Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fall Fashion Trend

Want to check out the Fall Fashion trend for 2006? Check out what’s hot and what’s not! Arm yourself with tips on planning your Fall fashion wardrobe. Don’t let fall colors be murky and dull, don’t let the grays and clays bog you down. Go for funky red, attractive jeweled tones of crimson, burgundy, rust and copper

Fall fashion trend

Knit sweaters are back this Fall - Knit sweaters in large chunky styles, fine knit skirt suits, knit tops over jeans….the possibilities are many. You can team an oversized knit sweater with a skirt for an evening out. You can get a sweater in neutral shades such as black or gray to complement the rest of your wardrobe. An elegant sweater in red or mottled gold can perk up your outfit. Layer it with a scarf or leggings under the skirt for added pizzazz. Slim leggings lend a funky touch. Knit jackets can be used when the weather gets chiller.

Denim jeans never go out of style! Slim jeans are back in Fall 2006. High waisted jeans can flatter your legs by making them appear long and slim. But this style of jeans may not suit all body shapes. A more relaxed style with flared bottoms is better suited for a curvier woman.

Fall fashion 2006

Plaid is hot this Fall of 2006. Add Celtic skirts, paisleys and checks to your wardrobe. Leggings are a must-have this Fall of 2006. Be it under plaid skirts or bubble skirts, arm yourself with a couple of leggings in the colors of the season. Combine plaid skirts with heavy wedge shoes or retro platforms. Use tights or leggings here too. Open toed shoes are also hot this Fall 2006. Boots, be it lace-up boots, cowboy boots or ankle-length boots are a fashion must-have in Fall 2006.

Slim black pants or black tights are another good buy for Fall fashion 2006. Opt for off-shouldered knits or billowy long tops over it. You can team up a large knit sweater with a camisole underneath. Tailored dresses and pantsuits are still popular with most women. Wide belts and relaxed silhouettes were seen in many a designer collection for Fall 2006. You can even pair your jackets with attractive leggings for a fashionable look.

Accessories are subtle yet glamorous this Fall. Charm bracelets and oversized rings are a rage this season. Pick up large oversized bags. Finally it’s all about working with the fashion trend of Fall 2006 but personalizing it to suit your figure. Work carefully with volume – check whether a billowing blouse suits you or it would be better to go in for a fitted one.