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Dressing Right for Outdoor Sports

Looking good should not always be the only reason for choosing the right clothes. You should always consider comfort and protection as equally important reasons. Having comfortable clothes would help you enjoy whatever activity you are engaged in by allowing you to move well. On the other hand, clothes should protect you from the harsh elements such as extreme heat cold and wind.

For outdoor activities, there are particular clothes that are appropriate to wear. To help you choose the right clothes here are some tips based on a particular outdoor event.

Polo Events

Since this activity would usually be held on open grounds, you would be exposed to warm and sunny conditions. The best way to protect yourself from the sun and wind is to wear a lightweight jacket that would have big collars you can use to protect your nape and neck from burning under the sun. The perfect complement for a lightweight jacket is a polo shirt. These shirts are designed to allow movement and proper air ventilation. If it is too hot for a jacket, these polo shirts would be more than enough for protection. You could always find polo shirts and jackets that have sporty design and vibrant colors. For polo fans, you can always choose a polo shirt that features the colors of your favorite team.

Shooting Events

Choosing the right clothes for a shooting event would be a little bit tricky especially if you are looking for something that is comfortable as well as stylish. Because of the nature of the activity, it would be smart to wear a Ptarmigan or a medium-weight jacket. These jackets would protect you from injuries like scratches and bruises. Aside from this, these jackets would contain functional pockets where you can place personal items without affecting comfort. For pants, you should choose a durable yet comfortable material like tweed or corduroy.


The most important factor to consider when looking for appropriate clothes for fishing is the protection it can provide you. To protect you from the water, you should wear a bank vest, neck wrap and bug cap. You can protect your hands and head by wearing brimmed hats, wrist warmers and fingerless gloves. Make sure that you choose a bank vest with material that is quick drying, lightweight and waterproof. Your gloves should be made primarily of wool to provide you sufficient warmth. On the other hand, your hat should be able to protect you from the heat of the sun and should be durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear.

You can find all these clothes in different styles and colors. Creating a perfect blend of fashion and function can only be achieved with clothes made by manufacturers who have been in the industry for a long time. When buying outdoor clothing, money should be the least consideration since you would actually save more in the long term if you buy clothes that may be of higher quality.

Roxtons outdoor clothing provides you protection against the elements at your favourite outdoor sporting events. Clothing of style and quality emphasises your attraction to the great outdoors.

Joe Rocket Motorcycle Jacket Review

Joe Rocket motorcycle jackets are some of the most popular in the industry. But are they worth the money? This article will give you a detailed look at Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket features in terms of the criteria you should be using to decide which jacket you'll purchase.


Okay, this is a pretty vain criteria, but let's be honest. This is usually what attracts a buyer to a particular motorcycle jacket. If you don't like the way it looks, you probably aren't going to buy it no matter how good it is, right?

Few would argue that the styling of a Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket is second to none. From the classic black motorcycle jacket to the race team look, Joe Rocket has got you covered. There is a jacket for you no matter what your taste.


A nice looking jacket is all fine and good, but above all else, you are buying a motorcycle jacket to protect you, right? You want to know that your injuries will be minimized in the event of a fall.

A Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket will protect you as well or better than any other jacket on the market. Most models include reinforced elbow/forearm and shoulder sections. This high level of protection, however, comes at a price...a high price tag and compromised comfort.


These are some of the most expensive jackets on the market. A Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket will set you back between $100 and $500. You can usually find good deals on Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket online.


Joe Rocket motorcycle jackets are typically a little bit stiffer than other jackets to maintain the high level of protection. Most riders find this a little bit uncomfortable. With time, they loosen up a bit and become more comfortable, but still remain somewhat stiff. This is the main complaint about Joe Rocket motorcycle jackets.

Being somewhat thick, you can also get a bit warm inside these jackets. Fortunately, most models come equipped with a removable liner and air vents than channel outside air. Even with this feature, the jackets can get somewhat hot.


A Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket is a sizable investment, no doubt about it. For your money, you get top quality protection and styling and decent comfort. You can find cheaper jackets, but be prepared to sacrifice some of that styling and protection. Understand where your priorities are and you'll know if a Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket is right for you.

