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The beginning of hip hop clothing

Hip hop was brought to live in the late 1960s and early 1970s and had an amazing development since the first day it had been first introduced.

This subculture has several main elements and this is one of the major reasons why hip hop gained the success that it has now. Besides the specific, new type of music that it brought: rapping, hip hop also introduced a new fashion trend: hip hop clothing, a new form of art, graffiti, another way of dancing, break dancing and last but not least beat boxing. With so many elements introduced there is no wonder that hip hop gradually started to develop and win the hearts of many people.

Besides rap music, which is the main element that hip hop is known for and appreciated, another important aspect of this subculture that had immediate appealing to fans as well as ordinary people, was hip hop clothing. Today there is not a clothing store that either sells hip hop clothing or has clothes that are also inspired from this type of fashion. All the major designer labels borrowed something from this amazing form of art known as hip hop.

One of the major reasons why nowadays there are thousands of clothing stores that promote and sell hip hop clothing is the fact that this simple fashion was and still is accessible and easy to wear. Large, baggy pants and long t-shirts are the two major iconic aspects of hip hop clothing. Moreover, this new trend allowed people to look a little uncouth as long as they feel comfortable with what they wear. Another reason why hip hop clothes must be very comfortable is because you have to be allowed to move freely in order to be able to break- dance.

In the beginning the hip hop fashion was looked at as being more appropriate for those who lived in the ghetto or had minimum wage. However, this was about to change very soon. What hip hop brought to the world was undeniable and there was no way that this was just some wave that was going to pass without leaving any trace. More than that, hip hop has not passed and it is maybe stronger today than it was when it first started. Hip hop clothes are a big hit, rapping is one of the most expressive ways of expressing yourself and break- dancing and graffiti have become an art form that you can not live without.

The numerous clothing stores that sell hip hop clothes and the number of brands that started to make such clothes increased considerably. This subculture is now appreciated at its value and although there are some bad things that hip hop promotes at times, the many great aspects of this subculture have brought it where it belongs.

Hip hop clothes are found in thousands of clothing stores, break- dance is thought in thousands of dancing schools, graffiti is found on millions of wall and hip hop music is listened by millions of people around the world.

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Flax clothing for sustainable living

Many people in America have joined the organic foods revolution and are spending more and more money to eat food that has a label on it that says organic or that the chickens the eggs came from are free-range chickens. In many different food groups, people are looking for things that are, in one way or another organic, and they are spending a whole lot more on groceries every week in an effort to purchase the largest majority of their food from organic brands and organic shops. If you interview these people, they will tell you that traditional practices for growing and harvesting food for humans is not a sustainable enterprise and it's one that is quickly polluting our Earth as well as our very own bodies. Interestingly enough, a lot of these people who only buy organic beef and organic soy milk are wearing clothing made in processes that are just as unsustainable and just as damaging to the Earth as the practices that they are trying to avoid by buying organic foods.

A lot of people have turned to natural fibers for all of their clothing, but what many people don't know is that cotton, though a natural fiber, is not produced naturally. Most cotton is grown on farms where a very large amount of pesticide is used in order to keep the crops productive, i.e. in order to protect the plants from being destroyed by pests. While this is the case for most cotton (cotton that is not organic), it is not the case for many other naturally occurring fibers. One good example is flax clothing, sometimes called linen. Linen is made from harvesting fibers from the flax plant. Traditionally, such clothing was called linen, but more and more often it is being called flax clothing to eliminate some of the ambiguity about where the fibers come from. Since flax clothing is made from the flax plant, it is much easier to identify the source and the resulting fabric coinciding.

Flax clothing is worn by a small percentage of people who are concerned about the environment and about sustainable living. Like organic food, flax clothing is much more expensive than traditional 100% cotton clothing. The reasons for this are many, but most importantly, organic foods and truly organic fibers, such as those in flax clothing, are not mass-produced the way that traditional cotton and traditional beef and milk are produced. Organics do not depend on pesticides to do all the work in growing the product. As a result, the farmers growing them have more work of their own to do.

