternity Apparel

For centuries women have used fashion to express several facets of their persona-- their strength, their individuality, their sensitivity, their beauty. Being pregnant is a special occasion for a woman. You can remain comfortable by wearing a wide range of maternity clothes without compromising your style. Maternity apparel is for the mother-to-be so that she too can look her best while waiting for her bundle of joy. Plus-size apparel is specially designed for persons of a larger build.
Plus Size Apparel
Plus size apparel is not only addressed for the mother-to-be. It is also for overweight kids who are too large to fit into the mainstream youth clothing. Plus size apparel helps big kids fit in better with classmates by bolstering their self-confidence. Sizing is a tough decision. For a weight of 210-230 lbs with a height of 5'6", 2X is the probable size. For a weight between 280-310 lbs., 4X or plus size apparel might fit better. It is essential to remember that size and weight are guidelines for selecting the correct fit. You can follow certain plus size apparel tips to help your child camouflage a weighty problem.

* Don't let the child hide in oversized t-shirts and baggy pants. Instead go for leg-flattering styles like flares or boot cut.
* Do let the child wear styles and colors that he or she likes. A plump girl donned in midriff-baring tops will showcase extra weight. Instead, let the child choose a tight-fitting tank but layer it with an unbuttoned sleeveless shirt.
* Neatness counts with all kids, but for larger kids who tend to favor sloppy oversized T-shirts and jeans, details definitely count. Clothing should be ironed, free of stains or tears.
Maternity Apparel
Maternity apparel helps expectant mothers to feel comfortable during their pregnancy. The plus size apparel provides you with a larger size of clothing. Maternity apparel addresses the areas of a woman's body, which seem to primarily get larger during pregnancy, the breast and belly. Maternity apparel is designed keeping this factor in mind. Consequently it fits well and makes the expectant mom look and feel better.

Earlier, pregnant women usually hid behind polyester tent dresses. Today, maternity apparel comes in a wide range starting from shirts, tees, career wear to intimate apparel for the mother-to-be. You can also find sports maternity apparel made of polyester micro fiber and lycra.

Traditional style flowing dresses are no longer the only option. Stretch fabrics, such as, lycra allow for comfortable figure hugging styles, if you want to show off your beautiful new shape. Slacks or leggings cut for pregnancy with extra room in the front, worn with sweaters or T- shirts, are great for weekends. The maternity apparel also includes well-cut slacks for work, which you can team with a long blouse for shirt over the top.

Layered maternity apparel helps the expectant mother to regulate her body temperature more easily. During summer when you feel too hot, the blood flows away from the uterus (and your baby) to the skin in order to cool you down. Adding the layered maternity apparel will help you remain still cooler. Maternity Apparel Sizing and Tips on Maternity Intimate Wears
Maternity apparels are designed to grow with you; the bottoms are cut longer in the rise, and fuller through the hips. In your early months, you can pull the waistband up and over your natural waistline and fold it over. Now your pants will be proportional and will feel more secure on your body. Tops and dresses are cut fuller through the bust line and hips giving you the room where you need it. Hemlines are cut longer to the front, so that the hemline evens out in the latter months of pregnancy.

As you shop for maternity apparels, keep in mind that you will start the same size you wore before you were pregnant. Generally, as you progress in your pregnancy, you will go up one size or more. When ordering maternity apparel, remember to order your pre-pregnancy size. In case of intimate maternity apparel, loose is the key. You can buy your favorite thongs or bikinis in a size or two larger but let the waistband rest under your tummy. Cotton and cotton blends, are the best fabric options especially for women, who are prone to fungal infections, which are more likely to thrive under hot synthetic fibers.
Maternity Apparel Trends
While cotton continues to be the number one choice in maternity apparel on account of its breathability, cotton blends are also gaining in popularity. Currently, the most recognized blend is cotton/lycra. Its body-sculpting properties offer the wearer youthful and natural-looking support, a forgiving fit and easy care. Besides, micro denier and micro touch, yet the softest and new fabrics also play an equal role in choice of maternity apparel.

