Monday, August 20, 2007

Even Large Size Womens Shoes Can Be Sexy and "Cute"

Womens footwear come in a class all their own, when it comes to size - they stand in that stark middle ground between "kid size" and "man size." But in that middle ground, there are also degrees in which womens footwear vary, and in the same store where you could find regular womens shoe, you could also usually find petite womens shoes and large size womens shoes to suit every occasion.

A common misconception about large size womens shoes is that they could lack delicacy and grace, which is why many women with larger feet sometimes feel it's better to squeeze their feet into smaller size shoes. After all, all the girls say that the better a pair of shoes looks, the more painful it is to actually wear, right? Well, that's wrong! Just because big womens shoes are closer in size to mens shoes, they don't need to be any less feminine. As we know in this modern age of fashion, it's not the size that matters, it's how well you can dress it up!

Some women who find that their bodies - or at least certain parts of their anatomy - don't quite live up to society's standards of beauty sometimes opt to sacrifice comfort for attractiveness. What they might not know is that the compromise may actually hinder them from achieving the look they're looking for. And for most women who want to appear fashionable and up to date with the latest trends, the "look" is that of a sophisticated woman at peace with her own inner and outer beauty. But seriously, would you be able to achieve that "look" if you're keeping yourself from wincing in pain with every step? In all honesty, you could, but it's definitely not easy, and it's definitely a hard illusion to maintain for an extended period of time!

Grace need not be a trait that's unique to the slender and small. A fuller-bodied woman, for example, may carry herself with a sensual charm by wearing a dress that accentuates her curves and flows with her every sultry movement. Cuteness is also a trait that doesn't always come in small sizes. The dynamic fashion footwear industry has assured women with larger feet a world of choices if they want to go for a sweet, innocent look.

Small feet may have been a standard of beauty in ancient China, where and when the feet of women were bound to create "lotus feet" - but this isn't ancient China, and now large size womens shoes exist to free women from the restraints of outdated styles!