Monday, September 10, 2007

Indian Women Clothing – Choosing the Right Dress for the Right Occasion

In this rat race, one hardly has any time to sit and chit chat with the people around us. Yet we form opinions about somebody based on his/her clothing. Thus, clothing seems to be the first criterion of judging a stranger.

From time immemorial, a woman plays many roles like that of a wife, manager, mother, a social animal, a relative etc. And all of us have to agree that it is not acceptable to have a uniform dress code for all the roles undertaken by her. One should try and choose the dress according to the occasion. Indian women clothing gives a person wide variety to choose from. Thus its very important for everyone to choose the right dress for right occasion.

Wearing wrong dress at wrong time can really ruin your personality and impression.

Every second hour we need a dress and its very important to have all type of indian clothing in our wardrobes.While going to the office, a women is preferred wearing either formal Indian trousers with a shirt or a formal Indian business clothing. However, one can even wear Indian salwar clothing to office. For all those working women, clothing should be ensured that the colors are not very bright, but pastel colors seem to be a better alternative. A flashy outfit with a heavy make up is like defying the purpose of coming to the office.

Then comes indian women clothing for occasion like wedding. Usually a lady takes a lot of time to get ready for such a grand social gathering. Therefore, on such occasions, heavy indian women clothing sarees with a heavy make up is well accepted by all. And even those who are decked up with jewelry look apt for a function as grand as a marriage. However, in many religions like Punjabi’s and Muslims, colors such as black and white though trendy are not given high regard. Black and white indian women clothing are not considered quite inauspicious on the wedding occasions.

As far as occasions like festivals are concerned, a women can afford to wear indian women clothing include bright and radiant colors like red, blue, green etc. But no loud make up is required for such kind of an occasion. Also at the time of going to a friend’s place or a birthday party, casual Indian women clothing seems to be the best alternative.

Thus, it is hereby important that one should try and choose the clothes according to the occasion. In other words, you should realize the vitality and the simplicity of the place you are visiting.

Many online shops like offers wide variety of Indian women clothing for right occasions. From casual printed Indian woman clothing to heavily embellished Indian clothing, one can easily find right clothes for right occasions.