Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Semi Formal Dress

You have received an invitation for a party, dinner or an event with recommended dress code explicitly printed as semi-formal dress. You walk towards the closet, trying to narrow down all semi-formal dresses. You aren’t pretty sure about what fits the description of semi-formal dress. Do you have one or should you buy a new semi formal dress? Do you know exactly what semi-formal dress to choose? Could it be a dressy outfit with slacks and long or short jackets or jeans and will your Gap T-shirt suffice? Use this guide to choose suitable semi-formal dresses that makes

Semi formal dress options

Pants or skirts: Long or short sleek velvet dress, pant suits in silk, polyester or cashmere, short dressy afternoon dress, black skirt, tuxedo pants or long dressy skirt.

Top: Sparkly sweater or a dressy blouse, tops of satin, crepe, chiffon, lace or a metallic fabric, dressy nice top, dressy blouse, blouse and vest or jacket.

Placing due importance to etiquette, women are asked to wear semi formal dresses to such events or occasions that are less formal or to places that do not insist on formal attire. For instance, to business meetings, conferences, parties, day weddings, award ceremonies and dinner. Because of its universal use, comfort and ease, semi-formal dress gets the most attention. Semi-formal is colloquially used to refer ‘informal attire’. Unless specifically mentioned, the all time favorite semi formal colors are black and white in a wide range of styles.

Considered to be the trickiest of all dress codes, semi-formal dresses for women can’t be understood as long dresses. It is the length of dress that differentiates a formal and semi-formal dress. Not necessarily reserved for evenings, semi-formal dress for an evening event, say post 6 pm includes a cocktail dress for women. And, during the day, an appropriate short dress, pant suit or dress suit. Specifically for daytime weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies, semi-formal dresses ought to be tea-length or ballet-length dress, with hems falling between the knee and shin.

Selecting semi formal dress

In general, semi-formal dresses can be knee-length, say one inch above the knee to two inches above the ankle or a little lower may be mid-thigh to just below the knee length. Semi-formal pantsuits should be ankle length and dress suits ought to be hem knee length to floor length. Semi-formal dresses do not include heavily sequined attire or the formal ball-gown description. Preferably, pay attention to fabrics to look dressy enough. Choose silk, velvet, rayon, cashmere, high quality polyester brocades, good quality chiffon, velvet, velveteen, sateen or velour. In other words, anything that resembles a silky finish and dressy enough to make your personality shine!

A strict no-no is wool business suits which aren’t dressy enough to be classified as semi-formal. American women have a great deal of flexibility in choosing semi-formal attire. A classic tuxedo jacket with pants or a dressy pantsuit would also fit to the T. With a little imagination, try mixing any type of dressy outfit. Remember to keep away from cotton.