Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stay in style with trendy golf clothes

Now women’s golf clothes are designed for women to be not only practical and comfortable, but chic and fashionable as well. Fore Her Golf makes it easy to shop for feminine golf clothes made for women with a wide selection of styles and sizes all in one place. Look for style and comfort, along with a good fabric that will keep you cool and dry all day.

To enhance your wardrobe and keep it up-to-date, buy golf clothes in special fabrics that are new and designed for women. Lycra is important for those who want to allow a lot of movement while maintaining the shape of the golf clothes. The new moisture-wicking fabrics are becoming more popular as a way to keep moisture away from the body. The material is designed to allow air to filter through to keep you cool.

Golf shirts that are long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless are all popular, but be sure to take into account the wardrobe requirements of your country club. You’ll find many different styles of shirts, such as polos, with collars that are fit to wear anywhere and tailored for a woman’s shape. Don’t forget a windbreaker or rain jacket or fleece sweatshirt for the occasional bad weather.

Golf shorts can be found in any length, from short to Capri-length, and look great in bold colors, plaids or calmer tones. When shopping for new golf clothes, don’t forget to accessorize with belts, vests, sun visors, or a hat. Also pick up a good pair of golf shoes to keep your feet comfortable for 18 holes or more.