Sensational fabrics are giving maternity apparel a new vitality. Silks, satins, micro-suedes, jersey knits, boucles, ribbed ottomans, soft crepes, corduroys, velours, chenilles.... the selection is endless! The new matte jersey is the best for transitional seasons - with the look and feel of silk and the comfort of cotton.

There are a range of hemline options for everyone -- mini, slightly above the knee, the new 26” length that falls just at the knee, mid- calf, slightly above the ankle and at the ankle. Pant styles come in flair and bootleg, as well as the traditional straight leg, falling either at the ankle, or the new-cropped length, slightly above the ankle. The drawstring is very convenient in maternity apparel. The maternity front panels are being replaced by zippers and a series of buttons for expanding and restricting as needed.

Women Western Apparel

The journey of western apparel began with the Red Indians who were the first inhabitants of the United States. It can in fact be called the ethnic clothing of the United States. But because of its flexible and high comfort levels, it has become the fashion buzzword the world over.

Western Apparel

When we think of western apparel, the ‘Wild Wild West cowboy image’ is what comes to our mind. Synonymous with it are cowboy boots, cowboy hats, men’s and women’s jeans, western shirts, western suits, western belts and buckles, western d├ęcor and a whole range of western accessories. How can we forget the saddle and tack and other riding apparel that are so intrinsic to western wear? Cotton and leather seems to be the favorite fabrics for western apparel. They have a bold and unique appeal and designs and style, differing to suit the local tastes and traditions. Some have a southwestern flair, others a tribal look, while many have a north woods or a mountain appeal. Animal designs like the horses, bears, moose and turtles, bright colors and mountain designs predominate the western apparel designing.

High quality, durable, functional, stylish and durable western apparel is what one wants for that perfect evening out or for a quiet moment at home. Winter clothing like the Shearling coats and jackets are the ideal ones for keeping the heat in and the weather out. Airmen extensively used these during the World War 11.These are made of lambskin and have a softer and silky feeling about them. They are cheap and affordable and a clothing investment for long years to come. Among the world’s costliest coats, you can find the expensive Shearling Icelandic coat. A rancher’s preference is the Cody shearling range coats and the Arapaho shearling vest, which is also a favorite amongst the cowboys. Other common western apparel is the sweater and the vests, which are a must during the cold winter months. Here too there are differing ranges and qualities of sweaters and vests to choose from. Extensive range of long sleeves shirts and wide collection of pants for all occasions are also an important part of the western apparel. No western apparel is complete without the ubiquitous collection of hats, belts and scarves.

Western apparel also includes a whole range of cool designer wear for that perfect western look for men, women and children. Men’s wardrobe of western apparel includes jeans, pants, slacks, shirts, suits, hats, boots, underwear, belts and buckles. Women western apparel includes ladies’ jeans, pants, slacks, shirts, suits, hats, boots, belts and buckles. The western apparel tops for women includes sleeve western fashion tops, retro western tops and long sleeve knit tops, short sleeve western fashion tops and short sleeve knit tops. There are also skirts, fleece, leather, outerwear T-shirts and sleepwear. Mountain rocky tops are all-time favorites. Children have a wide range of western apparel such as children’s jeans, pants, slacks, shirts, suits, hats, boots, belts and buckles to choose from.

Western apparel also caters to work place dressing like workwear belts, workwear pants, workwear slacks, workwear shirts, workwear hats, workwear boots, workwear underwear, workwear belts, coveralls and overalls. Motorcycle jeans, pants, shirts, boots, belts, buckles and western jewelry along with other accessories are available in many leading western apparel showrooms.

Nothing to beat western apparel when it comes to comfort and cool looks. With its’ style, appeal and durability, flexibility and comfort, it is the mostly widely preferred apparel not only in the United States of America but the world over.

