Monday, August 20, 2007

Slim and Sassy Womens Narrow Dress Shoes

Women are destined to look elegant in form-fitting dresses. Dresses are supposed to flow with each movement and accentuate a woman's natural feminine beauty. Womens narrow dress shoes add grace to an already graceful formal ensemble.

Dress shoes in general add a certain flair to formal wear. Womens narrow dress shoes are just one of the many kinds of shoes that can be paired up with an elegant evening gown, or a chic cocktail dress. Wide dress shoes are also available for women with broader feet - given the endless options for a female shopper looking for the right footwear, one need not fear that the size of her feet will hamper her from achieving any "look" she wants.

When you have narrow feet, say AA or AAA size, a lot of the more popular styles out in the market may frustrate you. But don't fret! Just because those shapely high-heels you saw on the cover of a certain women's magazine happens to be too wide for you, you can always pick out other styles of high-heeled shoes that will better suit your size and purposes. The important thing is to take your time shopping. Try out all the available styles and see which one would provide the best fit.

One's prime concern when picking out a pair of formal shoes ought to be comfort. Say you may not be a real social butterfly, and you tend to shy away from most formal gatherings, excepting the ones that are really, really necessary to attend (such as your own wedding!), you still need to pick out shoes that are not just pretty, but also comfortable. If you really want to make the affair memorable and enjoy it to the fullest, you won't sacrifice comfort for anything.

If you have narrow feet, your main concern is probably to find a good pair of shoes that looks good and at the same time doesn't threaten to slide off at every step! On the other hand, if you have wide feet, you should not try to squeeze into narrower shoes just because those slender-footed shoes models make them look so irresistible. The point of wearing snappy dress shoes is to look gorgeous, and can you really do that while trying hard not to wince while going around the room talking to people?

Besides, even if you ARE a social butterfly, there's no rule that says you aren't entitled to comfortable formal wear, such as womens narrow dress shoes. It's not true that the worse-fitting a shoe is, the better it looks. If you REALLY want to look good in a dress, you'll pick out shoes that are right for the size of your feet.

Extraordinary Womens Shoes, and The Extraordinary Women Who Flaunt Them

"I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes." Who else but Oprah could have said such a gem? Since the beginning womens shoes have reflected everything about the women who wear them - style, status, aesthetic taste, and poise only a few among them. Women have worn shoes for various practical and stylistic reasons, but in the end it's an expression of what makes a woman feel good, and what makes her feel like she looks good too!

Shopping for womens shoes is also a popular pastime and stress reliever. In fact, some women can be so taken with the passion for buying shoes for themselves that they can build entire collections out of their purchases. Former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos is perhaps the best known among history's prominent "shoe-philes." Response to allegations that she has over three thousand pairs of shoes in her posession, she responded with dignity befitting a queen: "I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes. I had one thousand and sixty."

It's not enough to own a lot of shoes - a woman who knows the value of a good pair of shoes has a discerning eye and a modern sensibility. One of the many flattering words to describe such a woman would be "cosmopolitan." Women everywhere in the world love shoes, either to buy for themselves or to receive as gifts. And knowing exactly what shoes to wear with which outfit, to suit which occasion, is a sure mark of a true woman of the world.

Women who love shoes can be found anywhere, at any age. But the truly discriminating "artiste" among shoe-loving women are rare. Perhaps they could even be figured at one in a million - and once you've found such a one, it is only fair that you recognize her uniqueness. She has the skills and the bearing of a true aesthete.

On the other hand, the man who knows how to pick out shoes for his lady is also one in a million. The man who knows how to pick out his OWN shoes for style and comfort may be rare enough; very few men appreciate the need to take one's time in putting together an eye-catching, image-defining wardrobe. Quite a few men would settle for the cheapest or most impressively branded or most comfortable pairs of shoes without taking style, fashion and other factors into consideration. But you need all the know-how in order to buy a really great pair of womens shoes!

