Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Prana Yoga Clothing - A Review

Well, let's begin by asking what is different about Prana Yoga from the Yoga as we know it. The essentiality of this is emphasized for choosing the most suitable type of clothing, if otherwise; it would lead to using climbing pants, so to say, for prana yoga.

Prana stands for breath and the essence of prana yoga is in gaining control over breathing. This way prana also means life. Gaining over- the otherwise voluntary- breathing, mellows down heartbeats and pulse rate if practiced in quiet and serene ambience. Thus it is imperative to emphasize on features like breathability and flexibility of clothes.

Men's clothing for yoga is not much different from women's clothing barring the contour. At the same breath, one shouldn't get misled that everyday clothes can suffice for yoga as is the case with climbing pants or any climbing gear.

Look at some of the features. Prana clothing like pants and shirts need not be heavy and protective, so the fabric will be of, usually, nylon and spandex blended in favor of nylon. Yogo clothes may have a heavier inclination in favor of nylon than spandex, especially for yogo pants, while other brands go upto 60:40 ratio. But this is not always the case. Some clothes like T-shirts, pants and jackets may vary in fabric and fabrication.

Prana Yoga Clothing for indoors are simple and light weight with upto 97% cotton and only 3% spandex. These are quick drying, two-way stretchable, jersey knit for pull-on entry comfort. Jackets can have fur trim, satin lining, cargo pockets, and sometimes removable belts too.

But what do all these signify, particularly for the yoga practitioner in you? For one, prana yoga is never practiced outdoors and in fast successions, for both of them disturb body temperature and heartbeat/pulse. Good protection before and after the session and flexible, breathable but still warm clothing is essential during it. So what better gear than Prana Yoga Clothing made for the purpose?

Alevoor Rajagopal is an MBA and an industry reputed business consultant and has tried his hands at many things. He shares his experiences in earning dollars here.