Monday, August 27, 2007

Slimming Choices In Plus Size Women's Dresses

There are countless choices in plus size women's dresses. You may find that some styles make you look slimmer while others emphasis the negative. The key to looking your slimmest is to pinpoint those looks that work for you and have the discipline to avoid the fads that don't. Use these guidelines for choosing your best plus size women's dresses.

Dark colors

You have probably been told that black makes you look slimmer. This is true, but navy, burgundy, and chocolate brown can also create a thinner look. When shopping for plus size women's dresses, look for styles in deep, rich shades. Use bright colors sparingly in handbags, scarves, and shoes.

The Right Shape

The best dresses for plus size women create a vertical line that lengthens the body. The classic sheath dress is one style that lengthens and slims, particularly for women with larger waists and hips. If you are bosomy or have broad shoulders, look for dresses that have slightly flared skirts, and try high heels to add additional length to the vertical line.

Natural Fabrics

Not only do natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and wool, look more sophisticated, they are also more slimming. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon tend to cling and emphasis bulges. Natural fabrics are also more breathable and durable when properly maintained.

Avoid Bias-Cut Dresses

Very few women can get away with a clingy bias-cut slip dress. For some unknown reason, there has recently been a recent trend in this style, but save your clothing allowance for a more figure-friendly look.

Look For Focal Points Where You Want To Draw Attention

The eye is naturally drawn to contrast, shape, and shine. If you wear a dress with ruffles around the neckline, your beholder's eye will be drawn to your neckline. Keep this in mind, in particular, when wanting to minimize certain areas. A large bow on your behind might be highlighting something less than ideal.

Solids and Patterns

In general, solid colors look more slimming than prints. If you favor prints, look for small checks, plaids, or paisleys. You would be wise to avoid horizontal stripes that can draw the eye across the body, creating a wider appearance. However, vertical pin stripes can add height.

Stay Away From Contrasting Colors

Dresses that have two or more colors can visually "cut" the body into segments making it appear shorter and wider. Styles in one color will give you the leanest look.

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