Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tricks of the trade

Tidbits of little rules you would do well to observe, if you have any you have discovered please let me know and I�ll add them to the list, It�s our responsibility to prevent everyone making hideous fashion faux pas� !
1. Avoid patterned or dark underwear under white linen.

2. The darker the top the more sweat patches will show.

3. Airtex is good material when really hot as it breathes.

4. Never wear black shoes with all white too harsh opt for cream tonal or silver.

5. Don�t follow a trend to closely, take a gypsy skirt and pair it with a structured shirt for a unique look.

6. Accessories can say more about you than the outfit- check Shoes, Glasses, Bag and Watch.

7. Not always about brand but the look.

8. To get a look make sure there is part of you in it or it just won�t work.

9. Basics should always be of high quality as they will get the most wear.

10. Guys- Invest in a plain black v neck from Gucci it will last forever.

11. Don�t underestimate the investment purposes of dry cleaning.

12. White shoes are rarely acceptable ever.

13. A good high quality suit will always serve.

14. Organise your wardrobe however you wish but keep 3 or 4 key ensembles together so in an emergency you have a last option.

15. All black can be jazzed with a white jacket or something white, always be careful though- if you feel remotely like a cater waiter don�t wear it- you look like one.

16. Girls � Accessories more is more, less is more, but be sensible when over junking.

17. Never mix navy and black.

18. A good look for a summer event is a 70�s money- silk shirt, white trousers, beige shoes and gold everything else � ala Versace mixed with St Tropez. Would be seen as tacky but trust me big hair, big money � it works!

19. Never buy a must have in the Sale � It wont fit, its out of season or worse the colour is putrid- just from experience circa Maharishi time.

20. If you are a designer fiend, sell old pieces on Ebay or at Retro man in Notting Hill or Exclusivo in Hampstead.

21. Being Kitsch by mixing patterns and clashing colours is seldom a good idea and takes either a person who couldn�t care less or an experienced accomplished fashionista to carry it off.