Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Purses: the Hottest Accessory

Purses, Purses, Purses

Purses are becoming this season's hottest accessory! They are a great item to sell in your boutique/ salon for many reasons. Such as, ninety-nine percent of women carry a purse daily and a large portion of your clients are women. Thus, your target buyers come right to you. Also, most women own at least 3 purses, which means they are always on the look out for the next great addition to their collection.

How to help your customers find the perfect purse and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction: All shapes, sizes, and styles of purses are trendy, so the only requirement for carrying a stylish handbag is sporting a purse that compliments the body shape of the owner.

Body Type=Purse Style:

- Large Bust: A purse with long handles is ideal for this body type. No short strap purses for this shape because they over accentuate the chest. Recommended the Large Studded Shoulder Bag.

- Very Petite: A clutch or a rectangular purse that hits at the hips helps increase height. No large bags for this shape because they make one look smaller: Recommended: Double Handle Hobo Purse.

- Very Tall: The only suggestion is no small handbags because they tend to look out of proportion. Recommended: Large Pocket Shoulder Bag.

Coming Soon!

Keep on eye out over the next few weeks for all of the new products that will be featured at Expect new belts, jewelry displays, necklaces and much more!

Josie Herman is the Operations Manager for Boutique Salon/Sunriver Specialties Inc. which is a wholesale fashion jewelry company that sells to boutiques and salons all across the country.