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Lyle Dove is an avid motorcyclist who enjoys all aspects of the sport including motocross and road racing. When he's not out riding, he spends his time writing articles on the sport he loves.

Ballet Dance Wear

Most can agree that ballet is a beautiful variety of dance, but it is also a delicate art form. The performers are often times telling a story with their movement, and the costumes, or clothing they wear play an integral part in the unfolding of the story. During practice, the ballet dance wear is usually less delicate and more practical, however, during recitals, and performances, dancers can go on stage in anything from an all black body suit, to very complicated skirts, tops, and leggings! The type of dance known as En Pointe, is unique to ballet and has very specific shoes that resemble classic ballet slippers until you see the toe. There it is flattened and very sturdy so that a dancer can stand literally on their tip toes. Dance wear has certainly come a long way and there are several varieties offered to fit any needs.

Rehearsal or practice for ballet doesn't usually require full on costuming unless it is a dress rehearsal. Common attire for dancers in class is for girls; a leotard, tights, and your slippers. For guys it can be the same with the addition of shorts as well. Leotards are a one piece body suit that can resemble a bathing suit with or without sleeves. Students attending standard or beginner ballet class will also wear their ballet slippers to dance in. However, En Pointe classes require a dancer to own and wear point shoes. It takes a lot of practice and breaking in to get used to point shoes. Performers often will go through a period of time where their toes are extremely blistered and sore from learning to dance on point.

When it comes to recitals and performances the possibilities are endless and it truly depends on the story being told. It's common to see a flowing or exaggerated skirt on women because it helps to signify their feminine qualities, and can often give the illusion of flying. Costuming is important because ballet is a very movement oriented dance, and the clothing has to be conducive to running, jumping, and it just needs to be flexible.

The vast array of ballet dance wear is available all over the world and on the internet. Whether it's for a performance, practice, or class, there is no doubt when it comes to the shoes that they need to be of quality. Ballet shoes are one of the single most important elements to one's wardrobe. If the shoes are poor quality, then there is a good chance for the dancer to injure themselves or someone else.

Tennis Clothes Should Be Comfortable

You have been playing tennis on and off over the years and have finally decided to get more serious about the game. You figure you can kill two birds with one stone by getting your exercise while doing something you like. Now, you set off to get yourself ready to play.

As always, you want to look your best, after all, you have always been a great dresser. The decision now is 'what should I wear when playing tennis?' Do I need special outfits similar to what pros like the Williams sisters wear or can I just wear casual clothing? Bottom line is that the decision is yours to make.

You can purchase a complete outfit made by any major manufacturer of sporting goods. These include Nike, Adidas, Prince, Wilson, Head, Babolat, Balle de Match, and there still many more out there selling good products.

If you do not want to invest in the special clothes, think comfortable. Your outfit should be loose and flowing as you will be running back and forth, jumping up and down and twisting in every direction as you try to hit the ball. Maybe you will want to just wear the clothes you already have in your closet or to purchase ones-either works as long as you can move freely around the court. If you join a group or a club and play as a team together, you may need to purchase a team uniform.

Your group will select an outfit that may include a top, shorts, socks and jacket or a special short dress with socks and a jacket-monograms are also available and you can even add the team’s name to the back of the outfit.

If you have joined a tennis club, you may want to stop by periodically to see what other people are wearing. I am not saying that you should try to 'keep up with the Jones' here, but there may be an 'unspoken' dress code for players. You should be able to figure that out without embarrassing yourself by showing up inappropriately dressed.

Take time to go out and shop around for your outfit. If you do not have a lot of spare time or you hate to think about spending time at the mall on your day off, look on the internet. Just type in 'tennis clothing' and you will be amazed at the number of different web sites that will be listed.

Go through a few of these sites to get an idea of what you want-this is probably the quickest and easiest way to see literally hundreds of different options in just a few minutes. You can even order your outfit without every leaving your home-it can even be delivered directly to your door for you to wear.