Despite the higher cost, flax clothing is a responsible choice for healthy, sustainable living. Consumers find it to be exceedingly comfortable and exceedingly easy to care for. It's also durable, and only gets softer as it is worn over and over again, so it's clothing that you can enjoy for years to come. Like everything else in the organic world, it's about making a product to last instead of to be disposable; it's about buying six expensive flax shirts instead of 30 cheap cotton ones. In the end, it costs the same, but the organic choice is not only good for you, it's also good for the Earth.

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Functional finishes for apparels


The scope of fibre science is very broad. Only innovative products will be able to open up new markets and new horizons for the textile industry. Innovation is a key factor for operating successfully in any market. Within the textile industry, the challenge for companies today lies in bringing to market a stream of new and improved, value-added products, in order to strengthen existing product lines, and diversify into new areas. Technology represents one critical route in doing so.

1. Introduction

When textile assumes an additional function over and above the conventional purpose, it may be regarded as speciality or functional textile.

To realise our dream of new fibres and environment friendly wet processing, it is essential to invest in future research and “researchers”

The textile industry of the future looks very promising – something to revive our spirits considering the fact that it is considered an obsolete technology. However, the textile industry is required to shift its emphasis from “quantity” to “quality” and adopt itself to the dynamism of the market economy.

Speciality finishes involves: Fragrance Release, Protective Finishes, Skin Care Additives, Insect Repellent, Deodorising Fragrance, Antimicrobials, Flame Retardant Finishes, Cool Finish & Thermal Insulatory Finish, Water Proofing Finish and UV Stabilisers.

Functional finishes represent the next generation of finishing industry, which, make textile materials act by themselves. This means that they may keep us warm in cold environments or cool in hot environments or provide us with considerable convenience, support, and even fun in our normal day-to-day activities.

2. Types of Functional Finishes

2.1. Antimicrobial Finishes

Microbes are minute organisms, but can be most dangerous for creating harm to our lifestyle in different ways. So to make the environment healthy, hygienic and fresh, it becomes very important to have the control over growth of the microbes and for these the garments / fabrics should be treated with some specialty chemicals, which can restrict the growth of these microorganisms. Antimicrobial finishing is one of the special types of finishing given to the textiles where the chances of bacterial growth are high and the safety is paramount.

Antimicrobial treatment on the undergarments controls the growth of the microbes on it, which will in turn control the above effects.

Lady apparel a breath of elegance

Man and women are still expected to be fully and presentably dress today as they were expected in the past. In some part of the world, clothing has progressed into a fashion statement that signifies the sense of well being. This holds true particularly for women. In this age, lady's apparel and the impact of fashion have given a new perspective for clothing, not only as means to keep the vulnerable human body from extreme weathers and harsh environment but a critical tool in determining the success of the wearer.

Turning fabrics into apparel is not as easy as it may seem. Ignorance to this fact has made modern day consumers take clothing for granted. Before the method of making textile was mechanized, processing textile was very tedious and labor intensive. The industry was the first to be mechanized during the Industrial Revolution.

As humans became more better at making clothes, the fashion industry starts to progress and has enriched the ways to create and beautify daily apparel. Embroidery is one of the significant methods in beautifying clothes.

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn using a special needle. The Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Hebrews and the Moors are among has long use embroidery to beautify their robes and other apparels. These ancient people have embedded their style and culture within the patterns and designs of their embroidery. Embroidery also signifies wealth and power of the wearer back then. Rich traders and merchants are willing to buy expensive embroidered clothes which are more often than not worn by their wives and mistresses.

Embroidery is definitely one of the most beautiful ways to express your identity on many garments and accessories. It gives the apparel not only a sense of style but adds a sheer elegance to the appearance of the lady that wears it. Handmade embroidery is always regarded as more distinctive because a lot of work and energy are dedicated into creating the perfect piece. The meticulous work would sometime take days and even month as the creator would put work on every bit of piece in detail. Nowadays, machinery has helped human significantly in simplifying their work. The quality of machined-made embroidery has come to a point where the result and artwork is as beautiful as handmade embroidery.

