Thursday, June 7, 2007

Design Your Own Perfume

Research shows that you can quite easily make a hundred bottles of perfume for under $300. Then you sell each bottle for up to $50 each, and you have $15000. Minus your costs and you have made an easy $14700, and that’s just the beginning.

Perfume costs next to nothing to make and sells with unbelievable markups. Is it any surprise that so many celebrities have cottoned on to the idea and are trying to retire on a fragrance?

Some of the most profitable perfumes on the market are ones which were the cheapest to produce, and when you start small it doesn’t work out any dearer for you to make than if you were investing thousands.

In the past it was difficult to source your ingredients, packaging or bottles and spray nozzles. Even designing and producing the label seemed like a year long job. It has all changed with the internet boom, and online ordering means you can scope out the cheapest but still quality ingredients etc. You can order and pay by credit card, and as quickly as it arrives you will be on your way to success. Not only is this great for the novice scent inventor, but will hopefully have the effect of bringing the cost of perfume down in the near future.

There are some things you will need to remember when you begin your project of perfume making. First come up with a catchy name for it, but make sure it is also sensible. Design a label with some simple artwork and research the requirements for ingredients and listing them as well. Next you need to scope out the best priced bottles, lids and/or pumps. Don’t buy cheap and nasty ones, but don’t spend a fortune either. You want it to look professional without costing more than the contents.

Spend a couple of days choosing your fragrances, and research what other ingredients you should use. Make sure you are in a sterile environment when preparing, then pour it into your bottles. Work out how you want to present the finished product, whether you can afford boxes or maybe you can come up with another creative way to make it look appealing and professional.

It really is really a simple process, not rocket science. If it is something you have always wanted to do, don’t waste another moment. Seize the day and the opportunities we have and put your nose and your personal taste to the test.