Find the outfit you like and that you are comfortable in. Play tennis with your friends, make new acquaintances, schmooze with potential clients, and just enjoy yourself. You are out with people and getting exercise and you look and feel great.

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Running Shoe Guide - How Do I Choose The Right Shoes?

Running is a great way to keep fit and can be a lot of fun, too. It is very important to make sure you have the correct equipment before you start and one of the most important investments is a good pair of running shoes. They can improve your running gait and prevent injuries. There are thousands of different running shoes to choose from and most of the big sports manufacturers invest money into the science and technology of running shoes.

Running Shoe Components

A running shoe comprises an outsole, a midsole, an upper, a heel counter and a post or footbridge. Apart from that, running shoes vary enormously in design and color. A running shoe has to be flexible and durable, control motion and absorb shock. It is best to buy your shoes from a specialist running shop, or at least a sports shop, so you can get good advice from the sales staff. Try on shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are slightly larger.

Each person has slightly different feet, so a great shoe for someone else might not necessarily be the best one for you. The shape of your feet, your weight, any foot problems, your running style and running surfaces (tarmac, sand, treadmill etc) and various other factors can affect which running shoe is going to suit you and your lifestyle the best.

Types of Running Shoes

You can divide your feet into one of three basic types – normal, flat or high arched. Have a look at your wet footprint on the bathmat when you get out of the bath. If you see a full imprint, this means you are flat footed. If there is an arch cutaway, your foot is normal. If there is a very narrow band or no band between the front and back of the foot, you have high arches. Foot type affects which sort of running shoes will be better for you. The normal foot tends to be the most biomechanically efficient and you will need shoes with moderate motion control. If you have high arches, avoid stability or motion control shoes, as these will limit foot mobility. If your feet are flat, high stability or motion control shoes with firm midsoles will reduce the amount your foot naturally rolls in and be more comfortable and better for you. Avoid highly curved or cushioned shoes if your feet are flat, as they will restrict stability.

When trying on running shoes, make sure they feel good as soon as you put them on. The average pair of running shoes should be able to run 1000 km so comfort is a must!

Why Are Weight Lifting Shoes Important For You To Have?

Weight lifting shoes are just as important for your routine as the clothes are. You will not be comfortable while you are working out if you do not have the correct weight lifting shoes. You need to find the right pair that will work perfect for your weight lifting.

First, you need to find a pair that is not too big. When they are too big you will have them falling off your feet and tripping you during your work out.

Second, you don’t want them to be too small because then you will end up with blisters on your feet. You will also end up having very sore feet. This will make it hard for you to continue your weight lifting and make it more difficult the next time you do your weight lifting.

So you definitely want to find weight lifting shoes that will fit you just right. You may have to try on more than one pair but you will be glad you did when your shoes end up supporting your feet instead of hurting them.

Third, you want to make sure that the shoes you get will not be ones that you will slip on anything. This is one way that you can get hurt in a gym when you are not working out. You don’t want this to happen. Make sure that the shoes you choose are ones that have good traction.

Now there are a couple of places that you can get the weight lifting shoes that you need. You can look in your local stores to find them. You also want to see if the local gyms have them for sale. Gyms are a good place to look because they know what the best kinds of clothes and shoes are for weight lifting.

You can also do a search online at any search engine for your shoes. There will be all kinds of results that you can choose from. One disadvantage to getting them online is that you will not be able to try them on before you buy them. You just have to buy them and hope they fit or are the right ones.

No matter where you get your weight lifting shoes you want to make sure you take all of these things into consideration before you buy any. That way you will be able to concentrate on your weight lifting and not be worrying about your clothes or shoes. It is always important to find the right outfit including shoes when you want to weight lift.

For Looks or For Life

First off let me state that the opinions stated here are my own. I have done no extensive research (other than a life time of observation), had no Hundred Thousand dollar grants, or a team of researchers providing information to me. If any of this is scientifically factual, it is just because of pure luck, and if it is scientifically false, it is still my story and I am sticking to it.

