Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hats Off to You - They're Back!

It may seem like hats went out of style with the end of the fifties and its true for a few decades the hat lost its appeal for both gender. Occasionally you would see one at church or a wedding, but in everyday life the younger generation just didn't wear them. Well hats have been making inroads for a few years and they're starting to gain popularity again.

For years all a guy would be caught wearing was the baseball cap and knit hat on winter days. Now we see the beanie coming back in style with the new urban generations. A beanie is like a knit hat. It hugs the top of the head, reaching to just about the top of the ears and is usually folded up over itself to create a wide band. The beanie can be made of fleece or durable cotton and is available in range of muted solid colors.

Women are starting to wear similar fleece or canvas style hats that are made to look more like hats rather than hugging the head the way a beanie does. These come in a range of colors and usually have a small jaunty brim towards the front that folds down flat in the back. Women also have more choice in accessories than men. Their hats come with ribbons, beads, decorative fur edging or even a little hat pin of some time.

For you guys that want a hat with some style you can always lead the way by wearing a fedora or a panama hat. A fedora is the kind of hat that could be worn by the lead character in a 1920's detective film. A panama hat is so named because it came into popularity during the construction of the Panama Canal. It usually white or tan, woven from straw or reeds and has a wide brim with a band of fabric tied or sewn around it.

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