Monday, June 18, 2007

Manicured Eyebrows - Relief for the Brow-Beaten

Manicured Eyebrows
Relief for the Brow-Beaten

Put down that tweezers! Before you take another pluck, first take a good look in the mirror at what could easily become your defining feature.

The Perfect Brow
Simply put, the brow should begin on the same point as your nostril and extend just beyond each corner of your eye. Have you overplucked? Hide the tweezers for three weeks before attempting a repair.

To maintain healthy, expressive brows:
1. Cleanse and moisturize the brow area to ease the brittleness of brow hairs and train them into a smoother, more flattering shape.
2. Treat your brows to a conditioner in the shower. Your hair conditioner, in fact, will work just fine.
3. Use a brow pencil to mark the shape you want to achieve. Tweeze just around this guideline to prevent over-tweezing.
4. Tweeze one hair at a time. Grab the hair as close to the skin as possible, squeeze the tweezers to get a good grip, then pull it out quickly in the direction it grows.
5. Swipe tweezed brows with a cotton bud dipped in pure tea tree oil - nature's perfect antiseptic.
6. Use a spooly brush in the natural direction of the brow hair to give the brows a natural look.
7. Apply brow gel to condition and shape brows all day.

When using powdered brow color, use a harder, bristled-angle brow brush and draw tiny hair-like strokes. When using a brow pencil, maintain a sharp edge and use the same technique as the brush.

The next time you notice a celebrity's perfect eyebrows, remember the name Anastasia. This Beverly Hills beauty icon has shaped the arches of everyone from Oprah Winfrey and Madonna to Jennifer Lopez and Renee Zellweger. Anyone who's anyone has eagerly sought her plucking advice, and now you can too. With Anastasia's at-home eyebrow kit found on the Soft Surroundings Spa at Home website you'll have every tool necessary for the perfect eyebrow.