Monday, September 10, 2007

Dressing Tips for Women

What to wear? Will I be able to carry of this dress properly? Is the dress making me look fater? Will my clothes compliment my complexion? God, are there any tips to help women dress better?

Phew! Exhausting questions aren’t they. But these are certain basic queries which often prop up in all women’s minds at one point or another.Often conscious of the fact of not knowing how to dress up according to their respective body types, women end up being dressed up incorrectly, as if their style sense has been murdered.

An hour glass figure is not every women’s pride, many women who do not have a good figure brood over it. But hey! Do not get disheartened as there is a solution for every problem. All women want to look their best, so it is imperative to understand and wear what suits your body.

Distinctive body structure or an enviable body, what ever you have, accept it and create a perfect look for yourself every time you step out, by following these basic dressing tips:-

Dressing tips for short heighten: Remember, good things always come in small packages, so it does not matter if you are short. The key is to make yourself appear taller by wearing the right kind of clothes.
If you wish to wear skirts their length can be till the knee or above the knee length. Kurtas should end at or slightly above the knee. Tops with three-fourth sleeves can be worn. If you are wearing a saree, than better go for high heels. They will make you look tall.

Dressing tips for tall heighten women: If your being tall bothers you, just revamp your wardrobe by investing in clothes which do not make you look taller.
Skirts length should be balanced, neither too short nor too long. Skirts which end at your calves are fine. Stay away from vertical lined kurtas and they should not be high collared too. Big prints or overall printed outfits would look good. Long tops with bottoms with mixture of light and dark colors will look good.

Dressing tips for women who are larger on top and narrow at bottom: If being larger on top due to a large bust or wide shoulders and having a narrow bottom is giving you sleepless nights, do not worry as there are numerous dressing options. Try to wear clothes like long skirts or pants, kurtis or jackets which draw attention downwards. If you like saris wear one with big borders. Accessories like big chunky belts should not be worn.

Dressing tips for women who are wide on hips with narrow top: If you have hips and a narrow top do not get conscious of your body, instead dress accordingly. Do not wear anything which lays emphasis on your hip area. Try to increase the length of your top. Long narrow trousers can also be worn. Saris with big prints in the middle should not be worn. With accessories draw the attention upwards.

Dressing tips for women with an ideal figure: If blessed with an ideal figure go ahead and flaunt it. You can wear just about anything. But if either your top or bottom is overly blessed do not add bulk to either of them. You can wear tailored jackets, shirt-waist dresses. If you do not want your shapely body to be a cause for distraction wear loose clothes like kurtas. With saris wear modest blouses.

Dressing tips for women who are round in shape: Are you throwing up your hands in angst! if you are round in shape? Well the solution is to wear clothes with gathers or pleats. Gauzy saris should be avoided as far as possible and fitted salwar kameez are not meant for you. Wear vests, maxi length blouses and avoid wearing prints.

Dressing tips for women who are thin: Well if you are lean and thin all over you need to look fuller by adding dimension to your body. Wear fabrics like cotton, organza velvet which are fluffy in nature. Wear clothes which are neither too loose nor too clingy, they should have a proper fit. Unstructured tops can be worn but should not be sleeveless.
Horizontal patterns can be worn. Fitted salwar kameez as well as saris can be worn.

If you are conscious of your complexion don’t worry checkout some tips below:

Dressing tips for women who blessed with fair complexion: If you have a fair complexion, brighter colors will look good, like hues of lime green, blue or any other vibrant color can be worn but also keep in mind the occasion like at night time you can wear black.

Dressing tips for women with dusky complexion: Light shades like pastels with minimum embellishments and sober embroidery will be good. Contrasting a light colored top with a dark toned trouser will be a good idea. Vibrant colors like mustard, orange, yellow should be avoided.

So try to incorporate these tips by wearing the appropriate clothes that will not only suit your body structure but will also enhance your personality. Do not follow fashion trends blindly as every outfit is not meant for every one.

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