Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Women Western Apparel

The journey of western apparel began with the Red Indians who were the first inhabitants of the United States. It can in fact be called the ethnic clothing of the United States. But because of its flexible and high comfort levels, it has become the fashion buzzword the world over.

Western Apparel

When we think of western apparel, the ‘Wild Wild West cowboy image’ is what comes to our mind. Synonymous with it are cowboy boots, cowboy hats, men’s and women’s jeans, western shirts, western suits, western belts and buckles, western d├ęcor and a whole range of western accessories. How can we forget the saddle and tack and other riding apparel that are so intrinsic to western wear? Cotton and leather seems to be the favorite fabrics for western apparel. They have a bold and unique appeal and designs and style, differing to suit the local tastes and traditions. Some have a southwestern flair, others a tribal look, while many have a north woods or a mountain appeal. Animal designs like the horses, bears, moose and turtles, bright colors and mountain designs predominate the western apparel designing.

High quality, durable, functional, stylish and durable western apparel is what one wants for that perfect evening out or for a quiet moment at home. Winter clothing like the Shearling coats and jackets are the ideal ones for keeping the heat in and the weather out. Airmen extensively used these during the World War 11.These are made of lambskin and have a softer and silky feeling about them. They are cheap and affordable and a clothing investment for long years to come. Among the world’s costliest coats, you can find the expensive Shearling Icelandic coat. A rancher’s preference is the Cody shearling range coats and the Arapaho shearling vest, which is also a favorite amongst the cowboys. Other common western apparel is the sweater and the vests, which are a must during the cold winter months. Here too there are differing ranges and qualities of sweaters and vests to choose from. Extensive range of long sleeves shirts and wide collection of pants for all occasions are also an important part of the western apparel. No western apparel is complete without the ubiquitous collection of hats, belts and scarves.

Western apparel also includes a whole range of cool designer wear for that perfect western look for men, women and children. Men’s wardrobe of western apparel includes jeans, pants, slacks, shirts, suits, hats, boots, underwear, belts and buckles. Women western apparel includes ladies’ jeans, pants, slacks, shirts, suits, hats, boots, belts and buckles. The western apparel tops for women includes sleeve western fashion tops, retro western tops and long sleeve knit tops, short sleeve western fashion tops and short sleeve knit tops. There are also skirts, fleece, leather, outerwear T-shirts and sleepwear. Mountain rocky tops are all-time favorites. Children have a wide range of western apparel such as children’s jeans, pants, slacks, shirts, suits, hats, boots, belts and buckles to choose from.

Western apparel also caters to work place dressing like workwear belts, workwear pants, workwear slacks, workwear shirts, workwear hats, workwear boots, workwear underwear, workwear belts, coveralls and overalls. Motorcycle jeans, pants, shirts, boots, belts, buckles and western jewelry along with other accessories are available in many leading western apparel showrooms.

Nothing to beat western apparel when it comes to comfort and cool looks. With its’ style, appeal and durability, flexibility and comfort, it is the mostly widely preferred apparel not only in the United States of America but the world over.