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Frustrated with NO Women in Your Life?

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Perfumes For Men And Women

This article explains the many fragrances that are appropriate for men and women. Also it talks about when the right fragrance should be used. It is a valuable guide for those who want to buy the right perfume.

If you want people to think that you are beautiful, attractive and good, then the easiest way to do it is to select the right perfume.

From its inception in human history, cosmetics have always played different roles in making people presentable. Perfumes are one of the most used cosmetics since then, even though they were not made of synthetic contents as of today. But the fact remains that in ancient times, perfumes were used as part of ritual cerimonies. Back then aromatic grasses, wood and spices like cinnamon, cardamoms and fenugreek were squeezed into fluid to produce perfume.

The word "perfume" has originated from a Latin word "parfumare" meaning "through smoke". Archeological researches say the concept of perfume came from Egypt. Of course, followed by other Chinese, Indians, Romanians and Greeks before the whole world made it daily-essential in their lives.

Even though in the ancient culture perfumes were considered womanly affair, in today's world there are as many male versions of perfumes as female ones. Some of the famous brands of male perfume are: Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tommy Hilfiger, and Weekend for men and many others.

Beware that brand perfume by itself is not considered a fragrance. There are style conscious men who wear perfume according to their moods. There are perfumes that go with their schedule, for instance corporate, semi-casual or casual perfumes. Some of the corporate brands of perfumes for men are Sean John, Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Hugo Boss which are the most chosen perfumes internationally for corporate getup. While Armani has a few corporate fragrances with woody flavors, together with Calvin Klein perfumes are supposed to be most luring with a heavy masculine touch.

Also, Hugo Boss has been a famous brand, for both its cost and class. You don't have to earn like a CEO to wear Hugo Boss, but it certainly does make everyone to smell good!

There is a range of must-wear perfumes for party freaks, avid bikers or those to want to smell great even on weekends: Weekend for men, though is a new brand, does have a whole range of fragrances to make one's weekend sensual. Hugo Boss new collection with aqua elements are always recommended for casual wears. For bikers or car race fans - Ferrari, DKNY or Tommy Hilfiger are among great choices.

Where should a woman wear perfume? The answer is simple wherever they want to be kissed! We cannot talk about perfumes if we don't talk about women. Perfumes play a great role in women's sensuality.

All time favorite for any woman when it comes to perfumes are Christian Dior's collection: Dior's Jadore and Addict that have been in the market for a long time. For women who want to smell a bit sweet and yet want to leave a whiff of smell behind, it is suggested the latest collection of Burberry perfumes. And if sensuality is something your partner is luring for, go for Nina Ricci's spring-summer collection. The other perfumes that you can pick are Escada, Gap, or Tommy Hilfiger's exclusive girl's collections when you want to accompany him on a car race.

Apparently, a perfume is bottled to blend with natural odor to create a distinctive fragrance for your personality. So, you must use a single brand of perfume to make your signature style perfect over days and days. Last but not the least, you must not wear perfume over sweaty clothes to cover bad body odor, it makes the vicinity around that personal intolerable. PerfumesComputer Technology Articles, as the saying goes were used as a tribute to Gods so they must be sprayed when you are clean.


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Roberto Sedycias has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and over 20 years experience in systems analysis and computer programming. Currently working as IT consultant for

Dependence: Are You at Risk?

* Only 1% of the world's assets are in the name of women (Online Women in Politics,

* 70% of people in abject poverty-- living on less than $1 per day—are women (Online Women in Politics,
* Without Child Benefit, one-fifth of married women would be totally dependent on their partner for income (The Extent of Financial Independence for Women Born in 1958,
* Over half the women of this generation do not themselves receive, from either employment or the state, enough to 'get by'. Over two thirds of married mothers are in this position. They risk real poverty if their partner does not share his income (The Extent of Financial Independence for Women Born in 1958,

The statistics on financial dependency, particularly in women, are staggering. Still, just think how completely overwhelming those figures would be if they also included woman who are dependent upon others for validation and definition of their self esteem as well as those requiring emotional support or a shield from the ills of the world. What if we then added all those women who are dependent upon others for their mobility or their daily care. Given the extent of such issues, the odds that you know someone with such issues is extremely likely. It could be your sister, your mother, your best friend, or your neighbor. It could even be you.

Are You at Risk?
Would you be financially secure without your spouse’s income?
Do you find it hard to say “no”?
Do you feel unlovable or ugly?
Have you given up on your dreams?
Are you truly happy with your life?

If so, there is hope. It is possible to regain your self esteem, rebuild your self confidence, and become independent once more. Independence is a skill, an attitudeArticle Submission, and a lifestyle that anyone can achieve.


Tami Brady is author of The Complete Being: Finding and Loving the Real You and Regaining Control: When Loves Becomes a Prison. She has also penned two books of poetry: Blame and Judgment and From Lost to Found. Her website can be found at

Things Women Want In A Man

Quickly and easily learn what women really want in a man by reading this true, short story.

I met Jessica, a 24 year old law student who modeled lingerie to help defray the costs of her education, a few months ago in a nice lounge. I was there with a couple friends of mine, enjoying a nice bottle of Merlot. One of the things that a Date Pro has is the ability to be aware of his environment, even if his focus is somewhere else. In this case I was focused on conversation with my friends. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a man walk up to a very attractive young lady at the bar, offering to buy her a drink. She wasn't interested so she thanked him for the offer and continued munching on what appeared to be an appetizer. This man wouldn't take "no" for an answering and started giving her a hard time. I could tell from her body language that she was ready to do something drastic such as ask for security or start yelling at him. Here's a pointer for you: one of the best ways to meet a woman is to rescue her from a man or group of men that she has zero interest in. It was my cue to leave my friends for a moment and see if I could do my good deed for the evening. So I walked toward her and the persistent man that would not leave her alone.

