Thursday, June 21, 2007

Personalized Corporate Apparel

You could either get these corporate apparels customized through a local tailor or through specialized stores that take bulk orders for personalizing corporate apparel orders regularly.

Your company could begin by categorizing the custom corporate apparels into men’s corporate apparel and women’s corporate apparel. The women’s wear could have floral designs or custom collar designs on their clothing; whereas men could have the color of their choice, custom buttons or collars on their formal wear. You could also present the men with customized watches, shoes, ties, coats and classic cufflink buttons of their choice. Women’s corporate apparels could also carry personalized embroidery and badges on them.

Branding your company’s products is a very important part of your promotion programs. Some paradigms of corporate branding would be Nike, Wal-Mart and Tommy Hilfiger. Your company could also use its corporate colors somewhere in the apparels wherever it is suitable. This reinforces your company’s corporate identity in your employees’ and clients’ minds.

Another good idea would be to change the way your corporate logo looks and remove the dull look from it. Make it look more colorful and go for a totally new slogan. This would create a better impression in the minds of your employees and clients.

You could also craft your company’s logo on these custom corporate apparels, as it would create a better image and goodwill for your company. Such programs go a long way in terms of carving a niche in the minds of your clients and employees and help your employees identify with your company. Finally make sure your employees and clients look their best and watch your company stand out from the crowd.

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