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Evening Wear

In a predominantly male dominated world, it has become imperative for women to rise to the occasion and prove themselves at every step. Stylish and expensive clothing worn by women in politics and business conveys the impression of assertiveness and competence.

Typically business dressing is synonymous with dressing for success. Never confuse club attire with business attire. In today’s corporate environment thus, to look powerful and command respect one must always be dressed crisply and neatly. A chance meeting with the CEO should not leave you awkward just because you were inappropriately dressed.

Pants and Skirts
The fabric should be crisp and colors solid – black, navy, gray, brown and khaki. For the most business-like appearance, pants should be creased and tailored; neither tight nor flowing. Skirts are usually up to the knee, straight and narrow fitting. If the skirt has a slit, it should be on the behind only to facilitate walking or stair climbing, never to show off the legs. A women’s suit with a jacket, pant and skirt is a must in a formal business wardrobe.

Shirts and Sweaters
Tailored shirts, blouses, knit sweaters and sweater sets in cotton, silk and silk blends make for both, business casual and formal wear.

Accessories and Cosmetics
Jewelry and scarves must be worn as demanded by current fashion trends. Business dressing should be kept simple and conservative. Avoid extreme of style and color. Make up should be as natural as possible only highlighting the essentials.

Shoes should be made of leather or micro-fiber and colors should be black, navy, brown, beige, tan to match the outfit and accessories. Toes should be covered; sandals, thins strapped high heels, chunky heels and platforms should be avoided. Make sure that you are comfortable walking in the shoes that you wear; discomfort shown while hobbling around does not at all display a professional image.

Purses, bags and briefcases
If you carry a purse, keep it small or alternatively, carry a briefcase for a more structured and professional look. The color of the purse or bag should coordinate with your shoes. Leather and micro-fiber are appropriate while canvas and straw are not.

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