Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hats Off to You - They're Back!

It may seem like hats went out of style with the end of the fifties and its true for a few decades the hat lost its appeal for both gender. Occasionally you would see one at church or a wedding, but in everyday life the younger generation just didn't wear them. Well hats have been making inroads for a few years and they're starting to gain popularity again.

For years all a guy would be caught wearing was the baseball cap and knit hat on winter days. Now we see the beanie coming back in style with the new urban generations. A beanie is like a knit hat. It hugs the top of the head, reaching to just about the top of the ears and is usually folded up over itself to create a wide band. The beanie can be made of fleece or durable cotton and is available in range of muted solid colors.

Women are starting to wear similar fleece or canvas style hats that are made to look more like hats rather than hugging the head the way a beanie does. These come in a range of colors and usually have a small jaunty brim towards the front that folds down flat in the back. Women also have more choice in accessories than men. Their hats come with ribbons, beads, decorative fur edging or even a little hat pin of some time.

For you guys that want a hat with some style you can always lead the way by wearing a fedora or a panama hat. A fedora is the kind of hat that could be worn by the lead character in a 1920's detective film. A panama hat is so named because it came into popularity during the construction of the Panama Canal. It usually white or tan, woven from straw or reeds and has a wide brim with a band of fabric tied or sewn around it.

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How to Buy Designer Jeans For Less

Denim is a funny thing, it can be very fashionable or just the best thing to wear for comfort. It is also no secret that the more worn in a pair of jeans is, the better they feel. It has also become very fashionable to wear jeans that have obvious holes and worn in spots. This is really nothing new; worn in jeans became fashionable in the mid 1960's with the emergence of hippies. Ever since then, worn in jeans have been as much an icon of rock and roll as leather pants are as well. The problem with many designers is that they have begun charging outrageous prices for worn in denim. There are certain costs associated with the process of breaking in denim, however there are some great ways to get the perfect pair of custom jeans for much less than you think.

A pair of designer jeans by Diesel or Seven starts at about $110 - $120, which is still a lot of money. However, if you would like these jeans to have a worn in look that will run you above $200. There are many jeans available for less, but they are not considered designer. People notice labels, especially in larger cities and at evening hot spots. You can't get into a good club wearing GAP jeans. I have some tips that have given me a great collection of denim for about half the price. The first key to finding great denim is a little leg work. Go to Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue and try on the designer denim to find the right brand that fits you. Diesel and Seven are great because they are widely sold and they are not flash in the pan brands. They also stay very true to their fit. If you wear something like a low-rise boot fit, it will always fit the same. I can easily by either brand now with out trying them on.

Next ask the sales associate if there are any annual sales coming up and if they have a call list. Good sales associates try to build a relationship with customers. They are bargain shoppers too, so are usually happy to share sale information. For example, Nordstroms has a huge sale every fall when the new line comes in. They do this for their loyal customers. It is brand new merchandise for close to half price. In general, though, you will be able to sift a sale rack any time you are at the mall and not have to try the denim on. This is very hard to do in large stores. Small store have less traffic and will discount merchandise more because they have less shelf space.

I was picking up my girlfriend a gift at a boutique and came across a $150 pair of jeans for $25. One thing I stress you never try is buying clothes off of Ebay type sites. It is all knock off merchandise. People have gotten very good at making knock offs, but you can tell. There is nothing worse than having someone notice that you are wearing fake merchandise.

Purses: the Hottest Accessory

Purses, Purses, Purses

Purses are becoming this season's hottest accessory! They are a great item to sell in your boutique/ salon for many reasons. Such as, ninety-nine percent of women carry a purse daily and a large portion of your clients are women. Thus, your target buyers come right to you. Also, most women own at least 3 purses, which means they are always on the look out for the next great addition to their collection.

How to help your customers find the perfect purse and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction: All shapes, sizes, and styles of purses are trendy, so the only requirement for carrying a stylish handbag is sporting a purse that compliments the body shape of the owner.

Body Type=Purse Style:

- Large Bust: A purse with long handles is ideal for this body type. No short strap purses for this shape because they over accentuate the chest. Recommended the Large Studded Shoulder Bag.

- Very Petite: A clutch or a rectangular purse that hits at the hips helps increase height. No large bags for this shape because they make one look smaller: Recommended: Double Handle Hobo Purse.

- Very Tall: The only suggestion is no small handbags because they tend to look out of proportion. Recommended: Large Pocket Shoulder Bag.

Coming Soon!

Keep on eye out over the next few weeks for all of the new products that will be featured at Expect new belts, jewelry displays, necklaces and much more!

Josie Herman is the Operations Manager for Boutique Salon/Sunriver Specialties Inc. which is a wholesale fashion jewelry company that sells to boutiques and salons all across the country.

