Wednesday, September 5, 2007

USA: Women apparel manufacturer to open first retail store in Clarkesville

FLORIDA: Women's apparel manufacturer Erin London has plans to open its first retail store on the Square in Clarkesville this fall. “The previous stores were outlets for our overstocked merchandise," said founder Joseph Corry. "Our plan for this store is to carry brand new, current fashions at reasonable prices."

Although Erin London women's apparel has been around for more than 10 years, Corry feels as though he enters into a new world every day at the company's distribution center at Old Clarkesville Mill in Clarkesville.

"There's always something great coming in," said Corry. "We want to stay on the forefront of style for women so the designs are constantly changing. We have something classic and contemporary for every woman who shops with us."

Corry moved their headquarters from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to Clarkesville more than a year ago. He had a vision of the future that lures the shopping public away from big box stores and back to the unique shops of small towns and villages.

"I believe people want to get out of their cars and be able to walk from home to the local downtown shopping and restaurants," he said. "They want to return to a simpler time, but they don't want to overpay. We offer a beautiful product at a compelling value."

While returning to a simpler time is appealing, it hasn't kept the Erin London team from keeping up with the faster pace of fashion and technology. The company has recently revamped its image with a strong, unique new logo and a soft pallet of colors to help build their brand in the competitive apparel industry.

Branding manager Laurence London said "Not only do we continue to evolve with incredible new styles in clothing, but the entire brand itself has really grown into something truly unique. We're not out to re-define the woman of today, we're out to show the world that the woman of today continues to re-define us."

"I am excited to be involved with the opening of this new store. All I have heard from women locally is how much Clarkesville needs a nice women's apparel store. I can't wait to see the response we get from the locals and tourists," said Director of Retail Services Emily Conner. "Having worked internally, it is interesting to try to create an external image that we feel our brand already carries worldwide."