Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Golf Shorts - Selecting Style, Material and Price

When you go shopping for golfing apparel you will want to make sure that you browse through your options before selecting a pair of golf shorts. Some of the things that you will want to take into consideration when shopping for a pair of golf shorts include: who the shorts are for, what style you are interested in, the feel of the material, the price of the shorts, and the give in the fabric. With these things in mind you can start your golf short search.

If you are shopping for childrens golf shorts then you will first need to find a style that the child likes, and a style that fits their body properly. If your child is in the middle of a growth spurt then you may want to either buy a larger size so that they can grow into the shorts, or buy a pair of golf shorts that are adjustable. Color choices should match the child’s preferences, or the golf team’s colors, and they should be colors that won’t bleed or fade easily. You should be able to find children’s golf shorts in the youth section of sporting goods stores, department store, and sports clothing stores.

If you are shopping for women’s golf shorts then you have a lot more options then when you go shopping for men’s or children’s golf wear. First of all you will have a great store selection to choose from when shopping for women’s golf shorts. Some of the stores that carry golf wear for women include: general women’s apparel stores, department stores, sporting goods stores, and online stores. Next the selection of shorts will be greater in women’s styles then in men’s styles and youth styles. When you select a pair of shorts make sure that they meet the three F’s of sports fashion, fit, feel, and function. Also remember that if you are self conscious about your body shape, or if you would like to camouflage your bottom, then you may want to consider buying a golf skort or skirt instead of wearing shorts. The cut of these lower body clothing items are much more flattering on the female form then golf shorts are.

If you are shopping for men’s golf shorts then you will generally have two or three main styles to choose from. Generally men’s golf shorts are knee length, flat front, with deep side pockets. Your color choices will usually be very conservative and include black, olive, khaki, white, tan, or brown. If you don’t know what brand of golf shorts to buy then you may want to start your search for a quality pair of golf shorts by trying on Nike brand shorts. Nike typically have a good selection of sizes and styles for athletic men.

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