With the availability of machine work, almost every garment can be embroidered to give a personalized feeling to the wearer. More often than not, the rich and famous would want to create an identity to their apparel. In order to mark their identity they would usually tailor-make their clothing and would embroidered their initials on each of their garment. Fashion is a very universal concept and it covers all sorts of industry and activity. Even sportsmen and women are not left behind when it comes to looking good. Nowadays, more and more sports apparels such as lady golf apparel is now making a fashion statement even on the golf course. Even though the golfers have certain dress code and rules to abide to when they go on the green, this has not hindered them from being fashionable and classy. As the influence of big golfers name like Tiger Wood and Michelle Wie, a growing trend of fashion has set itself up as more and more fans starts to dress like their idols.

Clothing has transformed into something worn out of necessity into an indicator of social status. Clothes not only protect the human body form dangers of the environment but give the wearer a sense of confidence and pride. Today, the world of fashion is without a doubt a dominant market and more and more designers dare to explore and showcase their creations on original lady apparels.

What is crochet?

In the early 1800s, lace made materials are much expensive than the crochet products. In Europe, some communities use crochet products to identify their social status, which only indicate that they can afford crochet products and other lace made items. The craft of crocheting only requires less expensive supplies and materials, which are commonly threads and yarns that they can purchase in nearby markets.

Many assume that the craft of crocheting and knitting evolved in countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. They have come up with this theory because of the cultural tradition of clothing used by the people living in these countries. Many experts also say that the craft of crocheting was more essential to bend the forefinger rather than its necessity for creating crochet and knitted products.

In the early periods of imperialism, where the art was practiced in the western part of Europe recognize crocheting as the main source of livelihood among people living in villages and communities. Most royalties consider wearing a crochet product symbolize wealth and power. During these days, crocheting and knitting is the pleasure of many people. It has developed as an art of creating very good crochet crafts and designs.
A person can acquire a variety of yarns and threads that are used to make a crochet product. There are different textures and colors he may choose depending on the type of pattern or design that he will create. There are basic types of yarns that are in the market nowadays. He may find baby/fingering, worsted weight, chunky, sport/baby, and the bulky types of yarns, which are commonly used in crocheting and knitting.

Yarns are typically labeled by their types to distinguish the yarns' quality. This helps in identifying which specific yarn would be suitable for a particular crochet product. Moreover, a person may also need to know the amount of skein, care instructions, gauge, and the fiber content of the yarns.

Here are some other supplies aside from the yarn that are needed to create a particular crochet product.

1. The knitting needles are very essential in crocheting. They are commonly straight aluminum, wooden and plastic made materials. They can be availed in different sizes from 2 millimeters to 15 millimeters. They are purchased in pairs where they feature a knob and pointed edges. This design was made for preventing the needle to slide when it is left on the unfinished crochet product.

2. The crochet hooks are used in catching the loops of thread used in crocheting. They also draw the stitches made from loosening and sliding from the chain stitches. They also come in aluminum, plastic, and wooden made materials. The wooden made crochet hooks are the commonly used in doing a crochet product because it is easier for the fingers handle and it is also considered as the most affordable.

3. The pattern diagram is very essential in creating a crochet product. This serves as the guide on how he will follow the instructions and outline of the design. Most patterns are usually easy to follow especially if the person is highly skilled n crocheting. For most beginners, there are patterns, which are more basic and simple. They are especially designed for them to practice and understand simple patterns of crochet products.

4. He may also need the use of other resources that will provide him sufficient basic crocheting instructions such as books and magazines. There are instructional diagrams that he may use in cases he would like to choose other designs on how to make a crochet hat, crochet pillow, crochet scarf, crochet bag, and other items that can be possibly made in crochet.

5. There are also special supplies that are needed in making special crochet products. Lace made and doilies are required to be worked on using stainless steel crochet hooks. These special hooks have a different size compared to those regular wooden hooks.

Crochet products are mostly made for the pleasure of creating beautiful patterned designs. They may be displayed in exhibits especially if the tools and supplies that were used are certified crochet materials. The price of the crochet product may also depend on how long it was made by a person. Although others only work on crochet products for their own pleasure and satisfaction for finishing a particular pattern, people still find it helpful in applying their skills to generate income.

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