Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How to Buy Designer Jeans For Less

Denim is a funny thing, it can be very fashionable or just the best thing to wear for comfort. It is also no secret that the more worn in a pair of jeans is, the better they feel. It has also become very fashionable to wear jeans that have obvious holes and worn in spots. This is really nothing new; worn in jeans became fashionable in the mid 1960's with the emergence of hippies. Ever since then, worn in jeans have been as much an icon of rock and roll as leather pants are as well. The problem with many designers is that they have begun charging outrageous prices for worn in denim. There are certain costs associated with the process of breaking in denim, however there are some great ways to get the perfect pair of custom jeans for much less than you think.

A pair of designer jeans by Diesel or Seven starts at about $110 - $120, which is still a lot of money. However, if you would like these jeans to have a worn in look that will run you above $200. There are many jeans available for less, but they are not considered designer. People notice labels, especially in larger cities and at evening hot spots. You can't get into a good club wearing GAP jeans. I have some tips that have given me a great collection of denim for about half the price. The first key to finding great denim is a little leg work. Go to Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue and try on the designer denim to find the right brand that fits you. Diesel and Seven are great because they are widely sold and they are not flash in the pan brands. They also stay very true to their fit. If you wear something like a low-rise boot fit, it will always fit the same. I can easily by either brand now with out trying them on.

Next ask the sales associate if there are any annual sales coming up and if they have a call list. Good sales associates try to build a relationship with customers. They are bargain shoppers too, so are usually happy to share sale information. For example, Nordstroms has a huge sale every fall when the new line comes in. They do this for their loyal customers. It is brand new merchandise for close to half price. In general, though, you will be able to sift a sale rack any time you are at the mall and not have to try the denim on. This is very hard to do in large stores. Small store have less traffic and will discount merchandise more because they have less shelf space.

I was picking up my girlfriend a gift at a boutique and came across a $150 pair of jeans for $25. One thing I stress you never try is buying clothes off of Ebay type sites. It is all knock off merchandise. People have gotten very good at making knock offs, but you can tell. There is nothing worse than having someone notice that you are wearing fake merchandise.