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What are the Cause of Yeast Infections

The statistics reports that at least 75% of the women in their lifetime will get at least one yeast infection. Some of theses women will even get recurring yeast infections. But to prevent them you first need to be well informed about the cause of yeast infection.

First I must clarify the fact that there is no one cause for vaginal yeast infection. There are various factors that provoke them such as:

- Simple stress
- Hormonal changes
- Transference through sexual intercourse
- And more

So because of this it is a good idea to be well informed about the different cause of yeast infections. To be aware of theses causes will help you avoid getting a yeast infection in the long run.

One cause of yeast infections is antibiotics. You see antibiotics are created to kill of any bacteria in your body. The problem with this is that sometimes these antibiotics, whether they overused or not, will kill some of the good bacteria’s in your body. The side effect can often be an imbalance in your body therefore increasing the growth of yeast producing bacteria.

As I wrote earlier stress can also become a cause of yeast infections. Stress as the power to change your hormones around resulting in a yeast infection.

Also hormonal changes are a major factor in the cause of yeast infections. Pregnant women, lactating women and menopausal are affected greatly. For the average women the same applies with their menstruation cycle.

As for men the most usual cause of yeast infection is through sexual intercourse with yeast infected woman. This also includes oral sex.

Other factors can be a major cause of yeast infections in women. Factor such as :

- the use of douches
- scented feminine hygiene products
- feminine sprays
- regular use of spermicidal cream
- and more

The combinations of some or all of these products will sometimes imbalance the delicate balance of the vagina which in turn can create a yeast infection.

Another well known cause of yeast infection that is largely overlooked is clothing. Items like tight jeans, pantyhose and synthetic underwear prevents the vagina from breathing properly. Clothing articles made from man made fibers will often do the same thing.

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Medicine and women guide

Apart from the morphological differentiation between men and women there are many ways in which the women have a different place. The moods may vary so may the choices. But the women also apart from everything else require a different dosage of medication then men. There are numerous reasons why women need different amount and type of medication from men. Their whole body requirements and the different stages of life have a bearing on the medication they have to undergo.
The body undergo many changes during puberty, pregnancy etc. thus making it important to have problem specific drugs for women. The drugs are not only confined to therapeutic or disease fighting use but also for supplementing the nutritional requirements in case of pregnancy. The chemical equations in the male body as well as the female body are different and thus they respond differentially to different changes too. Thus there comes the requirement of a separate research approach for women medication. The field of research and development in the medicine regimen is very wide and fast growing. Regular updates and brushing up is a must in the field of medicine.
As mentioned above the medication also includes the most important nutritional supplementation. The body on a regular diet might not require supplements but for those who restrict their diet are prescribed quick recouping supplements. Now the body of women would be drastically deficient in Iron as a result of menstruation cycle. Thus this along with the pregnancy and menopause etc. makes it important for a women’s body to get regular supply of nutrients. In such circumstances it becomes imperative for surplus medication.
Pills for women are diversified and are administered for many reasons. One of the important indications for this is the birth control. Majority of married women find it the easiest way to control conception. It can be administered as a pill or a skin patch or a vaginal ring too.
Many women also suffer from the common depression and are taken to a very serious situation. The most common drug for such cases is the SSRI or the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. They prevent the mind to go off in the negative and vary thoughts and make a person fresh. The depression attacks induced by the heavy and demanding work schedule and the lack of sleep, makes the person go deep into depressive phases. So pills are also one of the main ways out of this.
The problem of obesity and that too induced after pregnancy is a common observation in America. An important and alarming outcome of obesity is raised blood cholesterol levels. One needs to check them to prevent any future heart troubles. The cholesterol causes the arteries to shrink and clog up the blood flow. Medication in form of anti-cholesterol pills is also available and ladies use it more then men.

Pills have, over the years proved to be recourse for many feminine problems and as the research continues they will be al the more useful. A right prescription and a right follow-up can save the women from many problems.

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Women's Day- Should It Be Celebrated?

When we celebrate a day, we consider something special about that day. Or we would not be celebrating it. Am I correct? What message do we send by celebrating Womens Day? Why not also celebrate Mens Day?

What do we want to think about women? Ideally, they should be treated equally in all the fields. Ideally when one thinks of a woman, one should not think about them different in any respect to men. Except that they mother a child and shoulder different responsibility for a certain period, women should be thought of as equal to men in all respects. Why label them as weaker sex or any such thing. But this is happening. Who is responsible for this thought process, where women are considered different? Men? Women? Historical processes? Who? Let us examine more. Does nature differentiate between clouds and mountains? Or between rivers and oceans/ no. All co exist without any differences, and each plays its role beautifully. Please look at some scenes of nature before proceeding further. Click Nature Screensavers and Nature wallpapers

Coming back, let us talk of media and its opinion making .Does media discuss the matter, if a man reaches top of a giant corporation? No. But it does if a woman occupies that position. Why? Is it only because women have traditionally not occupied such positions or that they are in some way considered inferior to men? So it is a surprise if a woman reaches the top of a giant organization? Why cannot the media ignore such occurrences and not call them as news at all? Does media announce - the sun rose today! No. It is taken as a way of life and nature. Why can not media take this fact as granted that women are equal to men in all the aspects and stop discussing any issues that talk of sex difference and ability?

Does Womens Day not do the same thing? Does it now somehow manage to project women as different then men in many ways? Going forward in the discussion, should we have different events for men and women in sports? With such categorization are we ourselves not treating men and women separately?

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