Friday, October 12, 2007

Dressing Up In Exotic Dancer Costumes

Ever look in your closet and think, "Bo-ring!" Maybe it's time to update your wardrobe, and your performance, with some lavish erotic dancer costumes. Even if you're not a professional dancer, you can thoroughly enjoy dressing to impress the sexy stud in your life.

The no-nonsense stripper essentials start with a good pair of heels, no less than 3 inches, a ruthless thong and a sparkling mini-dress. Check with the regulations at your club before purchasing any outfit, though, as all clubs have different rules and abide by different laws.

But no one ever said that you had to stick to basics. If you want to stand out from the crowd, an erotic dancer costume is the way to go. First, think cute, innocent and flirty. Try rompers, faux fur or marabou-trimmed pieces. Try a flirtatious school girl costume with plaid skirt, knee-high socks and all. Or, metamorphose into a creature fit for Halloween, like a princess, Tinkerbell, sweet sex kitten or enchanting angel. Costumes that ignite images of innocence really get men going. You know you're cute, so embrace it!

If you want to get a little naughty, try a saucy bustier or corset in blacks or reds. These colors represent danger and evilness. Bewitch him in sexy witch costume, whip him into shape as a bad cop or entice him as a provocative pirate. Or let him seduce you from a prudish, polite librarian in a pencil skirt and button-down blouse into an all-around sex kitten. Be sure to have a sexy ensemble on underneath, like a bustier complete with garter belt. Oh, and don't forget the horn-rimmed glasses!

If you want to take it even a step further, change into a daring head-to-toe cat suit. Hug your curves in black leather. This bold outfit is sure to impress your viewers and help you look your hottest. And since you're so bad, try a deliciously dangerous devil costume complete with horns and pitchfork and get to stealing some souls. Don't be scared to unleash your inner dominatrix!

Putting yourself in someone else's shoes is always exciting, and dressing up in exotic dancer costumes is the perfect way for you to play a role, sans a movie set. No extravagant changes are needed - just a few wild, playful pieces and you're ready to enchant!