Monday, June 18, 2007

Curvy Hosiery made for a Curvy Woman BY a Curvy Woman

Susan's chat with EMME about her NEW Legwear Collection

SUSAN: Emme, why did you decide to create a legwear collection?
EMME: I decided to create a legwear collection because I was sick and tired wearing legwear that was either too big or too small. Either I had the crotch right at my knees or way up above my belly button. There had to be a better way!

SUSAN: What is different about your sizing, than what has been previously offered to the curvy customer?
EMME: EMME® Collection legwear offers two size ranges; short and tall. Women naturally come in all shapes and sizes and we need that fact to translate into all aspects of fashion... including legwear!

SUSAN: I was most impressed with the waistless pantyhose that you offer. Can you tell us a little more about this part of your collection?
EMME: We call it the adjustable waist as it's the most amazing legwear item we have. It feels like you're not wearing legwear at all, even after a day on your feet. They are a must try and I would love to hear from women who've tried them-maybe even put some testimonials the site! I just wish they came in smaller sizes so that all women could have the opportunity to wear such comfortable hosiery!!!!

SUSAN: In addition to Everyday Hosiery, you have included fabulous novelties like fish nets. I noticed that your fish nets are a notch above the traditional fish nets. Can you tell our customer about this sheer fish net detail that you offer?
EMME: The fishnets are fabulous! They don't run the moment you get them on and getting into them doesn't require gymnastics, thank you very much. They are so sexy and come in fashion forward colors to jazz up any outfit. You have got to have fishnets this year!

SUSAN: I was happy to see that you were including trouser socks in your collection in two sizes instead of a "one size fits all." What is the difference between size 1 and size 2?
EMME: The EMME® trouser socks have a thicker band to keep the socks UP! How many times have you had to run for a cab, go down stairs or cross your legs and all of suddenly you have grandma sag going on down south? No more! Really, our technician (who happens to be a gal named Pam) has studied the curvy frame and has listened to our complaints enough to understand the trials of wearing an uncomfortable trouser sock when you want the look of legwear without the whole shebang. Pam has a homerun with the EMME® trouser sock, as I am sure you will agree! I can't wait to get them in electric pink!

SUSAN: I love the fact that you offer both the waistless control top tights and a rib control top tight in a variety of colors, besides the basic black. What would you like to tell our customers on how to work these fashion color tights into their wardrobe for the upcoming season?
EMME: Go there with wild abandon and do not let anything get in your way! Fashion is leading you right into legwear in such a big way this fall and even more so moving forward. Today, NOT wearing legwear is a big Fashion no!

SUSAN: According to Ronnie Strasser, President of Phantom Industries, only 27% of hosiery is bought by the curvy customer, yet over 62% of women in America are plus size. How do you see your Collection affecting this number?
EMME: It doesn't make sense, does it? Well, all I have to say is once women get their beautiful curvaceous gams into EMME® Collection legwear, their search for soft, comfortable, fashion forward legwear will be over. I know that stores will want to be a part of our success and dedicate more floor space to the EMME® Collection and other fine full-figured legwear. I believe we stand to have an important role in revolutionizing the legwear industry. If you offer a great product and nicely display it at a great price, they will come!

SUSAN: What can we expect going forward from EMME® Collection Legwear? Will you be expanding the collection next season?
EMME: We have a bunch of fun things up our sleeves...keep in touch by checking in here and you will be the first to see.