Womens Flipflops: Casual Fashion

Shoes are not only articles of clothing: they are a fashion necessity. Codes of public behavior dictate that you MUST wear shoes that match your clothes, and you MUST wear shoes that cater to every occasion. Well, what if there's no occasion to cater to? On "off" days, does it fellow that women should do away with fashion footwear altogether? Not so! Casual footwear such as flipflops could also be a fashion necessity. Just as womens shoes make for eye-catching ensembles for formal occasions, womens flipflops could also lend color to the everyday wardrobe!

Womens flipflops stand in a league of their own, so to speak, when it comes to style. Most ladies footwear comes with that delicate touch, a free-spiritedness that also speaks of sensitivity and grace. There are also flipflops that have a sportier look to them, however.

During the summer heat, we all want footwear that's comfortable and "breezy." A good pair would give maximum breathing space and room for movement for busy feet. Comfort is the key word here: when choosing flipflops for yourself, you need to try it out and see if it feels good for running on the sand in, or going for long leisurely walks around the block in. Think of it as a solid investment, because if you choose a truly durable and stylish pair of flipflops, they won't just be a part of your seasonal wardrobe. Flipflops aren't purely summer wear, but they can provide summer comfort all year round!

Signature flipflops continue to gain ground in the footwear market. Both men and women have proven to be willing to spend good money for a good pair of flipflops to flaunt. Some even buy pairs that cost hundreds of dollars! But we need not remind ourselves that the high cost of designer footwear is offset by their overall value. Designer shoes, slippers, boots and the like are expensive mainly because they're meant to last you a long time. Moreover, they're there so you can show off your good taste and eye for quality clothing. By choosing to buy designer footwear, you don't just accessorize - you accessorize with flair!

Womens flipflops can be delicate in design, and so they are often worn in tandem with feminine casual wear. Ensembles with cutoffs and skirts are often what they go the best with. For sporty types, there are always shorts or skorts, which go well with flipflops with sturdier designs.

Womens Designer Shoes: For the Woman Who Won't Settle For Less

By choosing only quality footwear, a woman becomes the change she wants to see in the world. She exhibits a discriminating eye for beauty and impeccable taste. But not every woman wants to go the extra mile and prove her dedication to her own standards. Womens designer shoes exist especially for rare and special women such as these.

The way a woman chooses her footwear speaks volumes of her aesthetic preferences. Womens shoes represent their individuality, show the world the standards they will not lower for anything. When a woman goes straight to the womens designer shoes section of the mall, you know you've got a connoisseur on your hands. She will never settle for second best, and if we're talking about a professional woman, we're also talking about someone who works hard to keep up a lifestyle that supports her principles.

Designer clothing and accessories are sought after for many reasons, but at the heart of it is, they provide an overall superior value. They're quite simply better-looking, more durable, and certainly more impressive than the alternatives! Some people choose designer wear for very specific purposes, such as projecting a certain image. Just as an example, look at the trademark square-shouldered Chanel "power suits." They don't just say "beautiful woman," they say "beautiful, smart and strong woman who can be any man's match in the corporate arena"!

In fact, designers are there to show us the value of dressing to impress. That little Armani, Versace or Gucci tag makes a world of difference. You may look just as stunning in a less expensive dress, but people who know their haute couture know pretense when they see it! When it comes to footwear, just look at Havaianas - for a store selling mainly flipflops, some of their designs could be surprisingly expensive. But that's because you're paying for the name as much as you're paying for the quality. The odor-resistant and always perfectly shaped Havaianas flipflops are copied by manufacturers of fakes all over the world, but the value of a genuine Havaianas purchase is simply irreplaceable.

Womens designer shoes come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Sometimes women will choose certain shoes for their quirkiness or individuality, in order to stand out in the boring crowd. It's no longer just the name or the features she pays for when she purchases designer footwear then - it's also how it allows her to express her unique self.

