Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Women's Golf Apparel

Women’s golf apparel is fun to shop for. This is true if you are buying clothes for yourself or if you are buying them for a gift. However, no matter what your reason is for buying women’s golf apparel you need to keep in mind that the items need to look good, feel good, and fit good.
If you are buying golf apparel for yourself then you will have an innate sense of what you want and need. However, if you are having a hard time figuring out what you want then you may want to just browse for away. Try on a lot of different items, and pair things together to see what looks good together and what feels good. If you are trying to put together a golf wardrobe and you have a notorious dress sense then you may want to stick to a single golf wear collection. Sportswear collections are already color coordinated and they have the same sizing criteria for all of their clothing pieces. This means that once you find a collection that you like, you can quickly put together a well coordinated wardrobe that contains tops, skirts, shorts, and pants.

If you are shopping for a gift then you will need to rely on what you know about the woman that you are shopping for to guide your selections. If you don’t know the fashion style of the woman that you are shopping for then you can play is safe by buying hats, belts, or polo shirts. All of these items are relatively inexpensive and they fit into just about any golfer’s wardrobe. If you know the golfer well, and you want to buy them an extra special golf gift then you may want to buy them golf outerwear like a windbreaker or a light weight golfing jacket. If you don’t have time to shop, or if you don’t know what type of golf wear to buy, then you can always just give your golfer a gift certificate and let them select their own clothing items.


Vintage golf clothes

Golf is a fun game. And when you’re out on the course, you can make it even more fun with vintage golf clothes. Invest in a pair of duds worn on the links in decades past and you’ll be sporting style right along with history. Find out where to find them and how to wear them below.

Vintage golf clothes are a great option almost any time you go golfing. Since the dress code rules have actually relaxed in recent decades, the vintage clothes you buy will be up to the code for almost all courses you play at. And if you’re looking to dress it down, consider mixing and matching vintage pieces with clothing you already have.

How you wear vintage golf clothes depends a lot on your personality. Some people will choose to purchase vintage golf shoes and a hat only, while others go all out! Try finding the vintage knee length pants to wear with knee socks for a truly vintage look. And for the ladies, keep your eyes peeled for a great golf dress. This is a one of a kind item!

Vintage golf clothes make great gifts. The golfer in your life will truly appreciate a sweater that is filled with golf history. Additionally, where you can find them, vintage golf clothing used and worn by favorite golf legends will thrill your gift recipient. And since many vintage items are made so much better than the clothing of today, you can be sure that the gift will last and last.

Now that you’re convinced that vintage golf clothes are something you need, where can you purchase them? The first place to look would be vintage clothing stores. The sales clerks at these stores can tell you where the sporting equipment is located. Or check on the internet. www.ebay.com has a wide variety of vintage golf items, as do other independent websites.


Ladies Golf Accessories

Shopping for ladies golf accessories can be a lot of fun, especially if you are a golfing fanatic. There are a lot of great accessories that you can buy. These items range from practical tools that you need as a golfer to must have trendy items.

The first type of women's accessories that you can buy are practical items. These items are designed to help the average golfer protect themselves and to protect their equipment. This category of accessories includes: sunglasses, visors, caps, head covers, umbrellas, and tees.

The second category of accessories that you can select items from are technical items. These items provide golfers with digital technologies that help them to build their game strategy, determine how far they are from the hole, and to determine where they are on the golf course. The most popular items in this category of accessories are digital range finders. These items are priced between $100 and $500.

The third category of equipment that you can select items from are course tools. These tools are designed to repair the damage and wear and tear on the course that you cause during a normal round of golf, as well as to help you retrieve your ball from the sand, the rough, and the hole. Some of the items in this category include hook ball retrievers, hinged cup ball retriever, rake ball retriever, the Callaway Divot Tool, the Datrek NCAA Divot Tool, the Green Buddy, the Nike Ball Mark Repair Tool and Ball Marker, the Odyssey Divot Tool, and the TaylorMade Divot Tool.


Stay in style with trendy golf clothes

Now women’s golf clothes are designed for women to be not only practical and comfortable, but chic and fashionable as well. Fore Her Golf makes it easy to shop for feminine golf clothes made for women with a wide selection of styles and sizes all in one place. Look for style and comfort, along with a good fabric that will keep you cool and dry all day.

To enhance your wardrobe and keep it up-to-date, buy golf clothes in special fabrics that are new and designed for women. Lycra is important for those who want to allow a lot of movement while maintaining the shape of the golf clothes. The new moisture-wicking fabrics are becoming more popular as a way to keep moisture away from the body. The material is designed to allow air to filter through to keep you cool.

Golf shirts that are long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless are all popular, but be sure to take into account the wardrobe requirements of your country club. You’ll find many different styles of shirts, such as polos, with collars that are fit to wear anywhere and tailored for a woman’s shape. Don’t forget a windbreaker or rain jacket or fleece sweatshirt for the occasional bad weather.

Golf shorts can be found in any length, from short to Capri-length, and look great in bold colors, plaids or calmer tones. When shopping for new golf clothes, don’t forget to accessorize with belts, vests, sun visors, or a hat. Also pick up a good pair of golf shoes to keep your feet comfortable for 18 holes or more.