Hosiery fashion trend in Europe

If you haven't noticed, fashion hosiery is more than the ultra-sheer nylons, control-top hosiery, or knee-highs from years past. Today, fashion pantyhose do more than complement an outfit - they can make the outfit. From retro multi-color stripe pattern hosiery to opaque tights with a front see-through leaf pattern, today's hosiery makes a fashion statement all on its own. The variety of patterns and colors is endless, allowing you to change the look and tone of an outfit in a snap.

You may be one of the millions of American women who has her last pair of pantyhose tucked in the back of her dresser drawer and who has dismissed hosiery as shackles of the past, it's time to think again. We should take a page out of the playbooks of our sisters in Europe and Asia, who embrace hosiery as a wardrobe essential.

And let's face it, ladies.... Socks just aren't sexy, and bare feet in pumps don't cut it in the boardroom. If you can't remember the last time you felt sensual and sexy, it's time to invest in some great hosiery. Not only are there countless colors and patterns from which to choose, but there is also an abundance of styles available. If pantyhose simply don't cut it in your book, try traditional stockings. Even if no one else ever sees them, your garters will make you feel and act differently. Thigh-highs are another option for those who don't like the restrictive feel of pantyhose, while toeless hosiery works for those who want to dress up sandals or open-toed slingbacks. And, low-waist pantyhose go perfectly with low-waist slacks or jeans.

Although we sometimes loathe admitting it, hosiery is a basic foundation garment. Control-top pantyhose can give you the sleek line you seek when wearing a closefitting skirt, dress, or pair of pants. Even plain knee-highs can give your foot and ankle a supple appearance, while colored and patterned knee-highs can add a little sizzle to your outfit.

Hosiery already represents a fashion trend in Europe. It's time to bring that trend Stateside and embrace it. Just as a designer handbag or a great pair of earrings accessorizes an outfit while making a statement about your personality, so too does designer hosiery. It can give you wardrobe options you never knew you had, and can give you a sense of fun, joy, and sexiness. When you start wearing great hosiery, you'll not only stand out from the crowd, but you may also become a trendsetter!

Baby Swimsuits

A few years back, garment companies were in a tussle to secure a foothold in the kids’ casual garments industry. Today however, there is an itsy-bitsy piece of cloth that these industries are trying to corner: swimwear for children. With more families frequenting clubs, water parks, the beach and amusement parks, the demand for kids’ swimwear is on the rise. Quite a few fashion houses, too, are concentrating on kids’ swimwear, the reason being that this market flourished in the nineties and is a money generator today.

When shopping for kids’ swimwear, there are two things that should be kept in mind – color and design. Children usually get attracted to loud, vibrant colors as opposed to dull, safe colors. Whereas girls are usually content with flowers and polka dots, the little ladies can dress up in multiple styles of two-piece bathing suits from bikini cut to tankinis; these suits come in as many different designs and styles as maillot suits do.

With boys, it is a different ballgame. The new fad for boys’ swimwear appears to be none other than cartoon-themed trunks. It is a renowned fact that children love cartoons and, following a deluge of kids’ films usually lapped up by boys, the garment companies are cashing in on the cartoon craze by manufacturing kids swimwear featuring popular cartoon characters found either in comic books or films.

Wrap up your children’s swimwear shopping in style with a vibrant beach towel or swimming robe to help them dry off more quickly and willingly.

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Long Skirts

Although a certain look is always a rage because it is a season signature, the long slit skirt is a classic gem that typifies elegant, understated glamour. Usually worn by women in their late 20s and 30s, long skirts are generally preferred by confidant, sophisticated women who can boast a life well lived.

Leaf through any fall-winter fashion glossy, and there it is-long, slim and, if one's figure is hourglass personified, slit to the thigh. Forget about the flirty floor-skimming skirts of yore. These new-look long skirts, slit to midthigh and snaking sinuously to the ankles in comfortable stretch fabrics, are a real class act. The difficulty with this chic look lies in successfully putting it all together. If you want to wear long, narrow skirts, the jacket has to be just the correct proportion and you must team it with high heels, or the look simply will not work.

Full peasant skirts, on the other hand, flatter most body types but in particular, petite girls should avoid wearing it, as it can tend to make them look too small in a crowd. Ankle-length peasant skirts are usually made of cotton voile and look best when teamed with a tank top and sandals. However, designers are increasingly going in for softer flowing fabrics like silk chiffon and organza for a light, graceful, even ethereal effect.

In hindsight, the long skirt is a perennial style but if you want to tailor it to suit your personality there are several interesting options one can experiment with. Why not go for an animal print of some kind? Snakeskin and leopard are long-time favorites. Or perhaps a deep, fur hemline for a touch of funk. Or a sheer white skirt liberally splashed with crystals … the possibilities are endless.