Sports Apparel - Man Golf Apparel - Yoga Apparel

American Apparel
The American apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) is a national trade association that promotes the growth of the American apparel industry. It is the mission of the American Apparel and Footwear Association to enhance the productivity and profitability of the industry in the global market. The American Apparel and Footwear Association also conduct seminars and statistical studies to bring latest technological innovations to all members.

Sports Apparel
Walk into a sports apparel store and you will be amazed at the range of sports clothes and accessories that flood the market today. Specific sports apparel like golf apparel, fitness exercise apparel, equestrian apparel and yoga apparel are also available. You can find sports apparel for extreme sports like surfing, rafting and mountaineering. Wetsuits and lycra shirts are ideal as surfing sports apparel. Sports apparel can also include caps, gloves and vests. The sport apparel industry is big business, what with fitness and sports consciousness on the rise.

Man Golf Apparel
Golf apparel for men is easily found in any sport apparel store. Man golf apparel is generally a trouser teamed with a t-shirt. Comfort is an important factor in golf apparel. Cool Chinos and shirts are also popular golf apparel. Get ready to tee with a smart golf apparel hat to match!

Running Apparel
Running apparel should ideally not be made of cotton as it retains moisture that can cause friction and lead to chafing. Running shorts, tights and socks are the basic running apparel. While choosing running apparel, select a good base layer top that will keep you dry on a long run. Comfortable running shoes must be teamed with the running apparel so as to keep you comfortable and safe on your run.

Good quality and durable running apparel is an investment for athletes, as it will ensure increased comfort and health. A wide range of running apparels are manufactured by key brand names in this section like Nike, Adidas, Brooks, Hind, Mizuno among others. Basic running apparel -- a couple of pairs of running shorts, couple of short sleeve and long sleeve T- shirts, pair of tights, jackets, pair of gloves, hat and running socks. Snug leggings are available for use during cold winter running and the jackets used must be lightweight, breathable and windproof.

It is important to note that while purchasing running apparel, care must be taken to stay away from 100% cotton clothing. This is because cotton retains moisture, which can cause friction and chafing. A word of advice for cold weather runners -- do not over dress and always carry a hat and gloves for added protection. For a comfortable jog, you need a sweat suit, pants, tights, shorts, a shirt and a headband to keep the sweat from dripping into your eyes. For women, running clothing like sports bras, tights, tops, and shorts are most handy. Running shoes also come in many variations -- training shoes, racing flats, cross-country shoes, spikes and even track and field shoes.

Outdoor Apparel
Outdoor apparel refers to all outdoor activity apparel. Hiking, fishing and sailing apparel can be categorized under outdoor apparel. If you are going hunting, you can go in for briar proof vests and chaps as outdoor apparel. Outdoor apparel for sailing can include tank tops and sweatshirts. A Galley Apron with multiple pockets for storage is ideal outdoor apparel for sailing. Hikers can opt for windbreakers and jackets as outdoor apparel.

Equestrian Apparel - Western Show Apparel
Equestrian apparel is all about breeches, shirts and boots. Specialty equestrian apparel stores stock clothes and other tack and equipment suitable for riding. Casual equestrian apparel could be jodhpurs or riding breeches teamed up with a shirt. Paddock boots complete the equestrian apparel set. You can also get into a pair of rider pants and jersey picked up at an equestrian apparel store. If you are taking riding lessons, look up an online equestrian apparel store to be able to pick up an outfit that will let you ride in style! Western show apparel brings the Wild West right into your wardrobe. Riding breeches are essential western show apparel. If you are heading for a ranch or out to the Wild West, western show apparel is what you should get.

Yoga apparel
Yoga Apparel has to be comfortable and allow for easy body movement. Loose-fit shorts and short-sleeve t -shirts are unfussy yoga apparel that will not only keep you comfortable but also be comfortable on the purse strings. Designer yoga apparel is also available at specialty yoga apparel and items stores. You can pick up a yoga Unitard or Yoga Capri pants at a yoga apparel boutique. Special Asana clothes are also found at exclusive yoga apparel outlets.