"Excuse me honey," I said innocently, making sure that I made eye contact with her so she knew exactly what I was trying to do. "I'm so sorry I didn't see when I walked in here, I ran into Ken and Ronald and ended up chatting with them. When they saw me they were like 'Hey Rod! Over here!' Since I didn't see you I hung out with them for a while."

You'll notice that I found a way to include my name in my initial approach so she would know my name. A couple of seconds passed and those two seconds felt like an hour as I wasn't sure if she would play along. Most women usually do because they pick up on subtle clues, cues, and hints far better than men do. This was one of those times. "I was wondering where you were Rod honey," she said, trying her hardest not to laugh.

"Oh," started the man who was bothering her, "If you were expecting someone why didn't you say anything?"

I didn't want his badgering to continue so I simply looked at him, then looked at her, then looked at him and said, "Hey buddy, if you don't mind, I'd like to spend a moment alone with my fiancee."

He knew that he had lost. "Oh man, sorry. Later." And off he went.

As he was making his way out of our little circle, I leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Ok, once he's out of sight, I'm going back to my friends. By the way, my name really IS Rod." Then I grabbed a stool, gave her a wink, and she leaned into my direction and whispered, "Thank you." Sometimes the damsel in distress that you saved appreciates what you did and prefers that you be on your way, but sometimes they don't want you to leave. "My name is Jessica," she continued, "Do you really have to leave? Why don't you hang out for a bit?"

"So Rod, what is it that you do?", Jessica asked with a sincerity not usually found in these kind of places. Normally I don't like telling women what I do for a living until after a few dates, but it's only a guideline, not some rule written in stone. I like to go with my gut most of the time, since that is a sign that a person's game has evolved. Jessica was beautiful and she had this very innocent, cute face that made me want to protect her, this was evolutionary psychology and biology at work. One has to keep that under control at all times during an initial meeting with a stranger.

"Let's just say that I help men figure out what they really want out of life," I said with a grin on my face. She accepted that for the time being and we began talking about that. Eventually I asked her what she thought a healthy, attractive, mature woman wants in a man. "Leave out the stuff about 'I like to laugh' or a 'man who knows how to treat a lady' type stuff. I'm looking for specifics."

"Well," Jessica started, "You observed one thing we don't like and that is to keep trying to pick up on us after we've made it clear we're not interested. Sometimes I want to go out and not want to meet new people. Sometimes I just want a drink. I hate it when a man is too pushy."

"Please continue, this is fascinating," I remarked.

"I have a part-time job that pays really well, so I don't need a man to help me out financially in any way," Jessica continued on with a look of serious passion in her face. "You know what I think most 'healthy' women want? They want a man who can take care of himself. He might even be broke today but if he has a career or is in school or started a new business, a woman can see that he has ambition and potential. I think a lot of women look more into the future than men do. A man should be financially stable. That doesn't mean he has to be rich, he should be good with his money and not spend it on frivolous things."

"You mean like a Coach hand bag, Mac make up, or Jimmy Choo shoes right?" I interjected with a teasing tone to my voice. Jessica giggled.

"Something like that, silly," I could tell Jessica was a fun gal. "I know one thing I like is when my man plans out a whole evening for both us. I like it when he plans ahead. I have a friend named Monica who was dating this really unattractive man, but she didn't care. If you can make her laugh she is all yours. Tell your clients that if a woman is laughing at his jokes then she likes him."

"So," I chimed in, "What you're really looking for is a confident man who has a plan for his life, has potential, a sense of humor, financially stable, and knows how to make a woman feel sexy and good, right?"

"Absolutely!" Jessica exclaimed.


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Attracting and Seducing Hot Women is Possible if You Do This

Learn this technique to attract and seduce hot women.
Are you having trouble with attracting and seducing any hot women you meet?
Well if so, then pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you…

If you're interested in increasing your overall success with women, then you should learn ONE important thing. It's being able to approach women WITHOUT any fear of rejection!

I know this sounds simplistic, but many guys have major problems with this one aspect of their dating lives. They're afraid to approach hot women because they worry about what could go wrong. Typically a lot of men get nervous thinking about what a woman will say and how she might reject him.

Now it's possible for you to attract and seduce a beautiful woman. All you have to do is learn how to overcome your fear of rejection. By confidently walking up to a woman with NO fear of rejection, you'll instantly become an attractive guy who has a seductive personality.

Here's an example to illustrate this point

One of my good friends is able to attract and seduce many beautiful women because he has almost no fear of rejection. While he knows he's might be rejected, he's able to eliminate all negative thought patterns. Instead he simply focuses on his approach and initiating conversations with women.

As you can see, the guys with no fear of rejection are able to increase your overall success with women. So if you learn to cultivate this personality, you'll find that you'll become better with women.

All you have to do is learn how to act confidently on all interactions with women. When you're talking to women, simply concentrate on the conversation and work at eradicating all negative thoughts. Just relax and enjoy the conversation.

So if you're intimidated by women, you need to work on building your confidence and become comfortable with approaching hot women. If you see an attractive woman, then you should immediately approach her.

When you get into the practice of approaching all hot women you see, you're nervousness and fears will quickly fade away.

Once you get into a pattern of approaching women and initiating conversations with women, you'll experience a dramatic increase in your success. Even if you're only able to pick up a woman once in awhile, you'll at least have more experience with your approach techniques. Also, you'll be closer towards eliminating your fear of rejection.

Attracting and seducing hot women is possible. But if you let your fears and nervousness get in the way, you'll have little chance of success.

All you have to do is practice your approach techniques and become more confident, then you'll master the art of attraction.


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