Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Plus Size Women - 4 Tips To Shop For The Right Apparel

If you are shopping for plus size women apparel, then you might want to take note of the following tips. Remember, however, that these are only a few pointers that you might want to check out. You will learn much more about your body as you fit more clothes, and as you study what colors, cuts, and patterns suit you.

1. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Many malls will contain shops that sell plus size women apparel, and many department stores will house such a section. Ask your local sales representatives and assistants about such apparel, and don't give up if you don't find any at one mall. Keep searching, and if you do find a store that you like, don't spend all your money there. You need to have variety in your wardrobe, so look for different stores that sell different styles.

2. Go for darker, deeper colors, such as chocolate brown, navy blue, and black. Dark colors can make you appear leaner and thinner. They can also hide bulges or excess curves, especially if you use well-tailored dresses. If you must go for patterns, invest in clothes that have vertical lines, such as candy stripes, folds, and pleats. These can make you appear more slender and less bulky.

3. When shopping for plus size women apparel, make sure that you check the most common parts of your body that such apparel might not fit well on. Due to certain measurement standards, some clothes might not fit you well, and you might need to have them altered.

4. Go for the high heels! These can make you appear leaner and taller, and to some extent, they can make you feel sexier, and even walk in a certain appealing way. However, if you have back problems, go for heels that are no more than two inches tall. You don't want to damage your spine all because you want to look sexy.

Shopping for plus size women apparel need not be difficult. All you need to do is to know your body well, and to find the best clothes with the right cuts and patterns to fit you.

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