Monday, June 18, 2007

Fine Lines - Age-revealing fine lines and wrinkles

Fine Lines
What a cruel irony that youth-enhancing laughter and smiles inevitably leave behind a trail of age-revealing fine lines and wrinkles.

But before you resort to frowning, try this two-fold approach to keep a smile on your face:

1. Superficial quick fix. While working on the deeper issues, use a product that plumps up and fills in fine lines.

2. Renew from within. Your skin is a living, breathing organ, which renews itself every two to six weeks, depending on your age. This allows you ample opportunity to target the deepest layer of skin (the dermis), where youth-renewing collagen and elastin are produced. Look for formulas that accelerate collagen renewal and trigger the formation of elastin.

Tip: Give yourself an instant facial. Make delicate stroking movements along your brow, working from the center out. Try this for a few seconds, several times a day, to ease the wrinkles out.

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