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Leather Skirts

As the weather gets colder, a leather skirt looks fantastic when paired with a sweater and boots. Leather definitely made the strongest statement at most couture showings this year, so if you have to purchase a single wardrobe item to jazz up your winter wardrobe, we would recommend a mid length to long tailored leather skirt.

A staple of the cold season's designerwear, leather skirts can be seen everywhere. Interestingly, it is more about attitude than fabric and is usually worn by women who are comfortable in their skin. There is a certain confidence factor when you put on a leather skirt and a woman wearing one should be willing to be noticed. Why? Leather skirts are sexy. They exhale sensuality. They make you look and feel like a rock star.

Tailored leather skirts aren't just available in classic black, as is the general perception. This season has witnessed a riot of colors including buttery cream, ruby red and even olive green. Although usually worn several inches above the knee, the length does not matter as much as the cut and styling. “The more luxurious it is, the quicker we sell it,” says couturier Balenciaga, whose Fall-Winter YOOX Collection is all about leather.

Leather skirts are increasingly being incorporated into everyday attire. Business casual is de rigueur and a mid-length tailored leather skirt makes a chic professional statement. Fashion experts say while workingwomen are using leather as a casual option, the runways showcase leather as a symbol of glamour. Gianfranco Ferré's collection features a brown crocodile-stamped leather skirt with a deep fur trim at the hem, German couturier Tani Keller's Spring 2006 collection ensconces a ruby red leather cocktail skirt, while Jean Paul Gaultier's belted wrap A-line leather skirt with flap pockets and side slip zipper details is a classic.

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Tennis Skirts

If you are not that keen on wearing the ubiquitous mini skirt that is being forecasted as a sure-fire fashion staple for Spring 2006, summon up your inner athlete and go with a short, pleated tennis-inspired skirt made of comfortable, wearable sweatshirt fabric instead. This fashion-forward key constituent of the preppy trend will make you look sporty chic when a casual look is in the cards.

The 'tennis whites' look, however, is passé. The flirty, pleated white skirt may be considered a classic in the strictest tennis circles but you could alternatively add a little punch to your sporty wardrobe by going in for some interesting fashion variations. Tennis skirts are now available in a variety of sporty colors, silhouettes and cuts, and look fabulous in soft and vibrant hues like peach, aqua, olive green and ruby red.

This is a very informal sporty style, so it is best to pair tennis-inspired skirts with preppy items like the classic polo shirt or a tennis tee. Fashion critics advise not to pair it with sneakers off the court. These little skirts look great when worn with strappy wedges, Speedo sandals or even round-toed pumps.

Although fashionistas and others in the know often declare that for pleated and multi-layered skirts, the shorter the better, it is advisable to keep the length at mid-thigh and team tennis skirts with a modest sports t-shirt if you intend to wear it for a serious game of tennis. Indian player Sania Mirza was recently in the eye of a storm due to her midriff-baring tennis attire. India's Sunni Ulema Board, a Muslim organization, issued an edict in October 2005 demanding Sania to cover up during her tennis matches, and described her tennis clothes as "un-Islamic."

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One Piece Swimsuits

One-piece, or maillot, swimsuits are not plain or passé. One of the hippest trends last summer was the ‘peek-a-boo’ or cutout maillot, which breaks up the vertical line and accentuates the feminine curves with strategically placed cutouts. The bolder lot, mostly teenagers and girls in their twenties, are going in a string-tie halter suit. This chic tie-side one-piece has a very high leg cut and an adjustable slide string bottom, which gives the bikini effect without the exposure.

Varying asymmetrical slashes in a monochromatic one-piece leaves quite a bit of tanned skin exposed for a sexy, contemporary effect. The extreme examples may leave you as exposed as though you were wearing a teensy bikini, but there are plenty of moderate editions available as well. This flirty style looks good with contrasting vibrant hues like orange and fuchsia, purple and lime green, or blue and canary yellow.

For those who prefer something classy and yet contemporary, the one-piece maillot in an animal print is a classic piece. From tiger, dalmatian and zebra to leopard and snakeskin, these wild prints are all in vogue. Those who prefer subtlety can opt for a suit with ring details on the shoulder straps, bust or sides; they add a snazzy touch to the simplest suit and yet do not go overboard on the ‘bling’ effect.

A low v-neck solid-color halter maillot is a winner; with a plunging back, this one-piece is a powerful force to be reckoned with. However, the solid color must be vibrant. The summer of 2005 witnessed an explosion of bright, solid colors ranging from earthy red to hot pink, stark white, turquoise and rich chocolate.

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