Western outerwear (coats, jackets, hats, boots etc.) have evolved from being a working mans tool to one of fashion and prestige. In the beginning a cowboy, farmer or any one else who earned his bread and butter outdoors year round needed hes that would protect him (her) from the elements. From years of experience I know that the wrong clothing could mean the difference between life and death, or the possibility of losing various parts of your body. Unlike the individual today, who wears the oilskin duster for looks, there are still a vast number of folks who still depend on these coats to bring them home at night. A sudden rain shower in the American west, Australian Outback, or any where a long way from home, with the temperature in the balmy 70’s or 80’s and a little wind. Without the protection of some form of water proof outer wear for the entire body, your loved ones may get to say goodbye at the funeral home.

As with all things that become popular, the best looking and often with the best all around protection, become more expensive. There are those that are still not as expensive but as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Then again if caught out, without the right gear, a plastic garbage bag, can, and has saved lives. As have plastic tarps, scraps of canvas or any thing else to keep the elements at bay. Next thing you know some movie star will start wearing plastic garbage bags, and then these will no longer be affordable.

I have learned that in my part of the American West, that when you walk out the door in the morning, (all except maybe a couple of days around the first of August). You take enough clothes, (coat, hat, gloves, rain gear, etc) to protect your self from Mother Nature. That knowledge has been drilled into me by not having the necessary items, and paying the price. So for all of you out there getting ready to venture out into the great outdoors, THINK AHEAD, STAY SAFE, AND WAKE UP SMILING.

Doug Bleak author. Visit his web site ( for outer wear for style and protection. Welcome, we are a family that has been in the agriculture and building business all of our lives. From the high Absoroka's in Wyoming to Point McKenzie, Alaska and point's in between. We grew up living for a long time with no electricity or telephone and all of the good things that go with them.

How to Get the Best Wetsuit

A number of people think that any wetsuit is good for just about anything. This is farther from the truth. Wetsuits come in so many variations that the buyer needs to be mindful of the types available.

Before we delve into the types of wetsuits, we need to understand the purpose of this garment. Wetsuits are protective clothing for individuals in water environments. The purpose of the suit is to keep the body warm. In fact, it purposely traps water into the suit so that it acts like a protective layer from coldwater exposure. The suits are made of a fabric called neoprene, a synthetic rubber created by DuPont. The fabric essentially allows warmth to be trapped because of the nitrogen gas in the synthetic rubber. Because of the low thermal conductivity, heat has less chance to leave the body. However, human skin in contact with water causes heat to lose rapidly from the body.

So what should we look for in wetsuits? It all depends on what you plan to do. The sport could be water skiing, diving, snorkeling, surfing, or swimming. There are wetsuits that are made specifically for these types of activities.

Otherwise, you determine the weather and conditions of the environment and make a decision based on the wetsuit thickness. Thickness is measured by millimeters (mm), so a 1mm wetsuit will literally mean that the fabric’s thickness is 1mm. For warmer waters, that don’t cause too much loss of body heat, consider 1mm to 2mm. If the water temperature is 45 to 70 degrees, consider a thickness of 3mm to 4mm. For very cold weather below 45 degrees, one might wear a 5mm suit with a hood.

The quality of the wetsuit can be determined by the seam construction. As with any clothing, tightly woven seams are indicators of quality. Conversely, loosen seams can allow exposure to the elements, which is poor quality. The purpose of the suit is to keep all elements away from the body. A wetsuit that’s closely seemed or flushed is seal proof.

Besides neoprene, there are other fabrics. Spandex, a thin fabric that can stretch very well, can be used in tropical weather conditions. It can protect one from the effects of the sun. Thermoplastic is another fabric that’s around 1.2mm. It has a little more insulation than spandex, but it can be used very warm climates.

The important part of choosing a wetsuit is trying it on. The best suits are the one that fit snug on the body, provided that it doesn’t suffocates or limits your movement. Test the suit by flexing or moving your body parts. Once you’re in the water, the suit should be much more flexible. Learning how the suit responds to your movements will allow you to better get a feel for the product.

Wetsuits varies in size, shape, quality and flexibility. Understanding these qualities will better help you to choose the right suit. If you’re not sure which suit is right for you, consult a retailer for the advice.