Even Large Size Womens Shoes Can Be Sexy and "Cute"

Womens footwear come in a class all their own, when it comes to size - they stand in that stark middle ground between "kid size" and "man size." But in that middle ground, there are also degrees in which womens footwear vary, and in the same store where you could find regular womens shoe, you could also usually find petite womens shoes and large size womens shoes to suit every occasion.

A common misconception about large size womens shoes is that they could lack delicacy and grace, which is why many women with larger feet sometimes feel it's better to squeeze their feet into smaller size shoes. After all, all the girls say that the better a pair of shoes looks, the more painful it is to actually wear, right? Well, that's wrong! Just because big womens shoes are closer in size to mens shoes, they don't need to be any less feminine. As we know in this modern age of fashion, it's not the size that matters, it's how well you can dress it up!

Some women who find that their bodies - or at least certain parts of their anatomy - don't quite live up to society's standards of beauty sometimes opt to sacrifice comfort for attractiveness. What they might not know is that the compromise may actually hinder them from achieving the look they're looking for. And for most women who want to appear fashionable and up to date with the latest trends, the "look" is that of a sophisticated woman at peace with her own inner and outer beauty. But seriously, would you be able to achieve that "look" if you're keeping yourself from wincing in pain with every step? In all honesty, you could, but it's definitely not easy, and it's definitely a hard illusion to maintain for an extended period of time!

Grace need not be a trait that's unique to the slender and small. A fuller-bodied woman, for example, may carry herself with a sensual charm by wearing a dress that accentuates her curves and flows with her every sultry movement. Cuteness is also a trait that doesn't always come in small sizes. The dynamic fashion footwear industry has assured women with larger feet a world of choices if they want to go for a sweet, innocent look.

Small feet may have been a standard of beauty in ancient China, where and when the feet of women were bound to create "lotus feet" - but this isn't ancient China, and now large size womens shoes exist to free women from the restraints of outdated styles!

How to Find the Perfect Womens Apparel

Buying womens apparel can range from womens active wear to business suits to the intimate lingerie. There are thousands of different styles, prices, sizes and brands to choose from for each of the categories listed above. Not to mention the thousands of places to purchase the womens apparel. So how do you select from the overwhelming amount of options.

The easiest way to do so is to narrow down your options. When you take a first glance, it can certainly be intimidating shopping for womens apparel. Once you begin to narrow down what you are specifically looking for, it creates a realistic list of options.

The first part to the process is deciding on what kind of womens apparel you are hopping for. If you want to get clothes to wear around the house or go workout in, then you will want to look in stores that offer womens active wear. The same goes for womens business suits and womens intimate lingerie. Obviously you do not want to look for a business suit at Victoria Secret or an intimate nightgown at the Nike outlet.

The next phase is deciding on a price range. If you go into a store without setting a budget, you will find yourself spending way more than you had first anticipated. It can be easy to go into Victoria Secret or JC Pennys and spend over a thousand dollars on a few items if you do not prioritize and set a limit.

The easiest part of the process that will narrow down your selection the most is finding your size. Although brands and what type of womens apparel you are searching for can vary in size, generally the size remains the same for all products. Then when you go to a store, it either has your size or it does not. If it does not, you can either wait for it to come in your size, go to a different store or select a different item.

Another phase that has made way just within the past couple of decades is Internet shopping. With the Internet continuously expanding and more stores opening up an online shopping website, it is becoming increasing popular to shop online. When you shop online, you have a much wider selection to choose from and an endless amount of stores to choose from. There are the downsides and risks of having the wrong item delivered, having to pay for shipping and having to wait for your item to be shipped. However, it opens the door to a much larger selection of womens apparel than ever before.

With all this said, it is now up to you to decide on what brand appeals to you most and what style you are looking for. Whether you want basketball or tennis womens active wear is a decision to make. Do you want a black or brown or white womens business suit? Are you looking for a comfortable nightgown or sexy womens intimate lingerie? These are all questions you will have to ask yourself when shopping for womens apparel